‘All <3 NOH8' 8" Dunny by NOH8 x Kidrobot

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NOH8 celebrates Pride Month by bringing its striking photo campaign of people with duct tape over their mouths, a reference to oppression of LGTBQ+ rights, to the art toy world with the new All <3 NOH8 8″ Dunny from Kidrobot. The colorful, uplifting Dunny features a clear body filled with candy-style hearts, rainbow-striped ears and the NOH8’s signature duct tape and ‘NOH8’ on the left cheek. The mini hearts express the values behind the non-profit charity’s with both ‘All <3’ and ‘NOH8’ messages.

An edition of 1100, the All <3 NOH8 8″ Dunny art toy is available for pre-order from Kidrobot for $59.99 and is slated to ship in late July.