Hiro: The Saviour of Yomikawa by Wetworks

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Philippines-based Wetworks has unleashed his newest tour de force. Hiro: the Saviour of Yomikawa, is a samurai hero with a modern, urban vibe. Cursed by an evil sorcerer, the young warrior is in danger of being turned into a wooden version of himself. To break the curse he must overcome seven obstacles. The new figure debuts in a tastefully-muted blue and red suit of armor.

The blend of kid-like proportions and the intricate armor hit an elusive sweet spot — stylized, yet highly-detailed, almost ‘realistic’ in a sense. As clearly seen in the unpainted WIP photos, Wetworks has added fine textural details into the armor, mostly notably in the samurai helmet. Speaking of the helmet, the figure comes with two swappable heads — one with helmet and one without which showcases the character’s half mask and spiky top-knot hairstyle. Without the helmet, Hiro has an unmistakable superhero vibe.

The Saviour of Kamigawa

The year was 3040 in an apocalyptic Japan when the Emperor and Shoguns were re-established. There was a ruthless Feudal Lord who only had one child who would inherit all his title and fame but was cursed by a sorcerer to change into a mechanical wooden toy if the seven obstacles were not met. These seven responsibilities were handed upon HIRO as a punishment for his father, and they act as both a challenge to establish his worth to the kingdom and a curse that he must overcome before his time runs out. HIRO sets out with a motley crew of young and wild individuals to complete each job before he turns into firewood and the Kingdom of Yomikawa is destroyed.

An edition of 300, the Hiro: The Saviour of Yomikawa (7.5″) resin art toy is available for pre-order from Wetworks and also the Isle of Misfit Toys (USA) for $169.

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