Mar 29, 2017

7th Annual Designer Toy Awards Nominations Now Open

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So you might be thinking, wait Designer Toy Awards nominations in April ?!?!  Yep, the 7th edition of the awards will take place on May 19th in conjunction with the brand-new Five Points Festival show co-curated by Clutter.  So from here on out, reset your awards compass to May rather than October (NYCC) for the DTAs. 

We encourage you to nominate all the toys, artists, stores, and more that made you happy, impressed you, or blew you away during 2016.  Only products, folks and brands nominated during this public nomination phase (through April 7th at 3PM PST) have a chance to be chosen as finalists by the various nominating committees.  If you are the person that scratches your head at the list of finalists and wonders … “wait, where’s so-so?”, then this is your time :)  Btw, looks like you’ll need to crate a DTA login before you can start your nominating frenzy. So, what are you waiting for? Go over to and give props to the worthy folks that make collecting so enjoyable.

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Huck Gee x Clutter -- ‘SKLFKR’ Ready to Dominate at 20”


As a perk for winning the Artist of the Year DTA in 2015, Huck Gee received a sponsorship to work with the 3D wizards at Cubo The result is 20 inches of walking death also known as SKLFKR--render shown above does not represent final colors--a collaboration with Clutter.  Part menacing, part kawaii, part giant robot and part Robotech, SKLFKR is pure Huck at his genre-busting best.  This beast was digitally sculpted and rendered before the master part was 3D-printed with special gaskets for seven points of articulated fun. The production SKLFKRs will be cast in resin and assembled at Clutter HQ.

While Clutter has yet to announce release plans, they will be giving away the first production pull, hand-embellished by Huck himself, to one lucky winner of this contest sponsored by the Five Points Festival. To enter, complete various easy tasks such as visiting the festival’s fb page, Huck’s fb page, and so on.

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Mar 28, 2017

Hyperactive Monkey – Wondercon 2017 Exclusive Releases


Hyperactive Monkey has a bevy of goodies available for you this weekend during Wondercon in Anaheim. First up is his “Water” Edition Pocket Master figure. This amazing translucent blue resin is limited to only 10 pieces and will retail $65 a piece. Grow your Monkey Kung Fu Master army with this lovely addition!


Also available at the Hyperactive Monkey booth is the new “Solar” Edition Mechannita, The Monkey Mech Girl. This radiant yellow vinyl release is limited to only 50 pieces and comes with a mini-print for $10. You can find all this greatness at booth #2054 all weekend long at Wondercon.

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Daisy Skull Bomb (4.1)


The stylish and arresting Daisy Skull Bomb from Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx drops on Saturday (4.1), yes, April Fool’s Day and will only be available for 24 hours starting at 7AM PST from Mighty Jaxx. The latest version of the Skull Bomb is clear-cast with embedded Daisy flowers.  Collectors who purchase the Daisy Skull Bomb  will be enrolled into the  Mighty Jaxx: Unlawful Assembly membership which will include a year of exclusive product catalogs, pre-purchase perks, surprises and more.  

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Mar 25, 2017

Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx – Panda Ink: Marathon


Mighty Jaxx just released the second figure in their Panda Ink series by CacoocaMarathaon sees Panda pushing himself to master the 26-mile feat of endurance and will.  Featuring the series’ signature hand-drawn style (“Ink”), Panda churns through the miles in turquoise blue kicks and matching headband.  The 4” PVC figure is available for pre-order for $30 (+ s/h) from Mighty Jaxx.  There’s also still time to pick up the debut figure, Hike.  Both are slated to ship in Q2 2017. Go get yourself some ink.

lCpWi8PUTNW7GHpDQXhx_Mighty_Jaxx_Cacooca_Panda_Ink_Marathon_7s_800x KzdCpRzzRVp4DvcAemdQ_Mighty_Jaxx_Cacooca_Panda_Ink_Marathon_1s_800xX3jh5VhhSuqchH8QfLGC_Mighty_Jaxx_Cacooca_Panda_Ink_Marathon_4s_800xRv4V21tTP20m0QZ21o6K_Mighty_Jaxx_Cacooca_Panda_Ink_Marathon_3s_800x

