Devil Greenie (Blue Edition) by Too Natthapong x Go Nagai x Unbox Industries

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Thai artist Too Natthapong has reimagined his signature Greenie faerie character as Go Nagai’s iconic Devilman. The Devil Greenie (Blue Edition) mini art toy from Unbox Industries features Greenie in a relaxed pose, eyes shut. She has the classic Devilman appearance with the blue skin, black horns, and the ‘D’ belt while retaining her whimsical, lighthearted charm. Natthapong created the Devil Greenie concept as an informal, fun side project while working on the Go Nagai Mecha blindbox series. With Go Nagai’s team blessing, the fun concept became a reality.

The Devil Greenie (Blue Edition) mini vinyl art toy (3″) will be available on Saturday (9.2) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries for $20. If you subscribe to the Unbox Industries newsletter, check your inbox for a link to the newsletter lottery.