Aug 11, 2019

IamRetro Exclusive Teal Balloon 8" Dunny (8.16)

DN_8in_BalloonDunny_ImRetro_Teal_5IamRetro has a special release floating your way.  Their new Exclusive Teal Balloon 8" Dunny aims skyward, anchored to mother earth by a sturdy weight.  Designed by Andrew Martin (Wendigo Toys) and produced by Kidrobot, the new exclusive features a 4.5"  Dunny in a soothing blue-green hue—handpicked by IamRetro—with a shiny, metallic finish. Limited to just 200 pieces, this is the rarest of the Balloon Dunnys including the OG Red and the KR Exclusive Gold (300 pieces).  IamRetro will release their whimsical, gravity-defying Dunny on Friday (8.16) at 9 AM PDT from their online store for $59.95.  As quickly as the larger Gold edition sold out, we expect the Teal Balloon Dunny to disappear into the distance shortly after the drop.

The Teal Balloon Dunny design brings us back to carefree, childhood days when the simple pleasure of watching a 'lost' helium balloon soaring ever higher inspired us to wonder what was waiting just beyond the horizon. The joyful sculpt cleverly transforms the beloved Dunny into a helium balloon with the subtle seam lines, wrinkles, and gathered areas of the metallic material creating the uplifting illusion. Designed to be enjoyed from multiple angles, the strategically-placed fill valve with humorous 'blow here' sign on the Balloon Dunny's butt completes this fun design.


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Aug 08, 2019

Coarse — Years Adrift in Vinyl (8.14)


Coarse continues to do the unexpected, pushing the technical limits and conceptual boundaries of Art Toys.  Each solo show or exhibition brings the debut of new resin Originals [editions of 3 or 5], some seemingly bound for translation to vinyl, others seemingly, firmly, not. Stylistically and subject wise, some pieces have a certain character-based toy appeal while others read as fine art sculpture.

That is until Coarse announced that Years Adrift, its striking resin fine art multiple, was coming to vinyl in two 18" art toy editions.  If you've followed Coarse for awhile, you might recognize the piece featuring Fever with out stretched-arms, a tired bird with large spread wings, on his back, both perched precariously over a ledge. It was released as an extremely limited handmade resin edition at their Cold Ways exhibition (Rotofugi, August 2016).  Without Coarse's Art Toy pedigree, Years Adrift would have little to no connection with toys. Wrapped in iconic imagery, It is a sculptural exploration of the pivotal nature of precarious points in life.

And yet, here we are as Coarse readies two 18" 'Vinyl Replica' versions of the larger original resin sculptures. Both the subtly colorful Ephemera and monochromatic Pain editions translate the emotional imagery of the piece, complete with the included thin pedestal (wall mount capable).  To say that Years Adrift is one of the years best art toys, is to state the obvious, but it bears mentioning nonetheless.

Years Adrift — Ephemera (Edition of 345) and Years Adrift — Pain (Edition of 175) will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 8:59 AM PDT from the Coarse Shop for $298 each and are scheduled to ship to collectors in early 2020.


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WanChaFu x Jim Dreams x Paradise — The Chunk Combo Part II (8.10)


Oh to be in Taiwan.  Taiwanese burger spot WanChaFu (旺茶福) will be serving up the Chunk Combo Part II (NT1700/$54.34) on Saturday (8.10)  at 10 AM—note the new time caused by the impending Typhoon.  The combo features Mono versions of Baby Ronald Chunk and Baby Thief Chunk by Jim Dreams x Unbox Industries as well as a flavored tea.

Jim Dreams will be signing (3-4 PM) at the event—coordinated by Paradise—which will also feature the first release of the larger mono Ronald Chunk as part of the Ronald Chunk Combo featuring the toy, a WanChaFu burger and drink for NT3000 ($97).  To add to the fun, the restaurant is prominently featuring the Chunk Combo II on their store front for this special drop. Please note that the restaurant only accepts cash.

