Jul 20, 2017

Kyle Kirwan – Skully Bloom V2v Pre-Order (7.22-7.24)


Last fall, Kyle Kirwan released ad sold out his Skully Bloom figures.  Due to popular demand, he’s bringing the design back with Skully Bloom Vol. 2 (5.5”) featuring a black on white design—the inverse of the OG figures.  In order to meet demand, he’s releasing these as a 48-hr pre-order starting on Saturday (7.22) at Midnight EDT through Monday (4724) for $35 from his web shop.   While orders will determine the final edition size, he might cut off the pre-order if the count is approaching his ability to make them in a reasonable amount of time. So, as always, act quickly! These will ship by September 1st 2017.

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Jul 08, 2017

My Pet Monster 30th Anniversary Vinyl Release!


It’s been 30 years since My Pet Monster made plush cool, edgy and yes creepy. Now, Creepy Co. brings you a new updated version  to bring back the childhood in all of us! The design is cultivated from the different iterations over the years with a hint of "Neo Kaiju" mixed in. This production was also brought to you by the folks of Shinbone Creative and Saban Brands.

The new My Pet Monster stands 6" tall with articulation in the head, arms and wrists. There are two color variants to choose from, the "Classic" colorway is limited to 500 pieces and the orange and yellow version is limited to 100 pieces. Pre-Orders will begin in Late July, but be sure to visit Creepy Co.'s website and sign up for their newsletters for all the updates you need!

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Chaffy Vinyl Figure Kickstarter Campaign


If you're not already a fan of Chaffy, you should be! With the help of Kickstarter, this  book character will soon be available in vinyl form! This also has to be one of our most favorite KS Campaign videos of all time! These cute little one and a half eared creatures by artist Jamie Smart are known to get lost. So find yourself one by checking out their Kickstarter HERE. There are plenty of pledge tiers to choose from, such as Chaffy books, prints, original artwork and of course a 3.5" vinyl Chaffy itself!


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Mighty Jaxx -- Super Kaiju Corps and Clogtwo Saturday Releases! (07.08)

unnamed (1)

Mighty Jaxx has a couple of sweet new releases for you! They've teamed up with Super Kaiju Corps to unleash the Amefuri Kozou figure, a character which is based off of Japanese folklore. This one-eyed sofubi figure stands 6" tall and dawns a kimono, wooden clogs with umbrella on its head. It can be found HERE for you $80.

Working with Clogtwo once again, Mighty Jaxx unveils his new figure Alley Kat, which is a part of the new Toshi Neko series. This fat cat comes with a spray can and lots of attitude. Standing 4" tall, this piece can be found HERE for $40. Limited to 200 pieces. 


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Jul 07, 2017

Scott Wilkowski x Kidrobot – Code Blue 5” Infected Dunny

The contagion continues to spread.  Kidrobot has just released the new Code Blue 5” Infected Dunny by Scott Wilkowski.  Limited to 100 pieces, the double cast resin Dunny features a translucent blue exterior and Scott’s crazy infected skull on the interior.  Available now exclusively from Kidrobot for $200 (+ s/h).

Infected-Dunny_04_grande Infected-Dunny_08_grande Infected-Dunny_05_grande

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Jul 06, 2017

Yakimon x Toy Art Gallery–“Freezer Burn” Edition TAKOSHI (07.07)

unnamed (4)

Toy Art Gallery is happy to bring to you the new “Freezer Burn” Edition of Yakimon’s TAKOSHI Sofubi figure! This new factory painted edition will be available this Friday, July 7th exclusively through TAG at 12PM PST for $90. The vinyl base features a beautiful blue vinyl with silver and pink sprays and red details!The mask is also removable and it also comes with a tiny squid partner. Get them while they are hot…eerr we mean cold!

unnamed (5)

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Shonside – Shinobi Lottery!


Shonside debuts their newest figure Shinobi with a special Lottery release! The only way to get this beautiful “Tiffany” colored vinyl figure is to do the following:

1. Follow Shonside at @shoneside on Instagram
2. Share the photo above ^^ and hashtag #shonside
3. Send your IG ID, Address, Phone Number, Paypal Account to shonside[at]gmail[dot]com by July 8th.
4. This isn’t on the original list, but you’re going to want to cross your fingers!

