May 26, 2017

Medicom Toy Plus 1st Anniversary King Korpse (6.24)


What’s this ?!? A glossy, jet black King Korpse?  Yup! Medicom will celeb rate the approaching one year anniversary of its Medicom Toy Plus location in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo by releasing this exclusive version of  James Groman and Instinctoy’s King Korpse.  The recent winner of the DTA Toy of The Year have never looked more bad ass.  The jet black edition will be released in-store on 6.24 and there will also be an online lottery (breathe…).  We’ll be sure to post details as they come. 

0152_170524_ityj88_h 0151_170524_ityj88_h

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Some Strange Things – Obskure Death is Punk

Barcelona artist Marcos Lorenzo of Some Strange Things has just released his new Obskure Death is Punk (25 pcs, 6.7”) figures —initially released at ToyCon UK in April—over on his webshop for 100 Euros (~ $112) + s/h. While previous Obskure releases have featured a female face/torso inset into the bust style platform, this edition stands apart from the others with a 3D printed skull and skeletonDeath seduces you with her backside and brings things to an end with her cold gaze. As with the other releases, the details are impressive from the various metal accents including the throat choker to the diabolic-anarkist logo on the rear of the jacket.


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Codec Zombie -- Melting Cells (5.29)


Codec Zombie continues his exploration of the dangers of nuclear power with his upcoming Melting Cells resin sculpture (9”) which is scheduled to drop on Monday, May 29th at 7 AM PDT from the artist’s web shop .  Where his previous Feeding Plants focused on the larger environmental effects of nuclear reactors, Melting Cells ratchets up the message by confronting the personal horrors of radiation exposure.

Beautifully sculpted, Melting Cells features a two-headed victim of fallout.  The nearly all-white piece is punctuated by bright red  deformations on the hands and across the heads.  As with Feeding Plants, the new piece  evokes a sense of reflective grace in the face of tragedy. It’s a beautiful portrait of a terrible circumstance.

Melting Cells will ship in custom packaging which includes a thermoformed clear plastic top featuring a block pattern inspired by the distinctive graphite-block design of the Soviet RBMK reactors (Chernobyl and others).  Limited to 15 pieces, this will be the first and only edition of Melting Cells. As with Feeding Plants, there will be no additional colorways.  The single edition approach is commendable and rather unusual.  It celebrates the artist’s original intent and enhances collectability.


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Kosrobot – Cosmos Cold and Tshiata Summer Drops


Kosrobot recently released a new collection of figures to kick of Summer.  The bounty includes two new Cosmos Cold figures in Blaming Yellow and Blaming Orange (6” tall/1:12, 3 pts. articulation, $36 each + s/h).  He also has a brand-new Clear Blood Tsihata as well as re-releases of the Black ‘n White and Negative editions of the 4.4” (1:24) figures—each for $17 + s/h).  These are available directly from the artist from the Kosrobot web shop

In less than two years, Kosrobot has created an impressive lineup of well-executed original figures, each offering a distinct experience.  We’re looking forward to what’s next.


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May 25, 2017

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – DC Golden Age XXRAY (5.27)


Mighty Jaxx, Jason Freeny and DC are going retro for the next XXRAY collection.  The DC Golden Age XXRAY figures feature the OG appearance/uniforms of The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Green Lantern as seen in the original comics published during the Golden Age time period of comics (late 1930’s to early 50’s). While each of these look sharp, it’s fun to see the distinctly different original appearance of the Flash with hard-hat style helmet and the Green Lantern with a rather sorcerer-like vibe.

The DC Golden Age XXRAY toys drop this Saturday (5.27) for pre-order at 7 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx.

18645111_1718259005140986_5069649310228938752_n18579993_620186998177365_4350971169868873728_n 18646285_1191468884309465_1662236524911001600_n 18580686_354273994976030_3598288588015403008_n

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Pugs, Chickens, and Tigers

unnamed (1)

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura just dropped two new resin sets to brighten up your living spot.  First up is an odd (yet adorable) couple – Pug and Chicken—the latest version of Mongrel + Hen. These are limited to 25 pieces and can be yours for $90 (+ s/h).

The dynamic duo has also released the deluxe Gold Dust Lazy Days Tiger set (7.5” girl, 9.5” tiger, 10 pcs, $290 + s/h)—a follow-up to the sold out OG Moonglow edition.   This time around, the tiger—check the expressive eyes—is cast in translucent resin chock full of gold glitter which matches the golden hair of the relaxing purple girl.  Both resin sets are available now via Switcheroo.



