Sep 30, 2016

Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta – Death Dealer


The reaper has arrived.  On a Labbit!  That’s right, the Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta Death Dealer is upon us.  The collabo with Frank Frazetta’s estate brings the late fantasy illustrator’s work to life in vinyl.  Limited to 300 pieces, the Death Dealer features an axe-wielding barbarian atop his loyal Labbit steed.  It drops on Friday (10.30) for $299 from and select retailers.



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Sep 29, 2016

Kidrobot x Madballs – Foam Series


As you may know, Kidrobot is bringing back the vintage gross-out toys. Madballs.  Lots planned with the license including blind box, keychains, and more.  Here’s a look at the large-format foam series featuring the classic characters featuring updated art from the OG Madballs artist James Groman.  Sounds like these will at least be shown at NYCC.


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Jay222 x Mark Nagata - Chubz The Cat


Jay222 and Mark Nagata are proud to bring to you Chubz the Cat! A new adorable sofubi figure to brighten up your day! Chubz was sculpted and designed by Jay222 and produced by Max Toy Co. This debut release features an unpainted blue/purple vinyl and stands 4" tall. You can find Chubz available now HERE for $30 each.

chubz-1chubz-2 chubz-3

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Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins "I'm Scared" Public Screening & Stair Monsta Release @ 3DRetro (10.15)


Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins' has been showing off the final product of their Stop Animation Film, "I'm Scared" all over the world. Now they will be holding a public screening of the stop-motion animation at 3DRetro on Saturday, October 15th from 7-11PM. Not only will be they holding a special screening, but they will also be releasing the "Midnight" Colorway of the Stair Monsta Vinyl figure from 7-9PM. Expect food trucks, raffles, a costume contest and an exhibit featuring puppets and props from the film. Admission is absolutely free! 

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins || “I’m Scared” Screening and Stair Monsta Toy Release
Saturday, October 15th 2016 (7-11 PM_

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Full Reveal: Brent Nolasco's "The Eliminator" at NYCC

QuickMemo _2016-09-29-12-32-23-1-1

Here we have a full reveal of Brent Nolasco's latest sculptural masterpiece, "The Eliminator"! This figure is made of solid resin, which should mean for some nice added weight to this piece. The Eliminator stands 6.5" tall and is made from 5 pieces (head, upper torso, arms x2, and lower torso/legs). He also comes accessorized with a white cape. This piece was painted and casted by Task One and previously mentioned HERE, these will be available exclusively through the myplasticheart booth #113 at $90 a piece. Each figure also comes with a free sticker and a button pack. "Search, Destroy, Repeat"


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Sep 28, 2016

Ron English x Candie Bolton x TAG – Garuda Poultry Rex

unnamed (2)
Beware of the Garuda Poultry RexRon English’s prehistoric chicken-dino is ready to roar once again with a muted rainbow design hand-painted by none other than Candie Bolton.  Extremely limited, Garuda will be released from Toy Art Gallery’s webshop on Thursday (9.29) @ 12 PM PDT for $145 (+ s/h).


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Fools Paradise – The Last Ride Pre-Order

IMG_9500 copy

The Last Ride flips the script a bit on  Fools Paradise’s Coin Rides Game series. Recently seen in several FP releases, Lowfool (aka Batman) is front and center once again, albeit in a puzzling and befuddling moment.  Rather than hopping on an child’s amusement ride version of his signature vehicle as seen throughout this series, the Caped Crusader clearly won’t fit onto the wee replica.  Perhaps this is Lowfool’s continuing reluctance or refusal to be the fearless, heroic, and often hapless puppet of a foolish Hollywood, or in his own words ‘I Wont Be a Hero, Tim’.  It might also be that poor creative decisions have brought him to his lowest point yet.  Call it fan protest, homage, and parody rolled into one.

Limited to 398 pieces,  The Low Ride features a heavily tatted Lowfool—Fools Paradise has fallen in love with body ink—and the Tumbler-mobile ride. This amusing and curious piece is available for pre-order for $295 (+ $30 for Global Shipping) from Fools Paradise. Delivery is slated for 4th Quarter 2016.


