909toy’s Eggcore Rabbit + Contest


When I started Vinyl Pulse, nearly every other day brought a “geek out” moment –- the thrill of seeing yet another incredible vinyl toy.  After five years and change, these  moments come fairly rarely –  for me there’s still plenty of good design, but less head-turning figures and that’s not really surprising.   Over time the amazing, becomes the ‘very good’ as conventions form and the eye grows accustomed to them.

When Nakanari, asked me to look at a new toy from new Chinese company 909toy, I had no  idea that their Eggcore Rabbit would  once again bring out the fan boy in me.  The Rabbit is crazy detailed yet still manages to retain the “designer toy” aesthetic.   The figure has that precious “it really exists” joy.    One look had me scouring the web for as much info as I could digest.  Thankfully Vince of VTSS who is 909Toy’s PR person filled in all the blanks.  Before I drop the mind dump on the Eggcore Rabbit, I’m happy to announce that 909toy has agreed to sponsor a Vinyl Pulse contest for one of their figures.  More about that in a minute.

A brief history is in order.  Eggcore?  The universe of warring robots came to life in ‘04 with an initial prototype created by Chinese artist Alien.  After a HK toy company eventually concluded that the figures were too complex to manufacture, Alien, his brother 01kkk, and another friend decided to go ahead and form 909toy to produce the figure.

After considering and testing the gamut of possible materials, production of the Eggcore Rabbit has been completed and the figure will drop in July in three limited editions. Each figure is built from 56 individual PVC parts and requires half an hour of time to assemble at the factory.  The original (black + white) edition is limited to 200 pieces and will retail for $98.  There are also two rarer editions – the Black Gold (80 pcs, $128) and the sublime wood edition (30 pcs, $258).   While the pricing is clearly on the higher side – this seems to be a result of the tremendous complexity and low run numbers.


In a move that I can’t recall seeing before, 909toy is stirring things up by offering a small number of the two rarer edition figures as chases randomly inserted in the original edition boxes.  Specifically, the 200 pcs of the original edition break down into 176 black + white, 20 black gold, and four of the wood edition.

Eggcore is off to a sweet start with Rabbit.  Here’s hoping that collectors dig the Rabbit and make the three planned future Eggcore ‘bots a reality.

So as I was saying earlier, 909toy have a graciously sponsored a contest for you, the loyal Vinyl Pulse reader.  We’re giving away one of the original black+white Eggcore figs.  Entering is simple and painless – write a comment on this post by the deadline of Wednesday, June 9th @ 8 PM PDT. One randomly selected winner will receive the figure.  Please note that the figure has not yet shipped, so prize fulfillment will be delayed until it does. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     NFS DIY White for Custom Show in Shanghai

Giveaway Rules
1. To enter write a comment on this post.
2. Deadline to enter is Wednesday, June  9th 2010  @ 8 PM PDT
3. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification.
4. One randomly chosen winner  will receive an original (black+white) Eggcore Rabbit from 909toy.
5. Winner must respond to our notification within 72 hours.

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  1. is it sad that I’m actually quite excited to see the rest of the packaging after the teaser of it above.
    Either way defiantly a nice piece of vinyl.

  2. An incredible reminder of why I started collecting in the first place… Hope to see more breath-taking pieces from 909toy…

  3. A beautiful little toy. Truly a work of art and a breath of fresh air in the designer toy market. Oh, do I want one you ask? Yes, I do!

  4. interesting, original design…i’d really like to get my hands on one to see if it “speaks to me.” one question though: what’s the size? i’m guessing 6-8″, but know the dimensions would be helpful!

  5. I think this is something really interesting and something that I would definitely like to get my hands on. The mechanical insides add a great industrial feel to the simple and more cute other half.

  6. Love the faux metallic finish.
    A 6-8″ fig would be nice, but it looks more like 3-4″.

  7. I have been a coolector and a vinyl enthusiast for over 15 years now. I have seen many designs and artists come and go. This is certainly one of the most detailed and entailed designs I have ever seen. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually hold one in my hands! Great job.

