Nov 07, 2017

Hyperactive Monkey at Designer Con 2017!


It's not Designer Con without some Hyperactive Monkey Action! There he will be debut releasing his newest resin figure, Shao Lu The Strong. There will be two colorways available, an OG, which are each hand painted for $60 and a fun and colorful Shaolin Swirl for $40. This sculpt was also done by the ever so talented Macsorro. These as well as Jerome's super cool iron-on patches will be available at his booth #421

23316821_10214797039584655_4993362223555451667_n 23244123_10214804121001686_2958660930788889295_n
23231242_10214804120561675_2725185310377365778_n 23376303_10214804120201666_6810070365776061758_n

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DKE Designer Con Release Round 2!


DKE is the place to be when it comes to awesome art action figures! This round of figures features goodies from Fresh Monkey Fiction who is happy to present the Amazing Heroes Ron: Reaper of Nightmares by Alex Pardee. This release is a run of 100 pieces and come sign and numbered for $45. The DKE Toys booth #812 will also house two releases by RYCA, which is the Cross Section Brat (ED 50) for $55 and the JJ "Jabber" Hut (ED 30) for $90. Last but not least from this round of releases is Mr. EvilMind (ED 10) by Joshua's Toybox, who is only 13 years old mind you and coming out with some sweet stuff! This is his first figure ever and will be released exclusively through DKE for $25 each.

DCON2017_Mr.-Evil-Mind DCON2017_JJ-Jabber-Hut DCON2017_Cross-Section-Brat

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Scott Tolleson's Kryptonite Shard Dunnys & Dadbod Deadbeat at Designer Con


Scott Tolleson will release two Shard Dunny exclusives for his booth #525. The Kryptonite Shard—available in both 3” and 5” versions—features a translucent green resin that replicates Superman's weakness very well. There will only be 50 of the 3” bad boys up for grabs, which will retail $60 each. No word on the 5” pricing yet.

Scott will also be dropping his Dadbod Deadbeat Japanese vinyl figure in a red pearl vinyl. This run will be limited to only 30 pieces and will cost you $55. All of these goodies and many more can be found at his booth #525!


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Six Twenty Eight MITT Ragnorak "Thorr" & "Hullk" at DesignerCon

unnamed (1)

Six Twenty Eight will two releases that will get you scrambling to a couple booths at this years Designer Con. In celebration of a certain movie that features a famous Norse God, they are happy to release the Ragnorak "Thorr" and "Hullk" inspired MITT Figures. The "Thorr" release can be found only at the myplasticheart booth #621. The "Hullk" edition will only be available at the Toy Art Gallery booth #1223. Both are runs of only 10 pieces and will retail $65. Get your running shoes ready!


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Cometdebris at Designer Con 2017!


It seems that Cometdebris has been all around the world attending a lot of big conventions this year, but you know Designer Con is definitely on that list! He will be showcasing and releasing some of his amazing Japanese vinyl figures in limited edition runs and one-offs! He's announced a few so far, but we don't think he's done just yet. He will have some vinyl releases including his Tofu Kid, Ace Robo, Kappa Kid and Oni Kid. Not only that, he will also be bringing some special edition one-offs of those same characters, which makes us think he will have plenty for everyone! You can also accessorize by picking up one of his new t-shirts or button packs. All of which will be available at his booth #909!

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Chris Ryniak's Kangorumple and Frumplebun at Designer Con!


Chris Ryniak will be bringing more creatures to Dcon that will make your heart melt. These big eyed critters are each made of resin and are hand-painted in very limited quantities. One of each figure is limited per customer and are expected to be gone fairly quickly, especially when competing with VIP badge holders. Make your way to booth #1112 first thing!


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WOES x Silent Stage - 3" and 8" Nightmare Edition Panda King III @ Designer Con


WOES is out to release a new edition of his Panda King III at this years Designer Con with Silent Stage. The "Nightmare" edition will be available in both 4" and 8" Panda King III figures! They've got a size for everybody! The 4" Figures will be limited to a total of 100 pieces for $80. The 8" figures are limited to only 30 pieces and will retail $300 each. The "Nightmare" edition features an all black base with some bloody splattered claws. You will find them available at the Silent Stage booth #820! If you're lucky there may be left overs available online, but we don't see that happening so snatch them up before they are gone.