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Sep 23, 2016

Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Hooverville Labbits (10”)



Kidrobot has just released the new 10” Hooverville Labbits from Frank Kozik. Evoking the hardscrabble struggle of depression-era America, Hooverville features a scruffy down-on-his-luck sort, smorkin’ a cig as he walks the streets in his beat up overalls.  The new Labbit is available in both a vintage black retail edition (500 pcs) as well as a KR-exclusive orange edition (200 pcs) for $49.99 (+ s/h) each. The black edition is available at your favorite retailers including Rotofugi, myplasticheart, many others, and of course Kidrobot.

unnamed (5)


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Uglydoll x Toy Art Gallery – Sunshine Mini Monsters


Toy Art Gallery has just released a new unpainted edition of the Uglydoll Mini Monsters from David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim.  The Sunshine edition features eight  2” gacha figures--Babo, Jeero, Ox, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice Bat and Wedgehead in a pleasing, bright yellow colorway.  The Sunshine Mini Monsters are available now directly from the TAG web shop for $10/each (+ s/h) individually or $60 (+ s/h) for the full set of eight figures. 

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Touma x Power Rangers x Bandai – Mighty Morphin Megazord


Bandai will debut the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Megazord by Touma and Tokyo Vinyl at NYCC.  The latest in a series of Touma’s Power Rangers visions, the new Megazord  figure stands 8.5” tall and is limited to 850 pieces worldwide. Five-hundred pieces will be released in the USA, beginning with limited quantities at NYCC via the Bandai America booth [#1628] for $60 each.




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Huck Gee x Jon-Paul Kaiser x Pobber – Skullhead Samurai (9.23)


If you missed it at STGCC, Pobber will release the Huck Gee x Jon-Paul Kaiser Skullhead Samurai vinyl from their webshop on Friday (9.23) at 7 AM PDT for US$100 (+ s/h).  The 9” collabo figure brings us a mean Samurai with a larger-than-life stylized vision of  Huck’s trademark Skullhead amped by JPK, five points of articulation and a katana.


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Sep 22, 2016

Clutter x Scott Wilkowski x Kidrobot – NYCC 5” Infected Dunnys


It continues to spread and grow, claiming larger victims with each new evolution. That’s right, the unstoppable contagion has spread to the 5” Dunny.  Clutter has two NYCC exclusive editions-- of Scott Wilkowski’s 5” Infected Dunny. Collectors can choose between Lavender-purple w/green skeleton—and Sour Apple—green with yellow skeleton. Officially licensed from Kidrobot, these double-cast resin pieces dwarf their 3” little brothers especially in terms of volume.

Each edition is limited to 100 pieces, with 50  of each color being reserved for NYCC and 50 held back for an online drop after the ‘con.As is becoming standard, Clutter will offer the NYCC-bound pieces via a pick-up only pre-order on Friday (9.23) at 9 AM PDT for $175 each (+ s/h).  Please note that this pre-order is only for people who will be attending NYCC and will pick up the figures from the Clutter booth[#603].


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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive: The Eliminator by Brent Nolasco


Wicked. As he mentioned in our webcam interviewBrent Nolasco has been planning to shift the style of his resin work, but up until now we’ve been waiting to see the new direction. First out of the chute is the The Eliminator (6.5”), the first in the rebirth of the Dark Descendents line.  This two-headed skull demon will debut as an NYCC exclusive in a dark grey sold resinedition  from myplasticheart for $90 (booth #113).

From what we can see so far, Brent’s definitely stepped up the level of the sculpting with this new release.  The facial details, in particular the teeth and horns, are pretty tight. Where most of his previous releases have been two part figures (head and body), The Eliminator ups the ante with five pieces (head, upper body, lower body and  arms x2).  Here’s hoping for a full shot/reveal shortly.

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Sep 21, 2016

Evan Shen x Thirsty – Pugzilla


Taiwanese artist Evan Shen has teamed up with a brand new toy manufacturer Thirsty to create their very first soft vinyl toy Pugzilla. It already looks as though they have a few colorways already planned four this undead pug, one of which seems to have a gummy texture, which we think is super exciting to see!

