Nov 19, 2015

David Horvath x Sun-Min Kim x Klim Kozinevich - Dream Big Friends Kickstarter

Dream BIG Friends 02

Awhile back we briefly mentioned the Dream Big Friends project, then shrouded in secrecy, from Ugly Doll creators David Horvath, Sun-Min Kim and Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks.   Now, we’re happy to bring you a first-look at the project which seeks to provide uplifting dolls which promote curiosity, achievement, and a more realistic body image—the antidote, if you will, to the ‘All Pink, All the Time’ status quo.  

Designed as an ongoing line, Dream Big Friends will begin in mold-breaking fashion with its debut doll – Yuna (10”) and her cat, Kamata.  Perhaps the first Asian-American lead in a doll series, Yuna comes in a stylishly casual outfit—check the socks!—complete with a Giant Robot Tee, a savvy nod to the creator’s friendship with the brand, its role in promoting Ugly Dolls in the early days, and of course GR’s promotion of Asian culture.

To make this Dream a reality, the three creators have launched a Kickstarter to fund Yuna’s production.  The campaign is very straightforward with two backing levels -- $40 for one Yuna and $80 for a pair.

If you’re going to be at DesignerCon, be sure to drop by the Bigshot Toyworks booth[#901]  to meet Yuna in prototype form.


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Nov 11, 2015

Brandt Peters x T+CP – Stingy Jack Swirl


Just in time for Friday the 13th comes Stingy Jacky Swirl—the spookiest edition so far—from Brandt Peters and T+CP.  This one features marbled (green + gid) vinyl with pearlescent silver paint for the suit and green for the hat and shoes.  The Swirled GID effect looks great in light or dark. This release is part of Tomenosuke’s celebration of their new gallery in Gero city, Japan.

Limited to 50 pieces,  half of the Stingy Jack Swirls will be released for collectors outside of North American on Friday the 13th @ 9 AM PST from Tomenosuke for 10,800 yen. For North American collectors, Circus Posterus will release a portion of their stock on Saturday (11.14) for $95 [+ s/h] via their online store and at Stranger Factory.  They will also have limited stock on-hand at their DesignerCon booth [#519].


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Nov 10, 2015

Huck Gee - DAME 13


Huck Gee does it again! This time with his newest original piece, DAME 11 – a follow-up to his previous DAME 10. Piloted by an adorable Badger by the name of Darby, DAME 13 stands 15" tall. The run of this release is super limited at 10 pieces. This piece is definitely one to stand out in your collection and will run you $1800 + S&H. For serious inquiries, shoot an email to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com before they are all gone!


This is Darby. He's a badger. A charming, rogue, ass-kicking kind of badger chap. He pilots DAME 13 for Her Majesty's Armored Division - B regiment. Darby was one of those natural born diesel thumbs that takes immense pride in maintaining his ride. Some would say he's practically married to that giant tin can. He's tinkered and tweaked almost every part on this baby. Fancy upgraded exhaust work, top of the line triple fritzed communication pack, swapped the standard issue spotlights with dual strobing flash units, and who knows what the hell engine and transmission he plopped into this thing. He ain't telling. It's fast. Scary fast.

He's not one of those pilots that let's the maintenance crew button her back up when he returns. He's hands on, he does all the work himself. He takes "Kindness" into the field with 3 different types of ammunition and i've seen him pilot her in person... he's agile and damn quick with that reinforced cover shield. And if everything goes sideways, just in case, he's got that "Ball Buster" strapped out back. This thing is a beast. Fantastic piece of diesel work, Darby. You make us proud. Now get out there and show those UNTZ bastards what the Majesty's Crown is good for!


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Nov 07, 2015

Kenny Scharf x Kidrobot x Simpsons - Bart Simpson


We posted a few months  back that Kenny Scharf will be doing a collaborative piece with Kidrobot for their upcoming Simpsons line (HERE). What we had then was just an image rendering, but seen through Kidrobot's Instagram is the full figure in all of its glory! I must say that we love the direction KR is going with their licensed products. They've been taking such iconic characters and mashing them up with some very talented artists. There is no info as to when the drop will take place, so be sure to check back with us!