  8. great looking figure and amazing detail. i would be quite proud to have this guy starring back at me in “real life”.

  9. I love a giveaway!!!!
    I love the figure. I am just wondering why the ‘skin’ side of the bunny doesnt have an ear?

  10. Wow. As a female designer, I can safely say that 909toy have caused me to “geek out” over this!! The original is an amazingly sophisticated design. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the idea of the internal core…the almost yin and yang style of the inner workings.

  12. Love the contrast between black and white and the smooth surface vs mechanical. Packaging looks great too!

  13. Very nice design – kudos to Alien and his brother for pushing on and making their toy a reality!

  14. This is quite possibly the coolest toy I have seen for a long time, I am in awe.
    And an excellent site too by the way.

  15. If it’s true that the devil is in the details, this thing must be pure evil. My jaw dropped when I saw the mini army of the white ones together.
    I pull my shot and pray….

  16. WoW, Love this figure, its like a steam punked anatomy poster in 3-D. So glad the artists did not give up when the production companies said no.

  17. Amazing work, good to see this one finally making it through….one of the few figures that I would have in whatever colourway presented itself.

  18. These are so amazingly sick. The wood ones especially. I’d kill to have a set of them in different woods.

  19. That is one gorgeous figure that I’d love to get my hands on. We are all steampunk fans at heart!

  20. Fantastic design and execution. It’s great to see something produced that is so exciting and so different…congratulations to 909toy, I’m sure this figure will be a huge success!! 🙂

  21. Seeing something like this as an adult reminds me of what it felt like to discover something awesome as a kid. Awesome.

  22. Amazing for a 1st release. Must have it! Can’t wait to see what 909 comes up with next. Thanks to 909 for sponsoring the contest.

  23. Nicely written entry. It’s been a while since I last saw a figure that didn’t make me go “eh”.

  24. Eggcore will be successful because 909 toy work hard to creat the high quality toy. Love EGGCORE Rabbit!! It’s need passion to creat designer toys and the collector need passion to collect it. NICE!

  25. this figure is o.g.i respect a vinyl designer who wont give up no matter what anyone tells them .if you believe in yourself and your product put it out,let the world decide.i would love to have this in my collection.give it give it.

  26. It looks AWESOME!
    I would like to get a FREE vinyl toy for a change…PLEASE!!!
    I always had to buy a customized designer toy off the shelves…

  27. really fresh design, i’ve seen some of alien’s work before, glad they managed to pull this figure off.
    keep rocking 909toys!

  28. A rare gem!
    The white+rusty-black & all white ones speak to me, not quite sure about the one with timber look though.

  29. Very intricate detail… but keeps simplicity and clean-ness in mind.. will probably be one of my favorites!

  30. this is 1 of the coolest toys i’ve seen thus far! and i don’t say that awhole lot! 😀

  31. cool. i’ve never seen these figures before, but i like the detail. very nice work. keep grindin!

  32. WOW! that is an awesome piece. 56 individual parts is down right crazy! Thank you for showing this and offering it as a giveaway!

  33. “I knew his sword was sharp, but I never thought it would release my inner machine”
    Very cool figure.

  34. It’s amazing when someone says you can’t do it. The guys at 909, should be very proud. This figure F*#$ing rocks !!!! The best one in a long time !!!!!!!

  35. Sometimes the dream of owning a work of art becomes a reality. I’d be very proud to offer one of these guys a home for life.

  36. My first impression, AWESOME !!!
    I think if i dont win this contest i will looking this figure and buy it. This will make a great collection .

  37. Those guys ROCK! So creative and cool. I only wish I could even imagine something like this. I like how people can show their creativity in the most simplest way.

  38. Amazing! What a great looking and highly original
    figure – packaging looks really nice too. Congratulations.

  39. Maybe one day I shall be- oh so lucky -to win something here. Awesome toy by the way.

  40. Whoa. This piece is something else. All my neurons are firing after looking at the teaser pics!

  41. I love the juxtaposition of the two halves. The mechanical half also does a great job of including a lot of detail while still remaining simplified in the geometry of the pieces. Very cool.

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