Vinyl Pulse Wallpaper

These wallpapers are based on Vinyl Pulse advertisements that appear monthly in Playtimes Magazine. Each month (give or take) we ask an artist to go wild with our logo. After the ad runs, you'll find wallpaper based on the original ad right here! Enjoy! All images are copyright by the artist.

Sket One

800x600 * 1024x768 * 1280x960

Cameron Tiede

800x600 * 1024x768 * 1280x960


800x600 * 1024x768 * 1280x1024

Tristan Eaton

800x600 * 1024x768 * 1280x960

Andrew Bell

1024 x 768 * 1280 x 960 * 1600 x 1200

1680 x 1050