Aug 24, 2016

Tomodachi Island x Collect And Display – Bulli-Corns (8.26)


Collect And Display have teamed up with Tomodachi Island for this months ‘Monthly Custom Series’ Release! Introducing the Bulli-Corns series, which features custom Fonzo figures as its platform. There will be 3 different sizes available, each being one-off figures that range from 3.5” $80 for , 4.5” for $92 and 6” tall for $109. What are Bulli-Corns you may ask? Well…

What is a Bulli-Corn you might want to ask?! Let's just say that they might be the softest and cuddliest magical creatures on the planet. However their magic don't work unless they feel loved and get at least 50 snuggles a day, and that is just the minimum. Really the Bulli-Corn want's to be close to you 24/7.

So before you adopt one make sure you can give it all the love it requires or he might just simply fade away. But it's now like you can resist those snugly creases and chops anyway, is it?

The release will take place this Friday, August 26th at 8PM UK Time HERE. Take a look after the jump for more photos.


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Suicidal Tendencies x BlackBook Toy – “Venice Blue 2.0” Edition S”K”UM-kun


BlackBook Toy is happy to announce another new colorway of their S”K”UM-kun figure with Suicidal Tendencies. Have a look at the new improved “Venice Blue” Edition, which is an upgraded version from the original release back in 2011. This release features a clear vinyl body with long beautiful blue locks. If you take a closer look, you may notice a third eye in the belly button! Each order will also include a S”K”UM-kun Bandana! You can find it available now HERE for roughly $180 a piece.


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Brent Nolasco – Sitting in a Pretty Daze Translucent Editions

QuickMemo _2016-08-21-12-29-29-1

Brent Nolasco has just released his sublime Sitting in a Pretty Daze figure (7”) in five super shiny translucent editions—blue, green, yellow, orange and red.  Produced by Wearenottoys, the new clear color editions come bagged in header  complete with sticker and buttons pack. They are available now from Brent’s web shop for just $55 (+ s/h). 

After a long night of eating insects, a little bat takes refuge on a mushroom to rest and watch the sunrise in the morning. There, the bat is found sitting in a pretty daze. The sun slowly peeks through the trees and the morning dew glistens like diamonds. The silence calms his spirit before retreating back to his cave where he'll wait until it's dark to do it all over again.


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Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Autumn Camo Big Boner (8.27)


Blackbook Toy will release the Autumn Stealth Camo Big Boner (8.3”) from Ron English on Saturday (8.27) @ 8 AM PDT for 10,800 yen (~ US$108) from their web shop. Inspired by the artist’s provocative Autumn Camo Deer original art work, the figure is cast in clear vinyl and features a camo pattern with clear red, clear yellow and clear orange sprays. Beautiful design. 


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Huck Gee – The Can Opener (8.26)

unnamed (3)

What do you do when faced heavily-armored, yet lumbering enemy mechs?  Unless you’re a Jedi with a grappling hook and a light saber, you need another way to get under the armor of a mechanized beast. If you’re a bit crazy, you get close, no closer, and then crack ‘em open with a big hammer (naturally)and set charges.  The  Can Opener is one cleverly explosive way the Dapper Little Scoundrels level the playing field against the relentless march of the Untz.

Huck Gee’s newest limited-edition features an intrepid (or maybe foolish) warrior in a highly mobile yet super thin mobile suit armed with a big red hammer and some TNT.  Limited to 10 pieces, The Can Opener can be yours beginning on Friday (8.26) @ Noon PDT for $850 (+ s/h) from


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Buff Monster – GID Green Camo Mister Melty (8.26)

unnamed (3)
Mister Melty is back in a brand-new hand painted edition from Buff Monster.  The GID Green Camo sofubi (head) + resin (body) hybrids feature a subtle camo pattern in four shades of green over a GID base.  If you just want the pure glow goodness, the figure is also available unpainted.   Both versions—painted ($35) and unpainted ($30 + s/h)—of the two-faced figure come bagged in header and  will drop this Friday (8.26) @ 8 AM PDT from Buff Monster’s web shop.

unnamed (2)


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Lock-Nesters: Bear by Fleet Hower Available at myplasticheart

unnamed Looking for a new twist to add to your collection?  myplasticheart is now carrying a new line of 3D puzzle figures—The Locknesters by Fleet Hower—that should look great on your shelf.  Toy, design object and  conversation starter— all in one.     First up is Bear (11”) which is made up of five  3D printed bio-plastic pieces which easily slide together and then back apart when you’re in a more abstract mood.   Unlike Fleet Hower’s previous multi-colored figures, Bear is larger and has a more upscale look with a shiny gray finish.  It’s available at mph for $79.99 (+s/h).


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Shadoe Delgado – Veris Candy Corn


Shadoe Delgado is now taking preorders for the latest edition of his Veris resin figure from his web shop for $50 (+ s/h).  Candy Corn puts a fun, sweet spin on the figure who is apparently the ‘saint of screwing yourself over’.  He’s literally screwed himself (hah!), to save you from yourself.  Limited to 10 pieces, the 5” figure will ship in September.


