Zen: Rekka 1/6 Art Toy by IMCMPLX

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Bryan Lie (IMCMPLX) continues to create futuristic myths and legends with his new Zen: Rekka 1/6 art toy as part of his God Complex universe. While most of Lie’s figures draws on gods from various cultures, Rekka draws inspiration from Daruma or Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. The red + gold motiff and distinctive face markings will be instantly recognizable for those familiar with the iconic Daruma dolls.

As with many of the GodComplex figures, Zen: Rekka features a robotic or at least cybernetic design starting with the cyberpunk-like Daruma helmet to the underarm weaponry with joystick-style controls. Rekka’s fit is athletic and modern, at home in any fashionable urban setting.

The Zen: Rekka 1/6 art toy will be available on Monday (4.11) @ 9 PM PDT from IMCMPLX. Pricing has not been announced.