Feb 22, 2017

Andy Kurovets – W.A.Y.N. (4.15.07)


Andy Kurovets
has just unveiled his upcoming W.A.Y.N. resin art toy.  The curious piece features a crouched Ninja playing with a paper boat. Intended as a reflection “…about life, about solitude and childhood”, the piece seems to also touch on issues of paths chosen and not chosen and perhaps about inner peace and external turmoil. The unexpected juxtaposition of a Ninja, typically a fearsome warrior, with the tranquility implied by the paper toy should catch eyes and start conversations.  W.A.Y.N. (50 pcs,  3.94 “) will drop on April 15th 2017 for $65 (includes shipping) from the artist’s Castbreeder site.

wayn_1wayn_2 wayn_3wayn_4

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Warner Bros. x Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny – XXRAY Looney Tunes Wave 2

16664916_1269777733139225_9184577854506081301_o 16684287_1269627596487572_6632187517071903374_n16711697_1269640659819599_2845404027293723692_n 16682020_1269641863152812_6068964868076802341_n

Mighty Jaxx has just released their second wave of their XXRAY Looney Tune figures with Jason Freeny! This cartoon cast features the Tasmanian Devil, Marvin the Martin and Daffy Duck. These figures stand 4” tall and features the anatomical innards of these classic characters. These figures can be found HERE for $19.99 with a shipping date of Q3 of 2017! Now we’re just wondering who is next on their roster?!


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Feb 17, 2017

COARSE – Enjoy Your Stay Prism & Blackout (03.01)

unnamed (10)

COARSE Toys shares with everyone their most technically complex release to date. “Enjoy Your Stay” so happens to also be the final chapter of their Cold Way series, which features a Raccoon mounted on a Crab with an overturned bathtub as a shell. There will be two very different colorways to choose from, Prism (299 pieces) and Blackout (199 pieces). This stunning piece measures 11 x 14 x 12, which includes the Raccoon and Crab with a rope to help guide their home. The release will take place on Wednesday, March 1st at 7:59AM PST. Each figure will retail $295 each. Be sure to read the story of these two on COARSE’s Blog HERE.

unnamed (19)


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Shiffa x Kidrobot – Jack 5” Dunny Available Now

unnamed (1)

The long awaited Jack 5” Dunny by Shiffa and Kidrobot is finally available! There are two colorways for this release, the first being the black and white edition that is limited to 300 pieces. The other, the Kidrobot Exclusive Sepia tone colorway, which is limited to 200 pieces. Both can be found available through Kidrobot’s webstore HERE for $50 a piece. Jack comes in a windowed box with cigar, dual pistols, hat and eye patch accessories! Grab yours before they are gone.

unnamed (2)unnamed (5)

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New Hanging Planter Collection from Michelle Valigura

unnamed (2)

Michelle Valigura has released a new collection of one-of-a-kind ceramic wall-hanging planters.  Each features fun painted designs from animals to those inspired by ancient civilizations. These stylish pieces are available now from Switcheroo.

unnamed (3)unnamed (1)

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Huck Gee – Re:Blank


After some tasty teases, Huck Gee has revealed and launched a futuristic version of his Blank figure.  Re:Blank stands 7” tall and features a completely new sculpt complete with groovy encounter suit featuring a super tech helmet loaded with aerials, sensors, goggles and more and rounded out with heavy-duty gloves and boots.  Limited to 100 resin pieces, Re:Blank is available for $75 (+ s/h) now from HuckGee.com and will ship in 2-3 weeks.  Have a blast!

unnamed (1)

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Feb 15, 2017

Artpin Collection – Pins By Nathan Jurevicius & Martin Ontiveros

Vampiramyd final

Arianhrod blue finalArianhrod black final

The Artpin Collection present to you 3 new enamel pins from 2 amazing artists! From the mind of Martin Ontiveros comes “Vampyramid”, which features Martin’s classic style on a 1.5” hard enamel pin. These are limited to only 125 pieces and can be found through Rotofugi HERE for $12. Also new to the Artpin Collection is another popular artist by the name of Nathan Jurevicius. His “Arianhrod” pins are available in two different colors and are limited to only 75 pieces and measure 1.25”. They can also be found through Rotofugi HERE at $12. Jazz up your tote bags and jean jackets with these rad pins!