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Nov 05, 2015

Harma Heikens x ToyQube - "The Furious" Signature Series



ToyQube recently posted a teaser of their upcoming collaborative pieces for their Signature Series. This sculpture is titled "The Furious" and is created by Harma Heikens. We couldn't wait for a full shot of the figure, so we did a little sleuthing, which brought us to Harma's website. That's where we found "A Good Year" a piece that was done back in 2014. If TQ can pull off what they did with their previous Signature releases, they are sure to do some amazing work with this one!


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Skinner x Unbox Industries - Original Sextopigon at Designer Con


Did your hearts just skip a beat? Ours sure did, as Unbox Industries  posted a photo of the Original Colorway of Skinner's Sextopigon. Just like us, they have their fingers crossed for a Designer Con release, which isn't too far away. Let us pray to the vinyl toy gods that this will make it.

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys - Paco Taco Supersized Pack (11.06)


On Friday, November 6th, Pobber Toys will be offering the Paco Taco Supersized pack! This set features your forever favorite Taco toy by Scott Tolleson in 3 lovely editions. This Super Sized Pack comes with the Signature Mexican Taco, Hot Taco and the new Ocean Fresh Senor Sailor Taco. Not enough Taco? They will even throw in a free collectors Paco Taco pin in with each order!

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Nov 04, 2015

Buff Monster – Mister Melty Super Creamium Edition (11.6)


Buff Monster has been casting, sanding, and painting-–rinse and repeat—on the ultimate edition of his current signature character. Featuring 40 unique pieces, the Mister Melty: Super Creamium Edition features deluxe hand-painted and signed resin casts of the figure with a crazy variety of colors, various combos of clear + opaque treatments, occasional glitter and multi-pours for fancy swirl and layer effects. Countless hours of experimentation with various techniques and effects have resulted in this creative outburst, the first and last of its kind.  This is Mister Melty like you’ve never seen him before in all his quirky, prismatic splendor.  Each figure comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a  custom hand-painted wood box that is also signed and numbered.

The Super Creamium Edition drops this Friday (11.6) at 10 AM EST from



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Tomenosuke -- Flesh Gordon Pistol Replica (11.6)


While the outlandish pistol from Flesh Gordon (1974), a campy soft-core send-up of Flash Gordon, might at first blush seem like an unusual choice to release as a  collectible, the film showcased state-of-the-art analog effects and featured work by SFX experts who would later go on to work on well-known classics including Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Passionate about Sci-Fi films and related props, Tomenosuke’s founder Shinji Nakako has collaborated with the gun’s creator, noted model maker Gregory Jien, on a limited-edition release of this rather unusual cinematic firearm. 

The collectible was designed to approximate the crude quality of the original movie prop from which it was cast. These prop-accurate details include visible seamlines, rough paint and other imperfections.  These “flaws” reflect the low-budget nature of the film. Limited to 30 pieces, the Flesh Gordon Pistol complete with acrylic display-stand and certificate of authenticity, will be released on Friday (11.6) @ 9 PM JST (4 AM PST) for 37,800 yen (~ US$318) from


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Nov 03, 2015

J*RYU x Kidrobot - "It's a F.A.D." Kidrobot Exclusive 20" Patina Dunny


Kidrobot has just dropped some news on the official release of their exclusive "It's a F.A.D." 20" Dunny by J*RYU. The original piece was on display during the 2015 Designer Toy Award Dunny Show and soon be available for your home collections! The Patina edition will be available through KR Online on Friday, November 6th at 9AM MST, as well as both San Francisco and Las Vegas stores. You will find yourself spending $500 on this marvelous limited edition piece.  The standard pearlescent white 20” edition will be released at DesignerCon, while the 8” version (including the Pewter chase) will be released in 2016.


