Toys by Itokin Park

Japanese toy maker , Kazuhiko Ito aka Itokin Park
wanted to make toys that made people happy and with toys like Robot
Suit Boy and Rabbit Pilot, how can one not be?  These adorable little
fellows are bound to bring a smile to its owners, cause I sure was grinning from
ear to ear when I received my Rabbit Pilot from Oalaworld.
It quickly won my heart with his oversized rabbit  ears and the eye
catching color scheme. At 4" tall, it is heavier than most toys
his size since he is made out of hard vinyl. You, big boys out there
might think he is just a little too cute for you…well…let me tell
you….Jack couldn’t help himself from admiring MY Rabbit Pilot.

Departing from his usual cuddly, cutie toys, Itokin Park has sculpted a new toy, TYPOZIN which is designed by Yuuske Simiz and brought to you by 20001. TYPOZIN gives a feel of street art, a bit edgy and a bit abstract. It will be available in Japan at his December show
at Splash & Sammy.
Hopefully some will land in this part of the world, and for those in
Japan…go to the show, take some pics….make us envious!!!

Rabbit Pilot

Robot Suit Boy


3 Replies to “Toys by Itokin Park”

  1. wow!
    never come accross any of this before, been on the site, man i wish i could read more languages!!!!
    great stuff, really nice character design and production.

  2. you guys need to stop making me buy things. these are great! and only 10 made of each robot boy and 20 of the rabbit pilot?!? how are there any still left?

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