Oct 06, 2015

Daniel Fleres – The Swanicorn (10.09)


The Swanicorn Observational Society are happy to announce their Swanicorn Adoption program will soon be in effect! Each gorgeous specimen stand 4.5” tall and will finally be available to the public. The big release will take place this Friday, October 9th HERE at 12PM PST. To obtain a Swanicorn, all you have to do is fill out some adoption forms (billing/shipping info) and come up with $65 + S&H.

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Cometdebris – Halloween Unlucky Bags (10.17)


Cometdebris’ favorite holiday is upon us! Brace yourself as the upcoming Halloween Unlucky Bags will soon be released on Saturday, October 17th at 10PM PST. There will be two different sized bags to choose from. The small bag features 1 mini-figure and 1 medium figure for $111. The medium bag includes 2 mini-figures and 2 medium figures for $222. Inside you will find goodies from customs, signed and numbered limited editions, test shots and unpainted figures. Trick-or-Debris!

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Oct 05, 2015

A Visit to the Coarse Studio


Vinyl Pulse recently  had the opportunity to visit Coarse’s  new studio and workshop  located just outside of Los Angeles.   Set in an industrial area, Coarse’s nerve center features an office, design space, photo studio, and a full-blown workshop.

The workshop is staffed and equipped to prototype new designs and produce nearly all of Coarse’s resin creations from one-offs to low-run editions.  If its from Coarse and made of resin, odds are good it was born right here.  From casting to sanding to painting to assembly, it’s all done here under one rather large roof by the full-time staff using an impressive arsenal including pressure pots, vacuum chambers, a rotocast machine, and an impressive array of air brushes.  Currently, the crew is working on resin multiples ordered from the Prisoners Beside Me show at Rotofugi.

During the visit I had a chance to tour the space with Mark and Sven, get a first-hand look at some brand-new prototypes as well as check out a few amazing collaborations with Amanda Visell that are just about to drop. If you could dream up the perfect spot to design and make art toys, you’d probably come up with something very similar to what Coarse has built.  Be sure to hit the jump for a photo tour of the main work space and you just might see a few things that catch your eye.

Next up for Coarse?  A ‘mini-show’ at myplasticheart in NYC during NYCC weekend – Friday (10.9) to be exact.  Look for some fun surprises--one of  which might have been on the prowl during our visit. Fish beware.


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Dalek x Bigshot Toyworks – Space Monkey Proto


Over the weekend we posted about the upcoming 6” Space Monkey vinyl from Dalek and Bigshot Toyworks.  Now courtesy of Bigshot, here’s a closer look at the prototype of the new version of Dalek’s signature character. The new version looks great  with a definite ‘toony appearance matching Bigshot’s intent of conveying the “zaniness and charm” of the crazy characters. 

If you’re going to NYCC, be sure to drop by the Bigshot Toyworks booth [#208] for a first-hand look at the new Space Monkey.  Also, for the latest updates on the new project you can join the Space Monkey mailing list.


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Oct 03, 2015

Dalek x Bigshot Toyworks – New 6” Space Monkey Proto at NYCC


As they’ve previously teased, Bigshot Toyworks is working with Dalek on a brand-new Space Monkey toy.  The new design offers are more cartoony take on the artist’s signature character with bulging eyes, oversized head and giant ears – great stuff! Looks like some of the colorways will express varying emotions through different eye designs.  If you’re going to NYCC, be sure to drop by the Bigshot booth [#208]to check out the proto in-person.  

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Oct 02, 2015

Nathan Jurevicius x Kidrobot – Upcoming Dunny Series?!


Not too long ago Kidrobot posted up some shots of what looks to be a couple Nathan Jurevicius designs on some Kidrobot platforms! Could this be a similar series as Amanda Visell’s Feral Blind-Box mini series, which include Munnyworld Minis and Dunnys? Just like all of you, we want to see more! Only time will tell and we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do!