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2PetalRose – Shikomi Pre-Orders (11.4)


After focusing on the lovely Maiko for the past few months, 2PetalRose is getting back to their art action-figure roots with Shikomi: The Little Samurai Girl.  Limited to 15 pieces, the handmade 1:6 (12”) figure  offers a more whimsical, cartoony conception, a nice balance to the all-business Maiko. As always, the aesthetic is spot on from the minimalistic face sculpt to the awesome helmet and custom designed fabric wrap—a 2Petalrose signature.   Shikomi is a mix of original resin parts head, torso, and helmet with off-the-shelf ball joint components (neck, arms, and legs) which are fully poseable except for the legs which have locked knees but do swivel. The Little Samurai Girl features magnetic feet and an accompanying wood with grass print base on a metallic disk for stylish stability.

Limited to 15 pieces, Shikomi will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, November 4th at 2 PM PDT from 2PetalRose’s web shop for 190 pounds (~ US$294). There will be two product listings: 5 of the pieces will be released by Christmas, and the other 10 will be completed in January.


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Gary Baseman x 3DRetro – Exclusive WildGirl Naomi and ChouChou + Print


Gary Baseman has just released his exclusive red edition of the WildGirl Naomi and ChouChou set produced by 3DRetro.  This latest edition of his newest WildGirl  character (named after his Mother) features a conical-doo and comes with a cheerful, bright red Chou. The set will include a 5x7” signed giclee print of the two characters sharing a relaxing moment. Limited to 150 sets, the Red WildGirl Naomi and ChouChou set is available exclusively from for $95 (+ s/h).


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Oct 30, 2015

Gala Milk - Lonely Dark Lady TQ + Lonely Sargent TK


Fresh off the release of the oh so sexy Lonely Warrior Tomorrow Queen 1/3 figures comes the latest provocative Star Wars take from Ashley Wood and Siuyin.  The Lonely Dark Lady Tomorrow Queen 1/6  from the Gala Milk art label seductively blends the pulse-quickening TQ aesthetic with perhaps the most famous Sith of all for a new vision of Vader’s legacy.  Clad in a hand-tailored skin-tight suit, the Dark Lady is armed with a curved GID Lady Pink Sword and six grenades.  She’s available for preorder now for $140 from Bambaland (incl. global shipping).

But wait… what about a TK counterpart?  Gala Milk has you covered with the 2-figure L TQ O N F P WITH L TK BATTLE SET 2P pairs the Lonely Sargent TK 1/6 with the Dark Lady.  Sarge comes loaded out with a standard gun, a heavy gun, a dozen grenades, and hand-tailored fatigues. The set is available for preorder for $300 (incl. global shipping) over at Bambaland.  Both releases are set for an April ‘16 release.


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Medicom x Instinctoy – Curio Bon


Medicom  is offering Curio Bon—the 2nd edition of Instinctoy’s brand-new cat sofubi—via lottery to purchase for 12,960 yen (~US$107).   The lottery for the black edition will be open through Tuesday, November 10th @ 7:59 PM PDT.  

Curio continues Instinctoy’s Liquid DNA with an overall drippy design and removable “gloves” + “boots” that double as tiny Liquid monsters (see video below). While this is officially the 2nd release, the first miaow edition in white has been delayed due to production issues and should be released shortly.  




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Oct 27, 2015

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore 3 Day Halloween Release Extravaganza (10.28-10.30)

unnamed (8)

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has the next 3 days planned out when it comes to Halloween Releases! Beginning tomorrow, he will be doing 3 awesome releases! On each day you will be able to order both an unpainted AND a painted edition, or just one of each! Up for grabs first will be the Marble Sludge Demons HERE ($75) and HERE ($85), which will take place on Wednesday, October 28th at 8PM EST. On Thursday, October 29th, there will be the first release of both the unpainted ($175) and painted ($200) Troll figure at 8PM. Last but not least is the 2015 Sam Heinous ($200), as well as a few other surprises at 8PM on Friday, October 30th. There are no tricks and nothing but treats with this release!


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Kidrobot is Ready for Christmas!


Kidrobot is already thinking 2 holidays ahead, as they’ve just announced their Christmas line! First up has to be their Holiday themed 3” Dunny, which so happens to be a very disgruntled Santa Employee. Designed by Kozik, the “Grumpy Elf on Strike!” will be available at specialty stores, Kidrobot and KR Online on Tuesday, November 3rd for $14.99. This Elf comes with picket sign and candy cane accessories!

