Jul 24, 2008

James Jarvis – King Ken Minis


It can now be revealed.  STRANGEco’s elusive crossover project with James Jarvis and Amos Toys is … a series of King Ken blind-boxed minis.  This took a little getting used to for us – King Ken is large and in charge.  So minis seem a little out of character (that’s our inner toy nerd escaping for all to see), but these look good and are a chance for fans to readily pick up editions they might have missed of the larger version.  What’s your take on these?   Btw, if you are the first person to ID the guy in the pic (and don’t work for STRANGEco or his firm, we’ll send you a VP Buka). Leave a comment.  And no, it’s not James Jarvis!


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Mark Nagata’s larger Tripasu



We were surprised to see two different sculpts of Mark Nagata’s Tripasu kaiju at the STRANGEco booth.  The first we expected – the collaboration with Cronic.  There’s also a much larger (10” ?) Tripasu from  Max Toy Co and STRANGEco.  The larger figure feels a little meaner to us though both are way north of the cute border.  More info soon.


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Tenacious D Figures


Last seen during NYCC ‘06 – the Tenacious D  figures are on display in the STRANGEco booth.  Looking good – be sure to click through for the ahem, money shots.  These bring a very retro almost mock toy feel with a nice large size – should definitely add some much needed diversity to the market.  Fans of the popular satirical rock band should be stoked.


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Tokidoki’s Cocommando


The Cocommando are tokidoki’s latest toy series from STRANGEco.  The first figure Captain Coco(?) is ready to defend the jungle in light-hearted battle with his great coconut helmet, pineapple grenade, and banana phone (nice Bluetooth reference).  Dig the detail we’re seeing in Simone’s toy designs from Bulleto to this new jungle warrior. 


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New Coarse Toys Figures


DKE Toys is showing a new Coarse Toys figure that’s distinctly different from Mark Landwehr’s stylistic extreme sports figures.  Hope to have more info shortly.

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Greg Simkins - ‘Kleg’ Variant


STRANGEco is showing an elephant head variant of Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins Captn Rotn Claw.  We’ll call it ‘Kleg’ for now as the full name escapes us at the moment – tomorrow ;-)  Pretty sweet – while we like the original, this one seems to capture more of the electric world brought to life by Greg’s paintings.

Also, STRANGEco is giving ‘con goers a sneak peek at a red colorway of Captn Rotn Claw.  Perhaps it’s because of the synergy with the crab concept, but we’re digging this version more than the mono-ish release. 


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Jul 23, 2008

Orange MakPo from UNKL


Swung by the UNKL booth and saw Jason Bacon setting up the display of the new Orange MakPo (collab with Kow Yokoyama).   I think I prefer the green military one, but there’s something said for unusual/unexpected colors.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance for a little hands-on time tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Ito – Mister Monster Plush


Elizabeth Ito’s
charming Mister Monster figure was released by SEG several years ago.  Based on an animation project done at CalArts, Mister Monster had an infectious joy and charm.  Now, he’s back.  Look for the mini Mister Monster Plush(3” or so) coming soon from Munky King.

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Amanda Visell – Snake Oil Pink Elephant


Munky King is showing a proto of their upcoming Snake Oil Pink Elephant from Amanda Visell.  This should be great news for Amanda’s collectors – the first two pink elephant releases sold quickly and are hard to come by at retail.

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DIY Kaniza from ToyQube


ToyQube has debuted and is offering the new DIY Kaniza  mini-figs designed by Keith Poon.  Five shapes for your customizing pleasure. 

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Gama-Go's 30" Wood Deathbot


Gama-Go is showing their towering 30" Wood Deathbot from Ningyoushi in their booth.  Looks pretty sweet.  Here's wonder if we'll see any other editions/colorways.  More info tomorrow.

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Brian Taylor x Toy Tokyo



Toy Tokyo is showing their upcoming figures from Brian Taylor.  These retro car / driver figures look great.  They caught our eye immediately -- great details, vibe and sculpting.   It looks like the vent  No concrete word on release date.   Brian's fans have been waiting a long time for original vinyl -- Candy Killer and Dog Gone being delayed repeatedly.  Fingers crossed that these sweet new figures will drop soon.  These are perhaps stronger than both of those two prior projects. 


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Kathie Olivas’ Scavengers S2


MINDstyle is showing Series 2 of their 'The Scavengers' mini series from Kathie Olivas.  While Series 1 was strong, S2 is even stronger with alot of variation from the space cadet with ray gun to the squid on girl collab piece with husband Brandt Peters.  If you love Kathie's more detailed customs done with sculpey, S2 should be a treat. 



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Colin Christian @ MINDstyle


MINDstyle will bring the wit and lust of Sculptor Colin Christian to the art toy world with this  upcoming wild bunny.  Definitely brings new meaning to “just looking”.  Nice design concept – we don’t mind the ‘base’ this time around ;-)  Refreshing to see a new approach to ‘cute’ animals – turns things on their head.


