Oct 31, 2014

Flabslab x Luke Chueh – Boba (11.21)


After plenty of sweet teasers and more recently full reveal pics, Luk e Chueh’s seriously rad Boba resin sculpture  from Flabslab is about to drop.  We now know that 11.21.14 is the day thanks to Luke’s tongue-in-cheek threeB flier.  While there’s plenty we are still curious about including pricing and edition size, we do know that this is shaping up to be one of the releases of the year.  The execution on this piece really does full justice to the concept right down to the hyper-real looking Boba cup (can’t believe I just wrote that).  Mix in a wood box with swanky molded foam inserts, and this is collector nirvana.


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Sanrio x JapanLA x Buff Monster –- Melty Kitty Resins at Hello Kitty Con (10.30 – 11.2)


A huge Hello Kitty fan, Buff Monster has  created a special limited-edition figure for this weekends’ Hello Kitty Con in dtla.  If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket the event,  you’ll want to try and pick up his event-exclusive Hello Kitty resin figure.  Buff cast and hand-painted each of the 3” figures which feature swirled clear pink and opaque white resin + glitter, all with a shiny gloss coat.  Limited to 55 pieces, these will be available for $75 each at the JapanLA booth in the ‘Super Supermarket’.  If you’re going on Saturday, be sure to drop by the booth at 10 AM to pick up a free ticket for Buff’s meet and greet.


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Sanrio x JapanLA x Max Toy Co. Hello Kitty Sofubi at Hello Kitty Con


Mark Nagata has once again worked his magic, bringing Sanrio’s beloved Hello Kitty to life as a cute, adorable, kaiju beastie. This time, the new pink edition will be available at this weekend’s sold-out Hello Kitty Con at MOCA in dtla. Specifically, it will be available from the JapanLA booth in the ‘Super Supermarket’.  Go get it.


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Bwana Spoons – Banana Choco Tapir Available Now


Just in time for Halloween, Bwana Spoons has released his new Banana Choco Tapir sofubi figures.  This marbled treat is the latest edition of his Miki Dewey Tapir. Love the marbling on this one – nice and even throughout.   It’s available for $48 (+ s/h) directly from Bwana’s shop


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Artmymind – Hallow and Abyss Storm Samurai (10.31)

10723884_749969765077404_1864660744_n 10727515_423751721110820_60532196_n

Artmymind (feat. on R88’s Custom Corner) has a sweet treat in store for collectors.  They’ve just announced that they are dropping two squads of Storm Samurai at around 5PM PDT.  First up is the candy loving Hallow trooper in orange and black, followed up by the verdigris textured Abyss trooper.   Since the timing is approximate, stay sharp and refresh artmymind’s web shop around the drop time.

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Mighty Eight – Hong Kong Hello Kitty Go Around Exclusive Figures



In conjunction with Sanrio, Mighty Eight has released two Hello Kitty Handmade Figures exclusively at the Hello Kitty Go Around event in Hong Kong which opened on October 30th and runs through November 16th, 2014.   There are two designs – a standing 8” resin figure and a seated 6” resin figure.  Each design is limited to 200 pieces, comes with a removable Hello Kitty Go Around ‘tag’/plaque, and retails for HK$499 (~$64). 

If you are going to be attending the event, you can reserve the figures by sending an email to contact@might-eight.com with the following info:

-Handphone number
-Which designs (6inch or 8inch or both) and order quantity
-Collection date and estimated time


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David Dick – Satori Kappa Available Now


After a few posts about his new Satori Kappa figure, we’re pleased to say that David Dick has just released the figure (ed. of 40) at Planet3Toys.  Dave created and sculpted this distinct and stylish 2.75”  piece which was manufactured by Pretty in Plastic.  The numbered figures include a button, and a signed/numbered COA/mini-print.

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Oct 29, 2014

Gary Baseman x 3DRetro – Exclusive Wildgirl ‘Beverly’ and Chouchou Red Edition

Gary Baseman is following up on the SDCC debut of his Wildgirls ‘Beverly’ figure(w/mini ChouChou) from 3DRetro with his own web exclusive red edition.   The new edition features Beverly and Chou in Red and includes a matching signed print (5” x 7”). This new edition, featuring the 6” Beverly and 3.5” ChouChou, is limited to 150 sets and is available now directly from Gary Baseman’s web shop for $95 (+ s/h)

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Family Guy x Kidrobot – “PTV” Peter Griffin (10.31)


Family Guy’s very own Peter Griffin will be wearing some very risqué attire for this years Halloween. Teaming up with Kidrobot, they will be releasing the “PTV” episode inspired edition of Peter Griffin this Friday, October 31st  at 9AM MST through Kidrobot online and retailers. This figure stands 7” tall and will be available in a black and red colorway for $50.


