Jun 30, 2016

Toy Art Gallery x Ron English --Poultry Rex Debuts in Pink (7.1)


Whatever you do, don’t call it a chicken.  Poultry Rex from Ron English and Toy Art Gallery will make its terrifying debut on Friday (7.1) at Noon PDT from the TAG Web Shop for $85.  While Poultry Rex might certainly be a comment on an alternate evolution, it’s also plausible to see the beast as the master of Popaganda’s commentary on food production methods.  At any rate, PRex looks pretty rad in hot pink—an ironic but sweet color choice.


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Fools Paradise – Keikojoker at Coin Rides Game #4 Pre-order

IMG_8881 copy

Fools Paradise has just opened up pre-order for the latest in their Coin Rides Game Series(#4)—Keikojoker.  This frenzied trip featuring a vandalized Batmobile is the brand’s first non-Star Wars based coin ride figure.  Beyond simply a new theme, Keikojoker goes beyond the previous “rides” with a heavy dose of atmosphere from the graffiti she’s painted on the Batmobile and the coin box to her numerous tattoos  and finally let’s not forget the blue+fuschia ducks.  As with all the Rides figures, this one features side-to-side articulation via the ride struts.

Limited to 380 sets, Keikojoker at Coin Rides Game #4 is available for pre-order through 7.13.16 for $269 (+ 30 for global shipping) directly from Fools Paradise. These will ship in Q3 2016. If you’re looking for a wild ride, you’ve found it.


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Coarse – False Friends Reignited (7.1)

unnamed (2)

Coarse will release False Friends – Reignited—a glow in the dark edition (345 pcs) of the popular Paw! and Noop pairing—on Friday, July 1st at 8:59 AM PDT for HKD2980 (~ US$384) over at CoarseHKG.  Note that the monochrome edition unexpectedly sold out during the Coarse Friends and Family pre-sale and will not be available on the 1st.

This 2016 Anniversary edition celebrates the first appearance of False Friends  (2008 at Rotofugi) and first Ignited (GID) figures at SDCC 2013 (Souls Gone Mad).  False Friends – Reignited reunites 12.5” Paw! with a 13” Noop. The set includes a removable plush Paw! suit, a symbol of Noop’s efforts to find common ground with his unlikely “friend”.  In the spirit of remembering beginnings, the first False Friends vinyls (‘Life of Lies’)  were released back in January of  2010.


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Jun 29, 2016

myplasticheart – Zipper Rabbits by Eloise Kim

unnamed (5)

Eloise Kim’s curiously welcoming Zipper Rabbit “The Forest” resin figures (3”) debuted at Art Toy Culture in Seoul back in May.  Unless, you were at the show, it’s been hard to add these little guys to your collection. Thankfully myplasticheart has the 1st international release featuring a trio of Zipper Rabbits: Original, Black Eyes and Pink Eyes.  They are available from mph’s web shop for $59.99 (+ s/h).

“It is a scary looking monster toy, who often faces discrimination from other rabbits. Through Zipper Rabbit, I intend to discuss about the misunderstanding and prejudice that comes from the outer appearance, and the true inner self.”


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Brent Nolasco – Beast “Shadows” Edition Available Now

QuickMemo _2016-06-23-13-00-11-1 

Brent Nolasco has unleashed the Beast.  Truth be told, it sounds as if this Beast is more inquisitive than aggressive.  Shadows, the first painted edition—an overall gray + black  theme with a burst of color on the face and the downward turned horns—was hand-painted by the artist with an intricate 18-step process.  The 8” resin rotocast figure is available now for $135 (+ s/h) from Brent’s web shop.

"Beast" wanders the landscape in search of new horizons and plateaus. His main mission is to enlighten and to receive knowledge from life experiences. His eternal nomadic lifestyle brings him happiness and peace.


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Jun 28, 2016

Toy Art Gallery x Splurrt – Silver Back Broken Bones (6.29)


If you’ve been waiting for a painted version of Splurrt’s Broken Bones figure, wait no more.  Toy Art Gallery will release the Silver Back Broken Bones featuring clear with glitter vinyl and minimal silver, black, and red sprays for just the right chilling vibe.  Silver Back drops on Wednesday (6.29) at Noon PDT from the TAG Web Shop for $80 (+ s/h).   Crafted in Japan, the figure stands 5” tall and features 3 points of articulation.

unnamed (1)

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner -- FlipADoodle


Welcome to the June 2016 edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re featuring FlipADoodle.

