Reactor-88’s Custom Corner : Frank Mysterio


Welcome to Reactor-88’s Custom Corner. For July we are highlighting Rafael Pantoja, probably better known in the toy world as Frank Mysterio. Rafael resides in Mexico City and works as a graphic designer by day, but come night he shifts gears and moves to his art- which consists of graffiti, painting, digital illustration and of course custom art toys. I’ve been following Rafael’s work for a while now, and one thing that amazes me is the quantity of work he puts out. I was under the impression he was a full-time artist, but I guess he just never sleeps. Rafael has a range of styles, which are based on Mexican culture and the use of excess color. I’m particularly partial to his Dead Robot customs, indigenous pieces like his Tlaloc Marshall set, and most recently the super bright, rainbow sprays of pieces like his Rebel Azteka 2. Besides churning out more custom toys, Rafael is currently working on an original Kaiju toy with good friends Chauskoskis and BTZ, and will have a show in September focusing on Kaiju and replicas of pre-Hispanic handicrafts. To keep up with Frank Mysterio and see more of his work, follow him on Twitter and check out his Flickr page.

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