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)

Kidrobot is also happy to announce their Micro Munny Christmas Tree ornaments! These come available in 5-packs, which include a red, green, white, silver and gold, which you can customize or just leave blank! Each set will retail $24.99 and can be found at all designer vinyl stores and online on Tuesday, November 3rd.

unnamed (4)unnamed (3)

They’ve also continued on their new Phunny Plush line into the holidays as well with the new Elf and Bunny Suit Ralphie plush figures. Each character measures 7” tall and will retail $16.99 each. Keep an eye out in November!

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Coarse x Amanda Visell – Last Days of Autumn in Vinyl

unnamed (7)

It’s here…! First shown in April of 2014 at the Stoke Art Fair in Munich, the Last Days  of Autumn from Amanda Visell and Coarse is about to be released as an uber deluxe 5-figure vinyl art toy set. A true collaboration, Coarse’s Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk brought Amanda’s original drawings and designs to 3D life in the Coarse aesthetic. Finally, Amanda closed the circle by hand-painting the prototypes. 

The set  tells the story of four naive children (wielding very sharp axes) who come upon a hapless log creature.  A dark yet endearing commentary on man and nature, Last Days of Autumn will be offered in two editions: Frenzy (345 pieces) which features a dark brown log with bluish wood and the wintery Shiver (243 pieces) featuring an ice-blue log and frost-faced children.   As impressive as this set sounds on paper, it’s doubly so in person.  First, it’s all about the log which stands a towering 12” tall which gives it a commanding volume.  The log is a breathtaking piece – one of those that make you do a double-take and pinch yourself that it actually exists.  Each of the children stands 4.5 – 6” tall and in the interest of perfect display feature embedded magnets in the feet to mate them to clear circular bases made of acrylic.  The set is rounded out with  fallen leaves and wood segments (which fit back into the log).

Both Last Days of Autumn editions will be available for pre-order from Coarse HKG on Tuesday, November 3rd 2015 at 7:59 PM for HK$2980 (~ US$384). This is on our short list for 2015 Toy of the Year and it just might be Amanda Visell’s best vinyl toy so far.


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Andrew Bell x myplasticheart – Pumpking Dealmaker (10.30)


Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve comes the Pumpking Dealmaker from Andrew Bell and myplasticheart.  Pumpking Dealmaker features a light orange soft vinyl base with black spray—proudly made in the USA.  These will be released on Friday (10.30) at 10 AM PDT  via myplasticheart for $34.99 (+ s/h).

unnamed (7)

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Benson Wong – “Lazy”


Character designer Benson Wong (of Bster Studio in China) is putting the finishing touches on his very first art toy.  Inspired by the Sloth, Lazy (4.5”) is a fashion savvy kid whose face and slow-paced lifestyle is patterned after popular conceptions of the mysterious animals.  Always smiling, Lazy enjoys a relaxed life, ironically the ultimate goal of many industrious folks looking to “make it”.  Limited to 80 pieces, Lazy will soon be released as a hand-painted, hand-cast resin figure.  He’s the first in Benson’s planned B-Friends series.   

Lazy looks great from the clever concept and built-in distinctive facial design to the overall character design and color scheme. Maybe urban vinyl (err.. resin) is ready for  a come back. We’re looking forward to seeing more from Benson and his B-Friends. unnamed (4)


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Pepe Hiller -- Olgos and Pida Wood Toys (10.30)

unnamed (3)
Running with his new end of the month release schedule, Pepe Hiller is gearing up to release his limited-edition Olgos and one of a kind PIDA wood figures on Friday (10.30) @ 1 PM PDT from his online shop.

Travelling in pairs, the Olgos are hand-made from Swiss spruce, feature a gloss finish, and are individually signed and number. Limited to 12 sets (3” + 2”), the Olgos will be available for $80.

"OLGOS are sturdy little chaps, they travel huge distances over snowy mountains and endless tundras to find a nice little spot where they can rest and eat fresh grass. And they are surprisingly fast… well in their eyes, we barely see them moving.