What’s your name?

My name is Ryan Guzman but in the Toy/Art world I go by FlipADoodle.

Where are you located?

Florida- Tampa to be exact. I was born in Orlando, but bounced back and forth from Florida to Washington State. I just moved back to Florida in June.

Day job or full-time artist?

I currently have a full-time job at an air compressor company, so all my nights are pretty much spent painting, customizing toys and hanging out with my wife and kids.


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Jun 27, 2016

Aya Kakeda x Tomenosuke – “To The Medetai Island” Edition Microbus (6.29)


Tomenosuke is celebrating 10 glorious years with the exclusive release of Aya Kakeda’s Microbus! The “To The Medetai Island” Edition makes for the 5th ever Microbus release, but who is counting. Just as the previous releases, this edition is limited to only 30 pieces for roughly $125 and features a gold lame vinyl with metallic paint on the faces of its passengers.  This golden edition will be released on Tuesday (6.29) at 7 PM PDT from Tomenosuke’s web shopTomenosuke’s web shop for overseas customers.


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Planet 3 Toys – Bōzu by Dave Dick (7.02)


Dave Dick of Planet3Toys is happy to announce the release of Bōzu! The debut release will feature the “In The Shadows” edition, which features the 3.5” tall Bōzu figure in a glossy black vinyl. Each piece comes with a hand made stamped tag. They will be available this Saturday, July 2nd at Noon PST HERE for $25 + S&H. These will go great with Dave Dick’s Satori Kappa figure. These were produced by Grody Shogun / Lulubell Toys, so you know the quality is top notch.


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Brent Nolaso – Beast Coming Soon

QuickMemo _2016-06-13-11-30-04-1

The creative whirlwind that is Brent Nolasco continues to churn out new characters and toys at a dizzying rate.  Next up: Beast, a horned force (8”) not to be trifled with.  Already in the test pull phase (above), the new feral character will be released as a resin shortly with production casting from Jacob Jams.



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Jun 22, 2016

Uglydoll x Toy Art Gallery – Power Pink Mini Monsters


Ah!  The Power Pink Ugly Doll Mini Monsters gachas  from TAG—the first painted edition—builds on the previous released Glittery PinkGlittery Pink edition released at the beginning of the month.  Power Pink brings a mix of sprays (blue + silver with white and black) to the pink vinyl + glittery goodness base vinyl.  Each of the eight Mini Monsters—Babo, Jeero, Ox, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice Bat and Wedgehead—are available now ($15 each) as is a full house set of eight ($75) from the TAG web shop.


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Buff Monster – Mister Melty Candle (6.23)


He’s starred as a resin, a sofubi and more.  Now, Mister Melty—Buff  Monster’s signature character—is back in a fun lifestyle turn.  Hand-cast in the USA, the Mister Melty Candle (5”, ed of 40, $75) features a pristine, nicely executed  sculpt (well, until you know, he melts). It drops on Thursday (6.23) at 3PM PDT (6 PM EDT) from his webshop. Buff’s first wax figure comes in a custom wood box with a signed/numbered certificate of authenticity. To melt or not to melt…


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Amanda Visell – Pink Elephant & Drunky and Mossy Wood Llama & Toadstool Available Now

unnamed (2) unnamed

Amanda Visell just put up a couple resin figures to make your alright week the best one ever! Available now through the Switcheroo shop is Mossy Wood Llama and Toadstool, which measures 4 x 6 x 2 and is a hand casted and hand painted edition of 25 pieces that can be found HERE for $90. There is also Pink Elephant and Drunky, which is cast in a clear sparkly resin with hand painted details. Mr. Elephant measures 3.5 x 5 x 3.5 and is available now HERE for $90. Quantities are running low, so get to shoppin’!


