Aug 27, 2015

Scott Tolleson – Red Metal Mini Deadbeet (8.28)


The legend of the Deadbeet lives.  The shape and material have changed, but the bad to the bone spirit thrives in the new Red Metal Mini Deadbeet from Scott Tolleson.  Featuring a delicious candy apple coat of paint, the new Metal Deadbeets look mighty tempting.  Be sure to grab one (or more—no limit) when the drop on Friday (8.28) @ 10 PM PDT from Scott’s webshop for the can’t miss price of $10 (+$3 for shipping).


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Aug 25, 2015

Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju x Blobpus – Red Rub Vertebrata Lottery (8.26 – 8.31)

unnamed (1)

Toy Art Gallery has announced the Red Rub Vertebrata, the first painted production run of the collabo sofubi from Paul Kaiju and Blobpus.  Dropping just under a year after her debut unpainted edition back in September 2014, Red Rub features a Paul Kaiju paint design  which begins with deep red vinyl with black rub to bring out textural detail and finishes with a mix of colorful metallic sprays. TAG will offer this edition for $85 (+s/h) via lottery.  For a chance to purchase the figure, be sure to enter the lottery between Wednesday @ 12 PM PDT (8.26)  and Monday @ 12 PM PDT (8.31) by sending an email to with a subject of “Vertebrata Lottery” along with your paypal address and shipping info.  Good Luck!


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Ron English x Kidrobot – Apocalypse 8” Grin Dunny (09.04)


The long awaited “Grin” Dunny by Ron English and Kidrobot has finally been given the release date of Friday, September 4th! The “Apocalypse Grin” Dunny is based off of the 3” version from the Apocalypse series. He has now grown up into a full 8” figure, which will even have its own color variant chase.  You will find them available at your local toy stores and Kidrobot online at 9AM MST for $75 each. Notice the detail in that grin. Its actually sculpted in and not painted!

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Aug 24, 2015

Maizi Art – No War Bobo Deluxe Resin Pre-Order Ends on 8.25


We first learned about Maizi from following the development of  his old-school Jourrney vinyls which he released back in April of last year.  Now, he’s pushing things in a more minimalist direction with No War Bobo, a sexy homage to world peace. The hand-made resin female sculpture features the artist’s angular style without the compromises necessary for articulated vinyl figures.  Beyond casting the resin, Maizi has been honing his wood working skills which are on full display with the swanky hand-crafted wood boxes he’s created for the project.  As you can see, the front of the box features a stylish silhouette of the figure with inlaid vinyl pieces including the iconic peace symbol. 

These are available for pre-order right now (pricing has not been announced) through today (August 25th).  If you’re interested, drop a line to


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Winson Ma – Jungle Ape-01 Machine + DIY

Winson Ma has announced two new Apexplorers vinyl figures.  The upcoming Jungle Ape-01 Machine Color Artform 12” vinyl features a construction worker vibe perhaps a nod of sorts to the urban-minded 1:6 figures that Winson created as part of the legendary Brothersfree trio.  Limited to 200 signed/numbered pieces, the Ape-01 Machines comes with a removable combo hardhat/respirator mask.  These are due in October at $166 (+ s/h)—please contact to pre-order.

In addition to the new 12” Jungle Machine figure, Winson Ma is releasing his first DIY Apexplorer vinyl.  The 6” Jungle appears to have 3 points of articulation and its all-white body is ready for whatever spark of creativity flows within.  It’ll also look great on the shelf as is--a nice way to focus attention on the form of the toy.  The Jungle DIY will be available for $33 (+s/h).  To inquire about ordering, drop a line to

Winson helped pioneer the golden age of Urban Vinyl in Hong Kong--we’re glad he’s continuing to make figures on his own terms.

DIY 6 inches vinly 1


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Aug 21, 2015

Coarse – Backroom Sale with Amanda Visell Pieces (8.21)


Coarse is holding a first-come-first-served Backroom Sale on Friday (8.21) at 8:59 AM PDT over at  The sale will feature several exhibition exclusives, emergency stock and more. The sale page is up now and while we expect more to be added including Amanda Visell pieces (more on that in a second), highlights include the Thailand Toy Expo exclusive omen blinks, Omen Totems Loser (blue and white), 7” Omen Blackout and The Passage – monochrome ignited.