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Milkboy x dune – Donut Zombies


Milkboy and dune are mega excited to announce the upcoming release of their first original soft vinyl figure, Donut Zombies. What’s not to love about this figure, these are the two most popular things going on right now! Each figure stands 4.7” tall and features 8 points of articulation. The first release will feature a Pink survivor colorway and a Blue Zombie colorway, retailing around $58 each. The official release date will be sometime in November to late December. With a webstore in the works, you can send over an email to toys[at]milkboy[dot]net for inquiries. Click on over after the jump for more photos.


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Jermaine Rogers –- Choices Phantom Edition (10.31)


As nice as the previous editions of Choices are, this new clear edition of Jermaine Roger’s intense rabbit might just be the best yet.  The brilliant appearance nicely matches the Phantom concept, exploring the depth of the enigmatic character. Limited to just 100 pieces, the Phantom Edition drops on Halloween (10.31) for a very reasonable $75 (+ s/h) from Jermaine’s web shop.  To put this drop completely over the top, Jermaine has randomly inserted art tickets into ten of the boxes, redeemable for an exclusive limited-edition (10 pcs) ‘Family’ screen print (25” x 20”) on holographic sparkle foil stock.  


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Ferg -- Playge Doctor [GRACKLE] (10.31)


Ferg’s conjured up a dark Halloween treat with the looming release of the new Playge Doctor S004 [GRACKLE]. Covered from head to toe in dark grey Grackle is a character born of and for the night.  The figure features clear grey lenses, fur topped cape, 2.1 & classic arms, jeweled clear grey sword-cane, clear grey katana and removable helmet. Limited to 200 pieces, the Playge Doctor [GRACKLE] drops on Halloween (10.31) @ Noon CDT  from the Squadt Shop for $95 (includes worldwide shipping).


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Oct 28, 2014

Huck Gee – Skull Leader


Huck Gee has taken things into his own hands when 3” Dunny Battle Drone Z didn’t make the cut for the Art of War Dunny series. Now he will be releasing his very own Robotech themed “Skull Leader” Battle Drone this Friday, October 31st at 11AM for a full 24 Hours. The release will take place in his show HERE and this piece will retail $450 each. This figure features dual leg joints and swivels at the waist. They also come signed and numbered and includes all you see above. Take a look after the jump for more photos.


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Oct 27, 2014

Cameron Tiede Lets you Mix and Match ‘Scrambled Wood’



Last Week, Cameron Tiede revealed his four upcoming ‘Scrambled Wood’ Figures for DesignerCon, one character at a time.  While Auggie, Bricker, Crispy and Decimus are cool on their own, the fun really starts when you buy more than one. 

It’s easy to swap the magnetically attached parts from one of the Scrambled Wood toys with another.  Think Bricker would look awesome with Decimus’s glasses instead of his cyclops eye?  Go for it. Or maybe you want to go further.  You can  use the hand-crafted parts as a build-your-own kit to make a new wood figure.  Just snap ‘em together and you’re set. Hit the jump to see all the surprising ways you can combine ‘em.


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Oct 26, 2014

Travis Cain’s Fun Gus Kickstarter Campaign

There are only a couple weeks left for Travis Cain’s Kickstarter Campaign for his new Fun Gus vinyl toy. He’s teamed up with Buff Monster, Kozik, and Jeremyville to bring you some outstanding designs that show off the potential for this platform toy. There are some exclusive incentives that can only be obtained by pledging to the Kickstarter. Such as exclusive fluorescent colorways of each of the artists designs and even have a chance to save when purchasing both editions of each design. Be sure to check out the Fun Gus campaign HERE for more information!

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Cometdebris – Electricboy


Cometdebris has finally revealed one of his newest figures, Electricboy! He had already mentioned that a few of the clear blue glitter test shots have made their ways into this years Unlucky Bags. The official debut release of a new colorway will take place at this years Designer Con at his booth #1231. There still another mystery figure out there we’re hoping to see very soon! Stay tuned on the official release info for Electricboy at DCon.