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Brandt Peters x GUMS Productions – Pup Proto at DesignerCon


Brandt Peters is working on a fun new  canine vinyl project with GUMS Productions. The pup (12” !) will be on display at DCon in the Circus Posterus booth [#519]. Drop by the booth to check it out in person, chat with Brandt about it, and of course check out all the new releases (more on that soon).

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Colus for DesignerCon: Hareball, Deer Crossing & Tabula Rah


After a strong showing last year, Colus returns to DesignerCon with several new stark, striking and smooth animal creations in resin.  Let’s start with the newest and work backwards.  First up is the brand-new Hareball. This intriguing 3x3” cube features two rabbits ‘entangled in love and hate’ and will be available in 3 colorways (price tbd). Next up we have two new colorways of Tabulah Rah (8”).  The impeccable rooster will be available in a Black and Gold edition (6 pcs, $300) as well as White+Red (4 pcs, $300).  Finally (unless he sneaks in another drop), Colus will release two new Deer Crossing figures (8”, $120) in Black and B+W.  All of this resin goodness will be available from Colus’ booth [#128].

23160866_1915166212136902_1694491158073311232_n22711083_136295177018823_4533025178459832320_n 22709075_138788903422378_2755374803471826944_n

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Nov 06, 2017

Flat Bonnie for DesignerCon: Dobichan, Honoo and Coarse Root Plush


Flat Bonnie [booth #317] has out done themselves this year with an enticing DesignerCon lineup. For exclusives, there’s the brand-new Dobichan character available as both a 9” plush ($50) and a 2” tall holiday ornament/bag charm ($25). Both features a DCon tag and numbered, sewn-in label.  This little swampie is adorable.  Next?  The Flat Bonnie x Leecifeer Honoo plush is back in a fiery orange+ red blended DCon Exclusive edition (15”, $90) with swanky numbered tag sewn right in.  

In addition to the exclusives, Flat Bonnie has made arrangements to release a small number of the Coarse Root Carrot collabo plush complete with screen-printed cloth bag,  produced by Playhouse (13”, $50). As always, the Flat Bonnie booth [#317] will be filled with a  wide selection of soft, cuddly animal plush ready for ‘adoption’. 

Flat-Bonnie-DesignerCon-Exclusive-Dobichan-Swamp-Monster-Ornament-Charm-A7s07682-800 Flat-Bonnie-Leecifer-Honoo-Plush-DCon-2017-A7s07649_BlogFlat-Bonnie-Coarse-Playhouse-Root-Carrot-Plush

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Tracy Tubera – Jordan Sith Light Side/Carmine Edition at DesignerCon


U: Price added (11.7)

Boom!  In addition to a pre-order for his new Maximum Effort resin (Deadpool), Tracy Tubera will be dropping the Jordan Sith Light Side resin (25 pcs, 7” x 8”), hand-crafted by  Mana Studios.  Glossy white helmet and gloves, matte torso, red translucent saber, and Jordan 6 Carmines, the light side is dressed to the nines.  Pick up the new TT Vader for $210 at Tracy’s booth [#320].

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3DRetro @ DesignerCon – Jade Clairvoyant Dunny and New Gordo


3DRetro [booth #532] has just announced two new DesignerCon drops.  First up is the Jade Clairvoyant Dunny (8”, 100 pcs, $100) from J*Ryu and Kidrobot.  The jade effect on this last Clairvoyant is quite nice, one of the best colorways. J*Ryu will be signing on Saturday from 11 AM to Noon.   Speaking of final turns, 3DRetro will also be releasing the last Gordo figure by Jim McKenzie in magenta/purple ($45).  Jim will be signing at the booth from 2-3 PM on Sunday.

23164632_499821150389787_124298805972566016_n 23164913_1777724899187155_7667103861353480192_n 23279925_179607112590756_7877827906221637632_n 23348244_191519994742699_8724029136042983424_n

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Les Schettkoe x MINDstyle – Western Micksterminator


Les Schettkoe’s Western Micksterminator character will make the jump from concept to vinyl toy at DesignerConMINDstyle will release Les’s ironic mouse exterminator (8.5”) in a debut black + silver glitter soft vinyl edition from the Pop Life Lounge [#2100] which will greet attendees at the main entrance. While Les has designed several popular licensed-property toys featuring G.I. Joe, Transformers and Monopoly characters, this is his first original art toy. 

