May 28, 2015

Ron English x BlackBook Toy – “Stealth” & “All Seeing Eye” Edition Big Boner

15045-5 15046-5

Brand new to the BlackBook Toy shop are the newest editions of Ron English’ Big Boner figure. The “Stealth” features a clear sofubi and the “All Seeing Eye” comes with a pair of doll eyes that looks like they can see into your soul! You can find them available HERE and HERE for $74 and $78 + S&H.


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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – “Hulk” Edition Ollie Lottery

unnamed (1)

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s Ollie is back and this time someone has made him angry. In this case, we love seeing Ollie angry! The new “Hulk” Ollie is cast in a GID green vinyl and is painted with bright green, dark green, metallic green, florescent pink and purple. Each figure comes with a metal chest chain, sticker and MVH demon head logo hanging card. You can find the lottery HERE, which will close on Friday, May 29th at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be notified the following day and those lucky enough to win can expect to pay $190 + S&H.

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Emilio Garcia – Graphite Brain Heart

graphite brain heartOK

Emilio Garcia is out with a another resin release! Introducing the Graphite Brain Heart, which made its debut as pink and red editions at the Swab Art Fair in Barcelona. Those releases sold out in a beat of a heart! Now is your chance to grab the new Graphite colorway, which is limited to 20 pieces + 3 AP’s. Each resin piece measures 8.5 x  5.5 x 5 and weighs about 4lbs! You can find them available HERE now for roughly $440 each.

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May 26, 2015

Brent Nolasco x Tenacious Toys – Blue Edition Bun Bun


For this Super Series Sunday, Tenacious Toys will be releasing the all new, all blue, Bun Bun by Brent Nolasco. This Blue Edition will be available this Sunday, May 31st through Tenacious Toys HERE. There will only be 7 of these bad boys available at $75 a piece. Bun Bun measures 6” tall and is made of rotocasted resin with glass eyes!


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Josh Herbolsheimer x Super7 – Orange Lava Rose Vampire (05.28)


Josh Herbolsheimer’s Rose Vampire is back and in this vibrant orange soft vinyl! The new Orange Lava Rose Vampire from Super7 is cast in a translucent orange with clear red paint fade and white and red paint details. The release will take place on Thursday, May 28th at 12PM PST through Super7 Online and at both store locations in San Francisco and San Diego for $35.

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May 24, 2015

Toy Art Gallery – Memorial Day Sale (20% Off)


To celebrate the holiday weekend, Toy Art Gallery is offering 20% off with their Memorial Day Weekend sale.  The sale applies to nearly all their online stock minus pieces from their current show (previous show pieces are discounted), pre-order items, and floor samples.  This is the perfect time to pick from TAG’s stock which includes western art toys and an excellent selection of eastern vinyl.  Plus, the 20% off applies to  brand-new releases including the Black edition of DEKU the Buster from Uky Daydreamer as well as the new Bubblegum and Stardust Uamou flavors + her Lemon Lime Bastard. Browse, buy and benefit at through Monday 5.25 at 11:59 PM PDT. Prices are already discounted, no need for a checkout code.

375b74b2e2a325c72fb4ab6d2c4407ea.image.550x550 8c82d0687fe626f67e5ed82ee8780f20.image.550x550

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May 20, 2015

Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak x Cardboard Spaceship – Thimblestump Hollow

11283419_465690993593522_1410513152_n 11265821_627819514020269_16119770_n

It was at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 where Cardboard Spaceship unveiled their latest toy venture with the Thimblestump Hollow series featuring the original designs by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak. The featured images above are totally brand new to us and not the same ones we saw at their booth (SEEN HERE) less than a year ago. SDCC isn’t too far away, so with the release of these teasers, could this mean a Comic-Con debut?

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Amanda Visell x Kidrobot – Ferals Minis


So after a few teases, we now get a full reveal (minus chases/mysteries) of Amanda Visell’s upcoming Ferals (great name) mini-series due from Kidrobot in 2015. The series breaks new ground in a few ways.  It’s the first series of designed Munnyworld minis and it’s the first series that mixes Dunnys with another figure. Amanda’s designs look great – love the trio of baboons.  Great to see the What-did-I-Eat concept make a return as well.  Due for Fall 2015.  Available for pre-order now ($11.99/blind box) at myplasticheart and other retailers.



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Doubleparlour x Kidrobot – Sylvie


As part of today’s Kidrobot News Frenzy, we get our first look at the Dunny Doubleparlour designed, an honor they earned by winning Breakthrough Artist at the 2013 Designer Toy Awards.   The 3” Sylvie looks great, a little frazzled and 100% adorable.  Due in Fall 2015.  Love the packaging as well featuring the DTA Toy Prince trophy.  Hmm, I wonder what Retroband’s Dunny will look like (!).

Sylvie is available for pre-order at myplasticheart and other retailers for $14.99.


