Instinctoy August Lottery

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Instinctoy’s August Lottery features three new art toys — two vinyl and one in wood. First up is the Muckey 10th Anniversary – Aurora White GID vinyl toy (7.48″,¥22,000/~$157) with a translucent, prismatic GID finish (‘shiny rainbow aurora). To mark the milestone, a special 10th Anniversary logo appears in Muckey’s belly when viewed in the dark — a fairly unique touch.

Next up is the inc Labubu ‘Altair’ vinyl figure (8.27″, ¥35,200/~$252), a collaboration between Instinctoy’s Hiroto Ohkubo and Kasing Lung. Designed by Kasing Lung, inc Labubu is the counterpart to Monster Zimomo which was designed by Hiroto Ohkubo. The figure features an inc-ified Labubu with the tell-tale erosion drips and Liquid symbiote (rear) of Instinctoy’s first character.

Rounding out this month’s trio, is the ultra-premium King Korpse Wood ‘Premium Black’ wood art toy (ed. of 15, 12.8″, ¥880,000/~$6,281) from James Groman. A follow-up to the original King Korpse wood edition, the new elevated version of Groman’s King Kong homage features dyed Sapele wood, white ash wood, purpleheart wood and red rosewood to achieve the desired color design with as natural a treatment as possible. The handcuffs and shackles are fabricated from a heavy, metal material.

All three figures are available from Instinctoy’s August Lottery through Sunday (8.27) Japan Time (likely 7:59 AM PDT on Sunday). Please note that those wanting to purchase the Muckey figure will also need to participate in the #MUCKEY10thAnniversary hashtag event where collectors post photos/videos of their Muckey collection. See details below.

#MUCKEY10thAnniversary Hashtag Event Details

Please post your MUCKEY collection photos and videos with the hashtag #MUCKEY10thAnniversary on either Instagram or Redbook (小紅書) from August 23rd (Wednesday) to 27th (Sunday) and mention our official accounts @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo (IG) or @INSTINCTOY-大久保 博人 (Redbook).

When submitting the lottery application form, please enter the Instagram or Redbook account URL that participated in the #MUCKEY10thAnniversary hashtag event. If the account URL is not provided or if applicants did not participate in the hashtag event, the lottery application for the Muckey 10th Anniversary will be automatically canceled.