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Kosrobot – The Iron Goth Available Now


Kosrobot is super excited to finally show off his latest creation, the Iron Goth! These mighty protectors of Grangard are available now! Each figure stands 4” tall and comes packaged in a special canister. There are three versions to choose from, Original, Blood and Night. Each figure is made from both acrylic and resin are all hand casted and hand painted by Kosrobot. You can find them available HERE for $55 + $11 S&H each.

In a deep future or distant past...

A beautiful city of Grangard was one of the greatest cities on Midgard-Earth. Its majesty illuminated the galaxy with its light. Until Grey Koscheis came, destroying the city. And now the Iron Goth, protector of Grangard, will destroy them.


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Kidrobot x Madballs – Now Available in Foam!

Not only did Kidrobot release Madballs in vinyl form, but they have just announced the new Foam versions, which definitely hits our nostalgic button! The new Foam Balls Series features 6 different Madballs to choose from, which include Dust Brian, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Screamin Meamie, Skull Face and Slobulus. These come packaged with header and a little net sack. You can find them all available HERE at $9.99 each! To really throw it back, check out their commercial above!


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Mighty Jaxx – Socks The Dissected Cat


If you had fun with Jason Freeny’s dissected Gummy Bear and Balloon Dog, you will enjoy Mighty Jaxx’s latest release, Socks The Dissected Cat. This anatomically correct 8” cat features 28 separate pieces that require some assembly. This is the first of many realistic 4D figures Mighty Jaxx plans to release. I will be definitely picking up some black paint to turn ours into our precious kitttyyyyy. You can find it available HERE for $55 each.


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Feb 14, 2017

Jermaine Rogers – “I Think I Am Losing My Mind” Regular Edition

unnamed (4)

Jermaine Rogers’ “I Think I Am Losing My Mind” figure was one that drew quite the crowd at Designer Con. If you were unfortunate to grab one of them, consider this your lucky day! Making their way to your favorite vinyl toy retailer will be the regular edition! These will be quite limited at only 500 pieces. Make sure to give your local retail store a ring to make sure they get this 10” bad boy in stock! They will also retail at an awesome price of $60 a piece!

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Cometdebris – Kappa Kid & Oni Kid Release (02.18)

unnamed (1)

Cometdebris will be releasing his Kappa Kid and Oni Kid this Saturday, February 18th at 9PM Japan Time. The Kappa Kid will be available in a light blue vinyl with yellow and purple details. His newest sculpt, Oni Kid will be available in red vinyl with black and yellow details HERE. Like always, Cometdebris’ release are always limited, so if you want these figures, we highly recommend snagging them ASAP!


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Fluffy House Toys – Robin Egg Blue DYNO (Valentine Special)


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Fluffy House has just announced the release of the Robin Egg Blue edition DYNO figure. What better way to show your loved ones than a gift of a cute little dinosaur sharing its heart. Just so you know, the color of DYNO’s skin changes with his current mood, which is why he is this lovely Robin Egg Blue color. DYNO is made of vinyl and stands 4” tall. You can find him available now HERE for $42.


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Brent Nolasco – Blessed Blessed Oblivion


It looks like Brent Nolasco’s “Blessed Blessed Oblivion” will soon be making its way to the molding stage, which will soon lead to a limited edition resin release! Deadhand Toys will be taking care of the molding for this three piece set. “Blessed Blessed Oblivion” measures 4” x 5” and features details on both top and bottom! Stay tuned for more information of its release.