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South Park x Kidrobot – Faces of Cartman


If you love the potty-mouthed Cartman (and we know you do), Kidrobot has just the thing.  Cartman’s so BIG that he’s getting his own blindboxed mini-series.  The Faces of Cartman is scheduled for a Fall 2015 drop.  Pre-order it now from myplasticheart and other retailers for $11.99/blindbox.


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Jim Phillips x Kidrobot – Screaming Hand

 santacruz_screaminghand santacruz_screaminghand_keychain

Wow, the Kidrobot News Day keeps on coming.  Here’s a pleasant surprise – Jim Phillips x KR.  Yep, Kidrobot will be releasing the iconic Screaming Hand which graced Santa Cruz Skateboards as a standalone vinyl (likely 9”) as well as a blind-box line of zipper pulls/keychains.  Right on. These are due In June.  The OG Screaming Hand vinyl is available for pre-order for $74.99 from myplasticheart and other retailers.  Pre-orders for the keychains will set you back $4.99 each from mph and others.

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Ron English x Kidrobot – Bart and Homer Grin

simpsons_bartgrin simpsons_homergrin

Kidrobot’s expansive Fall 2015 Simpsons line continues with both Bart and Homer Grin from Ron English. The standalone 3” figures feature the lovable characters re-imagined with English’s signature ironic smile. These pieces and the previously mentioned Kenny Scharf Bart are nice to see and hopefully a sign of a new take on licensing.  Pre-order them now for $14.99 each from myplasticheart and other retailers.

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Kenny Scharf x Kidrobot -- Bart


The epic news day continues with a new Kenny Scharf Bart figure from Kidrobot.  The new 6” figure features one of Scharf’s amorphous characters flowing from his mouth—perhaps a thought or emotion taking visual form. This is just one of a whole slate of new Simpsons toys from KR. Set for Fall 2015, this artful Bart is available for pre-order now for $59.99 from myplasticheart and other retailers.

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Sket One x Kidrobot – Sketracha 3” Dunny

Oooh… Sketracha is making the jump to production with the newly revealed 3” Dunny.  It looks like there will be two editions – “new” and  “used”.  What’s curious is that design graphics clearly say 8” Custom Dunny.  Perhaps plans changed and the graphics didn’t, or there’s an 8” coming as well, or maybe it’s just a shout-out to its origins.  Due in Fall 2015, you can pre-order the Sketracha Dunny now for $14.99 from retailers including myplasticheart.

This unexpected surge of KR news comes as they have apparently moved to a pre-order model which has retailers including myplasticheart taking orders some six months in advance. Brave New World?


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May 19, 2015

Brandt Peters x Kidrobot – The 13 Dunny Series


What’s this we see? A Dunny series from Kidrobot featuring the designs by the one, the only, Brandt Peters?! Well thanks to the myplasticheart facebook group, we’ve witnessed just that! Check out the all new “The 13” Series by Brandt, which has been teased VIA the “Behind the Vinyl” subforum on the Kidrobot message board a few times already. There is not much to say about this series besides the fact that it is amazing! “The 13” features 14 different designs, 13 of which are the creatures from the 13 floor mansion and the 14th design we think may be Lord Strange. More news on this release should be coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Huck Gee – The John Player Special OBP (5.21)


After being teased for what seems like forever, Huck Gee is proud to announce the 24 Hour release of The John Player Special OBP figure, the next livery edition from his creative stable.  The new edition sports the striking black + gold design  made famous through the cigarette brand’s sponsorship of the Lotus F1 racing team. For the transition to the OBP, Huck has added 90% grey accents and hints of white + neon. 

The JPS OBP stands 10” tall, weighs in over 3 pounds, and features rotating ball turrets. The release will take place on Thursday, May 21st at NOON PDT for 24 Hours. They will be available HERE and will retail $475 (+ s/h). Expect the mechs to arrive 6-8 weeks after ordering.


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Gary Baseman – Happy Toby To You! Toby Plush Available Now


For Toby’s 10th birthday Gary Baseman has released a new limited-edition  Happy Toby To You! 12” Toby Plush.  Limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces, the new Tobys are available exclusively from for $300 (+s/h) each.  These are the first numbered plush Tobys since the original 15” versions back in 2005 which now command prices many times over original retail.   After checking, it turns out that unlike the 2005 edition, the new 12” edition does not have armature for posing Toby.

In addition to the new plush, Gary Baseman and Toby will celebrate the character’s 10th anniversary in style with the opening of the Happy Toby to You! exhibition opening on Thursday, May 21st 2015 at Times Square in  Hong Kong.  The new exhibition marks a tremendous year or so for Baseman in Asia which saw his touring ‘The Door is Always Open’ make stops  at MOCA Taipei (June 2014) and  at the Chi K11 Art Space in Shanghai(December 2014).  He also created an art installation at CentralWorld in Bangkok (July 2014) as part of the festivities for the opening of the new Groove entertainment section at the world’s sixth largest mall.

