Apr 27, 2016

DMS – Deep Blue Octeapus (4.29)

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If you missed DMS’s sold-out ToyCon UK Octeapus—one of his Mchanimals—he’s got another tentacled beast lined up, the Deep Blue Octeapus. This one features an octopus-like vehicle piloted by a Lunartik mini-fig.  Each of the hand-sculpted tentacles is movable thanks to the joy of magnetism for plenty of posing possibilities. The figure stands 5.5” H x 7” W and features an ocean-floor resin base. 

On the back of the sellout ToyCon UK version of the DMS Octeapus, comes the Deep Blue colourway of this Mechanimal.

Standing at around 5.5" tall x 7" wide (depending on the positioning of the tentacles) and featuring moveable, changeable magnetic tentacles, these are pieces to play with and pose. The Deep Blue Octeapus is limited to 15 made-to-order pieces and will be available on Friday (4.29) at 10 AM PDT for £49.99 (~ $72) + s/h from the DMS online shop. Happy hunting!

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Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura – Pig + Butterfly

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I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when the dynamic duo—Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell—release yet another brand-new odd-couple resin set. Next?  Pig + Butterfly! This pairing brings together pig (4.5 x 3.5 x 3”) with a smaller, graceful butterfly, in let’s call it a ‘natural’ edition with a true-to-life paint design. Limited to 25 pieces, the new all-handmade set is available for pre-order for $90 now from myswitcheroo and should ship in a few weeks.


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Fuji – Robuson in Yellow for Design Festa 43 (5.14-5.15)


Fuji (Takuma Fujioka) will release his transformable Robuson sofubi in a new yellow edition for Design Festa 43 (5.14-5.15) in booths B40-41—online release post show. Seemingly inspired by Kaneda’s speeder bike in Akira, Robuson’s clever design allows the figure to take many visually distinct forms with what appears to be just 4 total points of articulation. Still photos don’t really do justice to Robuson’s many poses/looks.   

The wings or arms, can be extended forward for a speeder-ish pose; they can be rotated downward for a airship-like look, swept backwards for an oddly creepy yet appealing collapsed look.  What might not be immediately clear from photos is that there’s a rear thruster/supporter tucked underneath the bottom of the figure that serves as the third balancing point and can be rotated forward for a compact feel or backwards for a longer, more airship look.  The fourth articulation point ?  The ‘cockpit’ flips open to fully reveal Robuson’s face.


Beyond the clever articulation, the sculpt shines here, dense with futuristic detail from wheels to vents throughout (including the downward facing front surfaces). Check Fuji’s video below for a better feel for Robuson’s design.  We’ve gone and posted pictures from multiple editions including an unpainted gray test shot to show off the figure to full effect.


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Inami Toys – Mecha Top (4.28)


Getting their Sci-Fi on, Inami Toys has taken their Rock-Paper-Scissors Top resin to a new level with the Mecha Top (8 pcs, $70) dropping on Thursday (4.28) @ 8 PM EDT from their webshop.  Taking on the personality of a futuristic mining marvel, Mecha Top features a weathered design with genuine cold-cast metal for the handle and drill set against a classic yellow base paint. This edition also includes a rock base to enhance and complete  the mining theme. Beyond a strong character design, Mecha also innovates with an articulated pilot.  Finally, creator Kevin Nam created a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the process behind making this edition—embedded below for easy viewing.


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Apr 26, 2016

Full Blow Ink – Cronus Magnus Crowdfund

Eric Smith of Full Blow Ink is at it again! With the success of his Vulkira Project, he wants to create an evil foe to combat. That is where Cronus Magnus comes into play. Just like Vulkira, Cronus Magnus stands 10.5” tall and is made of soft Japanese vinyl. In order to get this figure made, he is in need of your help! Through Indie Go Go, he plans to use the funs for a minimum production run of 600 pieces. The campaign will offer 2 colorways, the main being a GID vinyl and a tribute Great Mazinga colorway, which will both feature a foil sticker for the belly just the classic Jumbo Machinders. The campaign will go live on Saturday, April 30th, which you can check out now HERE. There are a bunch of packages to choose from with a bunch of awesome perks, including original artwork from various artists and even an exclusive pilot figure!


