Dalek’s Blood Bath Show

Lets talk Space Monkeys. Friend or foe? We may not know what the Space Monkeys are all about but we are no strangers to Dalek’s dangerous, self destructive little creatures and tonight at MK Gallery, they once again took control of us with their one large orb eye. There were a total of 25 pieces mostly acrylic on wood. The prices ranged from $5000 for a 36×36 Untitled #1 to $70 Stake Board. James showed up around 9pm and the moment he entered the gallery, a swamp of fans  surrounded him with requests for autographs.  A brief chat with James, he revealed the creating process of his pieces, from pencil outlines to final free hand drawing to coloring, but he still didn’t answer whether friend or foe. Check out the pics and find out yourself.