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Mar 24, 2017

Ron English x ToyQube – 4.75” Boxing Brain Series 1


ToyQube has fleshed out its line of smaller Boxing Brain vinyl figures from Ron English.  Series 1 now features several editions: Red, Clear, Silver and Gold. These smaller Boxing Brain vinyls were originally released in the debut red at DesignerCon 2016. The Clear, Silver and Gold are new additions to the line.   Both the Red and Clear are available in both right-handed and left-handed versions, while the Silver is left-handed and the Gold is right-handed.  Pick up the 4.75” Vinyl Boxing Brains from ToyQube for $25  each ($100).

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Joe Ledbetter x Kidrobot – Pelican’t

unnamed (1)

Kidrobot has released Joe Ledbetter’s fishing-challenged Pelican’t in both the regular edition and their exclusive Arctic edition.  The bird with the leaky beak is the first release from Joe’s Outsiders collection with the mini-series coming later this year.  The Arctic edition is available exclusively from  regular edition is available for from various retailers including myplasticheart, rotofugi and

At the time of this posting on Friday evening, is listing both the regular and exclusive editions for $100 each – rather than what we believe to be a $74.95 msrp, at least for the regular edition.  This appears to be a pricing glitch, fyi.


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Toyqube Signature Series: Sharktoof Cigarette Pack (12”)

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Toyqube has just released the latest art collectible from its Signature Series, the Sharktoof Cigarette Pack (12”).  The new resin sculpture confronts the audience with their own guilty pleasure. The black and orange design features the street artist’s signature shark emblem on the front of the pack in 2.5D relief and his debossed signature on the removable ‘cigarette’ which can be displayed separately or put into the pack.  Limited to 100 pieces, this Sharktoof piece comes in a die-cut gift box with the artist’s logo and is available now from Toyqube for $145 (+ s/h).

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Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura – Beetlejuice and Heathers Arcade Sets

unnamed (2)


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura are once again making a trip back down memory lane via their very own special arcade.  For the new releases—based on Beetlejuice and Heathers—a mini Winona Ryder follows in the footsteps of Princess Leia as the heroine. Lydia’s Trouble with The Living lets collectors relive Tim Burton’s classic movie from Winona’s character’s perspective. Revisiting the late 90’s, Veronica’s Heathers features Amanda’s take on the tale of the trio of Heathers.  Each of these hand-painted arcade sets  is limited to just 5 sets and available for pre-order now for $250 each (+ s/h).

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Mar 22, 2017

Flat Bonnie – BunEwok Plush and Pin Release at Wondercon


Flat Bonnie is happy for the return of her BunEwok Plush at this years Wondercon. Not only will the very popular Flat Bonnie in cosplay be available, but there will also be a enamel pin version available as well. You will find both, as well as other goodies available at their booth #2130. The BunEwok Enamel pin measures 1.25” and will retail $10 a piece. The BunEwok Plush stands 12” tall and will retail $45. If you are unable to attend this years Wondercon and really want these in your collection, you can find them available HERE for pre-order.


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Otto Björnik – Bai Lan the Unyielding (3.31)

Bai Lan 1

Up next for Otto Björnik is Bai Lan the Unyielding.  The new resin figure is the female follow-up and former sweetheart of his popular Bai Chu jumping ghost figure.  Clad in a robe and ceremonial angled hat, blood-orange in hand,  she seeks to free Bai Chu from his evil affliction.  The debut edition features a yellow with orange accents design.  Limited to 30 pcs, Bai Lan stands 5.5” tall and will be released as a pre-order over on Otto’s web shop on March 31st for $125 (+ s/h).  To be sure you get your very own Bai Lan, you can also hit up the artist directly (

For more on Bai Lan, hit the jump for her story and  quest to help Bai Chu.

right front-1back left 


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Mar 17, 2017

Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin x Silent Stage Gallery – Honey King III Mini (3.22)


Next up from Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin is the sweet Honey Panda King III Mini.  The new edition follows the recently released Pele and Pacific Blue PK3s.  The Honey King Mini stands 4” tall and is limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces.  Honey PK3 drops on Wednesday (3.22) at 11 AM PDT directly from Silent Stage for $59.99 (+ s/h).