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Oct 01, 2015

Kidrobot Exclusive Alternate Colorway Imperial Lotus Dragon by Scott Tolleson

Kidrobot will soon (10.2 or 10.9 – unclear at this point) release their exclusive alternate gray colorway of the Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny (8”) by Scott Tolleson. It will be available for $100 (+s/h) from Kidrobot.com and apparently Kidrobot San Francisco (10.9) as well.  Compared to the somewhat whimsical OG version, the alternate seems to have a bit more ‘edge’ perhaps due to the subdued color scheme.


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Gary Ham x Momiji – Hermees and Tiny Trickster


The latest Momiji artist collaboration brings to you the new Hermees and Tiny Trickster Momiji figure by Gary Ham! This amazing set features the Momiji dressed up as Gary’s iconic Hermees character and comes accompanied by a teeny tiny candy companion. You can find them available HERE now for $39.99. This is just the treat you need for Halloween.


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Huck Gee – Skullhead Blanks Available on 10.2

unnamed (1)

Living the dream… Huck Gee will release the first batch of signed Skullhead Blanks on Friday (10.2) at noon PDT for $75 each (includes domestic shipping) exclusively from his web shop. A 100% artist-driven toy platform, the  Skullhead Blank stands 7” tall, has 7 points of articulation and is made out of resin in the USA. Beyond the design, the pricing will almost certainly draw attention. 

As Huck pointed out in his announcement, producing quality pieces in the USA in a sustainable way (living wages and safe working environments) is rather costly.  He’s hoping to bring the price down some with process improvements.  And it may be the case that the Blank’s sales and popularity may have an affect as well.  That said, it seems unlikely that The Blank will reach the price point of conventional vinyl platforms manufactured overseas.  And ultimately, that seems fine and really as it should be-- given what it is, where it comes from and how it’s made.   The higher price point may mean that the primary buyers will be customizers rather than more casual DIYers, but that seems fine as well.  Props to Huck and crew for an alternative to the status quo.

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Sep 30, 2015

Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Growler Heads OG Edition (10.1)

Yes, you’ve seen heads mounted on plaques, but what about … a wall-mounted scowling, fierce panda ? Silent Stage will release the OG Edition of  Angry Woebots’ Growler Heads  on Thursday (10.1) @ 11:00 AM PDT for $199.99 each over at Silent Stage. Hand-painted  in browns and reds set against a stark white face, the sizeable Growlers (8” diameter / 4.5” deep)  will definitely amp up your wall art game.  The small painted embellishments including the “fur” detail  on the ears and around the eyes are a nice touch.


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Amanda Visell – Moonglow Bramble + World War Snuggle Print (10.1)


Just back from 3A’s Japan Venture,  Amanda Visell is launching a quick follow-up to the original edition Bramble + Kitty resin sets which sold out at the show.  Amanda’s popular color treatment works well on the new Moonglow Bramble + Kitty with the soft blues set against Bramble’s blue-gray steel. For the release Amanda’s trying something new – Moonglow Bramble will be available as a 24 hour timed-release beginning on Thursday (10.1) @ 8 AM PDT for $160 (+ s/h) from Switcheroo.  So if you want one, get your order in within the 24-hour window and you’ll be set.

Sticking with the WWR theme, Amanda will also be releasing a giclee print of her original painting done for Venture.  Limited to 50 signed and numbered pieces, World War Snuggle (17 x 21” with a 15 x 18.75 image)   will be released at the same time as the Bramble resin.   Please note that both of the items will not be visible on the store until tomorrow’s release.


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Sep 29, 2015

Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys – Paco Taco


It looks like Pobber Toys will soon be releasing some new colorways of Scott Tolleson’s recently sold out Paco Taco figures! The newest editions appear to come in a pink and blue variants. Stay tuned on when and where these will officially release.

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x SECRETOY Cinema Monster (09.30)


Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is collaborating with SECRETOY to release this amazing Cinema Monster figure. This edition is cast in a glow in the dark vinyl with red, metallic blue with gold, and silver and black details. They will come blind bagged with a chance of scoring either the blue head/red ball with gold chain variant or red head/ blue ball with gun metal chain. Mixed into the bunch will be a one-off special green variant with beard!

Included with each figure are a MVH Pin, 2 MVH stickers, 2 SECRETOY stickers and severed head and spiked ball omake PLUS and uncut, unpainted glow column. These can be found HERE on Wednesday, September 30th at 8PM EST.