Chunk Combo II Release
Saturday, August 10th at 10 AM

No. 27號, Zhongxing North Street
Sanchong District
New Taipei City, Taiwan 241


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Aug 06, 2019

Mighty Jaxx x Whatshisname — HUMPek Rose Gold (8.10)


The amorous HUMPek returns in a high-class Rose Gold edition from Whatshisname and Mighty Jaxx.   This third edition follows the OG (red) and the Ebony and Ivory editions.  Rose Gold drops this Saturday (8.10) at 6 AM PDT —no pricing as of yet.

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Aug 05, 2019

Tomenosuke x Junko Mizuno — JunkonoTomo Melon Edition


Tomenosuke is taking pre-orders for the JunkonoTomo Melon Edition sofubi minis (2.75 - 3.15") from Junko Mizuno.  Sold as a set of five, the Melon Edition features several of her signatures characters including Egg Lady, Meatie, Octobat, Poopy and Tooth Guy.  Each is cast in light orange (melon) vinyl with light green spray and features the artist's sculpted-in bunny logo on the back.  As fans of fun packaging, the included clear plastic gift bag is a nice touch.

Limited to50 sets, the JunkonoTomo Melon sofubi minis are available for pre-order for ¥12,960 ($120) from Tomenosuke for customers within Japan and overseas (form-based).  These are slated to ship between September and October 2019.


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CoolrainLabo x Yama — Fly Cat x Buddeng


Yama has teamed up with Coolrain's CoolrainLabo on a fun WWII-inspired project blending CoolrainLabo's Fly Cat concept with his Supreme meets Spirituality Buddeng resin figure. As you can see, it looks like there will be two versions, one featuring the Fly Cat character while the other is essentially a WWII pilot variant of Buddeng.  Each features vintage flight gear and carries a shark bomb.  Based on an early sketch, it appears that CoolrainLabo initially had plans for a separate Sky Cat (Fly Cat) ENBT (Enjoy Break Time) figure, complete with customary bench.  No word yet on release info for these two fun collabo figures.


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Tenacious Toys Exclusive Bearchamp Italian Stallion (8.9)


JC Rivera's Bearchamp vinyl from UVD Toys  has been lights out with each edition quickly selling out. We're expecting a quick knockout for the upcoming Tenacious Toys Exclusive Bearchamp Italian Stallion edition (Edition of 200, 4", $75), which pays homage to the classic boxing film. This one drops on Friday (8.9) at 9 AM PDT from Tenacious Toys' online store with orders shipping out on Monday (8.12)  In order to handle the expected heavy demand, TT will release these in batches, separated a few minutes apart.


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Aug 04, 2019

Fluffy House x Amanda Visell Series Debuts at BTS (8.16 - 8.18)


First shown as protos at Thailand Toy Expo (which we somehow missed…), the new Fluffy House x Amanda Visell Series figures are set to debut at Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18).  The new figures feature Amanda's take on Fluffy House's popular characters with a seated Mr. White Cloud (5") a mini Little Raindrop companion.   The vinyl figure set will be available in three editions: Cloudy Day, Black Cloud and Rain x Shine.  From the sculpts to the deco, including a nice rendition of Amanda's dry brush style, the new figures look to be excellent crossovers—blending both aesthetics together nicely.

The new Fluffy House x AV figures will be available at the Fluffy House BTS booth [A03] for 399 RMB each.  If you can't make it to Beijing, Fluffy House will be releasing them worldwide from their web shop for $55 each on Monday, August 19th.


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Aug 01, 2019

Strangecat Toys — AIR63 at Tampa Bay Comic Con (8.3)


Pssst… Strangecat Toys will have a special advanced release of the AIR63 from QUICCS x Martian Toys for Tampa Bay Comic Con on Saturday (8.3).  They will release 50 pieces [edition of 150] of this Air Jordan inspired edition of the TEQ63 figure (6", $80) at their booth [#311].  The remaining 100 pieces?  According to Martian Toys, the plan is to release them at an NYC shop in the fall.  The mind spins at all the TEQ63 drops, yet QUICCS and crew continue to impress with varied editions.

