Ghost of Kurosawa – The Sullied – Aged Bronze by QUICCS x Flabslab

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QUICCS x Flabslab are set to drop a final chapter in their samurai-inspired reign of metal with the new Ghost of Kurosawa – The Sullied – Aged Bronze all-metal art toy. The fifth and final edition has a stylized bronze finish incorporating a dark patina throughout. Loaded for action, GoK carries spray cans in each hand with two crossed swords at the ready on his back. The metal GoK was sculpted by Danil Yad.

The mad men who are sane in the now mad world campaign their peoples’ claim to their right to exist, and from these men manifests one enigmatic ruthless messenger of Akira’s unearthed doctrines of insurrection and vengeance, the man known only as…the Ghost of Kurosawa!

An edition of 150, the Ghost of Kurosawa – The Sullied – Aged Bronze metal art toy (3″, pewter) will be available on Wednesday (5.31) from IamRetro (9 AM PDT, $149.99) for USA collectors and from Flabslab for Asia collectors. For those in Singapore, MikeOzzo Toy Store has them for in-person shopping. The figure comes with an edition-specific box featuring shaped foam for protection.