Bugs In Amber #1 – Dumblebee

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What if Sad Salesman’s curious creatures had existed millions of years ago? Glad you asked ūüôā The artist’s new Bugs In Amber series offers a humorous answer. First up in the series (!) is Dumblebee. This stout bee (maybe not the smartest in the hive) is preserved for all-time (ok, not really) in a glorious glob of amber. The figure comes with a handy circular ring base for convenient display on surfaces where it might just roll away otherwise. Despite the toys name, the smart design features three variants with different gazes — straight ahead, left and right. Not blind, collector’s choice.

An edition of 109, the Bugs In Amber #1: Dumblebee resin art toy (2.5″) will be available on Wednesday (8.23) at 9 AM PDT from Sad Salesman for $95.