100% Soft Keeps it Burning with an SDCC Dumpster Fire Army

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100% Soft returns to SDCC (7.19 – 7.23) with not one, not two, but three new Dumpster Fire editions. Well…that is until today’s video announcements of two new wild Mecha Dumpster Fires. So yes, that’s five if you’re counting at home. As we wait photos on the just-announced versions, let’s look at the three non-Mecha Dumpster Fires.

Truck Torrence and the team are dropping two SDCC exclusive editions of what we’ll call the ‘classic’ Dumpster Fire. For those that love matte black, turns it’s not just for cars. No sir. It’s equally wicked on … dumpsters. The Murdered-Out edition ($30) is all-black with a black translucent flame for extra style points. What’s worse that smelly kitchen garbage… Ummm. Plenty. Take for example the new Toxic Waste Nuclear Blue Edition. A followup to last year’s radioactive SDCC drop, this year’s version features a pastel blue dumpster with pink sludge overflowing past the lid and down on to the face with the cute radioactive symbol eyes.

Finally, the meme is back and ready for the dark. That’s right, the This is Fine GID version, a collaboration with Gunshow artist KC Green, will also debut at SDCC. And of course, Question Hound is GID too. Not an exclusive per se, but Comic Con will be the first opportunity to pick it up.