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Apr 23, 2008

Seen: Kaiju Invades NYC

It's taken a few days, but here finally is our coverage of Kaiju Invades NYC which opened this past Saturday  (4.19) durning NYCC @ The Showroom NYC.  My first impression - wow... While I have a few pieces here and there I'm still warming to Kaiju.  I think it's fair to say the show offered a very well-rounded introduction to custom Kaiju and really to the genre as a whole.  The customs featured a large number of Kaiju figures and were very well done across the board.

The show was well attended with collectors lining up outside for a chance to get inside and grab a ticket for their shot at the limited Kaiju on offer.  The prized production Kaiju included the TT exclusive Blobpus Dokugan DX, the One UP 7th Anniversary Blobpus DX, the  new Monstock x Touma Destodons and more.   Props to Datadub, Toy Tokyo and others for pulling it all off.  The show had a short run (already down) as  "Tokyoplastic It's Alive!" opens at the Showroom NYC this weekend. Click through for an eyeful.

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