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Feb 13, 2017

Scott Wilkowski x Woot Bear -- Skeletons Release (2.16)

Wilkowski Skeletons 021617_1

Woot Bear continues its string of top-notch Scott Wilkowski drops with a special collection of three different types of skeletons—the core of his Infected aestheticThere are three to choose from: Woot Bear Belly (small, $45), Target ($80)  and 5” Skeleton.  All three types will be available in neat blue+black GID  editions which glow blue.  Based on the press pics, it also appears there may be orange/purple and black/red editions as well, at least for the target skeletons. Woot Bear will release all three Wilkowski skeletons on Thursday (2.16) @ Noon PST from their SF store and online.

Wilkowski Skeletons 021617_2

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Feb 09, 2017

Amanda Visell – Todays Resin Releases!


New and fresh to the Myswitcheroo shop are three resin releases from Amanda Visell. All of which will leave you in a happy place! Her Alpaca is back, this time in a “Orangesicle” colorway. This 4.5” figure is limited to 25 pieces for $40 and can be found HERE. These next two pieces is basically what I would love to do, which is napping with big cats. First up is Moonglow Lazy Days Tiger, limited to only 10 pieces and available HERE for $290. Can’t handle a whole tiger? How about a Tiger Cub? The Tiger Nap Cub set is available HERE for $190 and Is limited to 25 total pieces. All of these resin pieces are all hand sculpted, hand painted and hand casted! In a very particular order. Pick one up before they are gone forever!


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KAWS – Black BFF Plush Release (02.10)


It looks like a small batch of KAWS’ Black BFF Plush has turned up! This limited number of plush will be released through KAWSONE.com on Friday, February 10th at 9AM PST. If you like heavily trafficked websites, this is definitely something for you to do tomorrow morning! Each plush will retail $200. Be sure to be aware of the guidelines for tomorrows release:

  • All Sales are first come, first serve and first successful transaction.
  • Your Billing Address and Shipping Address must be the same. We use this as a measure to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • We do not accept PO Boxes for Billing or Shipping Addresses.
  • For the best experience, you may want to reset your Cache or clear your Browsing History when the sale goes live.
  • Sales Tax will be collected for all orders shipping to the State of New York.
  • International Shipments will be sent via FedEx International Services using the shipping method you select upon checkout. Please be aware that duties and taxes are not included in the quoted shipping price and payment of all duties and taxes will be required upon delivery.

We wish luck to all those attempting to snag one of these releases!

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Super7 – Wing Kong & Bat Boy & Caveman Dino Micros!


Super7 is looking to expand their micro line with 3 new members! Introducing Brian Flynn’s Bat Boy and Wing Kong and Josh Herbolsheimer’s Caveman Dino! This release will feature both red and black vinyl. We expect retail to be at the $10 mark. Stay tuned for release info!

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High Proof Toys – Rock Type Release!



High Proof Toys will be releasing their newest colorways of their Rock Type resin figures. Rotofugi has gotten their hands on an exclusive Rock Candy Pink colorway in both versions, Regular for $15 or Evolved for $22. High Proof Toys will be releasing the Onyx edition as well! Both will drop on Tuesday, February 14th at 10AM CST. High Proof Toys will also have three custom one-off figures by Mary Ruth Butterworth. These adorably cute pieces will be available for $45 a piece.

 Custom_Colorway01 Custom_Colorway02 Custom_Colorway03

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Paul Kaiju – Coppermouth Chimera Raffle (02.12)


Paul Kaiju will be unleashing one of latest vinyl releases this Sunday, February 12th at 6PM PST via Lottery on his website at www.paulkaiju.com. The Coppermouth Chimera is a ginormous hunk of Japanese vinyl, towering 9” tall with 11 points of articulation. This colorway features a mint colored vinyl with yellow, metallic green and gold sprays. The raffle will only be up for one hour, ending at 7PM. Winners will be notified a few days after the end of the raffle. Those lucky enough to get the email will be shelling out $250 for this gorgeous piece.

