Harry Oh is Breaking Out

With the 100 Punks Rule New York Show just around the corner, Harry Oh has sent us this picture of his offering, “SID LIVES”. Sid Vicious is one of the original punk rockers and this is a perfect canvas for him to be reborn on.
Harry Oh also has some other projects in the works, including a Halloween Qee and Circus Punk done for Monkey Skateboards, the California Qee for the upcoming United States of Qee series, and a “Captain Oh” Circus Punk all to drop before the end of the year.

These three pieces do a nice job of showing Harry’s artistic range — from painterly to cartoony to more iconic.  The Sid Vicious Punk is quite striking and reall makes excellent use of the Punk as a canvas.  The use of the "fur" for Sid’s Hair is a nice touch as well.  Look for exciting things from Harry Oh in the near future.

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