Baseman Dumb Luck Japan Ebay Trends

Since I was lucky enough to get one of the first 100 Japan (black) versions of Baseman’s Dumb Luck signed at Kidrobot LA’s opening party, I have been periodically watching Ebay for auctions of this toy mostly out of curiosity.  Up until very recently, signed versions have been going for $275 – $315 or so.
The value has dropped in recent weeks as several hundred more became available at a recent AIGA event and now seems to be about $200 – $250.  Of the current completed auctions, the highest selling price was for a signed one at $255.  So there seems to be a small premium for a signed copy.

The general trend isn’t really that surprising as basically the
increase in supply has resulted in a lowering of the market price (or
so it seems).  What is surprising to me is that since the retail price
is $60 we’re talking about a markup of more than 3:1 for a collectable
that was just released.  I’m wondering if the market price of this toy
will stay anywhere near this level over time.  At this point, I
*believe* all 500 of the produced toys have been sold.  So supply is
more or less fixed now.

Although, I wonder if the immiment release of the Dumb Luck NYC (blue)
version will drive down the price of the black version, as it could be
seen as the same thing, only more recent and perhaps more appealing.
I’ll certainly followup on this when the NYC version is released.