Apr 26, 2015

Luke Chueh x Munky King – Bitch Print/Toy Set Available Now!


Available now through Munky King is the Original Bitch Colorway Print/Toy set! This set is exclusive to Munky King and is limited to only 500 pieces! With the figure you will receive a 8x10 archival giclee print and a signed box by Luke. You can find them available now HERE for $80 or without the print HERE for $69.

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Apr 25, 2015

Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas – Violet Trickster Skelve (4.27)


Up next from Circus Posterus is the Violet Trickster Skelve resin by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas.  Each figure in this teensy eensy micro edition of ten pieces will include a random antique letter block as a stylish stand (8” together).  Violet Trickster Skelve drops on Monday, April 27 2015 for $250 (+s/h)from Circus Posterus’ online shop and the Stranger Factory retail location.

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Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Evil MC (4.26)


Blackbook Toy is about to release Evil MC, a new take on Ronald McDonald from none other than Ron English. A bigger, badder, and yes more evil follow-up to the classic MC Supersize, Evil MC strikes a menacing pose with a stack of burgers in one hand and a removable  AK-Spork resin rifle in the other. Sculpted by Chop of Monster Farm—whose credits include the  S”K”um-Kun toy—the new sofubi figure towers over his shorter, squat predecessor at an impressive 15.7” tall (burger to toe). At first glance these look unpainted, but if you look closely each has a touch of paint to mimic creepy eyeliner.

Evil MC debuts in not one, but two editions—Pure Evil in white and Hella Evil in black—at Super Festival Vol.68 (4.26). . It will also be available online from Blackbook Toy  on Sunday (4.26) @ 8 AM PDT for 16,200 yen (~ $136). Each edition comes with a swanky black fabric bag with an Evil MC graphic.



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Apr 24, 2015

Stardust the Super Wizard by Eagle Eye Prime

Stardust front

What’s old is new again. At first glance you might think that Stardust the Super Wizard (8”) is a vintage figure. In fact, this  first toy from  Shane Wood’s Eagle Eye Prime brand is a new piece based on the Golden Age super hero created by artist Fletcher Hanks. It’s sculpted in Hanks’ visual style and and includes a 4-page mini-comic by Benjamin Marra.  Yet more proof that sofubi is becoming the go-to for low-run vinyl toys, Stardust was produced in Japan using the tried and true slush casting technique.  The red boot edition is available now for $45 (+s/h) via Eagle Eye Prime’s webshop.


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Ron English x ToyQube – Boxing Brain(4.24)

Rn English Boxing Brain3

ToyQube is about to release  Ron English’s Boxing Brain sculpture—shown above in front of Ron’s new Houston and Bowery mural in NYC.  The latest addition to TQ’s Signature Series, was shown as an unpainted prototype at last year’s DesignerCon. A play on the ironic shape similarity and jab at the myth of everlasting vigor, the Boxing Brain is a cleverly cautionary piece about the sport and perhaps more generally a comment on the art of conflict resolution. Limited to 300 pieces, the resin sculpture will be released on Friday (4.24) for $179.95 (+s/h) exclusively from ToyQube’s online store.


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Apr 23, 2015

Mighty Jaxx x Jimbo Phillips – Easyrider (4.24)

Easyrider 2

Mighty Jaxx is about to release it’s excellent Easyrider figure from noted skate/surf artist Jimbo Phillips, son of Jim Phillips, creator of the iconic Screaming Hand logo.  The polystone figure (9”) is a strong translation of Jimbo’s radical tiki surfer character which graced graphics for for the Easy Rider skate/surf/snowboard shop in Canada.  Easyrider is mid-stride, ready to launch into another wave.  One of Mighty Jaxx’s best releases, this screams quality from the sculpt down to the paint.

Limited to 200 pieces, Easyrider will be released on Friday April 24th 2015 at 7 PM PDT from Mighty Jaxx’s online store for $120 (+ s/h).


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Apr 22, 2015

Seriously x Kidrobot – Best Fiends Vinyl


Kidrobot has teamed up with mobile games brand Seriously on a line of new vinyl and plush toys based on their extremely popular Best Fiends game.  The line will launch at SDCC with a limited GID edition of the vinyl Slug figure –- the game’s baddies.  Rather than just the toys following the game, Seriously will simultaneously launch the Valley of the Slugs update which will bring the GID slugs into the game.

If you haven’t played Best Fiends (me, until about 10 minutes ago…), it’s a well polished “match” puzzler with some light RPG elements than enable you to level up your group of characters(“Fiends”).  It’s available on Android /Amazon Fire/iOS platforms.

We’re curious to learn more about the new line including product details such as the Slug’s size and whether these will be standalone releases only or if a mini-fig series might be in the works as well.

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Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery – Luftkaiser Marbled Pink + GID


Toy Art Gallery has just released a sweet new edition of their Luftkaiser sofubi from Paul Kaiju.  The new marbled edition swirls pink and GID vinyl for an impressive look in normal light and in the dark.  The 4” figure is available now for $45 (+s/h) from Toy Art Gallery’s web shop.