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Super7 x DKE x Scott Wilkowski - Infected Halloween Dokuwashi


Three powerhouses in the toy game are working together for this special pre-order made-to-order release! Super7, DKE, and Scott Wilkowski are excited to bring to you the 4” Infected Halloween Dokuwashi, which features Brian Flynn’s Dokuwashi figure in a orange translucent resin with Scott’s signature skeleton in a GID resin. These will be available for pre-sale on Monday, October 27th at  Noon PST through Midnight on October 31st for $85. Expect for shipping to take place in December.


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Oct 24, 2014

Bwana Spoons – Warpaint Absolton


Bwana Spoons has just released his Warpaint Absoltons, a small blind run of unique, hand-painted T9G’s Absolton figure. Which each is different with varying colors and layering, all of them have  rough and tumble roadster vibe complete with gas tank shells and exhaust pipes. These fun customs include a “Gassing Up”" print and are available now in blind fashion from Bwana’s site for $220 (+ s/h).


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Oct 23, 2014

Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju – Lavender Pollen Kaiser (10.24)


Toy Art Gallery will release their Lavender Pollen Kaiser from Paul Kaiju on Friday (10.24) @ Noon PDT for $145 from their  webshop.  The new edition of the popular 10” soft vinyl figure features  a lavender vinyl with a  gold, black, red, yellow and silver paint design by Paul Kaiju, executed by Shirahama. This new lavender Kaiser also includes the  figure’s signature removable staff weapon and a red doll eye. 


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Frank Kozik –- Barney X Debuts at DesignerCon


Here’s a look at Frank Kozik’s new Barney X resin figure, minus some final paint details. This first Oakland edition of his mashup of civil rights era politics and the flinstones is ready to stir things up, by any means necessary. Digitally sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks, the new figure looks great.  Limited to 50 pieces, Barney X will be available for about $100 at DesignerCon.


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Cameron Tiede – Scrambled Wood: Decimus Reveal


Here’s a look at Cameron Tiede’s fourth and final figure of Wood Candy Workshop’s upcoming Scrambled Wood Series One release at DesignerCon (11.8 – 11.9).  The first figure to feature glasses, Decimus also fittingly sports the roman numeral, X, for ten on his chest.  Perhaps the ‘smartest’ of the bunch, Decimus was hand-crafted by Cameron from four woods (Cherry, Maple, Paduak, and Walnut) and yes, features four points of articulation (magnets). He and the previously revealed other three characters (Auggie, Bricker and Crispy) will be available at DesignerCon with special show pricing to be announced shortly.


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Oct 22, 2014

Leecifer – Halloween Pickle Baby (10.24)


It’s Halloween and Leecifer’s Pickle Baby wants to celebrate too! Sporting a handsome orange and black marble vinyl, the “Halloween” edition Pickle Baby will be available this Friday, October 24th in Lee’s webstore HERE. Hopefully these will make it out on time to help spook your trick-or-treaters at the door!

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Dissected Gingerbread Man


It may only be October, but Mighty Jaxx is already thinking about December! They’ve teamed up with Jason Freeny to bring to you the Dissected Gingerbread Man. These decorative pieces will be perfect for your Christmas tree, fireplace mantel, walls, what have you! These will be available very soon as a Pre-Order through the Mighty Jaxx webstore, which will give them enough time to get them into your homes be December. Each Gingerbread man will measure 6” and will be available in an original version HERE for $20 and a DIY version HERE for $15.


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Taylored Curiosities – Worry Beans


Worry warts are a thing of the past, check out Taylored Curiosities newest figures, Worry Beans. Adorned with real acorn hats, the Worry Beans are hand-sculpted and painted with an aged face effect. Each set comes with a Worry Bean,  Worry Beanlet, instructions, stickers, and a badge. These measure 1.5” tall and will make an amazing gift for your friends, family, or even yourself. Find them available HERE in brown or green for $10 +S&H.

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Nerviswr3k x SubUrban Vinyl – Original Vinyl Figure

Screenshot_2014-10-15-13-49-11-1 Screenshot_2014-10-15-13-49-19-1

Customizer and artist extraordinaire Nerviswr3k has something cooking up with the folks over at SubUrban Vinyl. From the teasers we see, it looks to be his very own production vinyl figure! This is a big venture for both companies, as it’s SubUrban’s first vinyl production piece and Nerviswr3k’s first production toy. Stay tuned for more news on Nerviswr3k’s newest creature.

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