Nov 14, 2016

DKE Toys at Designer Con!


DKE Toys will once again be bringing some heat to this years Designer Con. Their booth #812 will be fully stocked of all the resin art toys and bootleg figures your bags can carry. They’ve got exclusive limited runs coming from iBreak Toys, Topz Toy, Bombermat, Dead Greedy, Has No Talent Bootlegs, DLL Customs, Credenda Studios, Broke1, Moc Toys, Manny x Romero – Ironoclast Toys and Janky Toys. You can find all the info you need on their exclusives HERE or take a look after the jump for photos with release details!


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Chris Ryniak at Designer Con


Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd will be sharing a space at this years Designer Con. You can find them and all of their goodies at booth #1230. That is where Chris will be releasing his new Peacock Frumbplebun amongst a bunch of other amazing toys, pins, artwork and stickers! Be sure to follow Chris Ryniak @chrisryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd @amandalouisespayd for updates!


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Scott Tolleson – Mint Edition Argomedus and the Whisper at Designer Con


Scott Tolleson will be bringing some vinyl out to Designer Con. Introducing the Mint colorway of his newest line of Japanese vinyl figures, Argomedus and the whisperer. This set, along with a bunch of other goodies can be found at his booth #525 this weekend! This set stands 4.5” and 3.5” tall and were produced by Turtle Milk Studios and sculpted by David Arshawsky. We may assume these will go around the $60 price range.

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Nov 10, 2016

Hyperactive Monkey – H20 Unit Mechannita Designer Con Exclusive


Hyperactive Monkey’s Mechannita makes its return! The brand new H2O unit will be available as an exclusive to this years Designer Con. The Monkey Mech Girl also comes with a matching print and for only $20. These will be available in limited numbers at the Hyperactive Monkey booth #421. Stay tuned for more to come from Hyperactive Monkey!

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Luke Chueh x Munky King – Headspace “Bears, Rabbits, Devils, Oh My!” Debut at Designer Con


The official set of Luke Chueh’s Headspace figure will be making its debut at the Munky King booth #435 at this years Designer Con. The “Bears, Rabbits, Devils, Oh My!” edition is the official set, as the previously released ones were event exclusives. This release features all 3 heads and will be available at Dcon, as well as online. Luke will be hanging out at the booth on both Saturday and Sunday to sign (times posted soon).

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Peter Kato x Bwana Spoons - Kaleidoscope Candy Jeff the Scrapper at Designer Con


Peter Kato has teamed up with Bwana Spoons once again with the release of the Kaleidoscope Candy Jeff the Scrapper at Designer Con. This younger version of Jeff features colorful resin shards within this clear resin figure and will be very limited. Each figure will retail $50 each and can only be found at Bwana’s booth #413. How adorbs is he!

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Cometdebris at Designer Con

15035619_976546085804511_2047600769032519680_n 15035556_1149289935160529_2638689711794683904_n

Koji just announced a few more vinyl releases for next weekends Designer Con. Check out the clear green Tofu Kid for only $30 and the Kappa Shonen with marbled purple with GID vinyl for $60. He is definitely brining out some heat this year. Keep them coming Cometdebris! These will be available all weekend long at the Cometdebris booth #909.

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Kozyndan x Munky King Toys–Kuronamigami First Release @ Designer Con


Munky King is bringing back Kozyndan’s Uprisings vinyl figure, this time in a new black and white colorway, dubbed “Kuronamigami”. This release is limited to only 50 pieces and will first be available at this years Designer Con. Just like the previous release, Uprisings stands 9.5” tall and is based on their “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” inspired painting, which features tiny bunnies within the waves. Find them available all weekend long at the Munky King Booth #435.

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Bigshot Toyworks – Southern Fried Gentleman at Designer Con


At this years Designer Con, Bigshot Toyworks will be debuting their Southern Fried Gentleman resin figure. Makes you crave a bucket of chicken doesn’t it? These resin figures will be available in 3 colorways, Regular (100 pieces), Old Timey Mono (20 pieces) and Golden Crispy (20 pieces). The Southern Fried Gentleman stands 6.5” Tall and will retail $85 a piece. If you won’t be available to attend DCon, you can find them available for purchase HERE


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Nov 09, 2016

Cometdebris – Designer Con Exclusive Kappa Kid


Can you believe Designer Con is a little more than a week away! Cometdebris will once again be partaking with a booth #909 and with him will of course be some exclusive vinyl! The first of his releases to be announced is the Orange Vinyl Kappa Kid. Like all his releases, you can expect limited numbers and these going fast for the price of $30.

