Mar 05, 2015

Cometdebris x Pangea Seed - 2015 Sametan Subscription


Cometdebris and PangeaSeed are once again offering up a Sametan Subscription for 2015! You will receive one figure per season through out the year plus one special subscribers only exclusive Sametan. That’s a total of 5 Sametans for the subscription price of $300. Proceeds from the sales will help benefit PangeaSeed's education and conservation efforts. Sign up HERE today!

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Wade Schin x We Love Fine – Soundwave Vinyl


We Love Fine has brought sculptor Wade Schin’s vision of Soundwave  (7.5 x 5”) to life as an officially licensed production vinyl figure.   We dig Wade’s boxy design which focuses on the Decepticon’s cassette player identity and form, with limbs that blend into the overall shape. This is not a robot doubling as a cassette player, but rather the reverse. The exaggerated sense of scale, particularly the control buttons, works well here by adding a playful edge and setting the figure apart from the numerous takes on the popular character.

Soundwave is available for pre-order now from for a rather reasonable $40 (+ s/h).  If you’d like, you can add Wade Schin’s Solo book, featuring an overview of his work, for  $7.  There will also be an Emerald Comic-Con exclusive (3.27 – 3.29) edition with a special convention themed Super Mix Tape accessory (pic after the jump).


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Mar 04, 2015

Mike Leavitt x FCTRY – Hillary Action Figure Kickstarter


FCTRY/Jailbreak Toys, the folks that brought the Obama action figure to life in 2008, are stepping back in the political toy ring with a brand new Hillary Clinton Ready-for-Action figure sculpted by none other than Mike Leavitt, the mastermind behind the Art Army celebrity action figure project.   They’ve got the sculpt and the tooling ready to go and have reached out to the public via Kickstarter to fund the production run. 

Since Hillary has yet to officially run for President (not, that there’s much doubt), FCTRY will send a Run, Hillary. Run! postcard on behalf of every backer of the project regardless of the backing level—a clever and appropriate reward.  While there are numerous reward levels, the key one is the Hillary figure for $15.  If you’re interested, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign or

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Javier Jiminez – Wananeko Stretch Goal #2: Guts


Javier Jiminez’s Wananeko sofubi is a hit.  With 14 days to go, the indiegogo campaign has already surpassed the original goal by 57% and achieved the first “Baby Wananeko” stretch goal ($8000).  Next up is Stretch Goal #2 at $10k which will make possible a clear version of Wanenko with sculpted vinyl guts.  While the exact design of the feline’s inners has not been finalized, it will likely follow Javier’s Anatomy of Wananeko illustration (above).

If the guts goal is met, sculpting will begin once the vinyl figures have been cast, so as to ensure a tight fit.  Once the clear w/guts figure is ready, it will be available for purchase by all of the indiegogo campaign backers for the discounted price of $50, normally $75.

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Mar 03, 2015

Toy Art Gallery x Doubleparlour – Seafoam Pearl Merryners (3.4)


Toy Art Gallery will release their Seafoam Pearl Merryners from Doubleparlour on Wednesday (3.4) at  Noon PST as a set of four ($150) or individually ($45 each) from their online shop.  This new unpainted  edition of the four 7” sofubi figures (Chapp, Finn, Kipp and Uwie) sculpted by Doubleparlour are cast in an unusual, but pleasant, light blue / “seafoam” vinyl that may, judging by the name, have a pearlescent appearance.

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Mar 02, 2015

Michael Lau x GumGumGum - Gum “Jeng!”1st Anniversary Special Project “Alex”


GumGumGum is offering a very special 1st Anniversary store exclusive by Michael Lau. Introducing the GumGumGum Alex + Gum “Jeng!” Alex set! You get two amazing figures in one box for the price of $199 + S&H. These are available beginning now until Sunday, March 15th HERE. These sets are limited to 299 pieces and are expected to ship in May. Take a look after the jump at some NSFWish pics.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage Gallery - Black Marauder Panda King 2 (03.04)


Silent Stage Gallery x Angry Woebots’ “Black Marauder” edition Panda King 2 will be unleashed this Wednesday, March 4th! This shadowy black beauty is limited to only 10 pieces with a few already on reserve! So if you want to guarantee one of these bad boys for you collection, you may want to send an inquiry to them at sales[at]silentstagegallery[dot]com. You will be able to find them available on their webstore HERE this Wednesday.

