Black Rainbow Sparkles Astronaut Trio by Itokin Park

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After some brief teases, Itokin Park has unveiled his newest trio of Astronaut sofubi figures in a striking, spacey Black Rainbow Sparkles finish. Each of Itokin’s OG Astronaut, Space Mode Man and Power Suit space explorers feature dark-as-space suits filled with bright rainbow glitter.

As with Itokin’s recent releases, each figure comes with a random Small Universe omake (bonus) minis in vehicles specific to each Astronaut type. The OG Astronaut comes with a lander-like probe, Space Mode Man ships with a space capsule and the Power Suit is backed up with a rover. As you might know, there are 16 different Small Universe sculpts, so quite a dizzying number of figure + mini combos.

The Black Rainbow Sparkles astronaut sofubi toys are available via lottery until 4.27 (Japan Time) for $100 each from Itokin Park. See the lottery details (below) for entry info. Look for additional glitter editions soon.

Lottery Info

■How to order. (Over sea customer )

Price : $100USD each + shipping cost (Please check the following) 

Please send an email with the following information:
The subject of the email should be “astronauts order”

Application deadline. 2023 April 27th 

Application destination email address.

1.Your Name
2.Your shipping address
3.Your telephone number
4.Your Paypal account
5.Your Instagram or Twitter account
6.Item number (first choice, second choice third choice) 

You can select up to your fourth choice (all, A, B, C…) of preference in the products.If you only want one product, please write only your first choice.

U (4.23, 2:06 PM) : Added Small Universe link.