Oct 24, 2016

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Lucky Poopicorn, Tiger Zebra and Charity Print

 unnamed unnamed (3)

Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell (along with interns) have been quite busy.  They’ve just dropped two fancy horse-ish resin sets.  First up there’s Lucky Poopicorn which is cast in neon clear green and comes with a mini poopster plus yes, a ball of poop (25 pcs, $90 + s/h).  Continuing the magical trip, there’s also Tiger Zebra (25 pcs, $90 + s/h) which is the latest version of Burro y Burrito.  Both of the horsies are available now from Switcheroo.

Plus, Amanda recently released her Dream. Live. print (11x14”, $25 + s/h) for Heartworks with the net proceeds going to help children by providing art supplies to the Target House at St. Jude’s Hospital.

unnamed (4)
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Oct 23, 2016

Paulus Hyu x Pobber x Kurobokan – Offspring Nimbus


And then there were three!  In collaboration with Pobber, Paulus Hyu is gearing up to let his latest version of Nimbus into the world.  The Offspring sofubi figure features a squat version of the upright Sleepwalker.  Seen above in a clear test pull, Paulus has also posted pics of several other colors as well.  We’re not sure what color he’ll debut in, but we do know that the lil’ one will drop at DesignerCon (11.19 – 11.20) in the Kurobokan booth [1123].


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Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx – War Mouse


He’s not Mickey and definitely not from the happiest place on earth. Quite the opposite,  War Mouse from Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx is one bad, bad mouse.  While he prefers stealth to head on aggression, his menacing, devil may care pose with two precariously held grenades betrays his willingness to go out in a blaze of glory if need be. Limited to 200 pieces, the 10 1/4” pvc figure is available for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx for $100 (+ s/h) and will ship out in the first quarter of 2017.

"The War Mouse is a stealth-like soldier from the guerrilla forces. Trained like a ninja, he is the master of camouflage. An indomitable figure capable of infiltrating enemy's territories seamlessly, he moves through the shadows without a sound. While he is the toughest amongst other troopers to be captured or killed, he is ever-ready to die for his allegiance." - CLOGTWO

1t1wYuBmReiZJC54LDbA_Clogtwo_WarMouse_5s_1024x1024A36UZuwS32s0RDO925nC_Clogtwo_WarMouse_1s_1024x1024 bzsNuogQeuKpk1yKLCUA_Clogtwo_WarMouse_3s_1024x1024

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Lunartik – Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Brew


Perfect for the scary season, Lunartik has a limited supply of the previously released Spooky BrewSpooky Brew mini tea from 2015’s YOT (Year of Tea) series.  Featuring a GID body and a scowling face, this ghastly tea can be yours for £30 (~ $37) + s/h from the Lunartik web shop.


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Oct 20, 2016

Super7 x Capcom – Street Fighter 2 Retro Action Figures (10.24)


Super7 first announced the upcoming Street Fighter 2 Action Figure line back at Toy Fair in New York. It wasn’t until SDCC 2016 that they unveiled the prototypes and now they are ready for a release! Taking place on Monday, October 24th at Noon PST will be the pre-order for the first wave of 3.75” Street Fighter 2 figures, which include Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief and M.Bison. The card artwork was also done by Ed Repka, who is known for doing artwork for Mega Death. They plan on shipping in early November. We guestimate each figure will retail $15 a piece just like their MOTU and The Worst figures.


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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx x Kidrobot – KR Exclusive GID Batman

unnamed (1)

Mighty Jaxx and Kidrobot have once again teamed up to bring you a new exclusive GID Batman by Jason Freeny from their X-Ray DC Heroes Line. This anatomical 4” release features half bat and half Bruce Wayne skeleton. Each figure is hand assembled and painted and can all be found available HERE for $20.


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Huck Gee – The Chrome Skullhead Blank


Looking to add a little sheen and shine to your toy collection, well look no further! Huck Gee just dropped some news on the release of his Skullhead Blank in chrome! Each piece is individually chromed before assembly. This 7” Skullhead release is limited to 50 pieces and must sell through in order for this run to be created. If for any reason they do not sell out, all orders will be cancelled and refunded. So let’s see this thing happen! You can find the Chrome Skullhead Blank available HERE for $200 this coming Tuesday, October 25th at Noon PST. Expected delivery by December 16th.

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Andrew Bell – Frank Patches Halloween Android


Just in time for Halloween, comes the Frank Patches Android from Andrew Bell.  This special terror-meets-tech edition features Frankenstein as a support grunt ready for trouble with his trusty mini patch cable.  This deluxe edition—metal antenna bolts no less—can be yours for the not-so-scary price of $10 (+s/h) direct from Dead Zebra. This is a preorder and will ship starting on  Thursday 10.27 (which just might be Mr. Bell’s Birthday). 


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Oct 17, 2016

Cometdebris – 2016 Unlucky Halloween Bags (10.29)


It’s that time of year! Cometdebris has just announced the upcoming release of his Halloween Unlucky Bags! Each bag will contain 3 figures for only $130! The sale will take place on Saturday, October 29th. What can we expect from these bags? Just like previous releases you will find a mix of handpainted, prototypes and unpainted figures. Take a look below of what you may find!


