Cross Over Show (June 4th – 24th)

What happens when seven toy designers get together, swap toys, and customize ’em ?  Cross Over — Opens June 4th (7-12 AM) at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA (near LA) and runs through June 25th.  The show features  interpretations of the Eggster, Mad*L, Funny Club, Groob, Axtrx, and Dero  by Sket-One, Mad, Nakanari, b.b birdy, Andrew Bell, Atta Boy, and Jermaine Rogers.  In addition to the fabulous custom toys, there will also be related original artwork and prints available for sale at the show.  I’m really looking forward to the show — so many cool customs in one place!  So far it looks like MAD is going to be at the opening, not sure about the others at this point.  This would be a great chance to get a first look at Gallery Nucleus if like myself, you haven’t already done so. Update: After LA, the show will travel to Chicago and open July 8th at Rotofugi (Thanks for the comment!).

Groob (Andrew Bell)

Funny Club (b.b birdy)

Eggster (Sket-One)

Mad*l (MAD)

Axtrx (Atta Boy)

Dero (Jermaine Rogers)

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