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Aug 22, 2016

Bounce x VTSS – Bounce Boy Black + Gold


VTSS has released the third edition of their Bounce Boy figure (12”) from Taiwanese graffiti artist Bounce.  The sharply modern Black + Gold edition follows the OG red+white and the new-meets-old Blue Flowers editions.  We’ve always enjoyed the clever street wise design that mixes cool with cute rather well and this new one adds to the story with a bit of a futuristic feel.  Black + Gold is available now from VTSS for $400 (+ s/h) and comes with a gorgeous laser-etched box.

bounce boy bg01_thumb

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Josh Mayhem – Crystal Nebula Blown Away Dunnys (8.25)

 Crystal Nebula Group 2

Prepare to blown away once again as Josh Mayhem is about to release the latest iteration of his signature line and concept.  The Blown Away Crystal Nebula Dunny series features 12 blindbox clear resin dunnys, each one unique, customized with glitter (blue, green, gold and purple), paint drips and resin projections.   Chase?  You bet. There’s one Goldschlager chase variant lurking within the dozen.  Crystal Nebula launches on Thursday (8.25) at 10 AM PDT from for $225 (+ s/h) each.


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Aug 21, 2016

Shawnimals x myplasticheart – Pocket Pork Dumpling S2 On the Way


It’s been four years since Shawnimals transmogrified his cute Pork Dumplings from plush into vinyl minis. Thankfully the wait for a freshly steamed batch is over.  Shawn just announced that  Pocket Pork Dumpling Series 2 is coming soon from  myplasticheart.  Hopefully we’ll see some previews shortly.

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Aug 20, 2016

Cancan Ignited Release from Coarse and Rotofugi (8.22)


The brand-new Cancan Ignited exclusive vinyl toy made its debut at last weekend’s opening of Coarse’s Cold Ways show at Rotofugi.  If you weren’t lucky enough to pick up the GID version of this fanciful bird at the gallery, then Monday’s (8.22) the day you should have circled on your calendar.  The figure will be available online from both Rotofugi and Coarse on August 22, 2016 at 8:59 AM PDT for $149.  Rotofugi will have two listings for Cancan Ignited—one for their remaining stock on hand and a preorder for stock that should arrive in September. Shipping is free within the US for orders from Roto and free globally from Coarse.  Happy hunting!

unnamed (1)


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Aug 19, 2016

Paul Kaiju – Teal Typhoon Raffle (8.21)


Are you feeling blue? Probably not as blue as Paul Kaiju’s Teal Typhoon 1-Hour Raffle, which will be taking place this Sunday, August 21st at 6PM PST and ending at 7PM. Included in this raffle is one heck of a set that features an unpainted Dualbat, Mockbat, Hellmock and Biterfish. This set will set you back $400 and is well worth it! Look at how beautiful these look in that teal vinyl. Good luck to all of those who enter! The raffle will take place on his website, so set your alarms!

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Amanda Visell - Prohibition Pink Elephant and Drunk & Golden Idol Fox and Robot Available Now

unnamed (4)

Amanda Visell has got a couple new resin releases for you! Who we have above is the Prohibition Pink Elephant who is accompanied by a drunk that comes with a bottle of booze. This piece was hand sculpted and hand cast in a clear and black glitter resin. This is a run of only 10 pieces, which measures 3.5 x 5 x 3.5 and can be found HERE for $90.

unnamed (5)

Feeling foxy? Check out the Golden Idol Fox and Robot. Just like all her pieces, these are hand sculpted, hand casted and hand painted for that extra love feel! The fox measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 and is also limited to 10 pieces. They can be found HERE for $90 a set.

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Kidrobot x NYCC Exclusive Pre-Order (Pick-Up Only)

unnamed (1)unnamed (8)unnamed (2)

Kidrobot is getting geared up for New York Comic-Con! With them they will be bringing some amazing exclusives that you would not want to miss out on. Something special this year they plan on doing for NYCC is a special Online Pre-Order, which will begin on August 22nd. They will be putting up a limited number of figures, which will only be available for pick-up at their NYCC booth. Valid identification with matching order number and NYCC badge are required to pick up your exclusive figures on the date and time you specify. Enough of that, let’s get onto the toys! Above we see Brandt Peter’s 8” Lord Strange Dunny in an exclusive white colorway that will be limited to 100 pieces for $75.


For you Scott Tolleson fans, from his upcoming “The Odd Ones” Dunny Series we have the Blue Metallic Howie Phillips 3” Dunny. These will be limited to 1000 pieces for $15 a piece.

unnamed (3)

Last on the list is the Glow in the Dark 3” Radioactive Man from their Simpsons blind-box series. These will also be limited to 1000 pieces for $15nycc a piece. Don’t forget you can find these pre-orders HERE this coming Monday!

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Aug 18, 2016

Woes x Silent Stage – “Golden Era” Panda King 3 (8.23)


I’d take the new “Golden Era” Panda King 3 by Angry Woebots and Silent Stage Gallery over any Oscar trophy. This beautifully golden chromed out piece will be available this coming Tuesday, August 23rd through the Silent Stage webstore. Be sure to head on over to their website at 11AM PST, which is when this limited to 15 piece bad boy will drop. Each order will include  a 8” x 8” Gold Hand embellished print , customized gold embellished box, and a Gold Panda King 3 pin for $600 each.


