Cameron Tiede and Devouring Love

It was at SDCC that I first learned about Cameron Tiede’s work. From his Chop Shop piece to his most recent custom qees for the recent custom Qee event at Munkyking I quickly fell madly in love with his whimsical illustrations. Cameron’s characters, many of which have  already been featured in 2D paintings and TV commercials for Nickelodeon have recently found their way on to vinyl toys. Being in the presence of characters that grow flowers instead of hair, belching bugs turning out musical tunes, and skeleton liked creatures all mixed in with his wonderful color scheme,  creates an overwhelming sense of delight. And it was this delightedness that I unconditionally adopted Cameron’s Devouring Love from the recent DIY Qee expo at Munkyking. Along with it came an extra special treat. Cameron shared with me the birth of my special little fellow, and like any proud parent, I now would like to share my joy with everyone….






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  1. Oh so jealous of you! It’s great seeing progress of artists work, always makes me think of how I could approach my own work! Thanks!

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