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Oct 13, 2016

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Topsy Turvy Croc


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura bring to you another banger! Their latest creation is dubbed the Topsy Turvy Croc. The figure has been hand sculpted, hand casted and hand painted! That’s a lot of hands on this toy. The Croc measures 2.75” tall and is limited to only 25 pieces for $40. You can find them available now HERE. Better act quick before they are all gone.

unnamed (1)

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Oct 11, 2016

COARSE Toys – Glitch (10.13)

unnamed (1)

COARSE Toys is now expanding their sculptural talents onto a wooden medium. They are proud to introduce Glitch, from their latest wooden series. This pair finds the defiant paw! with his new false friend, arrow, perched atop his head. paw! is enraged in walnut and white oak, and arrow sits innocently in white gloss resin in both editions.

Glitch is made from solid wood and resin. Due to each piece being handcrafted, both Walnut and Oak editions are limited to 50 pieces each. They both stand approximately 9” tall and come packaged in a screen-printed wooden box.

These will be available this coming Thursday, October 13th at 8:59AM PST and will retail $889 each, which includes global shipping.


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Oct 09, 2016

Shawnimals x myplasticheart – Pocket Pork Dumping S2 Spotted at NYCC


Mmm… Dumplings.  Shawnimals and myplasticheart are almost done cooking up a new batch of Pocket Pork Dumplings.  Here’s a look at the packaging for S2 along with a closeup of the delectable varieties.  mph also previewed their 2016 Halloween releases with a pair of mummy-ish designs – these apparently will be available for pre-order on Tuesday October 18th.  Stay hungry, these vinyl morsels will be out of the steamer soon. Thanks to John Wong—our foodie correspondent.



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Oct 06, 2016

NYCC 2016: A Look at the Kidrobot Booth


After a bit of a hiatus, Kidrobot is at NYCC once again! Thanks to our man on the ground (John Wong), here’s a quick look at their booth [502]  Thursday before collectors descended to pick up the exclusives including The 8” White Lord Strange Dunny by Brandt Peters (100 pieces, $75)  Howie Phillips Blue Metallic 3” by Scott Tolleson (1000 pcs, $15) , the M. Bison GID mini, and the GID Radioactive Homer Simpson mini (1000 pcs, $15).


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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Jack Mini Donkey Resin

unnamed (1)

Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell have just released the first mini figure – everything you love about their work, just in a smaller, cubicle friendly size.  Jack, a friendly and attentive Donkey, stands (sits) 3.5” tall,  is limited to 25 pieces, has a really nice dry brushed paint application, and is available for pre-order for $40 (+ s/h) from Switcheroo. Shipping in 2 to 3 weeks.


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NYCC 16: A Look at the ToyQube Booth



Courtesy of our friend John Wong, here are some great pictures of ToyQube’s NYCC booth. Let’s start with the big reveal – Popeye Grin by Ron English (10”, $165) !  This is the first in an artist series of vinyl Popeye figures from TQ, each featuring an original sculpt.  Off to a great start.   Sticking with protos/upcoming releases, TQ is also showing off it’s new Cigarette sculpture from Sharktoof which includes his classic shark on the cig box as a cutout overlay.  The upcoming Lucha Squid from Germs also made it’s way into a display case – good stuff, very nice paint with just a hint of weathering.

They are also showing Ryan Cabrera’s Eyestronaut featuring a one-eyed alien in a retro space suit – looks like this was done for Chronicle Collectibles and is not a TQ release per se.

Hit the jump for more pics including TQ’s NYCC exclusives including figures from Alex Pardee, Kenny Scharf, Jim McKenzie and more.


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Oct 05, 2016

Curious Boy - Xinyuan Pink + NFS Bloody Edition


Curious Boy has just released a new Pink edition of his Xinyuan (No. 1 Huster) resin—based on the Chinese Monkey King legend. This is the fifth released edition following the OG multicolor, bronze, black and golden.  This candy color edition is available for $150. To order drop an email to name.lau@qq.com.  He’s also shown a few other solid color editions including some with contrasting splatter – we’ll be sure to let you know if these make the jump to full fledged editions.

In addition to the new pink edition, there’s also a bloody Xinyuan who clearly has been in a big battle, with crimson splatter and streaks across his entire body. Unfortunately, this one is a not-for-sale one-off.  



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Oct 04, 2016

Jim McKenzie x ToyQube – The Scarecrow at NYCC

14597222_178464222597197_7078666120298758144_nU: Final Product Flier

A personal project  done in between work over the course of two years, The Scarecrow sculpture was created by Jim McKenzie (of AardmanNathanLove fame) from a simple sketch and a reversal-of-fortune concept he’d be mulling over since 2014. Instead of scaring away the crows, this Scarecrow is, in fact, deathly afraid of the ominous birds.  The behind-the-scenes creation video made quite a splash on the ‘net, as did the sculpture which was shown at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica in June.