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Nugglife Party Pack Drop Features Apparel and Toys (5.26)

partypack1 copy 

Ian Z. and the Nugglife crew will drop the Party Pack Collection this Friday (5.26) at 4:20 PM EDT from the Nugglife web shop.  The collection is deep and features the brand’s first-ever head-to-toe apparel lineup and four new toy releases. Ready to dive in? Here goes…... On the clothing side, the loud and festive Party Pack design will be available on Party Sleeves Cut and Sew Tees ($33), Board Shorts ($60), Camper Hats ($33), Flip Flops ($25) and Party Tanks ($31). If you ‘d like to go full-on party, you can grab yourself an apparel set which also includes a an exclusive Stoned Eye sandcastle Resin for a specially discounted price of $149.

Toys?  You bet.  First up is Party Nuggs ($185)  shown above  featuring a 3” custom Dunny rocking the new Party Pack gear on a custom beach platform complete with surfboard and mini stoned eye sandcastle.  On the editioned side of life, Nuggslife will drop the Maui Waui mini mugs (ed. of 5, $25), the Stoned Eye Dunny (3” custom, edition of 3, $85) and the Spaced Out Stoned Eye resins (ed of 10, $55).  Hit the jump to check out all the nuggs.


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Yakimon x Toy Art Gallery – Blue Blast Takoshi (5.26)



It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Takoshi, Yakimon’s squid-masked hero. The figure makes its return with the new Blue Blast edition set to drop this Friday (5.26) at 12 PM from the TAG web shop for $75 (+ s/h). The 8” figure—articulated at the neck, shoulders and waist—comes with the removable mask and a mini Tako for the full tentacled-effect.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

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May 23, 2017

Scott Tolleson – Golden Deadbeets (05.26)


Scott Tolleson will be releasing his beloved Deadbeets this Friday, May 26th via his web store HERE at 9AM PST. This is a very limited release, as there will only be 10 Gold lamé, 10 blue rub and 10 red rub available for $60 a piece. This is a must need to either start  or complete your Deadbeet collection!

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May 19, 2017

Ron English – Black Light Magic Cereal Killers in LA and NYC (5.20 – 5.21)


Ron English is bringing the magic, black light style, this weekend in NYC and LA.  The brand-new  Black Light Cereal Killers six pack will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth (#143) at the innaugural Five Points Festival in NYC and the Popaganda Pop-Up Shop at RCNSTRCT Studio in Hollywood. Only available at select conventions and events, the special Black Light edition features old-school black light paint for unique in-the-dark fun. Time to dust off the black light!

Black Light Cereals Killer Six Pack Releases (5.20 –5.21)

Toy Tokyo (#143) at Five Points Festival
Pier 36

Popaganda Pop-Up Shop
7400 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

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May 18, 2017

Matt Gondek x ToyQube – Mickey Exploder Proto at Five Points Festival


Whoa!  2017 is Matt Gondek’s ‘Art Toy’ year.  ToyQube has just revealed the proto of their upcoming Mickey Exploder vinyl.  The 10” figure which features a detachable face brings Matt’s crazy treatment of Walt’s signature mouse into 3D.  The proto will be on display at Five Points Festival (booth #137) as well as the Hong Kong Toy Festival (booth #X26).  Outstanding!

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myplasticheart – Five Points Festival Exclusives (5.20 –5.21)


myplasticheart will be exhibiting at the inaugural Five Points Festival in The Yard [booth #139], a collective booth also featuring Boundless Brooklyn, kaNO, and Robots Will Kill. While MPH’s press release coyly mentions a ‘couple of releases’, don’t be fooled.  They are loaded with a dizzying number of exclusives.  From Vinyl to Resin to Plush to Enamel, mph’s booth is loaded with the goods.  We’re going to mention select items in each category, but be sure to hit the jump for a look at each drop.

Let’s start with vinyl (maybe just a bit biased here).  First up are the special-edition Pocket Pork Dumpling Choice Cuts (12.00) from Shawnimals and produced by MPH + Squibbles Ink. What about sofubi?  You bet.  MPH will drop the exclusive MITT “Ice Cane” ($55) from 6 28—the bumper car mutt is one of the new ‘IT’ toys.  They will also have the Raspberry and Blueberry Negora ($35) from Konatsu and Sakura Sora ($90) by Ok Luna.