Winners will then get notified the following day with a paypal invoice of $66 + S&H. We are super excited to see this guy and we cannot wait to see some painted editions!

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Jul 05, 2017

J*RYU x Kidrobot – Teal Clairvoyant Retail Exclusive Dunny (7.14)


The future holds great things for you, including the upcoming Teal Clairvoyant Dunny set dropping on Friday, July 14th 2017 for $99 from select retailers including myplasticheart. If you’re counting, this is the fourth Clairvoyant set featuring the 8” Clairvoyant + 3” Crystal Ball Dunny—OG (off white), Rosewood (red), Antique Silver and now Teal.  It sounds like there will be a fifth exclusive edition coming in the near future as well.

dunny8_clairvoyant_teal_ovr2__64805.1499145839dunny8_clairvoyant_teal_ovr3__28611.1499145839 dunny8_clairvoyant_teal_ovr__57971.1499145839

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Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy – Poison Lil Alex and Dim (7.7)


Blackbook Toy continues the Clockwork Carrot assault with the Poison edition Lil Alex and Dim (11.25” each) sofubis from Frank Kozik. The poisonous brew swirling in the figure’s heads+masks is a marbled mix of orange and black vinyl—the first marbled Clockwork Carrot figures so far.  Both figure’s bodies are cast in clear vinyl with black accents.  The poison flows heavy, fouling Lil Alex’s carrot and Dim’s milk bottle with a mix of marbled vinyl + marbled paint. 

BBT is offering these figures in two variants – one with the regular clear+black bodies, and one with extra black around the arms and legs.  But wait there’s more, if you choose the extra black variant there’s a small chance (4 pcs) you’ll score one with bone tattoos on the arm.   If you purchase two or more figures you’ll receive one of four bonus heads – unpainted translucent orange dim, painted translucent orange dim, painted dim with blue hat, translucent gray + black Lil Alex.

The Poison Lil Alex and Dim  will drop on  Friday, July 7th at 8 AM PDT from Blackbook Toy for 17280 yen (~$ 157) each + s/h.

17064-3 17065-15
17065-9 IMG_0367

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Jul 03, 2017

Okedoki x VTSS – Flying Benny The Dreamer Life Size Sculpture


Benny the Dreamer is ready to soar to new imaginative heights with this brand-new life size fiberglass sculpture from VTSS. Standing 4 ft tall, the new giant sculpture brings us Okedoki’s beloved character with arms stretched wide preparing for flight. Just over five years since the first Benny the Dreamer resin was released, the new fiberglass piece celebrates the character’s longevity and points to several new releases on the horizon.   For inquiries, drop an email to VTSS.

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Huck Gee—Arthur & The Problem Solver


With each new limited-edition release, Huck Gee expands and deepens the unfolding Dapper Scoundrels backstory. Back in March we were introduced to Darby the Fixer, a resourceful and destructive badger.  Next?  A heaping dose of brawn in the form of Arthur, the bulldog.  If pure muscle isn’t enough, there’s always the ‘Problem Solver’, a massive plumber’s wrench.  The details and craftsmanship are aces here – from the hand-tailored outfit (derby hat, shirt, suspender pants, and spiffy shoes) to the anchor-tattoo from his days in the Navy.

Limited to ten pieces, Arthur & The Problem Solver is available for $875 (+ s/h). To order, drop an inquiry to sales@huckgee.com

Arthur, a former sailor and boxer in Her Majesty's Crown Navy, now the Dapper Scoundrel's muscle and team roadie. He was introduced to Flynn and the gang, by Darby, after he bounced out of the service and he's been an important part of the crew ever since. Arthur and his "Problem Solver" are now practically family.

When not lugging equipment around out on the road he can be found hanging 'round the garage, reading the Daily Struggle and helping Thorn tear down bikes. Or if it's been a particularly hard day, perhaps alone on a hillock, contemplating a quieter life with a bottle of whiskey and a good cigar.

This is Arthur.

unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (3)19534728_125914714670310_5953304132340154368_n

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Jul 01, 2017

Luke Chueh x Munky King –Headspace White Set at SDCC 2017


Oooh. First there was the Farther Black Set (Vader), now Luke Chueh and Munky King will soon bless us with the Headspace White Set featuring both Stormtrooper and  white Boba Fett heads! This one drops first at SDCC 2017, however it sounds like it will also be available online (phew!).   The sexy background of the teaser shot, has our fingers crossed that Bill McMullen’s Superstar Destroyer is dropping soon too.

