Aug 04, 2015

Super7 x Funko – Empire Edition Boba Fett Super Shogun


Super7’s Super Shogun Boba Fett is finally available! The “Empire” Edition was first released at this years Celebration in Anaheim at the Funko booth. Now Super7 has them up for grabs at both the San Francisco and San Diego locations and online HERE for $200. The Super Shogun Boba Fett stands 2’ tall and features wheels on the bottom of the feet, spring loaded missile firing jetpack and wrist launcher.

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KAWZ Trooper 001 Head from K.F.C. Reproductions

K.F.C. Reproductions
will offer its KAWZ Trooper 001 Head with a 48 hr timed-release beginning on Thursday, August 6th @ 10 AM PDT and ending on Saturday (8.8) for $40 (+s/h) via  This first edition bootleg of a bootleg is done in the iconic white with gray splatter—each piece is slightly different due to the hand-applied deco.




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Kidrobot – Mega Man Minis and Keychains


In addition to the previously released 7” Mega Man and Proto Man figures, Kidrobot has fully launched their Mega Man line with Tuesday’s release of the Mini  and Keychain  series.  The minis are available for $11.99 per blind box while the keychains will set you back $5.99 each from, myplasticheart, Rotofugi and retailers around the globe.   These look great, time to build your own Mega Army.

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myplasticheart x Seulgie – Exclusive Summer Satyrs (8.11)

myplasticheart will release their exclusive Summer Satyrs (4.5”)from Brooklyn artist Seulgie  Tuesday, August 11th @ 1 PM EDT for $85 each (+ s/h) from  The Summer Satyrs are the fun and colorful follow-up to Seulgie’s debut batch of Satyrs, her first original art toy.  There are eight Summer Satyrs, in four variants--each with contrasting yet complimentary hair and fur colors.

After learning mold-making and resin casting as an apprentice for Peter Kato, Seulgie is making a name for herself with these adorable Satyrs which she creates completely on her own from design to sculpting and then onto production where she casts and hand-paints each figure.


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Aug 03, 2015

Sakabutsu – Abyss Fairy GID



Here’s a look at Sakabutsu’s  (Sasha Katcher) newest hand-cast resin figure, the Abyss Fairy.  The Fairy stands 3” tall and features glow action – softly in the body and more strongly in her lures.  

“Emerging from the ocean on dark quiet nights, the Abyss Fairy excites the curiosity of children who then follow its glow into the dark waters, only to sink to their cold, undersea graves.”

The Abyss Fairy is available for $40 (+ s/h) from the Sakabutsu Etsy Shop. While you’re there be sure to check out her other toys as well.


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Teaser of Leecifer x Brent Nolasco NYCC Project


Brent Nolasco is keeping very busy these days with multiple projects including his recent  Bun Bun and Felix toys.  Plus, he’s somehow found time to collaborate with Leecifer on another figure slated to debut at this year’s NYCC.  Seeing as this teaser image is all we have to go on so far, the ears do kinda seem bat-like, though the body, not so much.

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Aug 02, 2015

David Flores x BIC Plastics – TwoBit Pre-Order

unnamed (4)

BIC Plastics is going big in continuing its collaboration with David Flores.  Expect a wave of new toys, a whole family so to speak.  First out of the chute is TwoBit (10”), originally seen in proto form back in 2010.  It’s been quite a wait, but the first pink, orange and cream edition (800 pcs) looks fantastic, perhaps even better than the originally shown pink+ purple.  The debut edition is now available for pre-order via the revamped for $135 which includes global shipping.   There’s plenty more in store for Flores collectors including TwoBit’s relatives and the exciting news that the Hell Fire Canyon Club will ride again.  


twobit_r   twobit_f twobit_l

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Huck Gee – DAME #11


With a fun narrative to unfold and his own platform—The BlankHuck Gee opens a new chapter in his ongoing toy adventures with the release of DAME #11. Described by Huck as a motorized pillbox, The DAME (Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement) looks great. Sweet retropunk mech/tank?  Yes, please.

Limited to 10 pieces, DAME #11 is the first of many releases from the cleverly dangerous world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels. The gray DAME stands 11” tall and features a cramped cockpit which the eye-patched pilot (a customized The Blank!) can be squeezed into. If you’d like one of these bad boys, drop Huck a line at$1800 (+ s/h) per set.


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Jul 31, 2015

Pobber x Scott Tolleson -- Bella Lee Noir Online Release (8.6)


After her debut at SDCC, Bella Lee Noir from Scott Tolleson and Pobber will soon be available globally.  Limited to 50 pieces, the gray scale Bella Lee resin (8”) evokes the beauty, glamour and sex appeal of vintage Hollywood.  The Noir edition will be released on for $120 (+s/h) on Thursday August 6th, 2015.

