Jul 25, 2014

Frank Kozik x Kidrobot -- Rocket Raccon Labbit

Frank Kozik launched the new Rocket Raccoon Labbit from Kidrobot earlier today (7.25) at his Comic-Con booth. The transformation of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy character into Labbit form brings sharp deco and a sweet, fuzzy articulated tail. This prerelease sold out quickly, with the full release due shortly at shops nationwide.


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Jul 24, 2014

A Closer Look at the New Firecat from Joe Ledbetter


Firecat is back and this time he really means it.  It’s been nine years since the fire-breathing beast shook the scene with the OG vinyl figure from Joe Ledbetter. In the span in between, he’s grown in stature (11”) and power. He’s shed his cute, round appearance for a lean, mean, towering presence.  Firecat makes a big, smoldering impact with a wide-open, bellowing flame burst. Focused on destruction, his symmetrical fire now rises above his ears.  

Badder and better, the new figure  is an important milestone for Joe Ledbetter –- his first self-produced vinyl art toy.  On a shelf or on your desk, Firecat demands your attention with Joe’s signature 2.5D look popping off the surroundings.   Pick yours up exclusively at Joeledbetter.com for $99 (+ s/h). On the horizon?  Lava Cat, Ice Cat, Fire-Catzilla – not necessarily in that order.


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Jul 22, 2014

Emilio Garcia – 2” Mini Skull Brain Available Now


Emilio Garcia’s 2” Mini Skull Brains are finally available! The Skull Brain is made of resin with a beautiful nitro gloss finish to give it that ceramic look. They are available in 4 colors, yellow, pink, white and black, which are limited to 50 pieces each. You can purchase them HERE for roughly $34 each! Get them before they are gone.

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Jul 17, 2014

Toy Art Gallery x Rampage Toys x Splurrt – Exclusive Yellow Lab Mice


Toy Art Gallery will release their Exclusive Yellow Lab Mice mini-figure set from Splurrt and Rampage Toys on Friday (7.18) @ Noon PDT from their webshop for $50.  Crated by Splurrt and produced by Rampage Toys, the set features three  3” Lab Mice, each with different heads, cast in yellow vinyl with pink, orange, blue/green, black + more sprays.  We dig these – fun, humorous and as a bonus, affordable.


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Jul 16, 2014

Amanda Visell – Kitten Beartrap OG & Sparkly Sets Available Now


Amanda Visell has just released her newest resin creation, the Kitten Bear Trap. The OG Sets are limited to 55 pieces and go for $90 and a the Glitter Sets are limited to 35 pieces for $115. They measure 3” x 2” x 2.5” and are hand sculpted, casted and painted by Amanda. Find them up for grabs HERE!

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Huck Gee – 8” Beardie McBeardsalot


Are you a fan of Huck Gee’s Beardie McBeardsalot from Kidrobot’s Art of War series? Well you’re going to want to take a look at this! Huck has created a limited run of 10 8” Beardie McBeardsalot custom figures. They are each signed and numbered and come with shown above. Each Beardie McBeardsalot will retail $850 and comes packaged in a laser etched wooden box. Interested? Send your inquiries to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com ASAP!

Salvaged cars, skull covered bikes, acid heads, leather and bandages. Knives, katana, whiskey and a strange affinity for clown girls. No fucks given. Beardie McBeardsalot - The Skullheads.


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Jul 15, 2014

Carson Catlin x Cardboard Spaceship – Memisfits at SDCC


Carson Catlin joins the squad of customizers tackling Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas’ Wandering Misfit figures! These all look so great and it would be hard to choose between them! These will be available at the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5638 during SDCC. Be sure to also check out the customs from Reactor-88 HERE and Daniel Fleres HERE.

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Jul 14, 2014

Ron English – Dinogrenade Hitting Stores Soon!


Ron English’s Dinogrenade will soon be hitting your favorite Designer Toy Store shelves! This figure stands 4” tall and 8” wide and this first green colorway release will be available for $65 a piece. Hit up your local toy store to see if they will have these in stock.


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Peter Kato – Dark Purple with Hot Pink Bedtime Bunnies


Peter Kato will be releasing a brand new colorway of his Bedtime Bunnies this Wednesday, July 16th at 9PM EST. The Dark Purple with Hot Pink Bunnies will be available in both small ($12) and medium ($20) sizes. In stock will be a total of 24 pieces! If you are a fan of the pink Bunnies, there will also be a restock of the pink on pink edition! You will find them available on his webstore HERE.