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Watermoon Studios– The Barrel Man Releases


We last spoke about Watermoon Studios when they released their Barrel Manny figure with 5&A Dime. Now three years later, they’ve got 3 new Barrel Man designs that will soon be ready for release. The first to be released is the Barrel of Mactan, which is a collaborative release with The Kwento Thesis. The Mactan pays homage to the first Filipino hero Lapu Lapu. This release also comes with a comic strip illustrated by Ron Recaido Ron Recaido and will be available on Wednesday, April 27th through Watermoon Studios’ webstore for $45.


Barrel-Fett-Jr-all-angles-IG Barrel-Mark-III-all-angles-IG

Watermoon has you also covered for the official Star Wars Day, May 4th! When the day comes, they will have available the most feared Bounty Hunter in the universe, Barrel Fett Jr.! Then to kick off Comic-Con they will have the Barrel Mark III up for grabs online on July 21st. Both figures will retail $45 each HERE.

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Time Bandits x Todd Action – “The Trump Show”


Time Bandits has teamed up with Todd Action for the release of their collaborative figure, “The Trump Show”. As you can see, this 3.75” limited edition resin figure is based one of the most controversial and most talked about people in the United States. Release is slate for some time in mid May, which is when you should probably keep an eye out on their Instagram account for official release news. The card art was created by Time Bandits and the sculpting was done by David Arshawsky.


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Whereschappell – Boba Fett Pre-Order

Whereschappel is taking pre-orders for his new Boba Fett art resin through Sunday (5.1, presumably UK time).  Fett stands 18cm tall (~7”) and is available in four editions – Proto (white), Empire (green gauntlet), Holiday (baby blue), and Jedi (burgundy gauntlet).  Each can be had for £19.99 from his web shop. Next up? Donny.


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Gary Ham – Android S5 AP Set (4.29)

13108893_505026606364601_1596798573_n (1)

Gary Ham will release his Android Series 5 AP sets on Friday (4.29) @ Noon PDT for $89/set from his webshop.  Limited to 30, the AP sets include both of Gary’s S5 figures plus a Letterpress print (6x6”) featuring Hermees taking a spill on his Android deck.

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Toy Art Gallery x Ron English – Jawbreaker Modzila (4.27)

unnamed (1)


Rrrrrrr! The fierce Jawbreaker Modzilla from Ron English drops this Wednesday (4.27) at 12 PM PDT  from Toy Art Gallery’s web shop  for $165 (+s/h).  Cast in turquoise blue vinyl, Jawbreaker stands 13” tall, is made up of 20+ pieces, and includes removable Rabbbit and Bunnny figures.


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Red Hot Style – Canadian Hairless (4.28)


Chinese brand Red Hot Style will  release their Canadian Hairless Chocolate Edition soft vinyl figure (26 pcs) on April 28th. If you love cats, this one will be hard to resist.  Made in China using the slush cast method—similar to the technique used in Japan—this appears to be the debut edition of the new figure, a follow-up of sorts to their first toy—Umbrella Dog. 

To purchase send an email to Red Hot Style at 1984253856@qq.com—the sooner, the better as it appears they maybe taking pre-orders. It looks like this is just the beginning for the Canadian Hairless, check out his cat+dino hybrid big brother in overalls below and after the jump.



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Apr 25, 2016

Scott Tolleson x Pobber – Captain Taco at Thailand Toy Expo (5.5-5.8)


To celebrate May 4th—aka Star Wars day—Scott Tolleson and Pobber have created a Phasma-tastic new edition of Paco Taco. Captain Taco riffs off of the enigmatic Stormtrooper captain’s glossy silver armor and the red accent of her cape.  Talk about timing, this one drops at Thailand Toy Expo (5.5-5.8) at the Pobber Toys booth (Booth B3, Zone:Temp).

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Ashley Wood – Mortis Mobile Infantry: Dresden Lady (4.28)


Whoa.  The new Dresden Lady figures from Ashley Wood and 3A demanded to be posted, and who am I going to argue with a well-armed, machine-gun-face beauty much less a trio?  Drawn from the world of Popbot, the daring concept could easily double as modern art sculpture sparking  curious conversation.   Available in three editions—Woodlands Frau, Licorice Assaulta (black), and Lollistick Grave Dancer (red)--these drop on Thursday (4.28) for $160 each from Bambaland.


