The Guard by Ashley Wood x Underverse

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Ashley Wood reflects upon his original sci-fi characters and worlds with his new The Guard resin statue from Underverse. The stature features a stylized arrangement of some of his most popular characters including NOM de Plume, Bertie Mk1, Square Mk1 and a Tomorrow Queen.

The stylish piece offers a dynamic, artistic composition rather than a cohesive group composition. The ‘floating’ group includes a pair of bust-like portraits (NOM de Plume and the Tomorrow Queen) while the two robots spring into suspended action behind an explosive 2.5D background. A solitary post grounds the piece into a rectangular base featuring a rough, hand-style W carved into the front. The sculpt by Peipei balances character fidelity with a creative composition that marks it as an artistic representation of Wood’s creations, apart from his obsessively intricate, highly articulated 1:6 figures. The piece is finished with a metal-like finish complete with simulated patina.

An edition of 500, the The Guard resin statue is available for pre-order from Underverse for $108 and is scheduled to ship in Q2 2024.