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Jason Limon x DYZPlastic – Stink Box Minis Debut at DesignerCon


Calling all cat lovers!  Jason Limon has teamed up with Andrew Bell’s DYZPlastic to bring you the mini series of your dreams.  The Stink Box minis feature 16 frisky felines to collect and a really clever way to display them.  Each blind box can be converted into a ‘Stink Box’ for display and discrete waste handling. These will be available in limited preview quantities at Andrew Bell’s Dcon booth [#619].  These will be released widely in stores and online in December.  

stinkbox_blindbox-frontbackstinkox_Smokey-Doodle_Chubbs  stinkbox-Kingpin

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Nov 05, 2017

Cameron Tiede for DCon: Wide Mouth Demon, Beached Agony, Prints + More !

unnamed (1)
After missing the show last year, Cameron Tiede’s Wood Candy Workshop returns to DesignerCon  [booth #215] with a strong mix of wood figures, art prints and more. Both of his new wood releases bring strong splashes of enamel color to the WCW focus on naturally finished wood.  Bringing some devilish fun, W.M.D. (Wide Mouth Demon) stands 7” tall and will be offered in 8 uniquely painted pieces.  Sand and surf isn’t always a recipe for a great day according to Beached Agony. Limited to 15 pieces, Beached Agony (8”) features a distressed character rockin’ old school striped gear with orange/red accents and comes with a print.

unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed

In addition to shelf candy, Cameron will also bring some wall candy.The Beached Agony print  features the hapless one on a gloomy day (16x20”, 25 s/n prints, bagged+boarded).  While on a square,Cameron’s Happy Fish (16” x 16”, 25 s/n prints, bagged+boarded) have plenty of pep and personality.

unnamed (7)unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

Cameron will also offer additional tempting exclusive wood figures and prints. Including painted, one-piece toys (below).

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3DRetro @ DesignerCon: Moe Hawk by KRK Ryden and Smile Greyscale by Juan Muniz


3DRetro [booth #532] has announced two new releases for DesignerCon (11.11 – 11.12). First up is the brand-new Moe Hawk by KRK Ryden.  The colorful punk skater will be available for $60 at the show and Ryden will be on hand to sign them on Saturday (1- 2 PM). The new grayscale Smile figure from Juan Muniz will also debut at the ‘con ($45). This one features a muted expression befitting his toned down appearance. If you’d like yours signed, Juan will be happy to do that for you at his booth [#719].

23164198_140814603340006_2195115771615510528_n 23279844_1197009423734381_1209039882303832064_n

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Nov 04, 2017

Tracy Tubera - Maximum Effort Deadpool Resin + Thriller Pin for DesignerCon



We’ve come to expect a kicks-infused cinematic resin from Tracy Tubera each year as DesignerCon rolls around.  Walt, Future Boy, Jordan sith… and …  now Maximum Effort, Tracy’s take on the not-so-serious but 100% kick butt Deadpool. We kinda doubt Tracy has to psych himself up with a little mantra over and over again ala Wade Wilson, but hey whatever works.  The new light-hearted resin homage is a collaboration with partners-in-crime Mana Sutdios and features Jordan 4’s—Tracy digs comics but he’s all about the kicks.  We’re looking forward to the full reveal, should be any day now.

In addition to his new art toy, Tracy’s also upping his pin game with a gnarly Thriller pin done with the folks at Reppin. And yes, it’s GID.  But of course!  Find these new drops and a strong selection of prints at Tracy’s booth [#320].

23101729_124171341684462_2230321012950433792_n 23161850_416822695400122_8939288528936763392_n

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DeKorner x Scott Tolleson – Kookie No Good The Way De Kookie Krumbles Edition at DesignerCon (11.11 – 11.12)


All good (and mischievous) things come to an end. For Kookie No Good the end of the road is DesignerConDe Korner will drop The Way De Kookie Krumbles edition designed by Scott Tolleson  with deluxe packaging from their booth [#622] for $45. How will De Korner top the tried and true bag and header?  Stay tuned!  After DCon, the figure will also be available  in standard packing for $40 from De Korner’s web shop.

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Nov 02, 2017

Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak - Thimblebugs at Designer Con


Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak are bringing some mini-goodness to this years Designer Con! Available at their booth will be tons of great things from toys and prints, and these adorable creatures. The Strawberry Milk Colorway of their Thimblebug figures! You can adopt the pair at their booth #1112.