About Pugzilla:
Over decades, people have been messing with dog’s genes, bringing out so-called “breeds”. The consequence of inbreeding has brought this world genetic mutation; furthermore, it has disturbed hearts, intestines or stomachs and caused organ functioning problems. On the contrary, limbs have become over-functioning. The most vital thing is that, Amygdaloid, also known as the brain of emotion has withered. The only thing that left in their minds is violence and demolishment. This is how Pugzilla is born…

For release information, be sure to stay tuned to either their Instagram or Facebook for any special release announcements. Check after the jump for more photos.


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Buff Monster – Marbled Pink Mister Melty (9.24)


Buff Monster has a new Mister Melty sofubi hybrid figure ready and this time it’s in signature pink.  In fact, it’s Marbled Pink featuring pink + clear marbled vinyl.  This edition is available in both original and Zombie versions – each with hand-painted faces.  The zombie edition also comes with an unpainted 2-face head which fits on either body.  The Marbled Pink Mister Meltys drop on Friday (9.23) at 7 AM PDT from Buff Monster’s web shop for $35 each (+ s/h).



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Sep 20, 2016

Cop A Squat Toys x Dski One -- Alea Iacta Est Fumetsu (9.24)

Alea Iacta Est Set

Cop A Squat Toys is about to release the next chapter in the Fumetsu experience. Alea Iacta Est (The Die is Cast) features different vibrant designs on clear+ pink marbled vinyl painted by Dski One. Plus, for in-the-dark fun, each figure has a shake-action LED light in the internal Aliesh cavity.  Each Fumetsu figure comes bagged with a fancy letterpressed header card.  

Fumetsu Alea Iacta Est drops on Saturday (9.24) at Noon PDT from the Cop A Squat Toys web shop for $80 (+ s/h). 

Photos: @xduchess_gummybunsx


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The Black Spot Artist Series #1: Fer MG ‘Pixar’ Minis (9.22)


The Black Spot will launch its first Artist Series featuring 12 Pixar-themed mini fig customs  from  Spanish artist Fer MG (Custom Corner Feb 2016).  Fer MG has transformed mini versions of Dunnys, Munnys, a Labbit and a Raffy  into characters from several Pixar films including Toy Story, Monsters INC/U, Incredibles and Inside Out.  While each of these is well-done, Slinky (Raffy), Mr. Potato (Munny) and Mike Wazowski are our picks as series standouts. 

While it would seem that all things point to a blind-boxed series, thankfully this is not the case. Each of the Fer MG Pixar figures will be released individually on Thursday (9.22) at 6 AM PDT from The Black Spot for 35 euros (~ US$39).


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Designer Toy Awards Voting Open thru 9.26


It’s time… to vote for your favorite toys, artists, shops and blogs(!) for the 2016 Designer Toy Awards.  So go over to this year’s list of finalists—selected from the public submissions by the nomination committees—and make your voice heard in each of the six public-voted categories.  As in past years, the remainder of the categories will be voted on by members of the DTA ‘Pro’ board.

While we try not to make a big fuss about campaigning for ourselves, if you enjoy Vinyl Pulse please consider voting for us for best blog. Thanks!

Pro Committee: Jackson Aw, Huck Gee, Dov Kelmer, Kirby Kerr, Benny Kline, Travis Lykins, Gary Rozanski, John Stokes, and Vince Yu. 

Public: Justin Cheah, Lee Funai, Ketha Insomphou, Steve Lew, Rob Lumino, and Katherine Park

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Goldmine Mole and Miner / Porkchop + Moth

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)

The dynamic duo of Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell have just released two new resin sets, both featuring translucent, loaded with glitter main characters.  First up is Goldmine Mole with Miner (4”, 15 pcs, $90) featuring a mix of glitter including gold and red.  Following Mr. Mole is the adorable Porkchop + Moth (4.5”, 15 pcs, $90).   This latest version of Pig + Butterfly has a  sparkly, milky appearance.  Both hand painted and handmade sets are available now from Switcheroo and will ship in roughly 2-3 weeks.


