PhuEkonaut Contest Results

Sorry for the delay in posting the results for the PhuEkonaut contest which ended this past Monday.  I’d like to stop and thank PhuEk for  bringing this contest to Vinyl Pulse, Sket and Francine (along with PhuEk) for judging and of course thanks to all those that submitted entries.  Wow — one talented person will be the proud owner of a custom PhuEkonaut Trexi!   

And the winner is …

In a very close decision by the judging panel (all entries were stripped of artist info), Okkle won for his clever and well-done piece titled "!". Mental note: when exploring a planet,  beware of taking souvenirs! Congratulations to Okkle and thanks to all those that entered.  We will post all the entries in a day or so (swamped lately).  Hmmm…  Okkle — ready to swim to Singapore to pick up your prize 😉

The winning entry — "!" by Okkle

4 Replies to “PhuEkonaut Contest Results”

  1. Way to go Olly! You deserve it! (you seem to be pretty lucky with contests lately huh?) 😀

  2. !!!!!!!!!
    Wow! Thanks everyone 😀 I can’t beleive I won.
    Thanky uo Vinyl Pulse for the amazing competition
    Thank you judges for picking mine
    and Thank You Phuek for donating the amazing prize 😀 😀 😀

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