Attaboy’s Qwezshun

Qwezshun by Attaboy
Some toys get all the hype… Yes, Dunny I’m looking at you (before you send nasty mails —  we love Dunnys! we’re buying a case ūüôā  Just thought I’d let you know about a toy that I just recently saw in person and now is at the top of my "want" list.  Attaboy’s Qwezshun.   After seeing the prototype at Crossover, I’m confident it will be one of THE designer toys to have when it’s released (hopefully late this year).  The toy stands about 6 inches tall and is totally impressive and downright dope.  Qwezshun is a blue fly boy of unknown origins  sporting a flight cap and a whimsical winged backpack.  Beyond his blue skin and quirky appearance, his overly large teeth which are one of Atta’s common design features and cute tail really stand out.  Attaboy has a huge hit on his hands!

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  1. You probably have to see it in person… is wicked!!! There are so many details to this little guy…

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