Feb 04, 2016

Paul Kaiju – Buttercream Unchiman Raffle (2.7)


You may want to call upon your luck dragon for this one kiddos! Paul Kaiju will be holding a raffle for the Buttercream Unchiman, which features a baby blue vinyl with pastel cream and pink sprays. The raffle will open on Sunday, February 7th at 6PM PST to 7PM PST. That’s right folks! This raffle will only be open for one hour. Winners will pay $200 + S&H to acquire such a fine piece.

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Amanda Visell x Kozik x Kidrobot – Scaredy Labbit

unnamed (1)

Kidrobot, Frank Kozik and Amanda Visell are at it again! AV has taken over Kozik’s Labbit sculpt with a brand new design. The Scaredy Labbit features whimsical ghosts painted on both sides of this 10” tall hunk of vinyl. The release is slate for this month through Kidrobot and other specialty designer vinyl toy stores. Kidrobot.com will also be the home to the exclusive light blue color variant. Each Labbit will retail $75 a piece.

unnamed (4)


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FonzoWorld Artist of the Month Customs: DrilOne


Along with a new website and URL, Fonzoworld has launched it’s  first Artist of the Month customs with DrilOne.  Dril has customized four of the new 4.5” DIY Fonzos, each with his signature war-torn aesthetic complete with gas masks and copious battle damage.  They are available now from Fonzoworld.com for $160 each (+ s/h). Any guesses on who will be Fonzoworld’s 2nd featured artist?

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Skull Toys x Unbox Industries – The Visible Man Pre-Order (2.06)


We are mega excited to hear that it’s finally happening! Unbox Industries are finally ready to start releasing their newest line of figures that pay homage to 2000AD’s Frank Hart aka the Visible Man. Their first release features the design by Skull Toys and this soft vinyl toy stands 11.8” tall. With the high failure rate of creating this art figures, releases will be very limited. This pre-order will take place on Saturday, February 6th and will retail $225 HERE. We cannot wait to see the other artists take on the Visible Man.


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Feb 03, 2016

Zectron x Brandt Peters x Unbox Industries – Camazotz


What do you get when you throw Zectron, Brandt Peters and Unbox Industries in a room? You get this amazing piece of awesome! Check out the Camazotz, which is based on an ancient Mayan myth that was originally supposed to be a 3” figure, blown up by Unbox to be a full 10” vinyl figure. You get a nice mix of design with the bat design by Zectron and Brandt’s signature Skelve skull thrown in the mix. The first releases feature a Pink Shade Camazotz and the Blue Orchid for pre-order at $85. Each figure will feature a header card designed by Brandt. Pre-Orders will be up until February 10th.


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Feb 02, 2016

Brent Nolasco – ‘Stargazer’ Edition Sitting in A Pretty Daze


Brent Nolasco has been busy pumping out some amazing of the most amazing pieces that we cannot get enough of! Presenting Sitting in A Pretty Daze, the ‘Stargazer’ edition, which is a two piece resin figure set in a color that depicts Brent’s style beautifully. The bat piece stands 6.5” tall, which is paired with a 2.5” tall mushroom. Each figure features a glass eye are are also individually painted. The Sitting in A Pretty Daze figure is available HERE for $65.

After a long night of eating insects, a little bat takes refuge on a mushroom to rest and watch the sunrise in the morning. There, the bat is found sitting in a pretty daze. The sun slowly peeks through the trees and the morning dew glistens like diamonds. The silence calms his spirit before retreating back to his cave where he'll wait until it's dark to do it all over again.


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Playful Gorilla x Dadscartoons – Micro Busters Wave 1


Playful Gorilla and Dadscartoons have joined forces to bring you Micro Busters: Wave 1! They took one of those most bad-ass mechs and turned it into a 1 and 3/4 of an inch tall resin micro series, which features 6 unique colorways and some DIY’s. Each figure is hand painted, hand cast and hand pulled! The colorways include Ironman, WarMachine, Igor, GOLD (Green Splatters), Chrome (Purple Splatters), and DIY ($10). Each colored variant retail $20 each or get the full set for $110. You can find them available HERE through the Playful Gorilla Store.

