Nov 20, 2018

Zzullaby Takes Us Under the Sea with Two New Zuu Figures


Thai artist Zzullaby is currently taking pre-orders for their new Under the Sea-themed Mermaid and Sea Witch Zuu resin figures (3.54”).  These new charming Zuu versions feature specially sculpted ear muffs/headphones—a seashell design for the mermaid and a snail style pattern for the Sea Witch.  To order, visit the pre-order post on IG and make a comment indicating what you’re ordering: M for Mermaid, W for Sea Switch and S for a set of both figures. The artist will contact you for payment and shipping details.  The figures are available individually for $100 and $200 for the set. Shipping is $15 to the USA.

Zuu was first released in August in the OG color on Instagram and then two follow-on editions at BTS – Lavender and an extremely limited Galaxy Star micro run.  It appears that these two new editions are the fourth and fifth colorways.


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Nov 14, 2018

Whatshisname x Jason Freeny — XXRAY Popek by Mighty Jaxx (11.23)


Mighty Jaxx has dreamt up a special 24-hour only Black Friday (11.23) drop bringing together two of their most popular artists.  The un-named—we’ll go with XXRAY Popek—brings us a dissected-style red Popek, combining the signature styles of each artist.  What’s the dog filled with ?  With the holidays just around the corner, we’re going to go with… chocolate

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Nov 13, 2018

Justin Ishmael — Billy Bob Brockali Pre-Sale (11.14)


After an initial proto debut last November and plenty of hard work in between, Justin Ishmael will offer a  pre-sale for the Billy Bob Brockali vinyl toy on Thursday (11.14) at 9 AM PST from his site.  The final production toy looks great and is a dead-ringer for The Rockafire Explosion animatronic band member from Showbiz Pizza Place—later to become Chuck E. Cheese. Sculpted by Kenth Toy Works and painted by Chris Dombos, Billy Bob will be available in standard and deluxe editions.  Pins, stickers, shot glasses and shirts will also be available.  Outstanding work.

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Meow On — Senso Pre-Order


Thai artist Meow On’s Senso is an elaborate 2-figure resin set featuring rider, tiger and a full set of hand-crafted accessories.  From what we can gather, Pre-orders for both the yellow and gray editions  open in a few hours from the artist’s FB.  The figures are $199 with a $100 deposit required.  Figures should be completed within 30-45 days.  To order head over to the FB page and add a comment saying which edition you’d like. so say 1 yellow or 1 gray.


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — Possessed CMY


Pssst… The Possessed CMY figures are on their way.  In a fun twist, each of the three colors will be a retailer exclusive—Cyan from IamRetro, Magenta from Munky King and Yellow from MSX Art.   Drop by the Munky King booth [#400] for a preview of the CMY editions before they are released.

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Joe Ledbetter — Wolfgang Incoming!


Joe Ledbetter has been teasing his new figure and we’ve been wondering if he’s been moving parts around in the seemingly jumbled photos—things didn’t just seem to connect.  With this exclusive first look—thanks Joe!—we now know why the teasers seemed odd. Wolfgang is completely over the top! 

Building on JLed’s prior adventuresome poses, his frenetic wolf pushes 3D to the edge.  Eyes bulging out of the sockets, smoke out of the ears, skull exploding out of his skull, the brain reaching even greater heights—absolutely bonkers.  Oh yes, there’s also that ginormous tongue which cleverly acts as the third point of support. This self-described homage to Tex Avery and Big Daddy Roth was brought to life by Dave Bondi and a talented team of digital sculptors.  Bondi guided Wolfgang down the stretch with the critical final sculpt.

Joe is producing Wolfgang in conjunction with Bigshot Toyworks as a 10.5” resin figure in the standard blue edition seen here as well as Mono and Lava editions. The edition size for the standard colorway will be between 100-150 pieces.  Pricing has yet to be finalized, but will be announced shortly.

When?  Pre-orders will be taken this weekend at JLed’s DCon booth [#2211] and from his online store.  Be sure to drop by the booth to drool (errr ‘view’) over the painted Wolfgang proto.  Hit the jump for an entire preview gallery.