Moving right along to the Resin drops.  mph will drop Brent Nolasco’s Blessed Blessed Oblivion—an ominous moth--in a debut translucent blue edition at $85.  Looking for the latest and greatest BoxCat?  Say hello to HoneyCat from Rato Kim ($120).  Satyrs?  Seulgie has outdone herself with six unique Satyr Rorys—each featuring deluxe rainbow deco and fancy details—available for $300 each.  Finally, POPProlific has created three exclusive resin action figures—Haunted Armor of Crom, Cyclopean Witch King and Dealer of Dooms—available for $85 each.

In the home stretch now… mph will also release PlushPLAY’s amazingly adorable Spring Rabbit Racers—think zoomy plush soft figures—for $120 each.  On the customs front, Andrea Kang has created three 5” Dunny customs—Rascal, Melon and King--inspired by her 3” DTA Dunny designs for $250 each.  Love Pins? mph has you covered with a trio of Hypepins from kaNO in new colorways ($10 each, $25 for all 3) as well as a Glowing Ghost Girl Pin ($10) from Matt Siren blending a shiny silver finish with a GID design. 

Ok, now hit the jump to see all the goodness.

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May 16, 2017

Flying Fortress x Artoyz – Teddy Troops 2.0!


Teddy Troops 2.0 Regular Teddy Troops 2.0 Variant

We’ve been waiting long enough! Artoyz is happy to finally release Flying Fortress’ Teddy Troops 2.0! With the release through Artoyz, there will be two versions available in three different packages. The Regular edition (Pack A) will be limited to only 320 pieces for $105, while the Variant edition (Pack B) will be limited to only 160 pieces for $135 or you can choose Pack C for both sets at $225. These will go live through Artoyz webstore on Wednesday, May 17th. Take a look after the jump for more photos.


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May 12, 2017

Mighty Jaxx With The Saturday Releases! (5.13)


Vomit-Kid-OG_8s XXRAY_MuayThai_Red_Homeblock02

Mighty Jaxx has a nice collection of toy releases slate for this Saturday, May 13th at 7AM PST. First on the list is Huck Gee’s Golden Claw figure, which is the newest addition to the Gold Life series. The new “Shadow” edition will blend real well with the previous Gold Life Shadow editions! This is a must for your collection. Next up is Vomit Kid by Okeh. We’ve all may have experienced one of those nights and should be able to relate to this one. The Vomit Kid comes complete with butt zits, reverse fountain of puke and what will be a very interesting conversation piece. Last up is the Red Edition XXRAY Muay Thai figure by Jason Freeny. Wearing the appropriate gear and in his fighting stance, this figure will be making its first online debut!

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Ron English – “Crunch Berries” Edition Cap’n Corn Starch


Ron English is bringing to you a brand new flavor for his Cap’n Corn Starch figure! The brand new “Crunch Berries” edition will soon be available at your favorite designer toy retailer. This edition features pink tinted skin and a purple shoe and will retail $60. Complete your Cereal Killers collection with this sweet piece!

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May 11, 2017

Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery – Oh My! Yokai:Night Parade Glow Gang (5.12)

unnamed (4)

The Oh My! Yokai: Night Parade gachas from Candie Bolton and Toy Art Gallery embrace their names with the upcoming Glow Gang edition.  The new edition features the Yokai five—Kitsura, Tanuki, Kawauso, Bakekujira, and Tengu—in unpainted glow in the dark treatments.  The Glow Gang set of five drops this Friday (5.12) at $50 (+ s/h) from TAG’s web shop.

unnamed unnamed (1)

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May 10, 2017

Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Darkzilla Lottery


Run for you lives!  It’s Darkzilla! A follow-up to the sold-out debut TTE Mousezilla (dark blue) from Ron English and Blackbook Toy, Darkzilla features BBT’s black, gold, and gunmetal signature color combo.  The sweet pop-culture homage stands 9” tall, features articulation at the neck, shoulders, waist and tail, and includes a mini zilla unpainted finger puppet.

Limited to just 20 pieces, Darkzilla will be offered via lottery for 21600 yen (~ $189 + s/h) beginning on Thursday (5.11) at 8 AM and ending on 5.13 at 7:59 AM PDT.  In addition to Darkzilla, Blackbook Toy is also offering their remaining TTE one-off custom versions of several of their figures via this lottery.  To enter drop a line to with “TTE Exclusives Lottery Entry”, your name, mailing  address, telephone number, item you would  like to purchase and paypal address.  