Fans looking to take a bit of the Scarecrow magic home with them quickly snapped up official prints.  Now, thanks to  a collaboration with ToyQube you’ll be able to take home your very own Scarecrow—a limited-edition 10” resin sculpture—due to debut at NYCC.  It  (180 pcs) will be available from the TQ booth [#121] for $16514482162_550081888515717_1998138280679309312_n Jim McKenzie will be on-hand at the booth on Friday (10.7) @ 2 PM for a signing and will do free drawings for everyone who shows up as a scarecrow. If you can’t make it to NYCC, the figures will be released the following Monday (10.10) at 10 AM EDT from JimMckenzie.net and ToyQube.com.


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Kenny Scharf x ToyQube – NYCC Exclusive Bombzy x 2


Kenny Scharf and ToyQube follow-up the gleaming Scary Guy resin sculpture with  a fun change of pace.  The twelve-eyed/three-faced (!)  Bombzy (4.75”) soft vinyl (sofubi-style) features Scharf’s penchant for expressive characters.  The explosive one will debut in two NYCC exclusive editions: Midnight (smoke glitter) and GID. Each will be available for $35 from the TQ booth [#121].


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Sep 30, 2016

Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta – Death Dealer


The reaper has arrived.  On a Labbit!  That’s right, the Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta Death Dealer is upon us.  The collabo with Frank Frazetta’s estate brings the late fantasy illustrator’s work to life in vinyl.  Limited to 300 pieces, the Death Dealer features an axe-wielding barbarian atop his loyal Labbit steed.  It drops on Friday (10.30) for $299 from Kidrobot.com and select retailers.



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Sep 29, 2016

Kidrobot x Madballs – Foam Series


As you may know, Kidrobot is bringing back the vintage gross-out toys. Madballs.  Lots planned with the license including blind box, keychains, and more.  Here’s a look at the large-format foam series featuring the classic characters featuring updated art from the OG Madballs artist James Groman.  Sounds like these will at least be shown at NYCC.


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Jay222 x Mark Nagata - Chubz The Cat


Jay222 and Mark Nagata are proud to bring to you Chubz the Cat! A new adorable sofubi figure to brighten up your day! Chubz was sculpted and designed by Jay222 and produced by Max Toy Co. This debut release features an unpainted blue/purple vinyl and stands 4" tall. You can find Chubz available now HERE for $30 each.

chubz-1chubz-2 chubz-3

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Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins "I'm Scared" Public Screening & Stair Monsta Release @ 3DRetro (10.15)


Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins' has been showing off the final product of their Stop Animation Film, "I'm Scared" all over the world. Now they will be holding a public screening of the stop-motion animation at 3DRetro on Saturday, October 15th from 7-11PM. Not only will be they holding a special screening, but they will also be releasing the "Midnight" Colorway of the Stair Monsta Vinyl figure from 7-9PM. Expect food trucks, raffles, a costume contest and an exhibit featuring puppets and props from the film. Admission is absolutely free! 

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins || “I’m Scared” Screening and Stair Monsta Toy Release
Saturday, October 15th 2016 (7-11 PM_

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Full Reveal: Brent Nolasco's "The Eliminator" at NYCC

QuickMemo _2016-09-29-12-32-23-1-1

Here we have a full reveal of Brent Nolasco's latest sculptural masterpiece, "The Eliminator"! This figure is made of solid resin, which should mean for some nice added weight to this piece. The Eliminator stands 6.5" tall and is made from 5 pieces (head, upper torso, arms x2, and lower torso/legs). He also comes accessorized with a white cape. This piece was painted and casted by Task One and previously mentioned HERE, these will be available exclusively through the myplasticheart booth #113 at $90 a piece. Each figure also comes with a free sticker and a button pack. "Search, Destroy, Repeat"


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Sep 28, 2016

Ron English x Candie Bolton x TAG – Garuda Poultry Rex

unnamed (2)
Beware of the Garuda Poultry RexRon English’s prehistoric chicken-dino is ready to roar once again with a muted rainbow design hand-painted by none other than Candie Bolton.  Extremely limited, Garuda will be released from Toy Art Gallery’s webshop on Thursday (9.29) @ 12 PM PDT for $145 (+ s/h).


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Fools Paradise – The Last Ride Pre-Order

IMG_9500 copy

The Last Ride flips the script a bit on  Fools Paradise’s Coin Rides Game series. Recently seen in several FP releases, Lowfool (aka Batman) is front and center once again, albeit in a puzzling and befuddling moment.  Rather than hopping on an child’s amusement ride version of his signature vehicle as seen throughout this series, the Caped Crusader clearly won’t fit onto the wee replica.  Perhaps this is Lowfool’s continuing reluctance or refusal to be the fearless, heroic, and often hapless puppet of a foolish Hollywood, or in his own words ‘I Wont Be a Hero, Tim’.  It might also be that poor creative decisions have brought him to his lowest point yet.  Call it fan protest, homage, and parody rolled into one.

Limited to 398 pieces,  The Low Ride features a heavily tatted Lowfool—Fools Paradise has fallen in love with body ink—and the Tumbler-mobile ride. This amusing and curious piece is available for pre-order for $295 (+ $30 for Global Shipping) from Fools Paradise. Delivery is slated for 4th Quarter 2016.


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