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Kidrobot Exclusive ‘Gold Chrome’ Edition Friendly Fire by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

unnamed (2)

Kidrobot is happy to announce their exclusive release of Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx’s ‘Gold Chrome’ Edition Friendly Fire figure. Limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, this 9” figure is available now and can be found HERE at $125 a piece. Seeing KR exclusives like this, being produced by other companies is something we loved and missed about Kidrobot. We are happy to see them going down this route once more!

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Cometdebris 2016 Action Club! (Now - 2.07)

unnamed (1)

Cometdebris’s Action Club member subscription for 2016 will soon be opening! This exclusive club gets you early access to all Cometdebris releases, which includes brand new figures through 2016. You even have the choice of getting them unpainted! Which is perfect for those blank toy fanatics. Not able to attend any of the events Cometdebris takes part in? Well you get first dibs on any leftover event exclusives or customs. Included in the membership price of $100 are also two members only exclusive figures. The Cometdebris Action Club is now until Sunday, February 7th through the Cometdebris online shop.

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Tomenosuke x Skinner x Unbox – 10th Anniversary Exclusive Sextopigon


As part of its lineup of 10th Anniversary Exclusives, Tomenosuke will soon release a special micro-run exclusive of the dizzyingly intricate  Sextopigon from Skinner and Unbox.  The approach to the paint should set this one apart from previous editions.  Hand-brushed rather than sprayed fine details should give the metallic silver, metalilc gold and green design with pink and blue accents a distinct hand-crafted look.  There’s no word on a release yet, but we hope to have more news soon.


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Jan 28, 2016

Double Parlour – January Release with Forest Dwellers, Waffle Boys and more (1.29)


Double Parlour will release quite a few of their resin creations on Friday (1.29, Noon PST) from their web shop including limited-edition drops as well as one-offs.  The limited-edition releases include the whimsical Waffle Boys (1st edition, 5 pcs) and the awkwardly elegant Forest Dwellers (above, 3 pcs). Hit the jump for more pics of what’s in store.


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Coarse -- Omen Fade Wood (2.1)


Collectors just can’t seem to get enough of Coarse’s wood Omen figures--their recent Omen Wood – Ash edition from their LA studio event sold out quite quickly online. The good news is that Mark, Sven, and crew have been hard at work on two new wood editions. Next up is Omen Fade Wood, the first time the tribute sculpt for Roman Shevchenko has been released in wood.  Crafted at the LA studio, the 4” figures will be available in editions of 30 in two different woods: Omen Fade – Ash and Omen Fade – Walnut.  The figures will be released on Monday, February 1st at 7:59 AM PST from CoarseHKG for $627.20 (includes global shipping) and include a wood pedestal with laser-engraved serial number and silk-screened wood book.


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Winson Ma – 10th Anniversary Black + White Jungle Art Form Vinyl


In 2016 Winson Ma’s Winson Classic Creations will celebrate ten years of ape-tastic art toys.  Winson has several special 10th Anniversary releases planned for 2016. First up are extremely limited editions of his 12” Jungle Art Form Vinyl which was released in a full color edition last year.  Limited to 50 pieces each, the 10th anniversary Jungle figures will be released in two mono editions: White Machine and Black Machine.  The articulated figure features a stylized body complete with mechanical arm and removable hardhat/respirator combo.   Both 10th Anniversary editions are available for $180 (+ s/h). To order, please send email to info@winsoncreation.com.


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Super7 Thursday Releases! (1.29)


Super7 will be celebrating Thursday with some new releases! From the vinyl side of things will be all new ‘Melted’ Edition Rose Vampire by Joshua Herbolsheimer and the ‘Bandaged Bruiser’ Pocket Mummy Boy by Brian Flynn. The ‘Melted’ RV features a purple and GID marbled vinyl with silver sprays and red, green and yellow details. This Monster Family member will retail $35 a piece. From Brian Flynn comes the ‘Bandaged Bruiser’ PMB, which has a battered and beaten black and blue vinyl marble and silver sprays with red detail. They are asking $25 for their loveable mascot.