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Imaginism by MINDstyle


MINDstyle is showing two new upcoming figures from Imaginism Studios (Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera) – a Yeti with a friend (very cute) and two asian female warriors.  To be updated with full details tomorrow.


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Claudio Sanchez and Kill Audio @ SDCC


Dropped by the DKE Toys booth and caught  Coheed and Cambria lead singer Claudio Sanchez with his vinyl likeness – Kill Audio from VinylCut. The black/white (shown) and bloody editions will drop shortly after SDCC.  The SDCC exclusive gold is expected to drop @ the Evil Ink table in the large Image comics area.

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64 Colors’ Marshall from Rotofugi


Rotofugi is also showing an early prototype of 64Colors’ Marshall figure in mini-form as well as a zipper-pull version.  Upcoming from Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink.


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Travis Lampe’s Upcoming Minis from Rotofugi


Rotofugi is showing early protos of a few new products in conjunction with Squibbles InkTravis Lampe blind-boxed figures caught our eye immediately.  Rotofugi co-owner Kirby Kerr mentioned that their goal is to push the limits of the genre with larger-than-expected size (4.5” – 5”).   They are not unnamed, but in our rush we failed to note it (ugh!).  Will update tomorrow.  Promise ;-)  Dig these – hope the folksy painterly look can be achieved on the production pieces.  

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Ashley Wood’s 1:1 Scale Bramble MK2 @ IDW


Made the trek to the other side of the huge San Diego convention center exhibition hall to check out Ashley Wood’s 1:1 Scale Bramble MK2 @ IDW Publishing’s booth. Very cool.   The only way it could be cooler is with a life-size Gatling gun (yes, greedy as charged).  Looking forward to the  figure this fall from ThreeA.


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New tokidoki [email protected] @ Toy Tokyo



tokidoki’s next 100% [email protected] from Medicom features his “LA” graphics in a very detailed design.  Nice tight pad prints on the camoish pants featuring simone’s women and the t-shirt driven graphics on the torso.  Drop?  Potentially at the Showroom NYC.  Seen @ the Toy Tokyo booth.


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Dylan Sisson’s New Vinyl from Toy Tokyo


We were pleasantly surprised to see a prototype of  painter Dylan Sisson’s figure at the Toy Tokyo booth.  This large figure (10” or so) is a collaboration between Dylan and TT.  Very cool – very good translation of Dylan’s paintings. The subtle paint application across the body is the key, hopefully the final production will match.    No real details yet (including – the name, we will follow-up and see what more info we can get).


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SDCC ‘08 – Preview Night


So it starts.  SDCC ’08 is underway.  Preview night is almost in the books as I post this.  The VP crew is down in SD to bring you sweet first-person coverage.  Most of it will be done ‘flash’ style – quick to the point posts.  Enjoy.  If you’ve got questions post a comment and we’ll do our best.

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More than Meets the Mind Preview (7.24)



Here’s a quick preview of  “More Than Meets The Mind”  hosted by Centro Cultural de la Raza . The show touts a huge list of artists including Marka 27, Anselmo Garcia, Plan, Santos Orellana, WIlliam Henry, Vyal, Mr. Maxx Moses, Jesse Hernandez, Burial 33, Saratoga Sake and many more. This event will have music, graffiti art, comic book art, vinyl toys, short films, and live performances. So if you’re in town for SDCC, get out and see the town  by checking out this 4 day exhibit from July 24th – July 27th.

Centro Cultural de la Raza
2125 Park blvd
San Diego, CA 92101


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Oswald Preview @ SDCC


Span of Sunset has a surprise for SDCCDisney’s Oswald (considered by some to be Mickey’s predecessor). The 11” figure with 10 points of articulation  will be previewed  at the show with an extremely limited red early bird colorway.   Oswlad comes with a bundled t-shirt. People who drop by the booth to check out Oswlad  will receive aspecial NFS bonus tee.  Check it out  at the DKE Toys (#4732) booth on Saturday, July 26th.

Expect the Red Early Bird colorway to drop exclusively from Span of Sunset shortly.


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Jesse Hernandez x Marka27 Signings + Free Poster


Jesse Hernandez and Marka27 are joining forces for special joint signing sessions at SDCC.  Always looking to give back to their fans, the two artists have created a collab SDCC poster which will be given away free (one per person) during their signings. Rad. Come meet two of the hardest working guys in the scene.

Friday, July 25th  
12:00-1:00 PM Cardboard Spaceship (#4737)
3:00-4:00 PM ToyQube (#4837)
Saturday, July 26th  
12:00 – 1:00 pm Cardboard Spaceship (12:00-1:00)

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