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Super7 x Funko – Black Box Edition ReAction Egg Chamber


Due to the ReAction Alien Egg Chamber set being an SDCC exclusive and limited to 250 pieces, collectors will have a small chance at obtaining this piece. So Super7 x Funko will be offering a pre-order for the black box edition playset. This version will feature black packaging and charcoal base with printed cardboard inserts with custom artwork. The pre-order will be available during all days on site at SDCC and on www.Super7store.com from Wednesday July 21st at 6PM  to Sunday July 27th at 5PM. However many are pre-ordered will be its edition size. If there so happens to be more than enough orders, they will manufacture the bases with injected molded plastic! The delivery date for the resin bases are expected to be 3-4 months and the injected mold bases will take up to 6-7 months. The pre-order will be $100 + $15 S&H.

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Jul 13, 2014

Touma – Brown Glitter Knuckle Bear


Hey Touma fanatics! We just wanted to let you know that Touma will be releasing a very limited number of his Brown Glitter Knuckle bears, which are limited to only 20 pieces worldwide for $45 + S+H + Tax. Each 5.8” figure will feature Touma’s signature and serial number. This is a definite must for any Knuckle Bear or Touma fans! If you’re interested, send an email to toumart2005[at]yahoo.co.jp by July 15th with your Name, Address, and Telephone Number. If there are more than 20 inquires for this release, the sale will become a lottery.

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More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x The Loyal Subjects Sneak Peaks!


Well this happened last night! The Loyal Subjects posted more sneaks of their upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Blind Box series, featuring Master Splinter and a couple members of the Foot Clan. Be sure to check out a previous post HERE for a look at the turtles and Shredder, as well as HERE to see the ratios and other characters from this series. For those attending SDCC, we’re sure you will be able to get a better look at these at the TLS booth #5645.


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Jul 12, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Luchador Mr. Toast Plush


Dan Goodsell, the creator of Mr. Toast will once again be at this years SDCC. With him he will bring the masked Luchador Mr. Toast plush! These plush measure 7” tall and will be available at their booth #5250 at $10 each. It’ll go great with your other Mr. Toast, Shaky Bacon, or Clem Lemon plushies!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x The Loyal Subjects – Sneak Peaks!


Holy Smokes! The Loyal Subjects posted these amazing teasers late last night of their newest collaborative series with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! We last talked about them HERE, but we are way more excited to see these brought to life! These figures measure 3” tall and features a ton of articulation with all of the ball joints in the head, shoulders, hands, legs and ankles. Each blind box will retail $13 and we are hoping to see this release sometime in September. Not pictured yet are Bebop, Rocksteady, Master Splinter, Foot Clan Soliders in red and purple, and April O’neil. Did we mention that they are well equipped!

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Rolito x Fig-Lab – The Boy & The Ghost Playsets Available Now


Available now from his 10 Year show are Rolito’s The Boy & Ghost Playsets! These soft vinyl figures are available in a painted DX Sets (Steam & Cosmo 5 Pieces Each) for $70 or the unpainted sets (6 different color combos) for $60 through the Fig-Lab store HERE. There are even some old Rolitoboys up for grabs, as well as the limited and never released Black Polito!


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Jul 10, 2014

Instinctoy’s Muckey “Fantasmic Rainbow” Available Now @ myplasticheart (07.10)


myplasticheart has gotten their hands on a limited supply of Instinctoy’s Muckey figure. The “Fantasmic Rainbow” Muckey stands 7.5” tall and features a multi-gradient spray in GID vinyl. There is also light flocking on the nose, ears, and belly! When you lift his head you will get a nice big smile from this cute cuddly looking bear. Find them available HERE for $140 each.


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Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson – SDCC Deadbeet Plush


It looks like Lana Crooks is teaming up with Scott Tolleson to produce what looks to be a plush Deadbeet! We’re loving the extra details of the tiny roots coming out of em. These will most likely be found at the Scott Tolleson / Gary Ham / Julie West booth #5139. The back looks awesome, we can’t wait to see the front! Stay tuned.