IMG_4786 IMG_4796

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May 09, 2017

Super7 x Capcom – Mega-Man M.U.S.C.L.E.

unnamed (3)

Super7 continues on with their M.U.S.C.L.E. line with their Mega-Man figures! This wave of figures features 4 different packs, Pack A - Mega Man, Ice Man, Sniper Joe , Pack B - Mega Man Firing, Fire Man, Metall , Pack C - Doctor Wily, Cut Man, Guts Man and Pack D - Doctor Light, Bomb Man, Elec Man. Each pack will retail $6 each and will be available through, as well as their San Francisco and San Diego stores very soon!

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Marsham Toy Hour: S2 EP7 with Paul Budnitz


Marsham Toy Hour brings a very special guest to the podcast, one who very much helped pave the way for Designer Toys in the US, Paul Budnitz, the founder of Kidrobot. We get to learn about the upbringings of the brand, the stores, Huck Gee as the first store Manager of KRSF, crazy production stories and Paul’s other ventures. Take a listen to the latest episode of Marsham Toy Hour.

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Paul Kaiju x MVH x Splurrt – Moon Goon Raffle (05.14)


After almost 3 full years, Paul Kaiju x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Splurrt’s Moon Goon is finally here! Short for Men of Ominous Nature, the first release is slate for this Sunday, May 14th at 6PM PST via 10-Minute Raffle. The Moon Goon features three different sides, which were sculpted by Paul Kaiju, MVH and Splurrt. This first release was painted by PK and features a black vinyl base with metallic sprays. This sculpt stands 12” with 14 points of articulation. The price for the lucky winners are expected to pay $350.

MVH-side-600x732 PK-side-600x772 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Kosrobot Does Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter


It was back in March, where Kosrobot announced his upcoming figure of Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk fame (SEEN HERE). Now the time has come, as he has officially released this 6” resin figure. This figure, which was also inspired by an old photo of Thomas Bangalter, features articulation in the neck and are each handpainted in limited numbers. You can find them available now HERE for $50 each. Guy Manuel De Homem Christo is on the to-do-list!


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Matt Gondek x ToyQube – Mickey Exploder


Matt Gondek looks to be a very busy individual, as ToyQube has announced that they’ve got something in the works! ToyQube teased this very rodent looking character, which we were left to believe may be inspired by Matt’s Mickey Exploder print last year. ToyQube mentions this will be on display at their booth at Five Points Fest. We are just curious on how the sculpt will look compared to the artwork.


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Scott Tolleson – The Bad Dad Bod Deadbeet


It’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen any Deadbeet action from Scott Tolleson. Out of nowhere comes the Bad Dad Bod Deadbeet, who looks to be the larger and more ripe version of the previous Deadbeet. He of course is still sporting the extra under carriage like its previous predecessor. These will be cast in a Japanese vinyl and was also sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G Toys.

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May 08, 2017

Matt Gondek x Silent Stage – Deconstructed Homer (5.9)

deconstructed homer right

As we mentioned the other day, Silent Stage will release Deconstructed Homer Pittsburgh Edition (100 s/n pieces, $169.99) from Matt Gondek on Tuesday (5.9) at 11 AM PDT from their web shop.  In a bit of a twist, you can have the item shipped to you as normal or choose to pick it up at Gondek’s studio in LA on June 2nd (5-9 PM) during a special release event (25 slots max).  If you choose the pickup option, you’ll be able to visit Matt’s studio, hang out, check out original art, and get a sketch or two. Pretty neat!

Oh…In related news, Silent Stage  will also  drop a companion Deconstructed Homer print at the same time as the toy drop. It’ll be available in both standard (11x14”, 100 s/n pieces, $69.99) and hand-embellished editions (11x14”, 10 hand-embellished s/n pieces, $149.99).

deconstructed homer left homerprint deconstructed homer close

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Fools Paradise – ‘The Last Hire’

IMG_1696 copy

Who’s the next to face the coin ride reckoning?  That’d be Bane or is that Mr. Bane ?  At any rate, Lowfool (err Bane) finds himself with a melting ice cream cone and the prospect of taking a spin on a mini camo tumbler, if he can scrounge up a precious coin or two…  Love the sculpt on this one—comical  yet still bad ass at the same time.

Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for The Last Hire, the latest  in the ongoing coin rides series. Limited to a maximum of 398 pieces, it’s available for pre-order now for $295 (+$30 global shipping) directly from Fools Paradise.  It’s scheduled to ship in Q3 2017.

IMG_1697 copy IMG_1780 copy IMG_1739 copy

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