Sad Salesman is ‘On The Edge’ at Boxday Gallery in Taiwan

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New York-based artist Sad Salesman’s upcoming On The Edge solo exhibition opens at Boxday Gallery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Friday (3.10). As the title hints, the show features a new collection of seated original resin sculptures. Each is perfect for sitting on the edge of a shelf or desk, be it Sad Salesman’s beloved middle-aged snail, a shiny orange goldfish, boozin’ Sadlamander and more. Here’s a quick select preview of the charming, silly, and personable pieces. Check out Boxday Gallery on IG for more previews and if you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in Kaohsiung, this is a must see.

And yes, Sad Salesman’s upcoming Shark! vinyl art toy is based on his Shark On The Edge original resin created for this show.

Sad Salesman || On The Edge
Opening: Friday, March 10, 2022

Boxday Gallery
No.8 Minyou St. Xinxing Dist.
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan