Dark Beats with the ST12 Turbo and ST1200 by Patrick Wong

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Patrick Wong picks up the (electronic) Imperial drum beat once again with his recently released ST12 Turbo and ST1200 resin art toys. The clever concept blends old-school drum machines and the iconic Stormtrooper into a memorable, unexpected design. Based on the SP12 Turbo and SP1200 machines, each design pays homage to its inspiration from the colors, bright blue hues for the 12 Turbo and grays/blacks for the 1200, to the faders, keypads and yes, old-school floppy drive (5.25″!). The new releases follow Wong’s ST-60 (2017) which featured the flat key controls of the MPC-60.

Editions of 24, the ST12 Turbo and ST1200 resin art toy sculptures (5.5 x 5.5″) are available for pre-order from Patrick Wong for $350 each. Each comes in a custom wood box with signed/numbered COA. Pieces will ship 3-4 weeks after ordering.