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Fakir Design – Okami Black (10.05)

unnamed (1)

Presenting the Black Edition Okami figure by Fakir Design. This is the third colorway, following the white and red colorways. The official release date will take place on Monday, October 5th at 6AM PST HERE for roughly $170. This resin figure measures a total of 5” tall and are limited to only 10 pieces. Each order comes with a 5.5” x 5.5” print and sticker.


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Jermaine Rogers – Aleppin Sane “Shadow Edition”

unnamed (9)

Jermaine Rogers’ Aleppin Sane will soon be available in a brand spankin’ new colorway! Aleppin Sane is based on Jermaine’s original 2008 tour print for the Foo Fighters. A very limited number of these figures were released a few years back and now, because of Jermaine, these will now be widely available to everyone! To make sure to get this amazing 8” figure in your hands, bug your local toy stores to stock up!

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Dead Zebra, Inc. - The Last Knight Black & White Edition

unnamed (7)

Dead Zebra, Inc. is proud to announce the newest colorway of The Last Knight Black & White edition, which goes perfectly with the original release. The Black & White Last Knight figure will soon be available at all of your favorite toy retailers very shortly. Each figure will retail $75 a piece.


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Buff Monster – Mister Melty Milky Way Edition (10.2)


Buff Monster will release his new Mister Melty Milky Way figures ) in both painted ($35 + s/h) and unpainted ($30 + s/h) on Friday (10.2) @ 7 AM PDT from BuffMonster.com.  The painted edition features a swirl of colorful sprays accented with silver on a black 2-faced Mister Melty figure for a cosmic experience.  As with the previous release, this one is a hybrid figure—sofubi head + resin body. Each figure comes with a special “Mister Melty Has a Posse” sticker. Plus, a few of the header cards will be signed by the artist.


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Kidrobot x Simpsons – Dizzy Duff and Surly Duff Kick Off Standalone Minis Series

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)

Kidrobot has just released the first two standalone Simpsons Duff beer minis--Dizzy Duff and Surly Duff.  These two will be joined by quite a few more Duffs--each with their own expression-- in December (going by the group pic below, there will be at least seven different versions).  If you love the Simpsons and crave Duff Beer, then head on over to Kidrobot or your favorite retailer to pick ‘em up for $14.99 each.


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Sep 28, 2015

Frank Kozik x Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi -- Candy Corn Jerome


With every kid’s (and dentist’s) favorite sweet Holiday right around the corner, Frank Kozik and the folks at Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi have whipped up a new treat for collectors.  Inspired by the treat that is at once irresistibly nostalgic yet a few pieces later is more than enough until next year, Candy Corn Jerome is the 2nd edition of Kozik’s Smorkin’ Self Serve soft vinyl  figure following the originial call it ‘vanilla’ edition which debut at this year’s SDCC

The insanely small edition of 50 numbered pieces will be split in half – 25 for NYCC via Clutter’s booth [#603] with the other half slated for online release from Rotofugi on (10.13). 

A quick note on “Soft Vinyl”.  Jerome is slush cast using liquid vinyl in China using a process that is extremely similar to the  method used by Japanese craftsmen to create what is commonly referred to as sofubi. Presumably in deference to the Japanese tradition, Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi have chosen the more generic/descriptive term – soft vinyl for Jerome. Kudos to them for their care and respect in describing the toy. That said, if you like the feel of Sofubi, you’re likely to enjoy these as well. 

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Pepe Hiller – Raku (10.30)

After the birth of his daughter Swiss artist Pepe Hiller took a step back from creating his personable wood toys to plot a more manageable way to release his work. Thankfully with new toy designs and  a new plan to release one toy at the end of each month, Pepe is back with Raku

Standing 5” tall, the wooden samurai is crafted of walnut and alder wood and carries Hiller’s block creature DNA with a bit of ‘bot’. The little nature-loving warrior comes complete with a sword crafted of wenge wood with brass accents and a leather handle.  Removing the sword from his arms reveals his softer side in the form of a brass heart. 

