Honmono Taiketsu – Green Panda by Fools Paradise

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The newest edition of Fools Paradise’s rapidly expanding Honmono Taiketsu series is all about the luxury of one of the world’s most coveted watch brands. With a shiny, gold chromed body, metallic green watch face and iconic crown, the Green Panda vinyl edition fully embraces its Rolex inspiration (officially, Foolex). Beyond the instantly recognizable watch face, this panda’s design celebrates the entire watch including the gold band and case.

Beyond the bling, the combination of the realistic watch detail and the simple, cute panda sculpt makes the over-the-top concept appealing. This latest panda edition follows the OG Panda and the Reverse Panda editions.

The made-to-order Honmono Taiketsu – Green Panda vinyl art toy (11.02″) is available for preorder from Fools Paradise for $388 (global shipping included).