Now onto some vintage-esque goods! Continuing their Drive-Thru Drinkware Pint Glasses, they are bringing in the second series of their Masters of the Universe Line. This set features Eternia’s finest, which include He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces and Teela! These will go great if you already managed to pick up the first series of MOTU Pints (Skeletor, Merman, Beastman, Triklops), which debut released at Skeletor’s Lair during SDCC. The set will be available for $40 or individually for $10.


All of these releases will take place through the Super7 webstore on Thursday, January 28th at 12PM PST. They will then be available shortly after at both San Francisco and San Diego shops.


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doubleparlour January Release! (1.29)

unnamed (2)

doubleparlour has got some exciting January releases taking place this Friday, January 29th at 12PM PST! They’ve graced us with a few teasers of what they’ve got for this weekends release, which will include some one-of-a-kind sculptures and limited edition multiples. A couple of pieces we cannot get enough of are the Forest Dwellers (limited to 3) and those amazing Waffle Boys, the name alone sells it! Get your clicking fingers ready, as these will go quickly! FRIDAY! 12PM PST!


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Scott Tolleson x 2BitHack – Matt (Radar Technician) (1.28)

12534296_545257925652639_1820781605_n 12530781_1702909003278623_1812581394_n

Scott Tolleson and 2BitHack have teamed up to bring the newest member of the First Order, Matt, the Radar Technician. Playing off of Saturday Night Live’s spoof of Star Wars and Undercover Boss, they’ve created their very own bootleg figure of the most feared of the Knights of Ren, dressed up as some nobody new guy on the base. If you haven’t seen the skit, Google it now! The release will take place on today, Thursday, January 28th at 11AM PST through Scott’s Webstore. Each figure will retail $70 + $10 S&H and are limited to 30 pieces total.

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Switcheroo Release – Cosmos Fox and Robot & Night Owl Howl and Boombox Available Now!

unnamed (4)unnamed (1)

The ladies of Switcheroo, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura are happy to bring you a couple of resin sets to brighten up your day! Or in this case, darken up your night? Available now through their webstore are the new Cosmos Fox and Robot, which features a clear black sparkle fox who is accompanied with the most sophisticated robot around! This pair is limited to only 15 pieces at $90 a set. Then we also have the Night Howl Owl and Boombox, who dawns a lovely glittery green coat with its trust boombox! Limited to only 15 pieces, which could be yours for $80! Get them while you still can!


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Paul Kaiju – Astro Jungle Slugbeard (1.29)


The kaiju releases keep on rolling with Paul Kaiju! He’s at it again with another Friday release. This one being his massive Slugbeard, which was produced Toy Art Gallery. The brand new Astro Jungle Slugbeard will be available this Friday, January 29th through PK’s Webstore at 12PM PST. This release features a metallic purple, green and black spray on orange vinyl. No two are exactly alike! Be prepared to shell out $200 + S&H for this hunk of beautiful vinyl.


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Gravy Toys – Smokey Translucent Brodarr Release (1.29)


There are two amazing things about Friday. One is having the weekend right around the corner and the other is the release of Gravy Toys’ Smokey Translucent Brodarr blind bags! You are guaranteed a winner with any pull from these bags. There’s the chance to score, Jeff, Lonny, Drizz, Kamisama by T9G, Quiller by Paul Kaiju, and Private Hooligan. The release will take place at 10AM PST through the Gravy Toys Webstore. Don’t miss out.


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Jan 25, 2016

Brent Nolasco – ‘Sitting in a Pretty Daze’ Resin

QuickMemo _2016-01-02-20-29-39-1

For his first release of 2016, Brent Nolasco continues his impressive string of new characters + sculpts.  Sitting in a Pretty Daze features a bat relaxing atop a mushroom as a single piece (6.5”). The nice lines and strong details of the sculpt are set off nicely by the large, mystical glass eyes.  Offered as a 2 piece set with a smaller mushroom accessory (2.5”), this first edition is cast in unpainted solid white resin (DIY)—in the USA by We Are Not Toys—and features blue/violet eyes. Brent’s newest work has a peaceful, mesmerizing quality highlighted in part by this nearly all white treatment.   Sitting in A Pretty Daze is available now directly from Brent Nolasco for $40 (+s/h).