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Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship – Kidrobot Exclusive Grim Shadow Night King


Brandt Peter’s Kidrobot Exclusive Night King is available now! Produced by Cardboard Spaceship, the Grim Shadow Night King is limited to only 215 pieces worldwide. The Night King stands a little over 7” tall with top hat with ball joint wings and can be found HERE for $58. We know SDCC is just right around the corner, but we implore you to pick this awesome figure up before they are all gone.

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Suicidal Tendencies x BlackBook Toy – “Old Skool” Edition S"K"UM-kun


BlackBook Toy is back at it again with a new Japanese vinyl  S"K"UM-kun release with Suicidal Tendencies. The new “Old Skool” edition by far is the most realistic looking releases so to this date! Featuring a pink vinyl with dolls hair to conceal his exposed skull! This piece is available now HERE for roughly $110 each. Just like previous releases, this S”K”UM-kun features “ST” hand sign capabilities and comes in a drawstring bag.


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Jun 20, 2016

Full Blown Ink – Cronus Magnus Vinyl Toy Kickstarter Campaign

Full Blown Ink’s Cronus Magnus crowdfund campaign has been revamped and has relaunched on Kickstarter. This of course the follow up to the successful Project Vulkira KS Campaign. Every hero needs an enemy, which brings us Cronus Magnus  who stands 10.5” tall and is made of soft Japanese vinyl. In order to get the GID Edition in production, he is in need of your help. There are a bunch of packages to choose from with a bunch of awesome perks, including stickers, patches, original artwork from various artists and even an exclusive pilot figure! The campaign is up now and will end on Friday, July 8th at 2:55PM PST. Check it out HERE.


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Kosrobot – Cosmos Cold Series: The Blaming One


Kosrobot is finally ready to show of his newest figure, The Blaming One figure from his Cosmos Cold Series. The yellow edition with black rub featured above is set to release this summer with several colors planned out for the rest of the year. You can expect them to retail $45 + $10 S&H Worldwide. The Blaming One stands 6” tall and features 3 points of articulation in the arms and head. Feel free to mix and match parts from your other Cosmos Cold Series figures! Stay tuned for news on the first official release.


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Jun 17, 2016

Toy Art Gallery x James Groman – Frost Bite B.C. Blasters Available Now


Toy Art Gallery has released the Frost Bite B.C. Blasters—the first painted edition of James Groman’s beast-meets-machine soft vinyl figures.  Taping out at 5+” in length, all five beasts--Strike-asaur, Pteranajet, Jurassic Shark, Rocket Rex, and Tanklasauru—are cast in an off-white vinyl with frosty blue rub and pink, silver, and black sprays. If you haven’t already grabbed these, there’s still time--four of the five are still available minus the sold-out Rocket Rex as of this posting.  They are available from TAG’s Web Shop for $45 each (+s/h).


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Jun 16, 2016



It's always a great joy to release your first ever designer toy! That's probably how BAUERMAKER is probably feeling as they've just announced the release of Cat-Zilla, who is 3D printed and hand painted and is made of biodegradable plastics. Way to be pollution friendly with this release. Cat-Zilla stands 8" tall and is available HERE in 3 different colorways for roughly$45 each.

Cat-Zilla is a meditation on life and death, cuteness and destruction.
Its like a Yin and Yang for cool people.


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Captain Zeto - The Captain Available For Pre-Order Now!


Captain Zeto are happy to announce that their "The Captain" figure is now available for pre-order in three different colors! They are available in a Purple, Black and White via their webstore HERE. Each figure stands 4" tall and are all in edition of 99 pieces for the price of $59. Each Captain figure comes with a base, which we believe to be a part of his ship and an anchor in hand! We can't wait to see some more painted editions in the future. 

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Jun 15, 2016

Seulgie x myplasticheart – Birthday Satyrs (6.18)

Brooklyn-based Seulgie’s Satyrs are about to turn a year old.  To celebrate she’s created an edition of 1st Birthday Satyrs complete with abirthday balloons in  various  randomly-chosen colors (pink, yellow, green). For this special occasion, Seulgie has worked her magic and transformed her signature characters into baby unicorns complete with  petite horns. With translucent glittery, ever-so subtly pink hair and baby blue fur, these new Satyrs will be hard to resist.   Limited to just 12 pieces, the 1st Birthday Satyrs will be available from myplasticheartmyplasticheart on Saturday June 18th at 1 PM EDT—their official Birthday—for $130 (+ s/h) each.  Each comes in custom, hand-made boxes created by Seulgie and her sister with cloud-shaped paper inserts + silver-star confetti for a snow globe vibe.