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Roy Miles – Upcoming Show at Woot Bear (7.15)


Roy Miles, perhaps best known for his Biddies hip-hop toy line, will showcase his new wood toys for his upcoming solo at Woot Bear in San Francisco (7.15).  From the preview/behind-the-scenes shots floating, it looks like Miles laser cuts his boom box character toys and then hand-paints them for a nice ‘toony vibe.  We’re looking forward to more promo shots and info. If you look closely, you’ll notice that one of the shots features a giant sized toy in the background… Look for a follow-up post shortly.

19534785_476143156059121_1346292670418386944_n 18812651_307334153043187_3191691266828009472_n

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Third Stage x Mighty Jaxx – Dogbird


At first glance, the Dogbird four figure vinyl set appears to be a ‘soooo cute’ moment.  And it is, with a twist.  Designed by Korean studio Third Stage, the concept plays off of the Korean insult “개새”—think SOB—whose two individual characters mean Dog and Bird.  So, two parts cute and one part in your face—a recipe for fun, quirky art toys.   Back to the cute for just a bit – the sculpts blend canine and bird for instantly recognizable fun.  Each of the characters—Pugbird, Retribird, Siberianbird and Pengdog—features a dog body (with wings) atop chicken-like feet.  The realistic paint scheme works well here—the ‘straight’ accentuates the wacky sculpts.

Previously released and now sold out in Korea, Mighty Jaxx has brought the wonder of Dogbird back for everyone to enjoy.  The set of the four 3” figures is available for pre-order for $50 from Mighty Jaxx and should ship in Q4 2017.


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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Brick Baby Junior

Jason Freeny’s Brick Baby is growing up right before our eyes. No longer an infant, Brick Baby Junior is ready to set a back-to-basics trend with his minimalist wardrobe. Limited to 200 pieces, the third edition of the Brick Baby polystone figure (8.5”) features the tell-tale umbilical cord and includes a sturdy base for effortless display. Magnetic parts allow you to pose Junior as you see fit.   Brick Baby Junior is available for pre-order directly from Mighty Jaxx for $130 and is slated to ship in Q4 2017.

Brick-Baby-Junior-1s_800x 19428931_143622999525873_6597358160825024512_n Brick-Baby-Junior-2s_800x

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Jun 30, 2017

Kidrobot – Andy Warhol 2.0 Dunny Mini Series

Kidrobot’s Andy Warhol 2.0 Dunny Mini Series celebrates the timeless work of the Pop Art legend.  The new series features 14 Dunnys  including new designs based on his Elvis and Mao work as well as his consumerism art from Hershey’s to Giant Size value pricing.  In addition, S2 features  new colorways of popular returning  designs including his iconic Campbell’s Soup piece. The new Andy Warhol 3” Dunny blind boxes are available for $11.99 from your favorite retailers including rotofugi, myplasticheart, Woot Bear, and of course Kidrobot.com

unnamed (3)unnamed (6) unnamed (5)

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Kidrobot – Andy Warhol 8” Masterpiece TV Dunny

unnamed (8)

Kidrobot keeps its popular Andy Warhol collaboration rolling with a pair of new releases dropping today.  First up is the 8” Masterpiece TV Dunny which features an iconic TV test pattern on the front of the black Dunny and his prescient “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes” on the rear.  Limited to 500 pieces, the latest Masterpiece Dunny comes in a fancy gift box complete with magnetic closure and is available now for $250 from select retailers including myplasticheart, Rotofugi and of course Kidrobot.com.

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

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Jun 29, 2017

Lamour Supreme x Mishka x BlackBook Toy -- The Beast Blank


BlackBook Toy is releasing unpainted tan blanks of their The Beast figure from Lamour Supreme and Mishka. As a quick refresher, The Beast combines the popular Keep Watch sofubi bank sculpt with an all-new massive, gnarly body (13.4”, 7 points of articulation).  Since this first drop is limited to 5 pieces, the figures will be offered via lottery for 25,000 yen (~$227) + s/h. If you’d like a chance to buy, drop an email to info@Blackbooktoy.com before the deadline of 7:59 AM PDT Friday (6.30).  Be sure to title it ‘The Beast Blank Lottery Entry” and include your name, address with country and postal code, telephone number, item name (Tan Beast Blank) and your Instagram name if you have one.

