Dunny 2013 Leak


With each Dunny series, it’s just a question of when the designs will be leaked.  Dunny Addcits posted  this high-resolution image which they apparently found with some clever web sleuthing.   While Dunny Addicts posted the image with a disclaimer, we’re confident that this is the real deal.  2013 will feature designs from 14 artists including  Andrew Bell,
Nathan Jurevicius, Cris Rose, Jeremyville, DGPH, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Mishka, Okkle, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Ardabus Rubber, Chairman Ting, and Scribe. In addition to the 14 designs shown above, there’s a mystery design (not shown) – and perhaps alternate colors as well.  So now that you’ve seen the lineup, what do you think ?

7 Replies to “Dunny 2013 Leak”

  1. This is, in my opinion, a great improvement on last years Dunny series! I’ll be buying a case for sure!

  2. You guys are just bitching about it being bad, but we all know you are so addicted you will go ahead and buy a case cause you cant just calm your ass down while waiting for the next series.

  3. Although its a subjective opinion, over the last couple of series, some of the designs have been very weak. Previous series just seemed more consistently creative and detailed. It was like they completed the line up with a few poor designs.
    Its hard to gauge a series by the 2D images. They always look better when you see actual photos, but, based on this line up, again I feel they could have released something much better. Hopefully I’m wrong!
    But, as another post highlighted, as a dunny lover I will buy them anyway because there will be a couple of good designs…It will just suck when I get some of the 2nd rate designs.

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