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Mark Nagata x Corner12 – Dunnys in Space


The good folks at Corner 12 have released Mark Nagata’s custom 3” Dunnys in Space on their webshop for $200 each. The first of C12’s ‘The 12’s’ releases, each of the twelve Space Dunnys feature a gorgeously cosmic paint job from Nagata-san, each slightly different from it’s siblings.  Look for addition C12 custom drops shortly, presumably in editions of 12.

GalaxyFront2 GalaxyGroup1 GalaxyBack1

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Lulubell – Triple Cadaver Kids from Splurrt (3.19)


Good things come in threes, well at least this Sunday they do.  Lulubell will be dropping a tempting trio from Splurrt at 5 PM PDT (3.19) including a red/gid marble Cadaver Kid ($55), a red/light blue marble Mecha Cadaver Kid ($60), and finally a red/black marble Usir-headed Cadaver Kid ($60).  Lulubell is limiting orders to 2 of    each figure per person.  Be sure to set your alarm and head on over to this Sunday at 5 PM PDT.



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Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter with “DeKevin May Write”

The Toy Geeks bring you a brand new episode this week, featuring a special guest, aka their cameraman DeKevin of DeKorner. We get to learn a little bit about Kevin and his Snapchat sunglasses. They take a look at Kidrobot's Pelicant figure with Joe Ledbetter, some mystery blind boxes from Funko and Alex Pardee's Backpack toy from Mighty Jaxx.  Be sure to hit the subscribe button on their Youtube channel HERE.

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Mar 16, 2017

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Alice and White Rabbit


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura kick off their new Wonderland-inspired resin series with the first release: Alice and the White Rabbit, available now from Switcheroo for $90 + s/h.  Limited to 25 pieces, the set comes with a custom header card featuring the art from an original painting designed for the figures. It sounds like new figures in the series will have their own specific header card.  At some point, Amanda will offer the original header-card paintings…fun!

unnamed (2)  unnamed (1)

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Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time x Mighty Jaxx – XXRAY Finn, Jake and BMO (03.18)


Mighty Jaxx has finally been revealed and given a release date of their latest XXRAY figure, Finn the Human from Carton Network’s Adventure Time. They also showed off two surprise characters, which we had hoped would come to fruition and totally have! Joining Jason Freeny’s line of dissected characters is Finn’s number 2, Jake the Dog and his loyal gaming system, BMO. These will be released together, this Saturday, March 18th through Mighty Jaxx. If they are just like their other XXRAY figures, we estimate these to retail $19.99 a piece. These are noted as “pending licensor final approval”, which makes us think these figures may or may not look exactly like the photos seen above. Let’s hope so because these are great!

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Mar 15, 2017

Six TwentyEight: Green Army Edition – “MITT” The Bumper Racer


Six TwentyEight is ready to unleash their army of “MITT” The Bumper Racers, which so happens to be in a lovely army green vinyl! The awesome thing about these figures, is the option to display MITT in or out of his bumper car. MITT stands nearly 3.5” tall standing and 2.5” sitting. These will be available through the FEWMANY shop in Tokyo and in their webshop on the Six TwentyEight March 19th at 9PM (Japan Time) and will retail $30. On March 26th, you will be able to find them available at ATM3 in Thailand and Wrong Gallery in Taiwan.

