Dunny 2012 Leaked

The tradition continues… the artists + designs for the upcoming Dunny 2012 3” series  have been leaked to the ‘Net.  This time around the annual installment features Triclops Studio, Pac23, Tara McPherson, MAD, Jeremiah Ketner, D. Ross “Scribe’, Andrew Bell, Sergio Mancini, Attaboy, Nakanari, Mauro Gatti, Kronk, Junko Mizuno and Jon-Paul Kaiser.  As with recent series, 2012 offers a good mix of established Dunny veterans including MAD, Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell and Junko Miuzno as well as several first-time Dunny artists including Nakanari,  Scribe, and Sergio Mancini.  While it’s a little hard to tell from the line art, Kidrobot appears to have anted up for custom sculpted elements  for several of the designs including those from MAD, Scribe, Andrew Bell, Junko Mizuon and Jon-Paul Kaiser.   When it comes to platforms, KR continues to take the time and effort to keep the ever-popular Dunny fresh and relevant.

3 Replies to “Dunny 2012 Leaked”

  1. The ratios I think aren’t great. Buy a case of 20 and will already know what 12 of them are

  2. I stopped collecting after the “Ye Olde English” series came out. I was disappointed in that and everything that came after. This to me looks like re-workings of the same artist previous works. Nothing different or even remotely exciting. I might wait for the Junko to appear on eBay since I like most of her works.
    I need a series that will excite me and make me want to collect again. With new artists and new ideas.

  3. KR has lost it’s touch. these new dunny series have all been for the new crowd theyre bring in with licensed stuff like family guy and south park. all junk now really. and their quality control has gone down the “dunny”

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