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Nov 11, 2018

Hot Topic Exclusive Unicorn Galaxy Thimblestump Hollow 2 Minis


Hot Topic has released its Exclusive Thimblestump Hollow 2 Unicorn Galaxy minis from their site for $14.99 each.  The Unicorn Galaxy colorway—from Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak and Cardboard Spaceship—features the whole Thimblestump Hollow 2 gang awash in blues, purples, pinks and gray. We’re assuming these will eventually find their way to the chain’s retail shops as well. 


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Nov 07, 2018

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx x Nickolodeon — XXRAY CatDog (11.10)


Look whose gone under Jason Freeny’s scalpel.  CatDog! The odd couple conjoined feline and canine showcases the artist’s anatomoic detail in a fun 2 in 1 piece.  Limited to 200 pieces, the XXRAY CatDog will be available for pre-order this Saturday (10.11) at 6 AM PST for $150 (includes global shipping) from the Mighty Jaxx shop.


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Nov 06, 2018

Coarse - Online Release for Jaws and Aura — Half Moon (10.8)


Ever since Coarse released the Jaws and Aura vinyls  Half Moon editions at the Beijing Toy Show in September, collectors have been awaiting word of a promised online release. Wait no more, both of the sought after figures will be released as a set for $360 on Thursday (10.8) at 7:59 AM PST from the Coarse Shop.

Both figures are firsts in their own right.  The Jaws marks the return of one of Coarse’s classic figures at the new smaller size (~10.4”), while the Aurora is a brand-new figure with a stunning sculpt that’s captured the imagination of many collectors. 


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Let the Snow Fly with the 3” Holiday Dunny by JEC x Kidrobot


Channeling the snow globes that mesmerized us as children, Kidrobot has revealed their new 3” Holiday Dunny created by in-house designer Julio E Carillo (JEC). Cast in translucent ABS, this joyous special release invites you into a winter playground with festive trees, a jubilant mini Dunny and more. The festive toy will be released in standard Fiesta Blue edition and a KR exclusive red+ green (above, 200 pcs).  Both versions drop this Friday (11.9) at 9AM PST from, while the standard version should be available at your favorite art toy retailer.

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James Jean x Good Smile — Mickey and Minnie Mouse Porcelain


Opening this Thursday in NYC,  Disney’s Mickey: The True Original exhibition celebrates the 90th birthday of an American icon .  As one of the featured artists, James Jean has collaborated with Good Smile to bring his vision of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as succulent plants to life as porcelain collectibles. The exhibit will offer a window into the process of creating these sculptures through a series of sketches and photographs.

Created to celebrate 90 years of the mouse, Mickey and Minnie are transformed into porcelain succulents frozen in time after decades of constant evolution, shedding and regrowing petals in the firmament of our imaginations — James Jean

This gorgeous work will likely be one of the premiere crossover releases of the year. While there are no details yet on editions, sizing or pricing, there is an as-of-yet  mostly blank product page with the magic words: ‘coming soon’.


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Nov 05, 2018

Gary Baseman x Apportfolio — New Sofubi Collection at Art Toy Japan


Apportfolio  has released four new sofubi figures by Gary Baseman at the Art Tokyo Japan exhibition in Hong Kong with continues through (11.7).  Each of the four figures — Wild Girl Frelda, Morrie the Protector, Netta Fish, and Samzilla— stands roughly 20 cm (~7.9”) and retail for HK$480 (~$61).  These each look great with deco that matches the loose style of Baseman’s sketches. Presented in collaboration with Lan Kwai Fong, the exhibit also features toys from Hajime Sorayama, Jeremyville and Yoskay Yamamoto.

[On-site Photos: DaStar]


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Nerdy Collectibles x Andrew Bell — Exclusive Bad Banana Blight Kill Kat (10.7)


Just when you thought it was safe to return to the candy aisle… Nerdy Collectibles has announced its Exclusive Bad Banana Blight Kill Kat from Andrew Bell and DYZPlastic.  The creative new edition mimics the life cycle of the go-to breakfast fruit — raw green on the forehead, yellow in the middle that fades to rotten brown at the feet.  Brown spots for extra credit! 