So while details are kinda scarce, we do know from Coarse’s latest email as well as a couple of teaser images on her InstagramInstagram, that at least a few Amanda Visell x Coarse pieces will be available as part of this Backroom sale including the Omen below which we assume is a custom as well as the teased piece after the jump which also appears to be a custom.  



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Aug 20, 2015

Amanda Visell x Kidrobot Labbits ?

11375344_873667059375827_580896781_n (1)

Kidrobot recently teased these two hand-painted Amanda Visell Labbits, perhaps a hint that these are headed for production.  Going by the pic, these appear to be either 6” or 10” Labbits.  6” might make sense as they would fit in right alongside her only other production labbit – the amazing Wood Labbit collabo with Frank Kozik from 2009.  After a bit of a hiatus, AV x KR looks to be stronger than ever with the upcoming Ferals minis and now potentially these Labbits. Go Amanda!

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J*RYU x Kidrobot – It’s A F.A.D. 8” Dunny



The F.A.D. is most definitely in.   In addition to the 20” Dunny due in the fall ($499), it turns out that J*Ryu and Kidrobot will also release a smaller 8” Dunny ($74.99) in the Spring – both editions are available for pre-order from retailers including myplasticheart.   Plus, KR recently showed off this gorgeous teaser shot complete with the key—check out the sculpted textures and the fancy weathered metal paint application.  While there’s no official word on whether this is the 20” or the 8”, we’ll assume it’s big brother given the release schedule.  Props to J*Ryu on his first Dunny, an outside-the-box design that refused to go away quietly.


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KAWZ Trooper 002 from K.F.C. ReProductions (8.24)


Hot on the heels of the debut release of the KAWZ Trooper Head, K.F.C. ReProductions is back with more bootleg-of-a-bootleg action with Trooper 002.  This 2nd drop features a white + black trooper with red splatter.  Limited to 10 pieces, the KAWZ Trooper 002 Head resin will be available exclusively from Dekorner on Monday (8.24) @ 10 AM PDT for $40 each (+ s/h).


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Aug 19, 2015

Huck Gee – BattleTails Available Now for iOS


Woot!  The wait is over (well at least for iPhone/iPad owners)…  Huck Gee’s BattleTails  which was funded  on Kickstarter back in 2013  is available now on iOS with the Android version due shortly.  You could keep reading this post or simply head on over to the Apple App store and get to playing.  Still Here?  Ok, so BattleTails is a free-to-play action tower defense mobile game featuring gorgeous character designs and art by Huck.  While we haven’t had a chance to get too far into it yet (darn energy systems!), the game play seems fairly deep with plenty of unlockables – troops, towers, equipment for your hero and more.   Visually the game is gorgeous and it’s presented well.  Oh, did we mention Vampy is a playable hero? Checkout the screenshot above which we lifted from

Hmm, what else?  The game runs equally well on both iPhones and iPads.  In terms of controls, the virtual buttons  might take some getting used to, but at least it’s just forward and back.  So far, based on limited time with the game, the size of the battlefields is a bit limiting, hopefully they expand as the game progress. Also, the  stats system for the equipment and characters is a bit confusing, at least so far.  It would be nice to be able to compare them side by side. These are just our first impressions, we’re looking forward to having a blast exploring more.   Go give BattleTails a spin and tell us what you think. 

Props to Huck and crew for releasing BattleTails.  Huck continues to tear it up in 2015, with his very own platform toy (“The Blank”), a new saga of customs based on that platform, and now his very own game.


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Aug 18, 2015

Shadoe Delgado – Fudgy Brown Shadow (buddies)


Looking for something for you and a friend?  Shadoe Delgado has just the thing with his new Fudgy Brown Shadow (Buddies).  Each set features two Brown Shadow figures – one 3” and a slightly smaller 2.5” buddy.  Each figure is hand-painted, signed and numbered.  And yes, you’re more than welcome to keep both to yourself (hoarder!)  Pick up a Fudgy Brown Shadow (buddies) set for $35 (+s/h) over at  We could ramble on about how $35 for two hand-made art toys is a crazy steal, but then again, you already knew that…


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Aug 17, 2015

Ron English – Tricky the Obese Rabbit


Coming soon to a toy retailer near you is the 7th character from Ron English’s Cereal Killer to join the ranks of vinyl figure! Tricky the Obese Rabbit measures 8” tall and is available for $65 at retailers including myplasticheart and Dekorner. Be sure to pick up this piece to recreate the Last Fat Breakfast!