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High Proof Toys – March Marble Madness Rock Type Release! (03.16)


High Proof Toys has an awesome release taking place tomorrow on Thursday, March 16th at 10AM CST! Their awesome Rock Type resin figures have been cast with a marble technique, which helps give each figure a unique one-off colorway. There will be a total of only 8 pieces available, which include x4 Regular Rock Type figures at $25 each and x4 Evolved Rock Type figures at $32. They will also be releasing their first batch of blind bagged Tiny Boots zipper charms. Each blind bag has a unique pair of boots, which come in solid colors to mixed marble to clear resin. These will be $6 and will be released at the same time as the Rock Type figures. Find them available on their online store HERE!



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Mar 13, 2017

The Toy Chronicle’s First Guest for ToyConUK 2017!


ToyCon UK is just around the corner and the folks from over the pond at The Toy Chronicle has announced their very first guest to join them at this years con. If you haven’t guessed who it was already by the above image, that special guest is Candie Bolton! Candie will be bringing a limited run of her exclusive Maleficus Bake-Kujira figures for the big event. More figures will be announced shortly as they get closer to ToyCon, which will be taking place on Saturday, April 29th – 30th. More info on ToyCon UK and tickets can be found HERE.


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Luke Chueh – Blood on My Hands at Secret Fresh Gallery (3.18)


Luke Chueh is in Manila preparing for his Blood on My Hands solo opening on Saturday, March 18th at Secret Fresh Gallery.  Bear lovers everywhere will be excited to hear that the show will feature Red Handed, a 21” limited edition sculpture (resin?) reminiscent of Possessed (apparently minus the devil). It also looks like there will be at least one custom 21” bear and several original paintings.

17265758_1653937684915951_2531495419804909568_n 17333220_1871049113150816_7570288259050242048_n 17265611_1931281013773582_1309698960645947392_n

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Mar 10, 2017

FOE Drops GID Cat With Dagger and Red + Green Fumetsu (3.11)


FOE Gallery will have two special drops on Saturday (3.11). First up is Deth P. Sun’s new GID Cat with Dagger sofubi —check the blue eyes—from FOE.  The nocturnal cat will be available from 4 to 7 PM at the Invisible Fountain in East Hampton, MA. .

And… for round #2, FOE also has  sweet red + green colorway of Cop A Squat Toys’ Fumetsu. These are cast in clear vinyl with red, green, and gold spray on the exterior and interior. These will be available from FOE’s site at 6 PM PDT.


unnamed (1)

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Mar 09, 2017

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura – GID Robot and Fox + Crash-land Bat

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)
Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have served up a double dose of glow goodness with today’s release of the GID Robot and Fox plus the GID Crash-land Bat. Each features hand-painted details for fun with the lights on or off.  Both releases are limited to ten pieces and are available for $90 each from Switcheroo.

unnamed unnamed (1)

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Mar 08, 2017

Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – Sun Flowers


It’s Spring and the Sun Flowers are in bloom, just in time for Art Fair Tokyo 2017 (3.16-3.19). Perennial conspirators Ron English, JPS Gallery, and Made by Monsters have cultivated three varieties – Smiley, Grin, and Sponge!  These will be presented as an installation and available for sale JPS’s booth (N21). Luckily, JPS will hold back a limited stock of each for online sales.   

Ron English’s Sun Flowers stand roughly 16.5 inches tall, are metal and vinyl hybirds, and are limited to 333 numbered pieces complete with COA.  The 333 pieces breakdown to 33 Smiley, 100 Grin and 200 3-Eyed Sponge.  They will be available for $150 (+ s/h), with delivery at the end of March.



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Fools Paradise – Scout. Troop at Coin Rides Game #5 (3.12)


While the first three Coin Rides Game figures from Fools Paradise focused on Star Wars themes, the brand has been focused recently on DC-based releases. We return to a galaxy far, far away for the  Scout. Troop at Coin Rides Game #5 vinyl which features Keiko as an Imperial Scout Trooper zooming (or is that moving side to side?) on a speeder bike.  Limited to 299 pieces, Scout will be available for pre-order starting on March 12th at 8 AM PDT from Fools Paradise for an as-yet unannounced price.

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