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Jul 30, 2015

Bwana Spoons Custom Unchiman One-Off Release (07.31)


Bwana Spoons got a hold of 9 Unchiman figures by Paul Kaiju and did some lovely work to them! Releasing on Friday, July 31st at 10AM PST are these beautiful poop inspired sofubi figures that feature a mixed part base with red, olive and black vinyl. They will each come packaged with bag and header, as well as a paper comic with Bwana’s origin story of Unchiman. You will find them available through his webstore HERE!


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Jul 29, 2015

Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Elf Dunny


Looks like the Holiday Dunny tradition will be rekindled in 2015.  Here’s a look at the line art for Kidrobot’s2015 Elf Dunny (3”) by Frank Kozik. This cheery err stoic  elf is dressed to the nines with his over-the-top Elf gear complete with seriously pointy boots.  Due this Winter, The Elf Dunny is available for pre-order for $14.99 from several retailers including myplasticheart.


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Jul 28, 2015

Kidrobot Announces New Phunny Plush


Kidrobot has announced new additions to its forthcoming Phunny plush line. In addition to the previous announced Gremlins series, look for Phunnys of your favorite characters from Alien, DC Comics, Terminator, Elf and in a bit of a surprise – A Christmas Story.  The recent Phunny announcements dovetail with parent company NECA’s stable of entertainment licenses.

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BlackBook Toy x Jeff Soto – NekoFukurou Shibuya (7.31)

BlackBook Toy is about to release the NekoFukurou Shibuya sofubi (6”) from Jeff Soto.  The new edition of the cat/owl  two-faced stacking toy was inspired by the artist’s impression of Tokyo during his first visit in 2011.  Perhaps our favorite NekoFukurou so far, Shibuya features a powerful force-of-nature design with black + blue sprays recalling dark skies or perhaps sky + ever-present steel.  Shibuya is capped off by striking lavender eyes—similar in shade to the iconic Cherry Blossoms—a somewhat unexpected choice that works really well.

NekoFukurou Shibuya drops on Friday, July 31st 2015 at 8 PM PDT at 8100 yen ($65) via BlackBook Toy’s online shop.


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Jul 27, 2015

TAG x Bwana Spoons GID Lonny Exclusive


If you’re a Suns of Brodarr follower, you’ll want to pick up Toy Art Gallery’s exclusive painted GID Lonny from none other than the Rainbow Master himself, Bwana Spoons. The exclusive Lonny is cast in GID vinyl with a nice painted design done in a multitude of sprays including green, magenta, blue and metallic copper.  This bad boy is available for $40 (+s/h) exclusively from TAG’s online store and their retail location on Melrose in LA.


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Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx – Final Wish Upon Me Available Now


Yoskay Yamamoto and Mighty Jaxx are proud to present the last release of “Wish Upon Me”. This edition proudly pays homage to the one and only Eveil Knievel with it’s patriotic duds and flowing cape. You can find this piece available HERE for $100 a piece, which is limited to only 100.

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Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot – Violet Soda Lady 8” Dunny (07.31)

unnamed (2)

The regular edition release of Junko Mizuno’s Violet Soda Lady 8” Dunny finally has a release date! Kidrobot, KR Online and specialty retailers will be releasing this stunning Dunny this Friday, July 31st. Those lucky enough to be near the Kidrobot SF location can expect a special extra treat, as Junko will be doing a signing on that Friday from 6-9PM! Violet Soda Lady will retail $100 a piece and will be available at 9AM MDT.

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Flawtoys – Smokey Stranger Black Mist (7.30)

Clear red stranger4 
Next up for the versatile and meticulous Flawtoys is the Smokey Stranger Black Mist edition (7.7”).  With a modern, minimalist look, the figures have crossover appeal—part art toy and part design object.  Cast in translucent crimson resin, each piece has a unique internal black mist.  Limited to ten pieces, Smokey Stranger Black Mist drops on Thursday, July 30th at 10 AM PDT for 95 Euros (~$105) via the Flawtoys web shop.


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Jul 26, 2015

Heuicheon – Wood-Cutting Wood

unnamed (2)

Korean artist/designer Heuicheon is taking pre-orders for his first art toy Wood-Cutting Wood (~ 3.14” x 4.7” x 3.9” with base).  The darkly humorous or at least ironic piece is the debut figure in the artist’s Unnatural Nature series. The deluxe hand-painted resin set features a wood log creature taking a hatchet to a mini-version of himself  -- both of which fit nicely into a diorama base. Interestingly the larger wood creature features a removable white mask which covers an open knot in the tree, home to a yellow bird.   Color us impressed, the piece is well-executed with nice sculpts and realistic natural textures. 

