Come and get your HOT LUNCH!!

Growing up, my lunches were packaged in plain brown paper bags, so I
always was envious of my friend’s Spiderman, Barbie, Mickey Mouse…etc…. lunchboxes. Well, today I say BLAH to all those boring
lunchboxes!!! With the ones offered at lalaland Gallery‘s Hot Lunch Show,
who needs lunch??? I especially took a liking to SHAG’s My First
and Amanda Visell’s A Robot Wants My Lunchbox…Take a look
at the pics for some not so ordinary lunchboxes…







Joe Vaux

Amanda Visell

Joe Ledbetter

Teri Harriet

Greg Simkins


Thomas Han


Bwana Spoons

Hot Lunch!!

2 Replies to “Come and get your HOT LUNCH!!”

  1. Good work on a nice canvas. I wonder what else Joe Ledbetter can do, he’s always painting these 3 (supercool)chracters.
    Dark Horse is selling some great, and affordable, lunchboxes aswell if you’re interested.

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