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Nov 07, 2016

Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot – Designer Con Exclusive The Odd Ones Bugga Bugga 3” Dunny


Kidrobot is bringing a few exclusives out to Designer Con. One of them being an exclusive of Scott Tolleson’s Bugga Bugga 3” Dunny from his Odd Ones Dunny Series. This D-Con exclusive will be a GID release and is one you’re going to need to complete your Odd One collections. Expect to pay around $10-15 for this sweet sweet piece! Find them at booth #518.

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Konatsuya x Q Pop Shop – Shibara And Sleeping Negora @ Designer Con


Q Pop Shop will once again be exhibiting at this years Designer Con and with them will be a couple releases by Konatsuya! Available will be the Shibara and Sleeping Negora in a brown spot colorway. These will be found at their booth #121 in limited numbers!

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Oct 31, 2016

The Sour Lemon at DesignerCon


After its debut booth last year, The Sour Lemon returns to DesignerCon [Booth #1800] with even more juice. Started by toy collectors Henry Loh and Andy Hick on their travels in Japan, The Sour Lemon is spreading. In fact, Pushead just mentioned that ‘next’ is The Sour Lemon at Dcon… Keep an eye on for more face-twisting goodness.

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Firestarter Design at DesignerCon—GID and Stone Gold Darumao


Sarah Tan of Firestarter Design will be making the trip from Singapore to Pasadena for DesignerCon with a legion of her cute Darumao resin figures. She’ll have the Dcon Exclusive GID Darumaos aka Meowrendil (25 pcs, $70, 2.5”) as well as three Stone Gold Darumaos and two blank stone pieces—each sculpted and cast by Whalerabbit.   They’ll be available from the Firestarter Design booth [#1211].



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Secret Walls DesignerCon 2016 Edition


Secret Walls is returning to Pasadena for DesignerCon 2016 on Saturday (11.19) as part of the new Dcon VIP pass ($25) which gets you access to the panels and the after-party. This time around the live art battle will pit three two-man teams against each other for  fame and glory. Here’s the team breakdown --  Juan Muniz and Das Frank (Team1) vs Too Fly and kaNO (team 2—NYC and LA ftw) vs. L’Amour Supreme x Skinner. Host Greg Mishka will intro the teams, announce the winners, and maybe some blow-by-blow updates in between.  Oh, did we mention DJ Synapse will be spinning  during the battle?

It all goes down at The Rose venue which is directly across the street from the convention center.  In addition to Secret Walls, the party will feature additional live art, music by DJ Z-Trip + exclusive merchandise from Mishka and others.

Secret Walls at Designercon 2016
Saturday, November 19th (7:30 PM)

The Rose
245 E. Green St.
Pasadena, CA 91101

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Broke Piggy – DesignerCon 2016 Preview

Bricked Flyer

Broke Piggy is returning to DesignerCon (11.20 – 11with plenty lined up for the big show including two custom shows and a mystery sofubi drop.  First up is Bricked showcasing the work of artists known for their toy design and graffiti skills on brand-new walls—special 5” brick wall plaster MAD*Ls created by Mr. The Sanders.  The lineup includes MAD, Angry Woebots, Deph, Jesse Hernandez, kaNO, Marka27, Scribe and Sket One. Next, The Bots return with the Toy Within a Toy exhibit featuring 8” custom Dunnys designed by Scott Tolleson, Uamou, Jeremiah Ketner and The Bots. We’re guessing that The Bots will bring the artists’ designs to life in their trademark clay style, much as they did with 2015’s Hold Your Breath series. 

In addition to the two shows, Broke Piggy has teased a new sofubi release from a mystery Hong Kong-based artist.  Expect a few more announcements as well as we get closer to the show.  All of it will be available from the Broke Piggy booth [#527]

Toy Within a Toy


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Oct 29, 2016

Shawnimals x myplasticheart x Squibbles Ink – Pocket Pork Dumplings S2 at DesignerCon


Mmmm… Pocket Pork Dumplings S2 will debut at DesignerCon from the myplasticheart booth [#414].  The follow-up to Shawnimals’ first vinyl dumpling series features twelve varieties including one mysterious delicacy. So far, we’re partial to the cylon-inspired dumpling, though the moustache ones are pretty cool too.   Hit the jump for more sneak peaks from mph and Shawnimals of the upcoming designs as well as the box mock-up from NYCC which features line art from the 11 standard designs. 


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Oct 27, 2016

Woot Bear x Scott Wilkowski – Infected Wootkowski for DCon

Scott Wilkowski and Woot Bear are prepping new skeletal Wootkowski figures—Scott’s take on the store’s mascot—for DesignerCon.  While not officially named, we’ll go with Infected Wootkowski still we hear other wise.  We’re assuming these are WIP protos with the final pieces double cast as usual.


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