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Apr 20, 2015

Playboy x Blitzway x Coartism – Sticky Monster Lab Pre-Order (05.01)


The Playboy x Blitzway x Coartism Art Toy series is finally underway with the first release of the line! First up to bat is the art piece by Sticky Monster Lab, which will be available through out the whole month of May. Made of PVC, this figure stands 7” tall and will be shipped 2 weeks after the final day of pre-orders. They will be available on May 1st for $160 through Coartism HERE. Take a look back at the other designs HERE.

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Amanda Visell – Fox & Robot and Timbers Mini Resin Set Available Now

unnamed (1)

There are a couple new additions today to the MySwitcheroo shop! Check Amanda Visell’s newest resin figures, Fox & Robot and the Timbers Mini Resin Set. The sly fox and mechanized robot are a collaborative set by both Amanda and Michelle Valigura. This set is limited to 25 pieces for $90. The fox stands 3.5 x 2.5 x 3.5.

unnamed (2)

In need of some mini resin toys! Here we have the Timbers Mini Set, which includes a log, tree, axe and Howl. The Evergreen edition is limited to 25 pieces for $25. Howl measures 1.75 x 1.25 x .5. Find all of these goodies available now HERE.

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Andrew Bell x Massdrop – White Edition Can of Worms Exclusive

unnamed (3)

Want to get your hands on this limited white edition of Andrew Bell’s Can of Worms figure? All you have to do is join Massdrop, which is a community-buy website. The more people who purchase one, the lower the retail price! The White Edition Can of Worms Is limited to 100 pieces and isn’t too far from reaching the $54.99 each cap with only 1 Day Left. Check it out HERE!

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Amanda Visell x Kidrobot – Upcoming Munnyworld Series?


With Kidrobot’s previous tease of Amanda Visell’s Raffy (SEEN HERE), we now get a glimpse of what looks to be a whole series of Munny World x Visell figures! We sure hope we are right and we know AV will do all the figures justice! Just from the teaser we can see some of Amanda’s designs put onto the Munny, Trikky, Bub, Raffy and is that a Dunny?! Stay tuned for more info.

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Otto Björnik - Bai Chu the Bloodthirsty


Otto Björnik is a big fan of the jiangshi or Chinese hopping vampires. That’s why he has come up with his newest release, Bai Chu, This blood orange sucking vampire is available for pre-order now HERE for $125. The Red Pu-La Edition is limited to 35 pieces and stands 5.5” tall. The talisman on his forehead is also magnetic and reads “Hunger” in Chinese calligraphy. Get more background info on this tiny vampire after the jump! 


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Android’s …For Science! Series

unnamed (8)

Here comes a new Android series that your science teachers will approve! Introducing the new … for Science! Series, who includes some folks that paved the way in how we live and see things today! First there is Isaac Newton, who comes with a Prism and Principia Mathematica. Then we have Marie Curie with her flask and Nikola Tesla with a mini tesla coil. The packaging also features a short summary of their notable achievements. The …for Science! series was created in collaboration with former Android engineer Dan Morrill. Release date is set for sometime this month.


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Apr 15, 2015

Paul Kaiju x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – Sludge Kraken DX Raffle (04.19)


Paul Kaiju has teamed up with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore to bring to you another thing of beauty! Gaze your eyes on Sludge Kraken DX, which is casted in pink vinyl with magenta rubs and sprays. To get your dirty paws on these, all you have to do is enter the lottery at PaulKaiju.com this Sunday, April 19th at 12PM PST. This lottery will be up for 24 hours with winners drawn 4 days later. Winners can expect to pay $130 + S&H.

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Super7 x Mishka – Red/Purple Swirl Keep Watch Mummy Boy (04.16)


Releasing this Thursday, April 16th is the brand new Red and Purple swirl Keep Watch Mummy Boy by Super7 and Mishka. You can find them available at 12PM PST on Super7’s webstore and both San Francisco and San Diego locations at $65 each. This marbled marvel features detailed paints in the eyes with silver sprays on the arms and feet.

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Gnosis Opening at Toy Art Gallery (4.18)


For its April show, Toy Art Gallery will present Gnosis, a  show featuring the work of Blood Guts Toys, Deathcat Toys, Grizlli Atom, kto kto, Snatchpunch and special guests Aaron Brookes, Monsterisland, Popsoda and Purple toys.  Opening on Saturday (4.18) the show continues the gallery’s mission of showcasing and supporting independent toy makers.

Expect plenty of monstrous toys including one-off Elder Demons, Deathcats, Bostyrants, Izumonsters and more.  TAG will also release a trio of figures created by Deathcat Toys and sculpted by Grizlli Atom: Akumaneko  plus the Owlene  and Psychosophie minis (above and after the jump). All three will be available in unpainted editions as well as one-off customs from both artists.

Opening: Saturday April 18th, 2015 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046


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Apr 13, 2015

Dabs Myla for the MTV Movie Awards 2015


Aussie street duo Dabs Myla were tapped by MTV to design the look of the 2015  MTV Movie Awards.  If you saw the show which aired on Sunday, you were treated to their signature art nearly everywhere you looked from the elaborate stage which included painted backdrops and a giant inflated, smoking cat to the award itself as well graphic treatments throughout. We’re stoked to see them shine with this, their latest high-profile project and can’t wait to see what’s next.