[Photos: RatDaddy]


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Kidrobot x Wendigo Toys— Balloon Dunny (8.2)


Following the recent sneak SDCC release, Kidrobot will release its Balloon Dunny by Wendigo Toys in two colorways—Red and a KR Exclusive Gold—on Friday August 2nd. The clever design convincingly gives the impression of a metallic helium balloon Dunny lurching skyward, anchored to the ground by a weight. Listed at 8" (base of weight to ear), the ABS Dunny appears to be  4.5" or so, in between the standard  3" and 5" sizes.

Both editions will be available for $50 on Friday (8.2).  The Red will be available at select retailers including myplasticheart, IamRetro, Woot Bear and others. The KR Gold will be available exclusively at, presumably at 9 AM PDT. Beyond these first two colors, word has floated that there's at least one more retailer exclusive on the way, maybe two.


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Jul 31, 2019

Magical Mosh Misfits x BlackBook Toy — Asura Rat Fink (8.2)


BlackBook Toy is set to offer an online release of the the new black + gold colorway of the Asura Rat Fink in collaboration with Magical Mosh Misfits. This radical, multi-armed sofubi of Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's signature character is officially licensed from Mooneyes.

The new edition sports BBT's signature colorway, combining glossy black, matte black and gold. BBT painstakingly added black matte in numerous areas and gold to the toes of the partially factory-painted figures. The accents complete the design which features bugged-out eyes and gnarly teeth.

Standing 24 cm/9.45" (toes to outstretched arms), Asura Rat Fink  is an intricate figure created from 13 individual parts with articulated arms and tail. As a fun bonus, each set includes an unpainted, glossy black finger puppet. The street style continues from toy to packaging with an included screen-printed bag featuring the Asura Rat Fink shreddin'.  First available at WonderFest in a now sold-out drop of 20 sets, the new edition will be released direct from BBT on Friday (8.2) at 8 AM PDT for ¥16,200 ($150). 


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Jul 30, 2019

Tenacious Toys x QUICCS — Exclusive TEQ63 Vintage Edition (8.2)


The TEQ63 from QUICCS and Martian Toys continues to impress, sustaining a high-level of demand over an extended period, which is no easy task.  Tenacious Toys' upcoming Exclusive TEQ63 Vintage Edition carries on the toy's reputation with one of our favorite designs to-date.  The tan figure with an offset, multi-color line pattern distills 'retro'  into a timeless homage that has us fondly looking back to the power of the simple, yet evocative design tradition it represents. Flipping and repeating the pattern on the left side of the helmet is a really nice touch.  Asymmetry? Yes, please.  It's also fun and fitting that the '63', originally inspired by the telephone country code of QUICCS' native Philippines, has morphed into 1963. 

The TEQ63 Vintage edition (150 pcs, 6", 80), complete with the figure's distinctive dual sets of arms, drops exclusively from Tenacious Toys on Friday (8.2) at 9 AM PDT from their web shop.


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Jul 26, 2019

IAmRetro x QUICCS Crystal Swarovski Collection Pre-Order


IamRetro made quite a splash at SDCC with the sneak peek debut of their Custom Crystal QUICCS editions at the Nsurgo booth. A small number of the three figures were available in San Diego via lottery.  As promised, they opened up a few pre-order slots today (Friday) for each of the figures over at ahead of the official release on Thursday, August 1st.  Act quickly, as we expect the pre-order window to close sometime Saturday.

The Crystal Green Camo Kitty (32 pieces, $1200), Crystal Gold Baby TEQ63 (17 pieces, $500) and Crystal Grey Baby TEQ63 ($300) all flaunt  genuine Swarovski crystals, precisely placed to enhance QUICCS' figures. Having had a chance to see these in person, the Crystal Editions bring the bling with bedazzling luxury.  