After a long night of eating insects, a little bat takes refuge on a mushroom to rest and watch the sunrise in the morning. There, the bat is found sitting in a pretty daze. The sun slowly peeks through the trees and the morning dew glistens like diamonds. The silence calms his spirit before retreating back to his cave where he'll wait until it's dark to do it all over again.


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Jan 24, 2016

МИШКА x Kidrobot – 3” Dunny Series


If you aren’t already following Greg Mishka of МИШКА on Instagram, you may want to start. Throughout the day today he posted images of 3” Dunnys for their МИШКА series with Kidrobot. This series features designs by Greg and many of their in-house designers, such as L’amour Supreme, Ray Martinez, Beast Willis, Twerps!, Mikhail Bortnik, Dane S. Thompson, Maze Georges and Mike Jones. Kidrobot has really hit it with the park with this line and we cannot wait to get our hands on a few of these blind boxes! There is yet no word on release date, but be sure to check back as we update the release info.


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DYZ Plastic – Red Pocket Special Edition Android Mini (1.25)


In Celebration of Chinese New Years, Andrew Bell and DYZ Plastic have produced the newest special edition Android Mini, Red Pocket. Each figure includes an envelope containing an Android dollar OR a winning ticket for 1 of 2 custom made 10g 999.9% pure 24k gold coins (value of $450). That would make a real good New Years for anyone! These droids you are looking for will be available this Monday, January 25th at 11AM EST for $10 a piece. (Due to severe weather conditions, shipping may be delayed several days)


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Hyperactive Monkey – Wing Kong Hatchet Man


Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey recently posted this teaser via their Instagram of what’s soon to come with the help of Mana Studios. From what we take from the caption is that this figure is based on Al Leong’s “Wing Kong Hatchet Man” character from Big Trouble Little China. This isn’t the first time Jerome has worked with an actor from BTLC, check out our post on the “Golden Gunslinger” HERE! Could this be another Wondercon release, which is only a few months away?!

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Jan 22, 2016

Instinctoy – Muckey 10th “Illusion” Lottery


If you missed the color-changing Muckey 10th color “Illusion” edition at TTF and NYCC, Instinctoy toy is offering a lottery release ending on 6:59 AM PST on Sunday (1.24).  Illusion features  fancy, high-tech UV-active color shifting tech.  In normal, indoor light the figure  has a pearlescent appearance.  The white shifts to a deep violet hue when exposed to UV light (black light fixture, flashlight or direct sunlight)—see the video below for a demo. What if you display it in a lit room and turn off the lights?  It glows – yep, it’s GID as well.   The Illusion Muckey ships with a special UV resistant bag to protect the figure—best not to display the figure in direct sunlight over time.  The figure is available via lottery for 12,000 yen (~US$101) which you can enter by filling out and emailing the form (after the jump) by 6:59 AM PST on Sunday (1.24).

Muckey-10th-uvcutbag muckey-10th-illusion-09


【About the toys】
Muckey 10th coor “illusion” Price <<12,000JPY>>
【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.
Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})
The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 26th Jan by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Join lottery draw", Thank you.
( instinctoy.ken@gmail.com)
Phone number:
PayPal Account:



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Jan 21, 2016

Scott Tolleson x Pobber – Valentine’s Day Paco Taco (2.14)

12523620_823489504451233_78315151_n (1)

Pobber loves Valentine’s Day almost as much as they love their collectors.  To celebrate the mutual admiration, they are releasing a special Valentine’s edition of Scott Tolleson’s Paco Taco vinyl featuring teal + pink accents on yep, you guess it 2.14.16.  This is in addition to their Valentine’s Day exclusive Daydream (Nimbus) Le Bleu from Paulus Hyu and Kurobokan.

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