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May 18, 2015

Brent Nolasco -- ‘Forget Me Not’ Bun Bun Custom

IMG_20150429_093736 (2)

We last saw Brent Nolasco’s newest creation, Bun Bun, in a light purple debut edition back in late March.  Now, here’s Brent’s first custom of the quirky ‘bunny’ character.  ‘Forget Me Not’ gives poignant visual and tangible form to the vibrant essence of life.

Bun Bun sits and takes time to reflect on a skull covered in moss and mushrooms.This is his special place to go. He watches the sun come up in the morning and counts the stars at night. He finds an inner peace being here and vows to never leaves his master side. Even though much time has passed,the memories of laughter and love are still vivid and fresh in his mind. One can pass away but the memory still lives on in our hearts.

Created with a rotocast Bun Bun figure, Aves Epoxy Sculpt, found objects and acrylic paint, Forget Me Not (11” x 7” x 5”) was hand-painted and sculpted by Brent himself.  The unforgettable piece is available now for $250 (+s/h) over on the artist’s web store.


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Glenn Barr – Lucky Devil Blue Skelve (5.22)


The industrious folks over at Circus Posterus are about to release their Lucky Devil Blue Skelve by Glenn Barr. While this is not the first Lucky Devil Skelve, it does appear to be the first one with Barr’s face design, first seen on the Lucky Devil Masks (2014). The mischievous (we suspect) blue Devil stands 9” tall, comes with a 5x7” s/n print, hand-screened muslin bag.   Limited to 30 pieces, The Lucky Devil Blue Skelve drops on Friday (5.22) from Circus Posterus for $250 (+s/h).


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May 17, 2015

Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys – Taco Boy


Pobber Toys just shared a teaser of some goods they got cooking up with Scott Tolleson. From what we’ve gathered from the hashtags, this new character of Scott’s has been dubbed Taco Boy! This soon to come release features a similar style of the Kookie No Good figure with De Korner, which we assume also share the same size and vinyl material. All there is to do now is play the waiting game.

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May 14, 2015

The Beast Brothers – “Spring” Edition Calaverita


It’s been sometime since we’ve seen a Calaverita release from the Beast Brothers. Now we have the new “Spring” Edition Calaverita, which is limited to only 20 pieces. This edition features a beautiful lime green vinyl with orange details in the face. You can find them available now HERE for $60 a piece.

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Andrea Kang x Momiji – Gomi


Andrea Kang has collaborated with Momiji on Gomi, the brand’s latest limited-edition  friendship doll.  The adorable 3” Gomi (Gom: “bear” in Korean) features a little girl in the guise of a bear, her spirit animal.  Limited to 500 numbered pieces, Gomi is available now exclusively from for $29.95 (+s/h) and comes in a matching  Momiji take-out box package designed by Andrea. To learn more about Andrea and her design, check out her Interview with Momiji. Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.18.19 AM


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May 13, 2015

Buff Monster – New Ice Cream Inflatable (5.15)


It’s back…! First released in 2010, Buff Monster’s Ice Cream Inflatable is new and improved with updated graphics.  The new edition features Buff’s one-eyed ice cream dude characters seen in his recent paintings instead of the skull design of the original as well as a slight revision of the now retro Buff Monster characters on the flip side. It shares the same shape and form-factor of the original (52”).   Oh, did we mention there’s a brand-new box design as well?

The new Buff Monster Ice Cream Inflatable will be available this Friday (5.15) @ 10 AM EDT from for $100 (+ s/h).  Stay sharp and don’t blow your chance.


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Full Blown Ink – “Berserker” Edition Vulkira Pre-Order


Full Blown Ink has put out a pre-order for a new colorway of their Vulkira figure. Introducing the “Berserker” colorway, which pays homage to the one, the only, Weapon X. This pre-order is limited to only 10 pieces and is up for grabs HERE for $85. Included with your purchase is Berserker Vulkira, 1 rocket attachment, 1 drill attachment, 2 fist attachments, 1 set of blueprints, 1 sticker and 1 menko card. Pick up one before they are all called for!

They’ve also teased what they’ve got coming in the near future as well! Stay tuned for news on the upcoming Devastator and Druul colorways.

Devastator-coming_soon Druul

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MONDO – “The First Turtle” Pre-Order Available Now!


Here comes the 4th installment of MONDO’s new toy line! Introducing “The First Turtle”, a toy inspired by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s original doodle of what could have been the design for the pizza loving turtles we know today. 32 years later and now we have this beautiful 6.5” PVC figure, which is available in four editions. First of all is the Black and White Edition ($65), Color Edition with Red Mask ($65), Color Version with Orange Mask ($65) and the Deluxe Black and White Edition (SOLD OUT) that includes 3 interchangeable heads with different mask colors, white, red, and orange + 5" x 7" letterpress print of the original Kevin Eastman art. You can find these fine pieces through MONDO’s webstore HERE.



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