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Jeremy Fish x 3DRetro - Burger Ed. Bison Van + Release Party (6.24)


Jeremy Fish will be in LA next weekend for two events.  First up is the release of the Burger Edition of the Bison Van vinyl on Friday (6.24, 7-11 PM) from 3DRetro at their Glendale location. Not only will Jeremy be there, he’ll have his now-famous van Mike there as well. Plus, there will be a burger truck (naturally!) and a live DJ. The spot to be.

Featuring a mustard yellow (or is that cheddar yellow?) design, the new edition features a winged burger emblem on the side.  Maybe I’m just hungry, but the buffalo fur texture doubles nicely here as seeds on the burger bun.  Again, maybe just dinner time.

In addition to the toy release festivities, Jeremy will open his new Los Angelurkers show with original paintings and numerous grayscale pieces at Thinkspace in Culver City the following night—Saturday, June 25th.


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Ron English x Clutter – Trumpty Dumpty (6.16)

unnamed (1)

Ron English and Clutter will release Trumpty Dumpty, a witty send-up of the presumptive presidential nominee, at the ongoing Ron English Pop-Up at Red Bird  NYC on Thursday June 16th at 6 PM EDT. The faux gold edition (100 pcs, $100) appropriates the iconic nursery rhyme as biting criticism about the Donald’s rise and foreshadowing of his impending fall, perched atop a wall/gold bar/map of the USA.  The back of the piece features ‘Power to the Privileged’, a retort to ‘Make America Great Again’. It sounds as if this will be the one and only edition of the figure.

Ron English x Clutter ||Trumpty Dumpty Release
Thursday, June 16th (6-9 PM)

Ron English PopUp at Red Bird NYC
72 Gansevoort
New York City, NY


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Jun 14, 2016

Toy Art Gallery x Candie Bolton – Pretty in Pink Oh My! Yokai: Night Parade (6.15)


Toy Art Gallery will follow the sold-out success of the debut red edition, with the Pretty in Pink Oh My! Yokai: Night Parade gacha sofubi figures (2”) from Candie Bolton.  For their second adventure, Kitsura, Kawauso, Tengu, Tanuki and Bakekujira are cast in bright pink vinyl with red glitter.  These drop on Wednesday (6.15) at 12 PM PDT  for $10 each or $40 for a full set of five from the TAG web shop


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Otto Björnik x Kidrobot – Shah Mat Chess Dunny Series

unnamed (2)unnamedunnamed (1)

After an agonizing wait since the bold concept was previewed at Toy Fair back in February, the Shah Mat Dunny chess series from Otto Björnik and Kidrobot is now available from Kidrobot and select retailers. The series can be purchased in 2-pack window+blind combo packs ($19.99) featuring a visible pawn and a hidden/blind  non-pawn of matching color (King, Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop) plus four interlocking chess-board tiles or a full chess set ($500).  There’s also a gold chase which is only available in the 2-packs.

While $500 is a considerable price to pay for the full set, consider that the bare minimum number of 2-packs you’d have to buy is 16 which would set you back $320 and that’s assuming zero misses/dupes (or is that triples)—more or less impossible.  Plus, it may be difficult or not possible to choose white/black with many online orders. Kidrobot.com guarantees 4 white and 4 black packs if you order eight packs, otherwise the color is random.

While based on Otto’s original custom Shah Mat chess series, this new production series differs from the original most notably in the Knight which now features a horse-shaped Dunny sculpt and the Rook which now features a more distinctive design and comes with a bow accessory. In addition, likely due to production and collectability practicalities,  there appears to be just one pawn design as opposed to the individual variations found in the OG custom set. Finally, the new set features bright amber eyes seen in Otto’s newer creations as opposed to the dark pupils of the original.


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