KAWS x Darth Vader

Ever since the last Medicom exhibit @ the Parco Museum, eager collectors have been waiting for the official announcement.  The waiting has ended… well sort of.  The Original Fake store  will release the KAWS Darth Vader figure on September 29th via a lottery system.  This is of course, strictly one per person. Now, the hunt begins.

Fitting such a high profile release, OF is taking the step of using a lottery (for admission tickets)  which seems to deny  advantage to the extraordinarily dedicated – be it flipper or hard-core collector.  While in some sense a lotto system might be described as a truly "fair" approach of selling a must-have toy —  it does seem to deflate the unbridled passion  of hard-core (and not necessarily well-heeled) collectors who often rely on extraordinary effort and patience (line waiting).  That strikes us as unfortunate but then again  there doesn’t seem to be an ideal  solution to dealing with the desire to get toys into the hands of "fans" and out of the hands of those that are looking solely to profit through the secondary market.   Is this a sign of things to come for premiere releases – KAWS and otherwise?  Seems quite plausible considering a few companies at SDCC used lotteries to determine the right to purchase. Finally, if the Darth Vader Companion makes it to KAWSONE will it be the usual first come first serve, or some lottery-like approach ? Complicated and important issue of how best to release figures — would love to hear what you think.   [Source: Original Fake via  Hypebeast, KAWS Blog. ]