Sup.Pro XL // Princess Mathilda

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Fools Paradise’s Sup.Pro series has proven to be arguably their most popular so far. The mix of the dark, yet strangely sweet assassin + young protege film with the classic platforming game has kept collectors coming back, again and again. In the process though, Leon has become the focus with numerous solo Sup.Pro XL drops. Thankfully, his protege is back with the new Sup.Pro XL // Princess Mathilda vinyl art toy.

Mathilda could almost pass as a regular kid, minus the Bullet Bill she’s carrying and maybe the crown. In fact, the assassin vibe has been toned down, except for the snarling bullet which also serves as a nod to Leon’s Bullet Bill pistol silencer. The new design is a fun, cute re-appearance of Mathilda and a nice counterpart to the XL Leon figures. Though unexpectedly, she’s the same height as her mentor.

The Sup.Pro XL // Princess Mathilda vinyl art toy (open edition, 19.69″) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $235 (includes global shipping) and is slated to ship within 3 months.