DOG by Woongle

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South Korean artist Woongle (Lee Seong heon) continues to impress with his line of stylized animals. As with the previous releases, the new 3D-printed art toy is simply named DOG. The name is perhaps even more understated than usual, as this dog has a semi-wild, almost wolf-like appearance.

The white and red figure features a large, sitting canine with a strong torso, and small-ish angular head with a jaw that melts into the figure. The minimalist, symbol-like eye and markings on the body add a mystical quality while large, hanging tongue and alert tail bring some lighthearted fun. Fierce, mysterious and fun.

An edition of 20, the DOG (~6.1″) 3d-printed resin art toy is available for preorder directly from Woongle (email/DM) for $400 plus shipping. The figure comes in a deluxe, hinged wood box with foam. Please allow two months for production.