In addition to the Olgos, Pepe will be offering PIDA (4.5”, a previously teased unique piece (1 of 1).  This whimsical pond-fond creature features a curly antenna(?) and a rectangular body cut from a single piece of saeple wood and finished with a glossy coat.  Signed and numbered, this one-off piece will be available for $145.

"PIDA is a curly little lady. She lives in the botanical garden where she keeps an eye to the frogs. She learned from them to jump from water lily leaf to another and her guilty pleasure is to eat duckweed sprouts.

unnamed (1)


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Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus – Calliope Jackalope White Polka Dot (10.30)


Next up from T+CP (Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus) is the Calliope Jackalope White Polka Dot sofubi from Kathie Olivas on Friday.  This time around Calliope follows Clementine’s fashion lead with a white outfit sporting colorful polka dots.  This one is limited to 50 pieces—25 of which will be released for collectors outside of North America on Friday October 30th @ 5 AM PDT by Tomenosuke for 10,800 yen (~US$89). This drop is part of Tomenosuke’s celebration of its new store+gallery which opened in Gero city this past Sunday—congratulations Shinji and crew!  The remaining 25 pieces will be available to North American collectors from Circus Posterus at a later date.


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Ferg -- JACK S005 [3507-n] aka [u-LOSE] (10.30)

unnamed (1)

Just in time for fright night, Ferg is about to unleash a spooky treat.  Jack S005 [3507-n]—calculator letters! wow, now I really feel OLD—is orange through and through and comes complete with charcoal jumpsuit (orange lettering), detainee hood, watch cap, a stylish duo of weapons: cleaver plus dual .44 magnums, black lenses + cracked lens and removable helmet.  If that’s not enough, 3507 also features a 1:10 chase which amps out the orange with an Orange GID helmet and Orange jumpsuit.

This sweet squadt fright will be available for $95 (incl. global shipping) on the Squadt Shop via a 36-hour timed release starting on Friday October 30th at 12 PM CDT (10 AM PDT) and ending on Halloween night at 11:59 PM CDT. 


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Oct 26, 2015

Jason Limon x Martian Toys – Abominable Snow Cone + Woootbear Release Party

Martian Toys is serving up a new delicious vinyl treat from Jason Limon. The Abominable Snow Cone—Jason’s first original vinyl toy—brings his original Cryptidbits series painting of the same name to life with a 7.25” fearsome snow cone complete with  a formidable spoon and  2” ice cream truck.   Martian Toys has done an impressive job on this chilly beast’s production, especially in terms of  making the ice + syrup look just right.

Both the original Cherry and the Blueberry editions are available for pre-order directly from Martian Toys for $125 each [+ s/h].  They are also offering two excellent Prints On Wood (8x10)—one of each flavor—for $60 each or $100 for the set.   The toys will ship on October 30th.

Speaking of October 30th, Jason will be at Wootbear in San Francisco this Friday (6-9 PM) for the official Abominable Snow Cone release party.  Each attendee will receive a special Wootbear x Jason Limon print (while supplies last).  So if you’re in the Bay area, be sure to head on over.




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Emilio Garica – Mini Skull Brain Chrome Edition (10.29)

unnamed (4)

Emilio Garcia continues to add new dimensions to his work with sexy surface treatments.  Up next is a chrome-plated edition of his Mini Skull Brain.  Limited to 30 pieces, each of the gloriously shiny pieces is signed and numbered.  Stare into it and you’ll find your own truths connecting mind, luxury, and materialism.  The Mini Skull Brain Chrome edition will be released from Emilio Garcia’s web shop on Thursday (10.29). Pricing has not be announced. 



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Oct 23, 2015

Kidrobot x Mark Dean Veca – Exclusive Red Tweety



Update: Availability corrected from previously observed “sold out” status

Surprise, surprise! Kidrobot released their excusive red Tweety from Mark Dean Veca earlier this morning.  Limited to 300 pieces, the red (and white) edition is currently in stock at for $75 and will also be available at Kidrobot San Francisco and Kidrobot Las Vegas.   This first edition looks great, awesome to see Mark’s signature style finally make it to vinyl.  The painted eye detail is a great finishing touch.  Hopefully we’ll see more artist interpretations of iconic characters from Kidrobot.



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