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Sep 19, 2016

Joseph Harmon x TAG – Purple Fuzz Wolf Thing Bat mother (7.21)

unnamed (1)

Next up from Toy Art Gallery is the Purple Fuzz Wolf Thing Bat Mother (5”) from Joseph Harmon.  The groovy design features pink, blue, green, red and black sprays on purple vinyl – painted by the artist himself.  Purple Fuzz drops this Wednesday (9.21) at 12 PM PDT from the TAG web shop for $65.


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Touma x BIC Plastics – Status of Liberty Pre-Order


BIC Plastics has just announced the new Status of Liberty (10”) vinyl art toy from Touma.  A modern reflection of turbulent times and changing notions of freedom, the Status of Liberty re-interprets the iconic symbol of freedom.  Her torch pointed forward at the ready, her tablet fashioned into a shield, she stands ready to confront the varied and increasing threats to liberty. 

The figure features an ‘iron green’ finish with a nice patina-style finish, while the torch’s flame shines brilliantly with an orange-red metallic finish.   Status of Liberty is available now for pre-order for $90 (+ s/h). To order please send an email to Hit the jump for more pictures and an in-depth exploration on the toy’s concept from the press materials.


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Sep 18, 2016

OG Slick x Silent Stage Gallery – Mutha Chucka Murdered Out (9.19)


Incoming! Silent Stage Gallery will debut OG Slick’s Mutha Chucka Murdered Out edition (30 pcs, 16” solid high impact resin)  on Monday (9.19) at 11 AM PDT from their webshop for $1199 each (+ s/h).  With bandana pulled over his face and molotov spray can in-hand, Slick’s take on Astro Boy is done playing.  The statue comes in a custom stenciled box by the artist and includes a signed/numbered COA).


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Frank Montano – Welcome Feast at Woot Bear (9.24)

unnamed (1)

Seattle-based (and Bay Area native) artist  Frank Montano will open his Welcome Feast solo at Woot Bear in San Francisco on Saturday (9.24).  The show will continue to unravel the world of FEAST (FossilEnergyAndSecurityTeam) through resin figures and customs  including DiamondTroopers, mini Sub1s (S1BJeCT.ON3), Blizzard Beasts (check the Miwe custom after the jump), original paintings, and painted spray cans.  

Frank Montano || Welcome Feast
Opening: Saturday, September 24th (6:30 – 9:30 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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Sep 17, 2016

Curious Boy – Xinyuan (No. 1 Hustler)

color version-1

Shanghai-based designer Curious Boy has just released his second art toy resin—following the sold-out Tianpeng hip-hop pig—Xinyuan AKA No. 1 Hustler. Xinyuan is a modern, urban, hip-hop vision of the iconic Monkey King trickster/hero of Chinese legend. Melding fierce with stylish, Curious Boy has seamlessly blended legacy with the now.

At first glance the figure appears to be just a well-designed urban art toy.  Looking closer, the inspiration becomes clearer.  The scowling face is spot-on, human with distinct monkey traits.   The arm guards evoke ancient times and the fur texture that of the king himself.  The blending continues on to Xinyuan’s shorts – the  waistband is emblazoned with HUSTLER, while the back features 心 and 愿 (Xinyuan – dream or wish). 

Limited to 100 pieces, standing ~ 8.3” tall and made proudly in China, this first multi-color edition is available now for $150 (includes worldwide shipping). To order, drop an email to The figure will also be available in gold, black and bronze (nicely done) editions for a total series run of 200 pieces.

full version


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Sep 16, 2016

Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx – Gold Life Shadow Editions (9.17)


If you weren’t able to make it to Singapore for STGCC, you’ll be happy to know that Mighty Jaxx will release the STGCC Exclusive Gold Life Shadow Edition figures from none other than Huck Gee on Saturday (9.17) at 7 AM PDT from their web shop.   This is your chance to pick up the limited editions of Soul Collector, Raku:Day and Raku:Night.  Thanks to great pics of their Gold Life figures from @bomber_chen and @iskandhar_shahril—also has sweet videos of each figure—we know that the figures come with PowerCore collector cards and feature swanky clear packaging.  Set the alarm on your phone – don’t sleep :)



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