Skull Bomb (Retro) by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

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Jason Freeny’s aerial terror revisits the atomic age with the new Skull Bomb (Retro Edition) polystone art toy from Mighty Jaxx. Retro bears the marks of the development of atomic weapons with the ‘235’ (short for Uranium-235) and ‘X3’ which refers to the Trinity atomic bomb test. With its weathered, frayed design, the new edition also fits right into the WWII-era inspirations for the figure concept including planes with shark faces.

An edition of 300, the Skull Bomb (Retro Edition) polystone art toy is available for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx for $149 and is slated to ship in January 2024. This timely ‘drop’ follows the renewed interest in the story behind the development of the atomic bomb as detailed in the recently released Oppenheimer film.