IMG_1778 IMG_1772 IMG_1814

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Nathan Jurevicius x Toy Art Gallery – Owl Clam Blue Oyster (6.30)


Toy Art Gallery will release the new Owl Clam Blue Oyster (7”) from Nathan Jurevicius on Friday (6.30) at 12 PM PDT for $75 (+ s/h) from the TAG web shop.  The newest edition of Nathan’s imaginative hybrid creature—an unlikely yet charming pairing—is cast in light blue vinyl.  With five points of articulation at each head, Owl Clam is quite expressive.

unnamed (1) unnamed (3)

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Woot Bear Release: “The Forest” Edition Zipper Rabbit by Eloise (06.30)

unnamed (3)

Woot Bear will have a very special online/in-store release taking place on Friday, June 30th. Introducing the very first series of Zipper Rabbits by Eloise, “The Forest” edition. Zipper Rabbit is a rabbit that has suffered from discrimination by other rabbits because of its appearance.This will be a very limited release of 2 pieces per colorway. Keep your eyes peeled on the Woot Bear website for the drop!

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Jun 28, 2017

Brent Nolasco – Insecticide Shadow Hunter


About a week ago we shared sculpt pics of Brent Nolasco’s newest figure – Insecticide. Now, Brent has just released Shadow Hunter, the first edition of his fly warrior that brings back memories of Kamen Rider. Shadow Hunter showcases the sculpt detail with a black+silver color scheme with green+blue fly accents.  The figure stands 6” tall, features a six-part resin design, and has clear shiny wings.  It’s available now for $120 (+ s/h) from Brent’s shop.

P1060322P1060323 P1060326

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Love Birds x 2

unnamed (1)

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have just released their new Love Birds resin figure set featuring a pair made for each other--one just a bit taller than the other.  To start, the Love Birds are available in a swanky Glam edition featuring painted clear+ glitter birds as well as a more down-to-earth painted Seagull and Pigeon edition. These are gorgeous, some of our favorite recent pieces from AV x MV. Both editions are available for $70 each (+ s/h) from Switcheroo.

LBirds_AV-1 unnamed (3) LBirds_AV-2

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Jun 27, 2017

Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx – Black Edition Popek


With the fast selling out of Whathisname’s Peepek figure, Mighty Jaxx is now set out to release the Black Edition of Popek! Now’s your chance to get your hands on one of the coolest releases of the year! This run is limited to 200 pieces and comes blister packed in a printed box. The figure itself stands 8” tall with poop accessory! You can find them available now HERE for $100 each.

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POOL x Popandtoys–The Greedy Chicken


Get your chicken coops ready! POOL will soon be ready to release his Greedy Chicken resin figures into the world. This is the very first designer figure from the French artist and is excited to bring you many more. The first release of the “Colored” edition will be available for pre-order son. Each figure stands 2.75” tall and are limited to 30 pieces per color for $30 each. Be sure to follow @POOL for some release information!

A mysterious legend relate that one day, a mad scientist offered one of his experiences to an awkward farmer neighbour.

The scientist said that at the night fall, the farmer should give one seed of the personal composition to his skiniest chicken and promissed he will never have to cary about the harvest.

But...Once night falls, nothing happened as expected. The chicken turned crazy ! Gets fatter, brokes his cage and eated up all the farmer's harvest and cattle. 

Since this night, the greedy chicken wander city by city eating everithing on his way...

While the scared farmer never stop screaming "Greeeedy Chicken...Greedyy Chickeeen" each night fall.

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Codec Zombie – MiniZissou

19228059_450348295344212_5809028991092260864_n (1)

Back in 2014, Codec Zombie created rad Steve Zissou resins for the fifth edition of Spoke Art’s Bad Dads group show celebrating the films of Wes Anderson.  Since the original (7.5”) edition is long since gone, Codec Zombie has just released MiniZissou—a new edition cast in blue resin with red-painted cap at a cubicle friendly 3.5”.   The wee sea explorer is available now for 35 Euros ($39 + s/h) directly from the artist.

minizissou-1 19227567_243437152806895_2411520718186479616_n

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