More Stars, Less Pixels by Jeremyville x UVD Toys

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Jeremyville calls all creative dreamers to create their reality with his new More Stars, Less Pixels vinyl art toy by UVD Toys. A follow-up to the OG Tomorrow Bird figure, the new celestial edition features a dark-as-night tee, knit cap, suitcase with golden constellations and a golden pencil for the beautiful work ahead. The title is a subtle (or not) message focusing on talent rather than tools.

What’s in your limitless suitcase of stars? What dreams do you carry around, that you wish to unlock from your suitcase? Stare up at the infinite night sky, and let’s see our infinite possibilities coalescing. The answers to our questions reveal themselves, in the words formed by the stars, if we gaze long enough.

The More Stars, Less Pixels vinyl art toy (12″) will be available on Friday (11.11) at 9 AM PST from UVD Toys for $150.