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Devilrobots x Threezero – Samurai To-Fu (4.28)


First revealed back in September, the new Samurai To-Fu 1:6 figure from Devilrobots and Threezero  will be available for pre-order on Thursday (4.28)and is even more impressive than what was shown on the initial flier image.  The 15” figure comes with a full array of detailed clothing—Kimono, Scarf, boss Bamboo Hat—and accessories – samurai sword, wakizashi, gun, five exchangeable hands and a Frog companion who brings along his own cabinet and two pairs of exchangeable amphibian hands, after all why should humans errr To-Fu get all the perks. If you’re a To-Fu fan, this unlikely recasting of the cute character as an over-the-top Samurai in hyper-realized 1:6 format should be pretty mind blowing.  It’s sure to bring one of those “whaaa…”, “Really !?!?” moments that make collecting so satisfying.

Samurai To-Fu will be available for pre-order on Thursday, April 28th @ 6 PM PDT from Threezero’s webstore for $198.



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Apr 24, 2016

Yoko d’Holbachie x VTSS – Angelica

13099092_248190985536111_969160394_n (1)

As part of their recent Young Art Taipei showcase, VTSS showed its upcoming Angelica polystone figure from Japanese painter Yoko d’Holbachie. Limited to 22 pieces, the 30 cm sculpture (~12”) seems to have stepped directly out of one of the artist’s painting—her bright vibrant colors, distinct styling and joyous feel carry over nicely.  While this one has been in the works for awhile, VTSS expects to take online orders shortly—we’ll keep you updated. 

But wait there’s more… In addition to Angelica, VTSS also showed a second, slightly more risque d’Holbachie piece—Kiniko—which stands an impressive 17”.  No word on orders for this one yet.


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Uglydoll Mini Monsters from Toy Art Gallery


Wait, what’s this ?  It looks like Toy Art Gallery has teamed up with Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath on  Uglydoll Mini Monsters sofubi.  From the pic shown by TAG’s Gino Joukar, it looks like all eight figures come packaged as a set.   From what we can see, Ox, Wedgehead, and Target have definitely made the cut.  If you can make out others, let us know.

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Horrible Adorables x Kidrobot Figures Coming Soon


It sounds like Kidrobot’s first figures in the upcoming Horrible Adorables series will drop soon, perhaps as early as Friday (4.29).  First shown at Toy Fair back in February, the window boxed series adapts Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees’ fascinating  soft sculpture animals into vinyl figures (~ 4”, $24.99) that retain the magic of their felt cousins.  From what’s been shown so far, we believe the series features a total of seven figures(above, l to r: Puffer Hedge, Shrewdipede, Spruce Spricket, Foxolotol(front center), Tangled Twins, Yippey Yak and Haremus.     which will be released in staggered fashion over the next few months.  It appears that the first two are Tangled Twins (#1) and Spruce Spricket (#2)—likely releasing on the 29th.  

All seven of the Horrible Adorables vinyls look great—curious, clever and distinctly different. Recently we’ve seen a growing number of original, non-platform figures from Kidrobot, hopefully more are in the works.  


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Apr 23, 2016

PicoPico x Lulubell – Bobo Raw Meat Edition (4.24)


Flesh, err meat, and plenty of it! That’s Bobo, a new sofubi project from Picopico and Lulubell. An imposing sort at 13.75” tall—not to mention his gruesome good looks—Bobo makes his shocking debut with the Raw Meat Edition rocking bloodshot eyeballs, green teeth, and miles of gnarly skin.  Marbled in red and flesh vinyl with handpainted details, this one is a joint release via the PicoPico SuperFest booth in Japan (4.24) and a pre-order from Lulubell on Sunday (4.24) @ 10 AM PDT for $175 (+ s/h).