Limited to just 5 signed/numbered pieces, Raku will be released on Wednesday (9.30) @ 1 PM PDT for $125 (+s/h) directly from the artist’s web shop.



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Brandt Peters x Kidrobot – ‘The 13’ Dunny Trailer


It’s almost time for ‘The 13’.  After two spookily spectacular teasers, Kidrobot has released the full trailer (Directed by Martin Meunier, and Scored by The Peculiar Pretzelmen) for the upcoming Dunny series by Brandt Peters and guest artist Kathie Olivas.  Today’s trailer shows all 13 of the Dunnys by combining the first two teasers.  Plus, there’s a surprise at the end… A spooky Dunny head with candles and melted wax.  We’re going to assume there’s a body to go along with this head. Nice way to end it, is this #14 (doesn’t look like the previously shown silhouette with the axe) ? Or perhaps a case bonus exclusive or perhaps even a   <gulp> redemption Dunny (mustn’t jinx it by mentioning the glimmering words).

At any rate the wait is almost over with ‘The 13’ dropping on  Friday, October 16th 2015  from Kidrobot and your favorite retailers.  Plus, if you’re out around LA, be sure to drop by the official release party at 3DRetro from 7 to 9 PM on the 16th.

‘The 13’ Dunny Series Release Party & Signing
Friday, October 16th 2015 (7 to 9 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91210


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Sep 25, 2015

Tomenosuke x Aiko – Pink Gold Butterfly


Tomenosuke has just released the final edition of the Lady Butterfly resin from noted street artist Aiko.  The five year project—one edition of ten pieces per year— ends on a high note with Pink Gold Butterfly featuring a lovely metallic gold finish with a subtle hint of pink.  She’s available now directly from Tomenosuke for US$550 which includes worldwide shipping.  This final Lady Butterfly edition continues a string of Tomenosuke exclusives celebrating their new gallery in the Japanese hot springs resort town of Gero Onsen.


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BlackBook Toy x Chop x Ron English – Evil MC JP1


BlackBook Toy is about to release an unexpected take on  Ron English’s Evil MC with the new JP1 edition created in collaboration with Chop of Monster Farm who sculpted Evil MC and a few other BBT figures.  The figure pays homage to celebrated painter Jackson Pollock (“JP”) as well as Ron English with flowing gradiated neon pinstriping on top of what appears to be a prismatic base coat whose color changes with viewing angle. Limited to just 5 pieces—each unique and slightly different from the others—JP1 includes a matching hand-cast and hand-painted rifle as well as a special “EVIL” burger keychain cast by CHOP.  Doubling as a Certificate of Authenticity, each keychain features a unique paint job. 

JP1 will be available for 34560 yen (~ US$287) at Super Festival #69 in Japan on 9.27 from the BBT booth (#B13).  Any remaining pieces will be released online.


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Sep 24, 2015

Quiccs - [The Real] TEQ63 Available Now!


Quiccs is proud to announce the release of his latest resin figue, [The Real] TEQ63. This brand new 3.75” figure is the first in the series of Quiccs’ Bulletpunk figures. Each TEQ63 comes packaged in a re-sealable carded clamshell blister pack. You can find them available now HERE for $28 + S&H. These were first seen at STGCC and we are happy to know that these are an open run, which means enough for everybody! We cannot wait to see what else Quiccs has in store for the rest of the series.

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Big Bad Wolf x Flat Bonnie – KiKi the Tree Huger Silver Woods Edition


Flat Bonnie recently collaborated with  Big Bad Wolf-–an artist-centric streetwear brand for kids—on a new plush creation.  KiKi the Tree Hugger (Silver Woods Edition) is  a friendly furry sort who clearly loves Trees and we suspect Nature as a whole.  What’s that he’s wearing ?  Maybe a seed pouch ?  Limited to ten pieces, KiKi is available for pre-order from Big Bad Wolf for $45 (+s/h). 

This great collab coincides with the recent opening of Big Bad Wolf’s flagship store in Honolulu. If you live in Hawaii or just find yourself out in paradise, go check out the shop, we’re next to positive you’ll enjoy the visit.


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