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Jul 09, 2014

Jason Freeny x Pete Fowler x DTA – Dissected Toy Prince (7.11)


Clutter has tapped Jason Freeny to create a dissected version of Pete Fowler’s Toy Prince, which graces the Designer Toy Awards trophy.  If you’ve always wanted your very own Toy Prince figure, here’s your chance.   The 8” Dissected Toy Prince rotocast resin will debut in a Ruby Dust edition featuring glittering red + black hues.   Limited to 30 pieces, it drops on Friday, July 11th 2014 @ Noon EDT for $125 from the Clutter Shop, which will go towards supporting the DTA 2014 ceremony during NYCC weekend in October.


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Jul 08, 2014

Retroband x DKE Toys – SDCC Exclusive Toxic Timmy


Continuing with the SDCC Exclusive Art Toy Figures for the DKE booth #5045, we have the Toxic Timmy by Retroband. This 2” mini resin figure are hand painted by Aaron Moreno and are limited to 50 pieces each. Each figure comes packaged on a 2.5” x 3.5” trading card for $45 each.

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Ron English x Toy Art Gallery – Status Factory: Book Signing & Toy Release (07.13)

ronenglish_postcard-403x600 ronenglish_postcardback-403x600

Updated: New product info + additional images

Ron English will be at TAG this Sunday, July 13th for the signing of his latest art book “Status Factory” and the release of two new soft vinyl collaborations with TAG, the Modzilla (13” tall – 20 individual pieces) and the Urban Big Foot (6.5” tall). Expect hand-painted one-off’s, secret editions, and possibly factory paints as well. The elusive  3’ Lil’ Bigfoot life-size fiberglass pieces may also make an appearance.   In addition to the TAG produced sofubi, Ron will debut his new Dinogrenade vinyl at the event.

TAG will also have the Little Big Foot necklace, which is the first piece of a number of future jewelry pieces and twelve unique Tempter Tot prints.  Finally, the first 30 collectors will receive a show-exclusive hang-tag print, which Ron will sign.  The signing will take place from 2-4 PM with the release event will continue until 6 PM, so be sure to stop by and say “Hello”!


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Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. – Triple Crown Monster (07.12)


Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. are proud to present a brand new Triple Crown Monster! With the Triple Crown of YoYo coming back this weekend, Saturday, July 12th at the Navy Pier in Chicago, its time for a new release! This thread headed monster, which was designed by Chris Ryniak, sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, and produced and painted by Kirby Kerr and Joe Sommers, will be available at the store from 6-8PM during the official after party. The price of this release should be in the $100 range as per past released and any left over pieces will be available through Triple Crown.

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Super7 x Funko – SDCC Exclusive ReAction Egg Chamber Set

 14598528324_24b08fae88_o 14598527754_6f2fd20694_o

Wanna know what’s in the box? Well, Super7 has just posted a couple more detailed shots of what you will get in their SDCC Exclusive ReAction Egg Chamber Set, which we last mentioned HERE. You will find this limited edition release of 250 pieces at their booth #4945 only at SDCC for $100.

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Jeff Soto x Blackbook Toy – SDCC Exclusive NekoFukurou


We just posted a teaser photo of the NekoFukurou figure by Jeff Soto and Blackbook Toy with speculation of its release at SDCC. It is in fact happening and it will be available at the DKE Toys booth #5045. This soft vinyl figure is also stackable and will be available in blue and pink edition, which are limited to only 30 pieces. They are approximately 6” tall and will retail $80. It’s been some time since we’ve seen a toy from Jeff Soto and we are happy to him back in the game!

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Jul 07, 2014

Ron English x Toy Tokyo – SDCC Exclusive GID Cap’n Cornstarch


Toy Tokyo’s booth #4845will be home to the SDCC Exclusive GID Cap’n Cornstarch by Ron English. Ron will also be hanging out at the booth on Friday to sign and sketch for his fans! Stay tuned for more information on exclusive and signing schedules for Toy Tokyo.

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Paul Kaiju – Domino Jack for Show at Gunnzo!


Paul Kaiju’s Domino Jack will be at his Event at Gunnzo during SDCC and we cannot be any happier! We’re unsure if this amazing Half Visible Jack is a one-off or a limited run, but we are hoping for more to be released during his show on Friday, July 25th. Notice the awesome use of Jacks in the head! More to come!

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