‘Humans Are A Virus’ by Joan Cornella x AllRightsReserved

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Joan Cornellà’s bright happy take on human failings has resulted in a series of ironic, conversation-starting vinyl art toys created in collaboration with AllRightsReserved. Their milestone 10th collaborative vinyl exemplifies the approach from the title onward: Humans Are a Virus. With a gleaming smile and impeccable gray turtle neck and orange-brown suit, a guru (of some sort) holds his hands up skyward to produce the truth for all to see in the form of the floating phrase that reveals our unrelenting thirst for more, more and more.

The figure’s sleight of hand is created through the clever use of a translucent plastic arc supporting the letters. The result is striking in the promo photos—hopefully it will looks as good in regular display conditions.

Cornellà’s latest triumph of self deprecating humor follows numerous other memorable pieces including Selfie Gun, Poopy Pants, Fwen and Send Yourself Nowhere.

The Humans Are A Virus vinyl art toy (10.2″) will be available on Thursday (3.9) at 7 PM PST from DDT Store for an as yet unannounced price. In the meantime, the link to ‘register your interest’ is live.