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Candie Bolton x TAG -- Oh My! Yokai Canary (7.19)


Toy Art Gallery is set to release the new Canary edition of the Oh My! Yokai: Night Parade gacha figures (2”) from Candie Bolton. The five unpainted yellow designs will be available individually ($10 each) or as a set ($45) on Friday (7.19) @ 12 PM PDT from the TAG Web Shop.  May they warn you of any trouble lurking around the corner.


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Aug 16, 2016

Nugglife x Martian Toys – ‘Aleppin 9’ Limited-Edition Customs (8.19)


Nugglife’s Aleppin 9 is the latest in what’s quickly becoming a series of limited-edition customs of the Aleppin Sane figure created by Jermaine Rogers.  As with his previous Aleppin Dracula,  Nugglife’s Ian Ziobrowski has teamed up once again with Martian Toys to release the cosmic customs (edition of six).  They will be available as pre-orders on Friday (8.19) for $400 each (+ s/h) over at  

Aleppin 9’s groovy hand-painted design depicts a poor, now green bunny who has imbibed perhaps just a wee bit too much and is paying the unpleasant but visually striking price.  Or in Ian Z’s words --“This furry creature has been sucked into the wrath of Dabs, leaving him vomiting space into a swirl of oblivion.” This is really strong work that should have wide appeal, even to those that don’t partake in the herb.


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Future Vandal aka Mr. CADatonic


CADatonic has a created a futuristic robotic being, which gained consciousness after just moments of being activated. These machines quickly developed emotions, this devolving. This specimen is titled Future Vandal by CADatonic, who measures 5.5” tall and features custom GID painted eyes and mouth. You can find them available HERE for $40 a piece. Along with your purchase comes a Future Vandal bandit mask and loads of stickers!


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Aug 15, 2016

Planet 3 Toys x Lulubell -- Bōzu Nigori Edition (8.20)

Planet 3 Toys will release its Bōzu Nigori Edition sofubi via Lulubell this Saturday (8.20) at 10 AM PDT for $25 (+ s/h).  This second edition of the 3.5” figure is cast in milky white vinyl for an appearance similar to  its inspiration, unfiltered Nigori Sake.

bozu_nigori_promo_005 bozu_nigori_promo_002 bozu_nigori_promo_004bozu_nigori_promo_003



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Deth P. Sun x FOE – Summertime Cat With Dagger Available Now

dino work

If you were unable to check out FOE’s local release of their Cat With Dagger figure by Deth P. Sun, you can now find them available on their online store! The Summertime edition can be found HERE as a painted release for $65 AND HERE unpainted for $50. This release is a run of only 60 pieces and is cast in an an orange vinyl and features 3 points of articulation in the arms and head. Cat with Dagger stands 6” tall and is ready for your shelf!

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Zectron x Obsessed Panda x Unbox Industries – Tokyo Edition Tug O' War for Black Drove (8.27)

frogger 024

Zectron x Obsessed Panda x Unbox Industries are proud to bring to you this uber limited release of “Tokyo” Edition Tug O' War figures for Black Drove, which is a toy event taking place in New York on Saturday, August 27th. This run of Tug O' War figures are limited to only 5 pieces, which features a mix of yellow, green, red and black sprays, but turned up a notch. These will retail $65 and are expected to go quickly. Black Drove is an event which will have free food, live music and a bevy of vinyl and resin toys from over 40 artists. Tickets are free, just register HERE.

The Rosemont
63 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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Aug 10, 2016

Dabs Myla x Munky King – Trouble Trouble Black Online Release (8.12)


If you missed the Trouble Trouble Black (+Gold) Edition at SDCC, you’ll be happy to know that the fine folks at Munky King have you covered.  The newest edition of Dabs Myla’s explosive tongue-in-cheek vinyl duo (100 pcs, 7.5”) will be available on Friday (8.12) over at for $70 (+ s/h). As far as we know, this is the final edition of Trouble Trouble.


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Aug 09, 2016

Mame Moyashi – Master The Giant Claws


Mame Moyashi continues their series of seafood related toys with “Master The Giant Claws” to follow up with their previous Maguro figure. This beautifully detailed 4.75” figure features a poor lobster who is about ready to be added to a lobster roll. This figure is available through a variety of stores for pre-order, but for those interested in the US, you can find the Master The Giant Claws available through myplasticheart HERE for $63. We are crossing our fingers to see a nice Dungeness crab release. We cannot wait to see what else these guys have cooking up.

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Sasha Unisex x Mighty Jaxx – Unifox Available Now in Silver & Gold


Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex for her very own original figure, titled Unifox. This piece was based off of one of her original paintings and has been turned into a limited edition bust (100 pieces each). You can find them available in a Silver Edition and Gold Edition for $250 each. This so happens to be Sasha’s debut art sculpture, which is made from polystone and measures 6” x 7” x 7”. Orders are expected to ship in the 4th quarter of 2016.


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