Limited to 150 pieces, Bad Banana Blight drops this Wednesday (11.7) at 9 AM PST exclusively from Nerdy Collectibles.  Don’t miss it — if the past is any indicator, these will fly off the shelves. Alarm clock territory, without a doubt.


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Nov 02, 2018

Chunk’s BFF. Fancy by Jim Dreams x Unbox (11.3)


By now, many of you are familiar with Chunk, Jim Dreams’ lovable fellow who enjoys a slower pace.  Now meet his BFF, Fancy.  First released at the recent Taipei Toy Festival, Fancy appears to be an aspiring singer. The first colorway features a pink+red colorway which vibes with the bubble gum fun.  

If you missed Fancy at TTF, you’re in luck as Unbox will release the OG edition of Fancy on Saturday at 8 AM PDT from their online store.

"Fancy is a good friend of Chunk (don't jump to conclusions, they really are just friends). Ever the eternal optimist, Fancy believes that happiness begins with a smile." — JIMDREAMS 2018


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Nov 01, 2018

Angel Once x UVD Toys — ‘The Angry Elephant’ Kickstarter


UVD Toys has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to produce LA artist Angel Once’s Charlie The Angry Elephant vinyl toy based on his signature character, the star of several murals throughout the city. Digitally sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, the pachyderm with a ‘tude features spray paint splatter deco, a nice touch tying the toy back to his roots.

Charlie is available in two editions to project backers: the OG pink edition($50) and and a Kickstarter-exclusive green edition ($60).  Both of the basic toy reward packages include a 3” die-cut sticker and enamel pin. Other notable rewards include a custom Charlie from Angel Once ($250)  and your very own mural ($5000). The campaign needs to raise $10,500 by November 30th in order to get funded.  Help make Charlie a reality by heading over to the kickstarter, checking out the rewards, and backing the project. 


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Two-FacedMister Melty: New 5” + 3” Green Editions by Buff Monster (11.2)


After a fairly long hiatus, Buff Monster is on a toy drop roll. After last week’s toy heavy release, he’s in the groove with two brand-new Two-Face Mister Melty figures  in a snazzy hand-painted green edition.  First up is the 5” 2-Face Mister Melty—the first ever—cast in translucent lime green resin, hand-painted and clear coated.  There’s also a matching 3” companion piece which is a hybrid sofubi + resin figure, painted and coated in a similar manner to his big brother. Both drop this Friday (11.2) at 7 AM PDT in small numbers from Stay Melty—with the 5” for $100 and the 3” for $45 (or so). Prices do not include shipping and handling.


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DesignerCon Dunny Series: Black Magick by Chet Zar


With just about two weeks until DesignerCon (11.16-11.8) in Anaheim, CA, Kidrobot is starting to reveal designs from their DesignerCon Mini  Dunny Series.  First up is Chet Zar’s Black Magick.  His first-ever Dunny is based on the original painting of the same name.  The figure captures Chet’s work which features dark and enigmatic inhabitants.   Hit the jump for a look at the original painting.

Look for more previews shortly of this series which features designs fromGreg "Craola" Simkins, Deph, Scott Tolleson, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Hyperactive Monkey, kaNO, Flat Bonnie, and Ragnar.  The series debuts at DesignerCon on Friday (11.16) from the Kidrobot Booth [#2010]. 


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Amanda Louise Spayd x Chris Ryniak — Thimblestump Hollow 2 Brings Joy and Happiness


After a prolonged wait since the initial preview release at SDCC, the Thimblestump Hollow 2 mini series from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak is finally here.   Produced by Cardboard Spaceship, the follow-up to the popular mini series features 10 new characters, each likely to melt your heart.  This series brings a fun wrinkle, different colorway sets.  The retail blind boxes and cases feature the primary Birthday Party editions of each character. In addition, 1:6 blind boxes hold a figure from the chase Succulent colorway. Full cases feature 12 blind boxes: a full set of the 10 Birthday Party figures + 2 Succulents.  

The blind-boxed charmers are available for pre-order in full cases direct from Chris and Amanda’s Bindlewood online store.  Expect these to ship in 1-2 weeks. Select retailers including Rotofugi and myplasticheart are also offering the new minis in individual blindboxes ($12.50) as well as full cases.