Beyond the toy itself, Heuicheon has created an immersive collecting experience.  The toy components—safely nestled in shaped foam--as well as a post card and double-sided poster come packed in an elaborate box which carries the natural (unnatural) motif with a wood lid topped off with a little tree handle for easy opening.  It sounds like the packaging may change as its current concrete construction isn’t shipping friendly—hopefully the basic design approach can be maintained.

Limited to 20 pieces, Wood-Cutting Wood is available for pre-order now for $320 from the artist’s web shop.The figure is set to ship sometime in August. 


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Jul 25, 2015

Brent Nolasco – Felix Debut Edition (7.29)


Last week we introduced you to  Brent Nolasco’s new Felix resin (5.5” H x 3.5” W) .  Now, here’s a look at the debut edition of his new pointy-eared character.  Limited to 5 pieces, this hand-painted edition features  what we’ll call a natural vibe with an orange + tan design with spot black, white, and yellow. As a nice touch, the two-piece rotocast resin comes with a wood slice base.  The very first Felix resin figures will be available on Wednesday (7.29) at 1 PM EDT from Brent’s webshop for $120 (+ s/h).   These are slated to ship in the 2nd week of August.


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Jul 24, 2015

Monstrehero – Haunted Scaryglow Blue Monstreape Pre-Order (thru 7.27)

unnamed (1)

MonstreHero is bringing the fright with their new Haunted Scaryglow Blue Edition 3” sofubi.  Part of the FingerFive project from FigLab, this  feisty lil’ guy features GID vinyl with fluorescent blue, yellow and white spray + a handmade resin MH logo accessory.  The Haunted Scaryglow Blue Monstreape is available for pre-order for $15 through Monday (7.27) direct from their web shop.  MH is trying out the timed-release approach and we think it’s great -– whoever wants one will be able to add it to their collection. Dare we say it? Win/win.


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Jul 23, 2015

Amanda Visell – Moonglow Howl and Boom BoxResin Set


Following up on the OG version, Amanda Visell has just released her new Moonglow Howl and Boombox Resin Set.  Limited to 35 pieces, the set features a night blue owl (3.75”) and matching boombox. The ‘Moonglow’ effect on these is quite nice.  The Moonglow Howl and Boom Box set are available now directly from myswitcheroo for $80 (+s/h).


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Jul 21, 2015

Ron English x BlackBook Toy – EVIL MC “Hella Bling” Edition at Wonderfest


Ron English x BlackBook Toy will be debuting their latest release at this years Wonderfest! Introducing EVIL MC, which will debut release as the “Hella Bling” edition. This colorway features a clear black vinyl with loads of gold glitter. All of the rifles are casted in resin by the sculptor, Chop of Monster Farm. These can be found under their shared booth “Geek Life Store”. Online sales will then go up the following day on July 26th at 8AM PST for roughly $130 each HERE.


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Inami Toyland – Lemon and Lime Robo Tops (07.23)

Package_Lemon Lime

Inami Toyland is out with another Robo Top release! Introducing the Lemon and Lime edition Robo Tops, which will be available this Thursday, July 23rd at 9PM EST through his online store. Each figure measures 2” tall and are both limited to only 10 pieces each for $15. For those of you who do not know, the Robo Top takes on the classic game of rock-paper-scissors. You spin the top and where it lands is its move. You can play against it or use two to place against another player!

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Jul 20, 2015

HUF x Haroshi – Middle Finger Sofubi


As part of the re-opening of it’s flagship Fairfax store, HUF has collaborated with Japanese artist Haroshi—known for his crazy, layered sculptures created from reclaimed skate decks—on  the Middle Finger vinyl figure.  A smaller version of the large sculpture that greets guests to the store, the unpainted debut edition is cast in slime green vinyl and is limited to 50 pieces.  It’s available exclusively at the HUF Fairfax store

While not specifically marketed as sofubi, we’re pretty sure it is, since as the video below shows, it was slush cast in the traditional method and was almost certainly done in Japan. The video is hands-down the most stylish slush casting video we’ve seen so far—worth a view.


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Dave Pressler – Astro Sloth Available Now

While Dave Pressler is best known for robots of all shapes and sizes, it turns out he’s equally adept at sculpting sloths!  Astro Sloth made its grand debut as part of the ongoing Art of Toysexhibition at Museum of Art & History in Lancaster and is now available as a limited-edition sculpture in a faux bronze finish.  Cast in solid resin (2 lbs!) from Dave’s excellent original sculpt, the 8.5” piece impressively conveys a far-out concept in a very approachable, almost realistic manner. The mix of the smooth surfaces of the retro space suit set against the sloth’s coarse fur works quite well and looks amazing.   Limited to 20 hand signed and numbered pieces, Astro Sloth is available now for $450 (+ s/h) direct from Dave’s web shop.


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