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Jan 26, 2010

Lego Collectable Mini-Figs Series 1


The world of mini-figs have come full circle.  Arguably one of the first platform figures and most likely the first block figure, the Lego Mini-Figs are now going the blind-box collectable routeSeries 1 features 16 very nice figures – many with accessories.  These are apparently dropping 2010 with a rumored $2 price point.  Now you might be thinking, hmm aren’t these lilke Kubricks.  Well, these are the OG figures that have spawned countless others.  And, they are Legos which counts for a great deal in our book.  We assume these will pull apart as the regular minis include in sets.  Perhaps if we shut our eyes really tight and cross our fingers we’ll eventually see an artist series [Via The Brothers Brick Via Brickset].


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This is a great idea from Lego. I wonder what the packaging's like? I can see hours spent in the supermarket squeezing packets!

Legos are awesome and I love to build them with my mommy and daddy.

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