Hawthorn the Adventurer by Fiona Ng

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Fiona Ng has been making her unique brand of resin toys—under her artist name DarthAsterisk) steeped in adventure including a series of gallant knight figures since 2012. Now comes her brand-new figure, Hawthorn the Adventurer, designed to shine as her first soft vinyl art toy.

With a plucky attitude, warm gear and essential supplies including a mystical-looking flask, the rabbit-ish Hawthorn—leader of the Berry Adventurers—is ready for the challenges and amazing experiences that await. The figure debuts in two colorways Celadon Pearl, a pearlescent pale green, and Glacial Jade (GID) which is a marbled design blending celadon green, translucent blue and opaque white (GID). The intriguing colorways are based on the artist’s background in traditional Chinese art. Each has a sense of sophistication from the pearlescent quality to the fairly unusual GID blend.

The Hawthorn the Adventurer soft vinyl art toy (4″) is available in Celadon Pearl and Glacial Jade GID (edition of 20) from Fiona Ng for $65 each. Rather than offering the each-one-is-different marbled edition randomly, collectors can see all twenty on her site and state a preference for a particular figure. The figures are made in the USA by Mile High Sofubi.