‘Mini Melties’ Generative NFT Project by Buff Monster

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Buff Monster’s new Mini Melties digital art project features 2000 unique, animated NFTs featuring his signature ice cream characters. The generative project combines a large number of attributes including head sculpts, colors, backgrounds and more to capture the full depth of what we’ll call the ‘meltiverse’.

Working with animator Jimmy in Motion, Buff Monster’s first major NFT project showcases Mister Melty on the move like never before. Each digital collectible features smooth, well-crafted animation that complements Buff Monster’s art.

As with other large NFT projects, Buff Monster is baking utility into the Mini Melties with several fun opportunities including The Swap. While the details have not been fully revealed, collectors holding a certain number of Mini Melties NFTs will be able to exchange them for a hand-painted die-cut art work. Speaking of fun, the blindly assorted NFTs will feature placeholder animations until the official reveal on Sunday.

The Mini Melties NFTs will be available for public minting on Friday (9.23) at 11 AM PDT from MiniMelties.com for .2 ETH each. In addition to Ethereum, credit card payment will also be accepted for convenience.