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Jun 07, 2011

Medicom Toy Manual 2


To celebrate their 15th Anniversary, Medicom is about to release ‘Toy Manual 2’, a retrospective of their toy mastery.  This is a follow-up to the OG Toy Manual from 2010.  It *appears* that Toy Manual 2 includes an exclusive ‘Multi-Color Be@rbrick’.  Toy Manual 2 drops in late for July for ~ $48.  Interestingly, Medicom also released a Be@rbrick Book to go along with the first Toy Manual.  Perhaps there’s a Be@brick Book 2 in the works as well.  If you don’t read Japanese, your best bet for Toy Manual # 2 may be Otacute  as it’s geared towards English speaking collectors. [Image: Otacute]

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