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Oct 23, 2006

Ted Stilson's Moody

The Moody figure designed by Canadian Ted Stilson, started as a basic drawing of a hybrid creature (cow face on one side & demon face on the back) and the dream of creating the next hot DIY figure.  After months of research, tinkering and contemplation of self-fabricating the figures, Ted took the leap and contracted with a small factory in Shenzhen, China to produce 500 Moody figures.

Creating Moody was the first part of Ted's dream.  The second dream of spreading the wonder of designer toys throughout Canada is underway.  He's organized a Moody Custom Show with a growing lineup which currently includes 38 international artists from eight countries.  Moody Idols: the Designer Vinyl Art Toy Movement, will open  at the University of Lethbridge Helen Christou Gallery  on November 9th, 2007 from  4 to 6 PM and will run through January  25th, 2008.  Ted also has plans for follow-up shows throughout Canada with galleries already expressing interest in Calgary, Alberta; Montreal, Quebec; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Toronto, Ontario.

Here's a taste of some of the talent fueling the show -- Shin Tanaka (Japan), Uamou artist, Ayako Takagi (UK/Japan); Sergey Safonov (Russia); Khayne Tan (Singapore); Erwin Weber (The Netherlands); Dan Fenelon (United States); Chris Ryniak (United States); Michael K. (The Fiend) (UK); Sol Nite (UK); Jim Koch (United States); Tyson Summers (United States); Ian Bickley (UK); Bao Pham – NVC Crew (Canada); Erin and Kelly Carty (Canada); Aaron Keeling (Canada); Miles Van Yperen (Canada); Victor Quinonez (United States); Wendy McLean (Australia); PlaysKewl (The Netherlands); Thomas Han (United States).   

While there's still a year to go before the show opening, several artists have already completed their takes on this brand-new DIY platform.  Enjoy this super sneak look at their one-of-a-kind Moody creations.  Want your shot?  Moody will soon be available for purchase from the forthcoming website.  We'll be sure to update you when that's ready to go, but in the meantime enjoy these custom pics and start dreaming up how to be Moody. 

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Yea! Those are awesome!
Go Canada!

Congrats Ted for your project....Glad to see that there's people in Canada that tries to contribute to the designer toy industry!!


Very odd shaped figure. I like it though. Shin's piece is dope!

hey ted, congrats on your project :) i would like to get in contact with you
i read your story, and we are at the moment in the same situation you described, we are trying to self produce our toy, but there's only one company here in mexico city that does rotocasting. we would apreciate any help thanks

JC arenas@robotsoda.com

Go Moody! Nice story on the labour of love! :)

Nice customs. Not too sure of the shape though, seems to be influenced too much by other platform toys. The arms are too thin and hands are same as qee/munny, would look better stumpier. Looks ike a Munny left in the oven too long. Just my view.

I just wanted to say, I have a black ice -bat..but want halowwwweeen one too!
and also I want to say, my new bobble head"MELKUN!" just come out from meltdowncomics,,
check it out!

Congratulations Ted! This expressive creation is fantastic, fun, and incredibly artistic and colourful. Let's all be Moody!

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