Beautiful Loser – Social Outcast by Loser Works

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Instead of focusing on the coolest, most hype, Korean artist Loser Works turns his eyes in the other direction. The artist’s newest project is the new Beautiful Loser series which debuts with the Social Outcast resin figure.

The downtrodden youth has sunken eyes and a stitched mouth perhaps representing his lack of ‘say’ in the world. While he might not have many friends, he does have a rat companion tucked into his shirt which features a ‘Outcast Friends’ with a sad, rainy cloud design on the reverse. Mishaps are everyday for the Beautiful Loser, with multiple bandaids on his arms and hands. Reflecting his mood, the character’s fit is dark and darker with a black headband and black converses complementing his gray tee.

An edition of 10, the Beautiful Loser – Social Outcast #1 resin art toy (6.3″) is available for pre-order directly from Loser Works for $450. To order DM or email the artist. Production of ordered figures will take about two months.

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