Super7 x Simpsons – Ultimates Wave 4

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Super7 just up a new Pre-Order for the newest wave of Simpsons Ultimates. As Wave 1 has begun to land in collectors hands, they unveil the newest set of characters in Wave 4. While only appearing a few times on the show, these characters are quite iconic. Available for Pre-Order HERE are King Size Homer, Devil Flanders, Radioactive Man and Drederick Tatum.

Each figure retails $55 each and has an estimated ship date of Fall 2023. They also come with a heaping load of great accessories that we can’t see them without. Kudos to Super7 for spending those extra hours watching these episodes to make sure the details are just right. The pre-order will close on Friday, March 17th, so be sure to get your order in before it ends!