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Feb 08, 2017

Itokin Park is Working on Dororon Enma-kun Figures for WonderFest (2.19)


Part of the fun of WonderFest in Japan are the one-day license releases where artists get the chance to release officially licensed versions of popular manga, tv, and movie characters for, yep you guessed it, just one day at a very reasonable royalty.  Itokin Park makes the most of these one-day licenses, releasing his own sofubi of some of his favorite pop characters.  This year he’s bringing Go Nagai’s Dororon Enma-kun comedy-horror manga/anime to life, complete with Chapeauji (hat-like Yokai) and Kapperu (kappa-water sprite).  So far Itokin Park has teased us with the waxes for the figures which will be released on 2.19 at WonderFestival 2017 Winter in Tokyo.  We hope to have some more revealing photos to share shortly.

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Josh Mayhem x Kidrobot – Blown Away Valentine’s Custom Dunnys (2.9)


Kidrobot will release the Blown Away Valentine’s Custom Dunny Series from Josh Mayhem on Thursday (2.9) at 8 AM Pacific exclusively on Kidrobot.com.  These sweet, artistic treats for you or that special someone come in a standard variety (above), as well as three chase editions across three sizes (3” – 60 pcs, 5” – 20 pcs, 8” –10 pcs). For the chases, there is one each of the Cold Bleeding Heart and Sweetheart chases in each of the three Dunny sizes, while the Black Bleeding Heart is limited to just one 3”—a total of 7 chase figures.  Happy hunting!


16230559_371877463182216_1711274941078306816_n 16464075_1403134823070245_4476913969063264256_n 16584048_1880475738838072_1210858663514734592_n

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Buff Monster – Melt With Me: 24” Mister Melty + Concrete Editions (2.16)

Mister Melty will be front and center at Buff Monster’s upcoming Melt With Me show opening on Thursday (2.16) from 6-8 PM in NYC at a still undisclosed location.  The event will feature three editions of the  Buff Monster’s Ice Cream character which is  a fun, modern reflection of the inevitable decay that we and all  good things face. Just as ice cream melts, so to do our physical appearances, skills, and health.

First up is a very limited giant Mister Melty sculpture which we recently wrote about.  We now know that this premium, definitive sculptural edition of the character stands 24” tall and is a resin and fiberglass hybrid. Towering over his brothers ), the giant Mister Melty (shown above next to the 3.5” sofubi version and the upcoming concrete editions) is the ultimate, high-end version of the character with a super smooth sculpt, automotive paint, and high-gloss finish.

sculpturewithme IMG_5772a

In addition to the large-format edition, Buff Monster will also release two editions in concrete featuring different sculpts.  The 7.5” version features a cartoony rendition with amped-up facial features while the 5” version offers a more refined sculpt. Riffing off the concept of constant and inevitable decay (melting), each of the concrete figures has been intentionally damaged, with missing chunks in varying areas from piece to piece. Most of the concrete figures will feature spray-paint deco, both in solid colors and graffiti style designs.

Mister Melty in Concrete. 7.5 inch.Mister Melty in Concrete. 5 inch.

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Feb 07, 2017

Woes x Silent Stage – Panda King III Mini @ Lightsleepers (02.15)


Angry Woebots and Silent Stage Gallery are happy to announce the release of the new Panda King III Mini aka Jr.! This figure stands half as tall as its predecessor at only 4” x 4” and will retail $60 a piece. There will be 2 colorways available a Pele Panda King III Mini (Lava Red Clear) and Pacific Panda King III Mini (Deep Ocean Blue Clear), which are limited to 100 piece each. The event release will take place at Lightsleepers in Hawaii on Wednesday, February 15th from 6-9PM, where Woes will also be playing some tunes. 

2009 S King Street
Honolulu, HI 96826

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Kidrobot – 20” Dunny Lamp


Did you ever think to yourself, “I love lamp and I love Dunny, how can I get both?”. Well think no more, Kidrobot has just released their 20” Dunny lamps! These ginormous lamps don’t just emit a boring white bulb, but it actually features a multitude of colors via wireless remote. You can get your 20” Lamp Dunny over at Kidrobot HERE for $300 (US ONLY).


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