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Oct 31, 2017

DKE – Designer Con 2017 Reveal #1

unnamed (1)


If you love bootleg art action figures, DKE has you covered once again at  DesignerCon [booth 812].  As usual, they are breaking up their massive list of releases into parts, three this time.  Here’s the first grouping which features some very interesting toys.

Let’s start with the third and last—boo!—Star Wars-themed figure from Mark Todd. STR WAS: DTH VDR (3.75”, 30 s/n pcs, $55) has a crazy, eclectic sculpt which nicely captures the artist’s drawing style as seen on the sweet backing card.  With Halloween just around the corner, Freddy Frett (3.75”, 30 s/n pcs, $65) by Credenda Studios is quite timely. Staying with the frightful, the twisted mind of Wolf Pits brings us the Preacher Creature (4”, 25 s/n pieces, $55).   While bootleggers tend to focus on a few beloved cinematic franchises, it’s nice to see something a bit out ouf the box such as A Life Day Story—with Apologies to Ralphie—by Buzzard Guts.  Finally we’ll close things out with Scum & Villainy – Wretched Ball by UME Toys (3”, 20 s/n pcs, $65) featuring a fun OG sculpt.

unnamed (2) unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (5)

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Qpop at DesignerCon: New Konatsu Sofubi


Qpop will be returning to DCon [#208] this year and they’ve got some mighty tempting figures from Konatsuya. There’s an indigo Pigora and a pearlescent Sleeping Nigora, both great in their own right.  You may recognize both of these as the figures Konatsu released at the recent Design Festa. So if you weren’t lucky enough to scoop them up in Tokyo, this is your shot.

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Itokin Park – DCon Update II: Green Glitter Astronaut + More


So last week we mentioned that Itokin Park will be returning to DCon at The Sour Lemon booth [#1700 in Hall C] with a brand-new space explorer sofubi.  Turns out he’s going BIG this year with several additional releases including this fancy green glitter + gold edition of his classic Astronaut figure.  Plus he’s also busy on the collabo front with new editions of Amanda Visell’s Beaver and Michelle Valigura’s  Robot Girl in as yet unrevealed colorways.


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Oct 26, 2017

Paul Kaiju Raffle Info for Designer Con 2017!


Paul Kaiju has just released some information you may want to know when attending this years Designer Con 2017. As every year, PK will be holding raffles for his awesome releases at this booth #533. The raffle info is as follows:

Saturday, November 11th

9AM - 2:30PM - Raffle Ticket Pick-Up

3PM - Raffle Ticket Drawing

Sunday, November 12th

10AM - 1230PM - Raffle Ticket Pick-Up

1PM - Raffle Ticket Drawing

Just like every year, Paul's booth will definitely be the happenin spot to be when it's time to draw numbers. Stay tuned for photos of all the goodies he will be bringing with him!

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Oct 23, 2017

Itokin Park -- Brand New Astronaut at DesignerCon

22638779_158529044743515_4638513651173556224_n (2)

Oooh.  The Sour Lemon has announced that Itokin Park will release a brand-new super spacey sofubi figure at their DesignerCon booth [#1700].  While we don’t have an official name yet, the new toy, seen here in a blue test shot, adds a bit of edge to the cosmic cute of Itokin’s previous Astronaut and Space Mode Man figures.

With a determined face and what appear to be power/mechanical arms, this explorer means business. While not immediately obvious in the blue test shot photos, a close-up pic from Itokin’s IG shows off the increased mechanical detail in the new sculpt including tech bits on the helmet collar. Plus, looks like there will be an inner collar sticker with more tech details.

Oh, and did we mention? Articulated arms.  Unlike the two previous astronauts, you’ll be able to pose this toy.  Also going off the pic, it looks like this one might be a bit taller than the previous figures with an elongated helmet.  

22638916_362525254171479_8581157869280296960_n 22582319_139137563382882_4930521322213081088_n 22639190_522329141448407_2022721634099527680_n

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Oct 12, 2017

Joe Ledbetter – DesignerCon Print (11.11 – 11.12)


With DesignerCon less than a month away, news of official ‘con exclusives and releases is flowing.  Today, JLed revealed his trippy DCon Serigraph print featuring a pink elephant who you might recognize from his sublime Outsiders series.   The 18x24” backlight-ready print features black flocking for that pyschadelic 60’s vibe. It’ll be available at the official DCon booth (#124).  The print announcement follows news of the DCon Exclusive GID 3” Dunny by Juan Muniz, available only at the DCon after party.

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