Finally, did we mention there’s another colorway set? Canyon is made up of retailer exclusives which should start to be announced in regular waves. We’re pretty sure there’s another colorway on the horizon as well.


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Iron Giant Original Wood Sculptures (x4) from Amanda Visell


As previously mentioned, Amanda Visell has recently been releasing a unique Iron Giant wood sculpture daily.  She’s just finished announcing the collection of four original  pieces: Forest Walk, You Can Fly?, Electric Tower, and Train Tracks.  They are available for $900 each from Switcheroo.  If you loved the movie—Brad Bird’s best?—then these are sure to speak to you.

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DKE at DCon: Kidding Toy and Kosmo Toys


We’re all caught up to the DKE DesignerCon announcements, so here’s a look at today’s Stormtrooper-inspired releases.  From Kosmo Toys comes the exceptional X-Ray Troopers (2.5”, 20 s/n pieces, $45), handmade by Jeremias Janikow in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 2.5”, these double resin cast imperial foot soldiers have to be seen to be fully appreciated. 3D Glasses included to view the card art. These come in both blue/gray and red colorways.

If urban is more your vibe, there’s Step Wars (3.75”, 20 s/n pieces, $45) from Oh Anat’s Kidding Toy. This trooper’s throwing down moves in his Imperial-issue sweats. 


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Next Level Popek: Black Porcelain by Whatshisname x k.olin tribu


You may be familiar with Popek, the pooping balloon dog by Whatshisname.  Over the past few years, the artist has released several vinyl editions of his balloon dogs.  If you’re looking to upscale your collection, porcelain masters k.olin tribu has just the thing.

Popek Black Porcelain is cast in pure extra white Limoges porcelain and then transformed with a glossy black finish across the entire surface.  At 27 cm (~10.6”), the porcelain edition is larger than the 8” vinyl drops.  Limited to 50 numbered pieces, the Black Porcelain edition is available directly from Art and Toys for €625 ($713) and includes a signed COA and luxury box.


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Enjoy a Latte with Mr. Yeti Barista by 2oz


Korean artist 2oz newest toy is Mr. Yeti Barista. First available at the recent Taipei Toy Festival, the hand-painted resin figure is now available via pre-order.   No longer in the frozen wilds, Mr. Yeti is making a living slinging lattes, espressos and more.  The cheerful figure blends fun character design with whistle clean execution.

Standing 12 cm tall (~4.7”), the helpful barista comes ready to brew caffeinated creations with a coffee pot and take-out cup accessories.  He can hold both thanks to magnets in his hands and his tools of the trade. Available now for pre-order for $180, send the artist a DM on Instagram before orders close on Saturday, November 10th.


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Oct 31, 2018

Double the Trouble. A Pair of Halloween Brachiosores by James Groman x TAG.


Halloween is here and TAG is handing out the treats, namely two factory-painted Brachiosore editions (8”) from James Groman. There’s a purple, pink and blue beast as well as our pick, a green+purple design that also brings the yellow and oranges for candy-corn style feet. These editions are quite limited and will drop this Friday (11.2) at 12 PM PDT for $135 each from the TAG Web Shop.


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Trick or Treat with Halloween Miscreants by Miscreation Toys x TAG (11.2)


Following on the heels of the Living Dead edition, comes a brand-new edition of the Mini Miscreants. Filled with mischievous intent, the Halloween Miscreants with a stylish take on the black + orange traditional color scheme. The set of all six drop this Friday (11.2) at 12 PM PDT for $75 from the TAG Web Shop.  Always, always, choose treats.

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Oct 30, 2018

Make that Two DCon Shards! Shard Panic by Scott Tolleson


So the other day we brought word of the 3” Shard Pain featuring a very visceral red marbled design.  Turns out Scott Tolleson had at least no more Shard up his sleeve. Namely Panic.  This DesignerCon Exclusive 5” Shard features a marbled bluish-green translucent resin design.

Limited to 80 pieces, these will be available from Scott’s booth (#2005) for $150 with a small amount for Friday’s VIP Preview night and the rest releasing on Saturday morning.  Happy Hunting!

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