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Jul 24, 2019

Seen: MINDstyle / Pop Life Global at SDCC


For San Diego Comic Con  MINDstyle showcased Pop Life Global's  DC Comics x Imperial Court collaboration at their new booth location, directly adjacent to the Funko booth.

To celebrate the worldwide debut of the line's Batman and Superman figures (15", $350), MINDstyle brought DC's characters to life with an impressive installation featuring six 7-foot fiberglass statues of Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, Robin, The Flash and Harley Quinn.

The new officially-licensed line of toys features alternate visions of DC's iconic superheroes (and villains) as ancient Chinese warriors wearing styled versions of traditional armor through a license from the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company. Each of the stylized characters is immediately recognizable yet immediately distinct as they carry the visual hallmarks of imperial tradition.

In addition to the release of the Batman and The Flash figures, MINDstyle also gave fans a sneak peak of coming figures with factory samples of Superman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and Robin.  

MINDstyle also showcased the brand-new Johnny vinyl (10", $150) from NYC graffiti legend Futura as well both Series 1 and Series 2 of the Bode SFBI minis
(2",4-pack, $60)
featuring Vaughn Bode's characters from his underground comics.

[Additional pre-show photos courtesy of MINDstyle]


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Mike Fudge x UVD Toys — 'Kub' Pre-Order


UVD Toys has just started taking pre-orders for Mike Fudge's upcoming Kub vinyl toy. The OG version of the figure features a decidedly urban bear rockin' a hoodie with a cute lil' bear graphic on the front, warm cap with ear flaps, and a backpack. The black, gray and blue design has a laid-black, mellow vibe which seems to suit the character well.

It's been a bit of a long development process, but having seen and photographed factory samples at Five Points Fest in June, I can happily say the wait has been worth it. Oasim Karmieh did a great job with the sculpting and the deco is well-done.  This should be high up on the list of urban vinyl fans.

Limited to 150 pieces, The OG Kub (7") is available for pre-order for $75 direct from UVD Toys and is slated to ship in the Fall.


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Paradise — Kaiju Hunting 2 is Coming


Paradise released the popular Kaiju Hunting mini series back in April 2018 featuring designs from six artists:  Dan, Studio UAMOU, Konatsu, T9G, Shoko Nakazawa and  Dehara  Yukinori.  Produced in relatively limited quantities, Kaiju Hunting quickly became difficult as the series sold out globally.

Fret not though, Kaiju Hunting 2 is 'coming soon' from Paradise with almost an entirely new lineup featuring an all-star lineup: coarse, FeeBee, Instinctoy, Kasing Lung, Kenny Wong, Shoko Nakazawa and Shon.  We're looking forward to seeing the beasts these talented artists dream up.  In the meantime, check out pics from S1 in the gallery.


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Jul 23, 2019

Kidrobot x Netflix — Disenchantment Mini Series Protos at SDCC


After making the rounds in the increasingly smaller art toy section at SDCC, I usually head over to the larger mainstream booths for anything that catches my eye.  On Friday I ran across these protos for Kidrobot's new Dienchantment mini series featuring the characters from Matt Groening's Netflix show.  Per the sign, expect these for this Holiday season.


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Jul 20, 2019

Bill McMullen — Bizarre Love Triangle at Swish Projects (7.20)


The eclectic explorations of Bill McMullen will come together for Bizzare Love Triangle with an opening on Saturday (7.20, 7-10 PM) at Swish Projects in San Diego—about a fifteen minute drive from SDCC.  With a wide-ranging career that has included designing album covers for the Beastie Boys,  critical yet fun pieces tackling consumerism and of course his AD-AT and recently released Superstar Destroyer, 'Billions' finds connectedness along unexpected paths. While the title of the show and the promo image suggest visual riffs on music, we're curious to see what surprises await.

