Draculala by Blind Faith x Dream On Studio x Fragments of Dreams

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Blind Faith delivers a devilishly fun take on the quintessential vampire tale with the new Draculala soft vinyl art toy in collaboration with Dream On Studio x Fragments of Dreams. Designed with an appealing cartoony aesthetic, this blood-sucking count has seen better days.

He has a grizzled, tired look rather than the classic enigmatic, suave appearance. Even his signature ensemble is showing signs of wear. While his tuxedo and fabric cape are in tact, his shoes have seen better days. His backside reveals a cross in his pocket and what look like werewolf scratches. The first in a new monster series, Draculala will be followed by Fitch, a Frankenstein-inspired character, and Williams the Werewolf.

Draculala Origin

Draculala, the son of the devil, is also a cruel monarch. He will ruthlessly nail the enemies and traitors to the sharpened stakes. This inevitably offends many people. The bad people are afraid of him, and the good people are also afraid of him.

Draculala woke up after sleeping for more than 500 years…
Engulfed by darkness, or choose to liberate yourself?
He lost everything and now he wants to get back what belongs to him.
Draculala began to summon his loyal partners 500 years ago and began a new adventure…

An edition of 25, the Draculala soft vinyl art toy is available via lottery for $95 until the deadline of Sunday (3.12) @ 7 AM PST. To enter the lottery, drop an email to dreamonstudio@outlook.com with a subject of ‘Draculala’ and include your 1) Full Name, 2) Instagram Account, 3) Country, 4) Shipping Address, 5) ZipCode, 6) Phone Number and 7) PayPal Account.

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