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Apr 22, 2016

Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx – New Gold Life Series

unnamed (1)

It’s official.  Huck Gee has been teasing a new Gold Life production series for a little while and now he’s announced that a Gold Life-branded series of toys with Mighty Jaxx.  In the spirit of renewal and newfound independence, It’s fitting that the new series offers a fresh take with a move to a new-platform designed by Huck—with definite similarities to ‘The Blank’—and away from the classic Dunny.  Along with the announcement, he’s revealed a set of turn-arounds for the ever-popular Raku.  While he hasn’t revealed pics of other figures in the line, he did give us insight into which characters might be part of the new line:

“We will be welcoming back favorites; we have a wealth of history to pull from: Raku, The Golden Claw and the Red Hand Gang, Ornery Panda, The Grifling King, Ghostface Killer, Samurai Hicksan, General Shirokuri, and The Hotaru Copter Squad to name a few... we could even see beautiful new scaled renditions of Minosu and the Golden Bull, the Koalataur, maybe even The Wolf Rider & The TurtleBacked ClutterMunk?”

Sounds pretty amazing, especially the Hotaru Copter Squad and the possibility of a Wolf Rider! We can’t wait to see the designs!


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James Groman x Toy Art Gallery – Fossilpods Gacha Series


It looks like James Groman is hard at work on a brand-new Fossilpods gacha series which will be produced by Toy Art Gallery.  While Groman’s first BC Blasters gacha series with TAG explored beast and machine hybrids, Fossilpods channels an (alternate) prehistoric vibe. Judging by the two revealed sculpts and the arthro-“pod” title reference, the what-if concept merges dinosaurs with Arthropods (Insects, arachnids, and more) for entirely new species of beastsies.  So far, James has shown the Ankylapod—Ankylosaurus meets Scorpion—and the Tyrannomantis Anthropodus—TRex meets Mantis—which has mantis-like arms tucked close to the body. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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Unbox x Paul Kaiju – Mixed Parts Mini Mockbats (4.23)


The Mini Mockbat adventure continues!  Unbox will release Mixed Parts Mini Mockbats from Paul Kaiju (4”, 5 pts of articulation) on Saturday April 23rd at 3 PM PDT for $40 (+s/h).  These are sold blind so you might get a dupe if your order more than one.


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Apr 21, 2016

Milkboy x Kenth Toy Works - ‘Nasdat Boy’ Second Order


If you missed the Kenth Toy Works  Nadsat Boy sofubi the first time around, now’s the time as they are offering a second order opportunity.  Available in two colorways—each figure stands 12" tall and are made from a Japanese soft vinyl. The "Pink" edition will serve as an exclusive to Milkboy, while the OG colorway will only be released through Kenth Toy Works. Each figure is available for order now! All you have to do is send an email to ktw.order[at]gmail[dot]com with your Name, Address, Phone Number and if you would like the Milkyboy exclusive or the OG. Orders will end on Friday, April 29th and each figure will retail roughly $150 each.


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Apr 20, 2016

JPS x Ron English x Made by Monsters --Bartman Grin via Toy Tokyo (4.21)


If you missed the blink-of-the-eye drop of JPS Gallery’s Bartman Grin (~ 8”) figure from Ron English and Made by Monsters, all is not lost. Toy Tokyo—and a few overseas retailers—will be releasing limited quantities of Ron’s take on Bart as a superhero.  The Toy Tokyo release will be on Thursday (4.21) @ Noon PDT from their web store. White Toy Tokyo hasn’t announced pricing, these were $240 via JPS.  Limited to a total of 400 blind pieces, Bartman Grin—a JPS signature—features several secret editions:

5%: Unknown
10%: Unknown
20% : Unknown
65%: Regular

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Brandt Peters x Kidrobot – The 13: Lord Strange 8” Dunny


Turns out Wednesday is Kidrobot preview day.  Brandt Peters revealed that there is a No. 14 – Lord Strange, the mastermind.  Befitting Mr. Big, Lord Strange is coming soon from Kidrobot as an 8” Dunny.  Looking forward to a full reveal. With this new BP Dunny and the Odd Ones 3” series, Dunny collectors have a lot to look forward to.

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Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot – The Odd Ones Dunny Series is set for Fall

12519427_1739571502956629_2110884068_n (1)

After a brief logo tease, Kidrobot has officially announced and revealed line art for Scott Tolleson’s The Odd Ones Dunny series scheduled for a Fall drop. Aptly named, the series features the strange and well, yes, ‘odd’ – monsters, creeps, curious fellows, and a pair of hyperactive children with plastic smiles. The series also mark’s the return of the Argyle Warrior (Dunny 2013) with just a bit more edge—beware the pointy spear

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