Koko by Coarse

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Coarse returns to the skies with the effervescent Koko vinyl art toy. Flitting from flower to flower with a frenetic wing beat, Koko evokes freedom through its fancy flight. Featured in several of Coarse’s sprawling, multiple-character sculptures for their recent Because I Wanted You To Know solo show (Corey Helford Gallery), Koko shines with three bright, vivid vinyl editions.

First released as part of Thailand Toy Expo 2024 back in April, Koko features a whimsical design with a long beak, mask-like eye treatment, and eye-catching pose: standing on its forward-swung tail. Long time Coarse collectors will likely think back to Cancan, Coarse’s toucan toy (2015), which also made use of this clever and unusual approach to give a bird with tiny legs a way to stand comfortably.

The hummingbird figure will be available on Tuesday (5.21) at 8:59 AM PDT from Coarse in three colorways with a twist. While both Mango Rhapsody and Mandarin Sky stand 4″ tall, Summer Roads reaches new heights at 6″ tall. The larger Koko will be available individually (Edition of 199, $128) while the smaller 4″ figures will only be available as part of the 3-figure set ($214).

With Koko, Coarse continues its collaboration with acclaimed Berlin restaurant Tim Raue which is recognized as #40 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s list. Special guests at the Two Star Michelin Restaurant will receive a Koko gift complete with an exclusive collector’s bag.