Kaneda by Chappell

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UK artist Chappell takes on Neo-Tokyo with the new Kaneda resin art toy. Drawn from the epic, genre-defining manga/anime, the leader of the Capsules biker gang is seen in his iconic red gear with the half-blue, half-red pill capsule on the back. The fierce pose showcases Shotaro Kaneda’s determination to save the city from the psychic threat that threatens it, once again. While his heavy laser rifle is the obvious weapon of choice, his snarl and clenched fist signal his intention to use any means necessary.

Chappell’s signature attention to detail is on masterful display here from the red biker suit to the heavy laser rifle complete with subtle weathering on the power pack. In contrast to the static resin, the use of flexible cord for the rifle’s cable is a nice touch.

An edition of 15, the Kaneda resin art toy will be available for pre-order on Sunday, September 3rd 2023 @ 12 PM PDT from Mahalo Cabin for £294.99 (~$380). The figure is slated to ship in early December 2023.