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Super7 x Astro Mu 5 – Unpainted Black Release (03.06)


With only a few days until the release, Super7 has finally graced us with the reveal of their upcoming Astro Mu 5 reissues mini-figures! We have actually just learned that these haven’t been re-sculpted and are from the original molds from the 1970’s. They’ve also made sure that everyone of these figures will be distinct from the originals, so they will not be passed off as a vintage figure. Also, they will not reproduce any of the old colorways, which means new editions from here on out! The first release will be an unpainted black vinyl, which will take place on Friday, March 6th at 12PM PST online and at Super7.

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Sket-One - “Anticipation Sketchup” 8” Custom Dunny (03.06)


After 5 years, Sket-One will finally be releasing a brand hew inception of his classic “Sketchup” custom Dunny. After doing the KikkoSket in that beautiful clear resin, we are glad to see that he will be doing the same technique on this run. These will be available in Sket’s webstore HERE on Friday, March 6th at 12AM PST until 11:59PM. That’s right, one day! Each figure comes signed with a 8.25” x 5.5” metal condiment holder, 2.25oz mini bottle of ketchup, and a 4”x4” custom display card for $485 each.


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Emilio Garcia – Clear Blue Brainade + Jumping Brain Netsuke


Emilio Garcia is taking pre-orders for two smart new releases.  First up is the very cool Clear Blue Brainade (3.5”).  The newest version of his popular is limited to eight pieces (plus 2 APs) and available for 175 euros (~ $196).  In addition to the new Brainade, Emilio is really thinking outside of the box with his new Jumping Brain Netsuke (1.7”). His version of the traditional netsuke—a toggle used to attach things to Japanese kimonos, is cast in resin and features a painted wood-like finish.  It’s available for 37 euros (~ $41).  Both items are scheduled to ship in April and are available from Emilio’s online shop.


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Feb 28, 2015

Bubi Au Yeung x Momiji – Treeson Momiji


Momiji teamed up with Bubi Au Yeung to create their newest release, the Treeson Momiji. Bubi Au Yeung’s Treeson celebrates 10 years and is one of her most iconic characters and we are excited to see its return in way or another. This release features the Momiji girl sporting a Treeson costume with the signature branch sticking out as the heart.

“I used to have nothing in my chest. Then one day, a tree branch was stabbed into my heart. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. I'm used to it now. Don't we all have something in our heart as we get older? I like my friends. I smile a lot. And I'm seldom bored. I am Treeson, the son of trees.”

The Treeson Momiji is available now HERE for $27.50 a piece and are limited to 500 pieces. 


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Kozik x BlackBook Toy - A Clockwork Carrot Dim “Haunted”


BlackBook Toy has just released the brand new A Clockwork Carrot Dim “Haunted” colorway. This “Haunted” edition was created to match the Lil’ Alex, which is long sold out, until now! They’ve made a very limited number of Lil’ Alex’s to go with this release if you weren’t able to get one in the past. They are offering a special 1000 Yen discount if you purchase both figures together. This colorway features clear a black soft vinyl with matte finish on his feet, hands and head. There are also two choices in color of chain, black or gold. Let’s not get started… You can find Dim available HERE and Lil’ Alex HERE for roughly $110 each.


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Feb 26, 2015

MAD – “Copper” Metallic Edition Modern Hero Bank (02.26)


MAD will be releasing the newest colorway from his Modern Hero Bank series tomorrow, Friday, February 26th. The “Copper” metallic edition is limited to 30 pieces and stands 18” tall! They can be found HERE for $150 a piece. Save money for toys, in your toys!