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Paul Kaiju x Unbox Industries – Mini Mockbat!


It looks like Paul Kaiju and Unbox Industries are working together to produce the Mini Mockbat! This figure will stand roughly 4” tall and was digitally scanned to match perfectly to you regular sized bats. There is no info yet on the release of this little fellah, so stay tuned!

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Luke Chueh x Mighty Jaxx – Gero-Hero/Bat-Bear Figure?!


Not too long ago, Mighty Jaxx posted a photo of what without a doubt looks to be Luke Chueh’s Gero-Hero/Bat-Bear, a painting of his from 2006. We are super happy to see this turn from 2D to 3D, especially in the hands of Mighty Jaxx. Could this be more of a bust to match the painting or perhaps a full figure? All there is to do is wait!


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Ron English x BlackBook Toy – Psycho Camo Mousemask Murphy in Airplane


BlackBook Toy is excited to announce the return of Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy in Airplane figure! This time released in a Psycho Camo colorway, which features an array of psychedelic colors. You can find it available in limited quantities HERE for roughly $110. Mousemask Murphy in Airplane measures 6” x6”, so be sure you find enough landing space for him in your collections.


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Aug 14, 2015

Jermaine Rogers – Epic Friday Release: Toys, Prints and more (8.14)


Get Ready. Jermaine Rogers will offer up an epic release on Friday (8.14) @ Noon PDT  over at featuring a treasure trove of art toys, prints and more.  First up are three new Mini Prints in several editions—Always Remember Son, We Carry Each Other and Frida & Vincent.   Next, if you missed SDCC, Jermaine will also be offering the remaining quantities of his  comic-con drops including  the Choices GID vinyl (75 pieces, $80), Dero: Creeping (Deity Series) Spirit resin, Aleppin Sane SDCC Scarlet Variant Print (30 pcs, $60) and Choices SDCC Gold Dust Variant Print (20 pcs, $60).

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Aug 13, 2015

Michelle Valigura x Amanda Visell – Arctic Fox + Robot & Midas Robot + Fox Sets


unnamed (1)unnamed (2)

Michelle Valigura  and Amanda Visel l have released two new editions of their collaborative resin sets featuring AV’s Fox and MV’s Robot. The Arctic Fox and Robot set  (25Arctic Fox and Robot set  (25 pcs, $90) features a 3.5” fox and a smaller robot—hand-painted dry brush style in icy blue hues.  Flip flopping the headliner role, the Midas Robot + Fox sets (10 pcs, $90)  feature a 3.5” Robot cast in clear resin with gold glitter and a mini-mini fox. While the OG versions feature a girl on Robot’s chest panel, the Midas edition features a cheerful King Midas Fox. Both figure sets are available now at


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Leecifer x Nolasco NYCC Project Sneak #2


Here’s a second look at the upcoming Leecifer x Nolasco project slated to debut at this year’s NYCC in October.  In our first glimpse we saw a partial reveal of Brent’s head sculpt.  Now we have a shot of Leecifer’s head with his take on a bat-like creature featuring teeny bat-wings (ears?) on the side of the head, and what appears to be parted hair.  Will each figure come with two swappable heads?  Look for full project details shortly.

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Aug 12, 2015

DMS – Skelevex Spectrum Magenta (8.14)


It’s time for the next Skelevex Spectrum release.  Series 1 Episode 3 of DMS’s edition-a-month project.  This time around we have a bright magenta mini Skelevex finished with a nicely done weathering effect.  Skelevex Spectrum Magenta drops on Friday (8.14) at 5:30 AM PDT for $15.99 (+ s/h) from the Skelevex shop.


