Show Pics: Dunny Show Copenhagen

Designer Vinyl has arrived in Denmark with the opening of Dunny Show CPH this past Wednesday (08.02.06) in Copenhagen at Galleri AsbÆk. 24 Danish artists (primarily graphic designers) created custom 20-inch Dunnys including toy creator, Kenn Munk, who provided us with these pics.  Ken sent some info on standout pieces including the camouflage dunny complete with video camera used to display images against a wall through a linked projector.  In addition, two artists show to recast the Dunnies in bronze and another embedded a diamond in a Dunny’s back side.  Apparently, the buyer of the bling Dunny proposed to his GF on the spot after dropping $7500 on the piece.  Looks like a really swanky event to get things really rolling on the designer vinyl tip in Denmark.

Btw, I thought we’d give the very slick Lightbox 2 viewer a whirl.  Opinions?




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  1. it does have previous/next — try moving the mouse over the image — left should reveal a prev button and right next. You can also use “p” and “n”

  2. I think both the dunny’s from CPH and your twirl on the viewer ROCK. Nice twist. Keep up the good work with Vinyl Pulse and inject my brain and vision with a daily boost of Vinyl Vitamin.

  3. i like the old picture viewing from before and is it just me or do the majority of the dunnys from that show kinda…well…ummm…suck???…the KR dunny show in NY pwns that show hardcore…

  4. man, that show had some killer dunnys!
    On the subject of LB, you have to make sure EVERY thumbnail loads first on the site, for some reason it loads the LB js last, so, if all thumbs aren’t loaded, the script wont work. Just a heads up.

  5. Thanks for the feedback — we’ll probably use a mix of lightbox and the old popup style for now. I’m also going to experiment with popups that support previous/next.

  6. I usually like to set some of your toy images as backgrounds for my computer, and the new lightbox system prevents that (unless I just haven’t figured it out yet). So I would vote for the old pop-up style… Keep up the good work!

  7. I agree! I like the pop up window style. The lightbox viewer munipulates my screen and now I can’t uninstall it. Any Suggestions?

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