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Cotton Candy Cavey – The Final Cavey (03.02)


The final and last ever Cavey figure is a sweet one! The Cotton Candy Cavey will be released on Monday, March 2nd at 8PM GMT in the Cavey Store HERE. Each piece comes with  a Cavey sticker, carry bag AND random goodies from Cavey cubes, cotton carry bags, necklaces, badges and keyrings (this goes for all other orders as well). The Cotton Candy Cavey is limited to 30 pieces and are each handmade textured bobbly pink fleece. Goodbye Cavey! We hope to see you soon.

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Joe Ledbetter x Munky King – Business Monkey (3.12)

unnamed (3)

Ready for more Monkey Business? Munky King and Joe Ledbetter are happy to oblige with the new Business Monkey.  The latest incarnation of Joe’s Good Morning Sunshine figure, features a very focused monkey who knows what he wants -– moola, dough, cold hard cash, and as much of it as he can grab. Nice touches include the money mad bird, and the swanky business duds: striped tie and wingtip style shoes.

Business Monkey drops on Thursday, March 12th 2015 from You’ll also have a chance to win one before its released – be sure to watch the MK instagram this weekend for details. 


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Feb 25, 2015

Man-E-Toys - "Albino" Rotten-X (02.26)


Man-E-Toys will be releasing their very own exclusive “Albino” Rotten-X figure by Skullhead Butt and Triclops Studio. This edition stands 9” tall and features a milky white vinyl with red glitter and amazing paint applications. There will be only 5 of these available on Thursday, February 26th at 1PM PST in their webstore HERE at $95 a piece.

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Arts Unknown’s Big Blow Out Sale


It’s always sad to hear when a company will no longer be serving the toy community with amazing art figures. Arts Unknown will unfortunately be closing their operation down. This resulted in a great opportunity for their fans and many collectors, because they are having a huge blow out sale on their website right now! Everything in their Webstore is 60% off (applicable during checkout) and for every two pieces you purchase, you get the third free! Included in the sale are 4 brand new pieces never been released, “The Dinner Party” Bella Delamere by Doktor A., “Blue Sunshine” William, Reginald, and Henry by Kozik and the “Gold” & “Black” Slugilicious by Gary Baseman.


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Feb 24, 2015

TAG – Nadsat Boy + Netsuke Karakasa (2.25)


Toy Art Gallery will release a new marbled edition of their Nadsat Boy sofubi from Kenth Toyworks on Wednesday. Standing 7” tall, the yellow + black edition has a hypnotic look and includes the stylish and removable skull cane.

In addition to the new Nadsat Boy, TAG will also release a limited number of the Netsuke Karakasa from Secret Base and Three Tides Tattoo. Apparently named after the traditional Japanese toggles used to hang items from Men’s kimono sashes, the Netsuke edition is cast in dark brown vinyl with black rub, simulating the look of wood, one of the common materials used for netsuke.

unnamed (1)

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Super7 – Blasted Earth Wolf (3.5)


Josh Herbolsheimer’s Earth Wolf is about to reappear.  Super7 will release their Blasted Earth Wolf figure on Thursday (3.5) @ Noon PST for $95 (+s/h). The blasted one features a vibrant design cast in orange vinyl with a rainbow’s worth of spray. The new edition is perfect for your multi-color shelf.

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Feb 23, 2015

Paul Kaiju Sunday Releases! (03.01)


Is anyone as excited for March as us? Want to know why? Because all day on Sunday, March 1st, Paul Kaiju will be releasing some amazing figures that afternoon.

The first drop will be taking place at 12PM PST, which so happens to be the Chaos Joe set. This set contains 3 figures, count-em 3, a Slugbeard in milky lavender vinyl with metallic sprays, “Lava” King Jinx in yellow vinyl with metallic sprays, and Salamander Joe in a semi glow blue vinyl with siren idol. This set will cost you $500 + S&H. There will also be a limited number of the “Lava” King Jinx, which are available individually for $250.