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Aug 10, 2015

Warner Brothers x Kidrobot – Looney Toons Capsule Collection

unnamed (2)

Kidrobot is ever so happy to announce that they have teamed up with Warner Brothers to produce the upcoming Looney Toons Capsule collection! This will of course feature a 3” Blind Box series, a Keychain series and one we have recently announced, the Limited Edition Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird Art Toy (SEEN HERE). You can expect to see prices from $5.99 to $49.99. This series will of course feature some of your favorite characters including, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pepe Le Pew, Marvin the Martian, Tasmanian Devil, Porky Pig, Tweety, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote. These are set to launch in January of 2016.

unnamedunnamed (1)

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys – Paco Taco First Look


Back in May we posted a teaser of Paco Taco by Scott Tolleson and Pobber Toys. Now it looks like he is being worked on will be coming very soon! It appears that this figure will be the same height as Kookie No Good figures, which would make them pair wonderfully together. Hopefully there will be more updates soon, so we can taco bout it!

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Mike Mitchell – Mondocon Exclusive Lil’ Mikey Variant


Mondo has announced that Mike Michell’s Lil’ Mikey figure from his “Just Like Us” series will be making an appearance at this years Mondocon! This time he will be in a special color variant that is limited to only 100 pieces. This colorway draws inspiration from the old black and white comics when all the turtles donned red masks. You can find tickets to Mondocon available HERE for $45 per day. The original edition retailed $85, so you can expect it to be around the same price range.

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Aug 06, 2015

Joe Ledbetter – Chaos Bunny Pins + Magnets

Joe Ledbetter has just launched a new series of Chaos Bunny lifestyle items available from his online shop.  First up are five deluxe enamel pins loaded with special features. The regular Mr. Bunny and Lava feature bobble ears that wobble and move along with the wearer--the effect looks great. Taking a different tack on motion, the Jolly Roger one features jangling crossbones.  Finally, GID fans will love the glow eyes on the Space-Out pin. The pins are $12 each or $55 for a set.

Joe’s also released four new sweet Chaos Bunny  magnets: Funny Bunny, Calavera Bunny, Bipolar Bunny and Leopard Bunny.  The magnets are $8 each or $30 for a full set.


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Mark Dean Veca x Kidrobot – Tweety ?!?


As seen on the Behind the Vinyl thread, it looks like one of our favorite artists, Mark Dean Veca, is collaborating with Kidrobot on a brand-new art toy of … Tweety!  It’s about time MDV had his own vinyl –- his signature organic filigree-ish style lends itself well to nearly any character and adds a wallop to the familiar and iconic.  This is not your father’s licensed toy, no sir!   Props to KR for thinking outside of the box with this one. 

While we don’t know exactly what the figure will look like, Mark created two paintings for his Everlast show (2014) at Western Project in Culver City, CA featuring Tweety in a seated pose.


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Frank Kozik Reveals Ron English x Kidrobot UnkleSkam


Kidrobot Creative Director Frank Kozik  took to instagram to unveil an upcoming new art toy from Ron English and KidrobotLacking an official title, we’ll call it ‘Fat Uncle Sam’. Thanks to a post by Klim of Bigshot Toyworks, we have a nicer look at the two colorways of the Unkle Skam figure – great name.

First up was a look at a red/white/blue/yellow colorway which might very well be the OG edition.  The portly figure features the iconic pointing finger and stern expression (slightly more nefarious here with the addition red highlights around the eyes) inspired by the vintage ‘I Want You’ US Army recruitment posters.  The sculpting (done digitally by the wizards at Bigshot Toyworks is on-point here from the expressive face and the sculpted-in stars to the stack of cash behind Sam’s back complete with burger band.   

Mr. Kozik also showed off a sharp black/white/gold edition. wicked.  Perhaps a chase or a separate edition.  At any rate, we’re looking forward to the upcoming release of Fat Uncle Sam. 

While Ron has parodied Uncle Sam over the years including his costumed appearance and  ‘self portrait’ in the guise of the character and his  provocative ‘April Fool’s Day on the Border’ intervention, the new toy is probably best seen as a continuation of the fat series which began with MC Supersized and has continued with his line of Cereal Killers figures.


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