In other Dabs Myla news, be sure to check out the latest issue of Clutter which features a cover article on them and keep an eye out for their upcoming dynamite vinyl from Munky King.  

[Main photo: @kingstonphoto]


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Steve Caballero x Super7 x Secret-Base – Cab Dragon Soft Vinyl Toy


Spotted over on Steve Caballero’s Instagram feed is what looks to be his very own soft vinyl toy! Introducing the Cab Dragon, which is a collaborative effort with the help of Super7 and Secret-Base. It is amazing to see Steve immortalized in his very own 4” soft vinyl figure with none other than a Dragon mask. These are just some of the prototypes Steve received. He mentions that they will be making a debut at this years SDCC! That’s only a few months away and we can’t wait!

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Palette Toys x Itokin Park x Mirock Toy – Rocket Boy Lottery


The first initial release of Palette Toys x Itokin Park x Mirock Toy’s Rocket Boy took place at this years Wonder Festival. A few months later, they finally announce an online release of this spacetastic retro looking soft vinyl figure! Each figure will roughly retail $80 + S&H and he stands almost 9” tall. This release will be through lottery, for both domestic and overseas customers. You must enter within April 15th – 19th for a chance to win Rocket Boy. Details for the lottery can be found HERE. Winners will then be contacted on April 22nd.


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Peter Kato – Bedtime Bunnie Danglers and Sleeptime Bunnies Release (04.16)


Releasing this Thursday, April 16th at 8PM EST are some new bunnies coming from Peter Kato. You can expect a mixed assortment of Bedtime Bunnie Danglers, which will be available in yellow, blue, lavender and pink resin! Each color is limited to 10 pieces and will be available for $15 each. Are you missing some Sleeptime Bunnies? Well, Peter will also have those available in a Lavender colorway, limited to 10 pieces and retailing $12 each. Find them all available in a few days on his webstore HERE.


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Cometdebris for ToyConUK 2015 Round Two!


Cometdebris had plenty more cooking for this years ToyCon UK! First up is the Neon Red & Yellow Vinyl Sametan, which will be available for £30. Also available will be the new Ace Robo in clear vinyl with black glitter. There will only be 5 of these available at the convention for £40. You can find him, as well as the previously announced exclusives (HERE) at booth #38.


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Super7 x Funko – Super Shogun Shadowtrooper & Boba Fett at Celebration


The big announcement we have been waiting for! Just announced is the official release of Super7 x Funko’s Super Shogun line. Where better to release than this years Celebration, which is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center. Both the Shadowtrooper and Boba Fett will be available through the Funko booth #1410. From what we gathered from recent news is that they will each retail $200. Both figures stand 24” tall with wheeled feet. The Shadowtrooper comes with blaster and left fist launcher. Boba Fett features both wrist and backpack launcher action! There is no word at this moment if Super7 will have these available in store online, as for now, let’s gawk at these photos.


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Apr 12, 2015

Alex Solis x VTSS Toys – Famous Chunkies Figures

dark lord01 trooper01 the grand master01 the jedi01

Chicago artist Alex Solis is on a roll.  VTSS has just started taking pre-orders for Alex’s Famous Chunkies polystone figures.  Based on his popular illustration series, the first wave features four  well-known galactic overeaters appearing under their slightly less conspicuous aliases: Dark Lord, Trooper, The Grand Master and The Jedi.  As you can see, these look great from the outfits to the bulging chins and expanded stomachs.

Each of the hand-painted figures stands 8” tall except for the wrinkly, wise, green one (6”).  Limited to 120 pieces each, the Famous Chunkies are ready for any situation with lightsabers, blasters, burgers, tacos, burritos, sodas, and pizzas. The four figures will officially debut  at Young Art Taipei (4.24). They are also available for pre-order now at VTSS for $160 each or $576 for the set of four (10% discount).  The figures should ship towards the end of May via the included worldwide shipping service.

The Famous Chunkies figures are the latest in a string of recent releases from Solis which include the Chunky KnightChunky Knight figures from Mighty Jaxx  and the Pre-Historic figures from Threadless x Mighty Jaxx.  Alex has also just released his The Famous Chunkies art book thanks to a successful Kickstarter.  In fact, he’ll be in Los Angeles on Thursday (4.16) for the opening of his The Famous Chunkies art show/book signing at Iam8bit in Hollywood.


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Apr 10, 2015

JPK x Gary Ham x Pobber – King of Mischief at ToyCon UK (4.25)


Gary Ham and Pobber asked Jon-Paul Kaiser to come up with his own take on Gary’s Sylvan figure.  And thus, the fearsome King of Mischief was born. Drawn from JPK’s signature black and white aesthetic with more than a hint of bad intentions, King is the ultimate contrast to the colorful and upbeat Sylvan. Ying and Yang.  Limited to only 100 pieces, King of Mischief will first be released at ToyCon Uk by the Hang Gang and then be offered in a wider-reaching release (presumably online).


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