Bill McMullen || Bizarre Love Triangle

Swish Projects
2903 El Cajon Blvd #2
San Diego, CA 92104

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Jul 16, 2019

Zeen Chin x Pop Life Global — Kinna Cola

2736  Kinna Cola_max

Pop Life Global will release the joyful Kinna Cola SFBI art toy by Malaysia-based Zeen Chin at SDCC.  The brand's second release with Zeen Chin, Kinna Cola features one of the artist's imp-like creatures enjoying a cold, refreshing soda pop.  Everyone, even imps, needs a relaxing break from time to time.

The Kinna Cola (8") vinyl toy will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $75.

Secondary Photo: Anonymous Ridicule


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Jul 14, 2019

Dull x Unruly Industries —King Charles


As we mentioned earlier today, Unruly Industries has announced a bumper crop of upcoming designer toys on this fine Sunday.  Starting with the traditional playing card royal, dull delivers a 3D tour de force with King Charles. Drawn in black + gold, the design fittingly features dual-skulls and a stylized re-work of the King's robes.  With a pre-order coming and the timing of this announcement, we're hoping King Charles will be on display at SDCC in the Sideshow booth [#1929]. Be sure to also drop by dull's booth [#4623] that he is sharing with Satellite Soda and Orange Phantasm. Get there early to score a free pin pack.


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Pop Life at SDCC: SFBI Bode Minis


Pop Life continues to unveil it's SDCC lineup with their latest announcement of the SFBI Bode Minis featuring Vaughn Bode's comic characters, who continue to thrive thanks in part to his son Mark Bode's work. Both the brand-new Series 2 and the previously released Series 1 (DesignerCon 2018) 4-packs will be available for $60 each from the MINDstyle booth [#5145]. These are a must for fans of Cheech Wizard, Sgt. Sunflower and all of Bode's funky characters.


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kaNO x Unruly Industries — Ghetto Blaster


Unruly Industries has revealed the upcoming Ghetto Blaster art toy from kaNO.  More than any of his toys to date, Ghetto Blaster captures the style of the artist's paintings.  From this first preview photo, it's an excellent translation of his art and style. As with the Craola announcements, we're hoping this one makes an appearance at SDCC.

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Greg 'Craola' Simkins x Unruly Industries — Starry Knights + Stabby


Unruly Industries has made a series of new art toy announcements including three upcoming releases with Greg 'Craola' Simkins.  The Starry Knight series features two mystical characters -- Magi and Maret. While they bear a close resemblance to one another, Magi resembles a rabbit, while Maret appears to be a centaur (finned?). These have the feel of stout, mystical guardians. 

In addition to the Starry Knights, Unruly is previewing the brand-new Stabby figure.  This one features an animated, stylized version of the character, apart from the recent 3DRetro figure.  No word yet, but given the timing of these announcements, we're hopeful they will be on display at Sideshow's SDCC booth [#1929]


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Jul 13, 2019

Steve Caballero x HasNoTalent — Cab Dragon Action Figure


Proving once again that his name is a lie, Hasnotalent is collaborating with legendary skater Steve Caballero on a brand-new Cab Dragon action figure.  Based on Caballero's art, the new 3.75" figure is a new custom sculpt and features two removable heads (Cab and Dragon) as well as old-school articulation. Each card will be signed by Caballero as well.  Look for a release shortly. Be sure to follow @hasnotalent as his releases are done via IG comments. 


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Jul 12, 2019

IamRetro x QUICCS — Crystal Green Camouflage Hello Kitty Debuts at SDCC


IAmRetro has elevated their Exclusive Green Camouflage Hello Kitty vinyl (Kidrobot) with a high-end Swarovski crystal makeover.  The Crystal edition features 1940 crystals, applied by hand, one by one.  Limited to 32 pieces total, the new bling edition (4 pieces) will debut at SDCC at the Nsurgo booth [#5601]. Due to the limited nature of the figure, Nsurgo will release one Crystal edition per day via rafffle (7.18-7.21). Nsurgo will also offer an IamRetro x QUICSS capsule collection at SDCC. Pricing has not been announced.

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