At 12:30PM PST is when the Prop Type King Jinx will go up. Each KJ is hand brushed with matte paints to give it the scale model vibe. These also come with a Siren Idol figure for $300.


Last up at 1PM PST are the Mockpilots in flesh and glow vinyl with Metallic sprays. Each figure includes an alternate Da De head and will retail $120 each.

10597501_1602424616655531_868240518_n 11008314_829343543821006_1237887671_n

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Full Blown Ink x Unbox Industries – Vulkira Available Now


Full Blown Ink’s Project Vulkira with Unbox Industries was successfully funded back in September Now they are finally off of the assembly lines and are ready to join your collections! Available now through Full Blown Ink’s Webstore are three beautiful 8.5” vinyl Vulkira figures in a “Stealth Mode”, “None More Black” and “Shogun Warrior” colorways. Each figure retailing $85 each and features 5 points of articulation, left and right fist attachments, and bagged with header. Numbers are limited so head on over there quickly!~

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Super7 x Astro Mu 5 Reissue (03.06)


Brian Flynn unveiled some huge news over on his Instagram! After many years, Super7 has finally acquired the rights to do some reissues of the very sought after and unobtainable Astro Mu 5 toys. We are believe Super7 will do Nakajima justice when producing these figures. They’ve already announced the date of Friday, March 6th, which could be a release or an unveil, we are unsure but excited regardless. There are still a few questions that remain, like if they are doing the minis or the standard sizes? Or is it possible they can release a new Caupsule Robo G Jumbo Machinder?! Stay tuned.

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Shoné x Mighty Jaxx – Hellraiser


Mighty Jaxx is gearing up to release Hellraiser, a new figure by Shoné (Nenand Dodic).  The figure is part of the illustrator/artist’s Onepercenters project, a series of clay sculptures created and exhibited in 2013, which is apparently named after the notion that only 1% of motorcycle riders are outlaw bikers. The upcoming drop realizes the artist’s initial goal: to have his sculptures produced as designer toys. 

Check out a WIP paint sample below, and hit the jump for a look at the OG clay sculpture it’s based on as well as a few of his other rogue biker clay figures.



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Javier Jimenez – Wananeko Indiegogo: “Baby” Stretch Goal


To translate his Wananeko resin figure into vinyl, Javier Jimenez launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to produce his vengeful cat yokai as a 5.9” sofubi figure. The sofubi edition will be created from a 3D sculpt by Victor Martin, based on Cristina Ravenna’s original sculpt. Riffing off the character’s ability to transform his body into various shapes including weapons, the sofubi will feature interchangeable hands including one holding his OG spiked ball weapon and another with the brand-new parasite blaster. The Wananeko vinyl is the first in Jimenez’s new StickUp Monsters line of toys blending urban aesthetics with classic folklore.

Having reached the initial $6K goal quickly, the campaign is going really well and moving into the stretch goal phase which, if met, will bring a vinyl version of the new Baby Wananeko (2.5)”!  If (we’ll be optimistic and say “When”) the  campaign reaches $8K, each collector who has backed at the $50 (diy), $55 (exclusive clear pink) or $70 (OG painted) level will receive a matching Baby Wananeko sofubi.


Head on over to the Wananeko Indiegogo page to check out the project, and help make the Baby Wananeko vinyl a reality.


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Sam Fout x Dubose Art – Satan’s Aces


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen new toys from Sam Fout, the man behind 2010’s Bone Ghost Agent and going waaay back Project: Neptoon.  Thankfully Sam has forged a tactical alliance with  Jonathan Dubose to  bring Satan’s Aces to the battlefield. The new line will feature six fully-posable 4-inch army ‘toon figures designed by and hand-painted by Sam with sculpting and resin casting by Jonathan.  

First up is Ironside Battalion, due in the spring in an edition of 50. While we only have small teaser of the figure’s face/helmet, it looks like Ironside is a snarling grunt. Starting with the 2nd  Airborne Division figure, Fout will shoot for monthly drops.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of Satan’s Aces – keep an eye on @SamFout and @duboseart on Instagram.


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